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Casey Anthony – Imaginarium


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of testimony to get through.  Cindy’s pain was palpable as she sobbed on the witness stand.  It is amazing to think Casey had the strength to create and maintain all her imaginary friends.  She must have been exhausted keeping all those lies straight!

Casey was her usual pouty self, shooting those eye daggers at anyone who doesn’t tow her line.

Today we will find out how much, if any, leeway Judge Perry will give the State in presenting the 6 felony convictions.  To me, they have already shown Casey spending money like a drunken sailor, but to introduce the felony convictions that tie to Amy’s money being stolen while she was in Puerto Rico would have a huge impact on the jury.

And, Baez better have all the files in the court!  Actually, if he doesn’t, that will be fun too!

Jeff Ashton says the statements in the transcript show the hearsay comments about Eric Baker, Jeff Hopkins and asks whether or not the statements offered by the defense were offered as true.

Ashton withdrew his argument saying he would hold Huggins in his back pocket for future use.

Judge says we’re dealing with imaginary friends, lol.

Basically, if Baez goes off scope again, then deer season is open!

Judge Perry instructs them all to read several Florida State Statutes.  Be very careful, hearsay statements can have a devastating effect.

Amy retakes the stand to be crossed by Baez.

You were friends with Casey?  Yes.

In fact, it was only for 5 months?  Yes.

And much of that time, you didn’t see each other?  We called and texted.

These messages are from April 24 through July and you voluntarily gave these to LE?  Yes, I gave them my phone to download.

So this stack of text messages is a good example of your relationship?  I say it’s a pretty good example.

There is only one message that says Casey can’t go out because her mother couldn’t watch Caylee?  If that’s whats’ there.

In fact, there were many reasons Casey couldn’t go out other than Cindy?  Yes.

You testified about Casey’s relationship with Cindy?  From what I was told, it was one-sided.

You spoke of the smell in Casey’s car?  Yes.

The text is from the day Casey left the car at Amscot? Yes.

Is your memory a little fogged?  It was a long time ago.

You were drinking heavily then?  No more than anyone my age. 

You crashed your car when you were drinking and driving?  I stopped drinking 3 hours before I left and I’ve fallen asleep in the day on that stretch of road, it’s long and boring.

So, Amy is a big sloppy drunk now?

Baez is trying to bring in other accidents she has had, she glanced off a guardrail.

Like he never had any?  I say let’s pull his driving record!

Frank George objects as to improper impeachment.

Judge tells them to approach.

Objection sustained!

During that accident, you totaled your car?  Yes.

You had a bloody nose?  No really.

Did you have a head injury? No.

Did you text people to call you in 10 minutes in case you passed out?  I don’t know, did I?

Baez points to her depo.  Yes, I said I didn’t know if I hit my head.  I had never been hit by air bag.

Did it affect your memory?  No.

Did you ever see a doctor? No.

So you don’t know if it did?  No, I don’t think so.

You moved in with Ricardo?  Yes.

Did you go out with Jesse?  It wasn’t a date, date.  We got together to discuss finding Caylee.

Any other boyfriends of Casey’s you went out with?

Objection!  Sustained.

Were you at the Anthony home on June 16?  No.

There is nothing you can tell the jury as to what happened to Caylee?  No.

Baez is done and George has no redirect.  Amy is subject to recall.

Amy asks to say something – Judge calls a sidebar.

What a pig Baez is!  Amy is not a drunkard, a reckless driver and she didn’t chase Casey’s boyfriends for sloppy seconds, and btw, what the hell does that have to do with the fact Casey is on trial?  Talk about character assassination!

Judge Perry calls Amy to the sidebar!  She is very animated and finally leaves the courtroom with a big smile and she practically skips out!  Guess she’s on her way back to Barcelona!

Lee Anthony is called!  His is not working.  He was not living at home in June  2008.  June 18th through July 23rd he and Casey spoke several times.

In the beginning of July, did you visit your mom?  Yes because she asked me.

On July 3rd were you aware that your sister and niece were not out home?

Dot objects, hearsay.  Sustained.

Were you aware your mother had a MySpace account?  At some point.

Did you help her set it up?  No.

Lee takes us through looking for Casey on Church Street with Mallory and Danny.

Lee tried to get a hold of Casey by text message.  She didn’t respond so Lee asked Mallory to try to contact Casey, but not say she was with him.

He also left 1/2 a dozen phone messages.  Casey picked up and Lee asked where are you at?  Casey said she was busy and hung up on him.

Casey told Lee she was in Jacksonville!  Lee says he knew it was a lie!

She said she was with a friend at a Country Western bar.  He called her out on that as not true.

He asked about Caylee and Casey said a friend was watching her.  Casey continued to insist she was in Jacksonville.  Lee told her she needed to talk to mom and mom was worried about her and Caylee.

Dot keeps objecting as leading!

Yes, no questions are leading?

Lee never saw Casey that night.

Did you learn no one in your family hadn’t seen Casey for several weeks?   He didn’t look for Casey because Cindy asked him not to.

Did you believe at this time everything was under control?  Yes, he thought his mother had things under control.

Objection, improper impeachment.

Next time he saw Casey was July 16 because his dad called him.

Objection, hearsay.  Overruled.

Lee arrived at the house around 8pm.  He went through the garage and describes the smell of the car.  It was very potent, very strong.  He had to walk by the car to get into the house.  Cindy and Casey arrived about 5 minutes later.

Lee doesn’t remember what Casey said when she entered the house so George show him his deposition.

What was the first thing Casey said in your presence?  She wasn’t even sure why bother because nobody was even listening her.

He said Casey and Cindy were combative.

Casey said Caylee was with a nanny.

Did you ever know of a nanny?  No.

Casey said Caylee was already asleep for the evening and she didn’t want to disturb her.  This routine was what she was used to and she didn’t want to upset it.

Do you recall your answer to that question from your deposition?  No.

George shows him the depo.

Lee said in depo the routine was established for about 3 weeks.

Casey and Cindy argued in the bedroom for a couple of minutes.

Casey said they could get Caylee tomorrow.  It was always tomorrow.

Did you offer to go get Caylee that night?  Yes, but Casey said she didn’t think mom would allow it.

Dot is being a pain in the ass with her objections to almost every question and Lee doesn’t appear to have attended the come to Jesus meeting George and Cindy went to.  His cooperation is pretty minimal and one has to assume he is still defensive about his sister.

15 minute recess called.

Did you ask your sister, why won’t you let us see Caylee?  I don’t specifically recall.  Did you tell Det. Edwards what Casey said in your interview?

Dot wants to approach and Judge Perry says no at this time, he’s only refreshing his memory!

George shows him the interview.

Dot objects and proves what a noodge she is.  Perry calls them to the bench.

OK, here’s Dot’s game.  She objects based on her anticipating the questions George will ask!

Objection overruled!

Lee says Casey made a comment that she wasn’t telling because, maybe I’m a spiteful bitch!

Another sidebar is called.  WTH is Casey crying about?

Do you recall the statement you just read?  Yes.

Dot objects to Mr. George interrupting the answer.  Overruled.

Again George gives him the testimony.

Casey told him thrown it in her face that Casey was an unfit mother for Caylee and Casey said maybe I am.

I told her my mother said Caylee was a mistake…a great mistake or the best mistake Casey had ever made.

At this time are your frustrated with your sister?  Yes, nothing was making sense to me.

What wasn’t making sense?  Why can’t we get Caylee and why keep fight with mom?

George asks to approach Lee…Dot objects…another sidebar.

Ahhh, Casey cried after the, maybe I’m a spiteful bitch statement,   Kathi Belich reported 9 of the jurors were looking directly at Casey and didn’t look very happy with her…so fake tears to garner sympathy!

Lee talks about role-playing a cop with Casey.  This is when Casey finally said Caylee was missing for 31 days and was kidnapped by the nanny.  This was the first time he heard Zanny’s name.

Your sister was specific about the number of days?  Yes.

Was you mom present?  No, she came in at the end and she wasn’t happy.

Cindy asked what did you do?  We could have found her.

Objection!  Overruled.

Move to strike.

Casey said the last she saw Caylee was at Sawgrass apartments.  She was searching for Caylee herself.  She camped out and watched Sawgrass.  She went to stores and parks where Caylee had been before.  She told Lee she received a call from Caylee on July 15 and Casey told Caylee to put an adult on the phone.

Lee tried to get information from Casey and got Tony’s name and address.  He went to Tony’s.  He told Tony what was going on.  Lee took Casey’s laptop, duffel bag of clothes and a backpack.

The laptop was on, but went to a blue screen (screen of death) and he realized the computer had a virus. He could not reboot it.

George shows Lee a piece of evidence and Dot objects to calls for speculation and ask to approach.

Judge Perry has to be getting annoyed!  Defense seems very concerned with Lee’s testimony and is fight every step of the way to keep it out.

Back on record…

George shows Lee some receipts, ticket stubs, a photocopy of a note of his.

How many receipts, can you count?

Dot objects because of relevance.

There are 19 receipts.

Object.  Overruled.

Where did you get the receipts?

Object. Overruled.

They came from Casey’s bag.

Lee was present when the 3 bags were emptied.  The receipts were in the backpack.

Lee describes the police arriving and one officer went to Casey’s room and began questioning her.

George arrived within minutes before the police.

He spoke with Casey in the garage after the police arrived.

Was the car still there? Yes.  Still smell?  Still bad?  Yes.

He told Casey how awful the garage and car smelled.  It was difficult to stay in the garage due to the odor.

In the stuff he picked up from Tony, Lee didn’t see anything that belonged to Caylee!

George is done.

Sims on cross.

You are Casey’s older brother?  Correct.

July 3rd, you received 2 calls from your mother?  I may have gotten one call.  There was no mention of Caylee being missing. Correct.

On the 3rd you left for Chicago?  No, I think it was June.

July 15, 2008 you were present when your mother called the police?  Yes.

You did not believe a crime had been committed?

Objection.  Sustained.

The Pontiac was the car Casey drove?  Correct.

Your father had an extra set of keys that would have allowed him to access the car and trunk?  Yes.

When you were talking with Casey, you were whispering?  At one point.

She was crying?  Yes.

When you father arrived he didn’t go into Casey’s room and ask what was going on?  No.

Your father didn’t ask you what was going on?

Objection.  Sustained.

You were there during the confrontation?  Yes.

Your mother’s focus was why are we in this situation, not where is Caylee?  At that time, yes.

You believe the bags you picked up were packed by Mr. Lazzaro?

Objection!  Side-freakin-bar!

Have you any knowledge how you and Casey pack bags?  Yes.

You throw things, unfolded into bags?  Yes.

Did you have knowledge if Casey packed that bag?  No.

Your sister didn’t pack that bag?

Objection, Sustained.

The bags you picked up had no order, did they?  No.

Your father details and cleans the family cars?  Yes.

Every weekend?  Yes.

The laptop with the blue screen?  Mr. Lazzaro was there when you picked it up? Yes.

Mr. Lazzaro could have caused that screen to go blue?

Objection.  Sustained.

Observation:  I have no idea where Dot suddenly developed this soft, throaty, sexy voice!  She has never, ever used this voice during hearings!  I may just heave a bit!

George on redirect.

The call where your mom told you Casey and Caylee were missing…

Objection, hearsay.  Approach the bench.

When you testified your dad arrived before the police, were you all separated?  Eventually, yes.

When your sister told you this kidnap scenario did your focus shift from Casey to Caylee.  Yes.

Did Casey tell the police about the kidnapping?  Yes.

Did their focus shift? Yes.

Objection.  Overruled.

When you spoke with Det. Edwards about what Casey said…

Objection, exceeds scope.  Overruled.

Lee excused subject to recall.

Next witness, Brendon Fletcher.  OCSO Corporal who was the first officers who were sent to Casey’s house.  He arrived in a marked police vehicle.  He believed he was there because of a stolen car and a verbal confrontation of some sort.

He spoke to Cindy about the call to gather information.  Cindy, Casey and George were in the house.  George didn’t say much and Cindy was very upset.

Cindy said Caylee had been kidnapped.

Did you ask Casey questions?  Yes.

Was she responding to you?  No, initially.

Eventually,  Casey admitted Caylee was missing and Zanny had taken her.  She could remember the address by name, but was willing and able to show them.

He drove to the complex and Deputy Acevedo drove Casey.

Linda shows him a report he wrote and shows the apartment number as 210.  The apartment was empty.

Linda is done.

Baez says he’ll be brief!

The garage door was open at the home and the Pontiac was in there with the trunk open?  Yes.

And you walked in and out?  Not in and out, I walked into the house.

You did not observe any decomp odor?  No.

How many officers arrived?  3-4.

Did any say they smelled decomp?

Objection, hearsay.  Sustained.

Your report contains your observations and other.  No, just facts I observed?

Nowhere in your report did it say anything about decomp?

Objection.  Sustained!

OMG, Baez has no idea how police reports are generated!

Fletcher released and lunch is called!

Baez argues a motion that the State wants to introduce the jail visitations…he want to proffer which portions so they can speed the process of objecting.

Linda wants to play all portions of all videos.  Baez has had 3 years to file a motion and only mentioned today what he wanted to do.  We had a hearing in March.  I asked him to type out what he found objectionable and I would review.

Linda is pissed!

Did the defense review the tapes?  Yes, we’ve had them.

Judge Perry is pissed too!

We’ve had numerous hearings and the week before we went to Pinellas County I offered to hear any motions and there were deadlines.  Motion to be heard prior to December 31, 2010.

Baez says in the course of defending this case, we’ve had numerous issues we’ve had to litigate, we have not been sitting around doing nothing…

OK, Baez admits the defense are idiots and can’t get the job done in a timely manner.

Perry goes back to the deadlines and they failed to file a motion to suppress in a timely manner, you waive that right.  The problem doing it at this date is there is no time to redact the videos.  You have 5 lawyers (9 if you can’t those who have left!) over there that have had ample time.

Pretty much, you snooze, you lose!

What a sorry excuse the defense is!  Mr. Baez, your dunce cap is back from the cleaners!

Next witness, Adriana Acevedo.  She was dispatched to the Anthony home. 

Lt.. Hosey and Fletcher were at the house.

As we know from hearings, she knew Lee from school and is the officer who drove Casey to Sawgrass.

Casey willingly got into the marked police car to go to Sawgrass.  She was in the back of the vehicle.  She was told she could say she didn’t want to go, but never requested to be returned home.

Casey gave directions to Sawgrass and apartment 210.

Casey pointed to a specific apartment and then Acevedo took her home.


Baez asks what Cindy’s demeanor was like?  Upset.

Mr Anthony?  Calm, quiet.

Casey was fairly quiet.

Like Mr. Anthony?  Yes.

Was Casey handcuffed?  Not that I saw.

Casey was in the back cage of the car?  Yes.

Did you see the garage open?  Yes.

Did you smell an odor from the car?  I smelled an odor, but don’t know if it came from the car.

You didn’t recognize it as decomp?  It smelt like garbage.

You didn’t think CSI should be called?  No.


The trunk was open?  I don’t know.

Do you have experience with the odor of decomp?  Not much.

So you couldn’t say if it was garbage or decomp?  No based on my experience

Witness released.

Acccckk, for about the 4th time today, the feed has dropped!  Storms have been moving through Orlando and all feeds are down!

Lt. Hosey is on the stand.

Casey told him that Caylee was at Sawgrass the last time she saw her.

Feed dropped again!

The bad thing is that Yuri Melich is waiting in the hall and we may miss his testimony!!!

Mason is on cross asks if he knew of any of the Anthony’s prior to being dispatched there?  No.

Mason is on his big, scary cars, uniforms and guns rant!

Feed dropped!

Hosey doesn’t remember Casey being handcuffed.

Mason bitchin about Casey in the back cage and all the ‘storm troopers’ running around the house.

At the house, was the garage open? Yes.

Was the trunk open?  Yes.

Did you smell a strong odor?  Yes.

Did you report that to CSI?  No.

Did you investigate the car?  No.

OFGS, they had a live, missing child they were looking for.

Was Casey advised of her Miranda rights?  I don’t know.

Could Casey get out of the cage of the car?  Yes, she could have told Officer Acevedo she wanted to get out.

Casey couldn’t open the door herself?  No, those doors don’t open from the inside.

Casey was led into her house by a full uniformed, gun-toting officer?

She was kept there with 3 deputies waiting for Yuri Melich?  They could have all been in the house.

So for one or two hours she was in the house with 3 deputies?  They weren’t necessarily all in the house at the same time.

Were you there when Det. Melich arrived and questioned Casey?  I don’t know how long I waited, the case now belonged to detectives.

You left with no evidence in your possession?  No.


Were you advised by Casey was alive, well and with a babysitter that should could not contact at that time?  Yes.

Did she advise that she didn’t want her mother to have contact with Caylee?  Yes.

Was Casey cooperative with you and your officers?  yes.


Was George calm?  When?

Anytime you were there?  Yes.

Did George tell you he was an ex-cop?  Yes.

Cindy was angry, upset and calm at times?  Yes.

Casey had a flat affect?  Yes.

You know what that means?  Yes.


Linda asks for a sidebar.

Yuri Melich next.

He arrived at the house around 4am and met Casey.  He knew Casey had given officers a written statement.  He identifies the statement.

He showed Casey the statement and she said she wrote it herself.

Linda asks to enter into evidence.

Baez objects as  Melich doesn’t know how the statement was obtained.  Not a proper predicate.


Baez jumps up with an additional objection and Perry tells him, it’s in now!  Then we renew previous objections.

Does anyone on the defense know law?

Published to the jury.

Linda asks Yuri to read Casey’s lie statement to the jury.  Casey doesn’t even flinch!

Where did you review that statement with Ms. Anthony?  In a spare bedroom.

Did Casey agree to speak with you?  Yes.

Did you tape the interview?  Yes.

Does the tape fairly reflect the conversation?  Yes.

Linda enters as evidence.

Baez objects.

Have you reviewed the transcript of the tape? Yes.


Hearing Casey’s lies in her own voice proves what a smooth operator she was!   Let your imagination run free!!!

After the statement did you and Casey head out to find those locations?  Yes.

The first location,  301 North Hillside, Casey pointed out 2 windows.  He found out later that Ricardo and Amy had lived across the street?  Casey didn’t tell him that!

They went to Sawgrass.to apartment 210.

The then went to Apartments at ConwayThis is supposedly a place Zanny lived.  Casey couldn’t remember which apartment.

There was a marked car traveling with them.

They left Conway around 6am and Yuri drove her home.

Did you begin an investigation then?   Yes.

No further questions.

Cross by Baez.  He wants to impeach Melich.  He wants to introduce info from Websleuths.  (When Yuri broke his leg, he visited the Yuri Melich Appreciation page a few times.  Not a thing about the case was said by him.)

Objection.  Sidebar…

Perry sends the jury out so they can resolve a legal issue.

Baez says Linda has a copy to which Linda says she has no copy, but if provided with one, she can review it when the court reviews it!

Another dirty move by the unprepared weasel!

All the time we’ve been doing this…Today is jackpot day for Baez looking like an ass of major proportions!

Judge Perry has reviewed the pages. 

Baez says the web pages show Melich self promotion and bias/credibility.

What are you talking about?  Just the engagement in this shows bias.

You’re saying he’s unprofessional?  Yes.

Judge Perry cites a bunch of cases regarding credibilty and impeachment.

Point to a specific instance of bias instead of this broad category.

9/29 Baez indicates Yuri uses the handle Dick Tracy, lol!

Perry can’t find the page, not in his pile.  Baez blames the copier for taking them out of order!  LMAO!

We’re going to utilize the ELMO.

Jeff says the blog shows no bias and isn’t relevant and not impeachment.

Anything else Mr. Baez?  Just that I disagree with Mr. Ashton.

Judge Perry rules…you lose Mr. Baez.

Baez also brought up a reprimand that he wants to question Yuri on. His supervisor reprimanded him for blogging.

How do these entries reference this case?  Yuri even posted that he can’t post about the case.

Baez is a complete Richard Cranium today, wasting everyone’s time.

He just doesn’t get it that Perry is telling him no!

I won’t ask Melich about this now, but may bring it up later.  I will warn the court if I do.

So, with all the time Dot spends on the computer in court, I’m guessing she’s the one tasked with searching the “worldwide” web for all this baseless drivel!

Baez gets that stupid smirk on his face every time the jury come in.  He looks like a damn maitre ‘d in a cheesy restaurant!

Yuri is called back!

He thought he was going to the home regarding a stolen vehicle.

Baez asks a series of questions that get objected to and the Judge sustains.

Was the garage door open?  I don’t recall.

Was the Pontiac in it?  I don’t recall.

Yuri says he was concerned about a missing child.

Someone told Yuri there was a bad odor from the car?

So you looked at the car?  No.

You never called CSI?  No.

When you got there, Casey was a suspect?  No, she was the mother of a missing child.

Did you tell Hosey to uncuff Casey?  I didn’t know she was cuffed.

You think her story is suspect.  Yes.

Missing child for 30 days?  Yes.

She’s not a suspect in your opinion?  No.

ZZZZZZZZ…Baez is getting nothing here.  If jurors wanted inference instead of facts or proof, this is the mother lode!

Baez is twisting and lying about Yuri’s report, line-by-line.  Yuri is professional and unshakable as always.

This picture of Yuri being questioned by Baez says it all, priceless! 

Were you told Casey had seizures?  No.

Did you get medical information on Casey?


No further questions.

No redirect.  Excused, subject to recall.

Court ends for the day for the jurors.

Judge Perry says on Friday he will ask the State where they think they are and when they will wrap up..

Linda says they are about half way, but the forensics may take longer.  Looks like they need another week and a half to two weeks.

Baez now brings up JAC payment for defense travel for those who need it prior to travel.  There is a 5 day prior requirement from JAC – of course they don’t have the motions done!

See  you at 9am!

  1. 06/01/2011 at 5:29 pm

    I would enjoy this so much more if it was done in report mode and skip the slurs on defense attorneys.

  2. kas
    06/01/2011 at 5:29 pm

    Baez is pathetic. Yuri never “blogged”. He went on a Websleuths forum and thanked people for wishing him well when he got hurt AND asked people to please pray for the Anthonys.

    Must he try to vilify EVERY person that testifies?? Maria and Amy jealous of Casey? I don’t think even her imaginary friends would buy that.

  3. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 5:47 pm

    Mr. Story,
    I just calls ’em as I see ’em – good and bad, defense, prosecution and judges. From years of trial watching and reporting, I can say this is the poorest example of a defense I have ever seen! I apologize if my blog doesn’t meet your specific needs, but I’m sure you can find some place where you’ll be happier!

  4. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 5:51 pm

    kas, it is so apparent they have no defense. It’s easier to drag everyone involved through the mud. Brings to mind the old saying…’people in glass houses…’

  5. gary story
    06/01/2011 at 6:00 pm

    Does calling ’em as I see ’em include name calling?

    What would happen in court if you called an attorney “pig”?

    I will not read you disrespectful blog again.

  6. Lynne
    06/01/2011 at 6:07 pm

    I have been watching this case from the begining 3 years ago. I too, am a grandmother and this breaks my heart. That beautiful, innocent little girl was murdered by her psychotic mother.What is wrong with her family? Why would you want to protect her?? She does not deserve it;daughter or not! I would never protect my son or daughter if they killed my grandchild! Doesn’t this child’s life count for anything??????? She should get the death penalty and nobody should give it a second thought. Her attorney is a first class slime-ball with no ethics, nor decency. What a creep. He knows she killed Caylee, everybody knows it! Child killers should not be kept alive!!!!!!!!!

  7. Teresa
    06/01/2011 at 6:21 pm

    Thank you for today’s update (again). Mr. Story, I have been to other blogs and believe me, this the BEST of the BEST. Our narrator has done an outstanding job. OK that said, I got to watch some of this today and Lee is certainly controlling and choosing his words carefully. I have been studying body language for a forensic class I am enrolled in at college. Now, it’s obvious Lee remembers “everything” by the way he shifts in his chair. When he scratches his face, he is thinking of the best way to answer the question. I wish he would stop thinking about this as “his sister’s” trial and remember it is “his niece’s murder” trial.

  8. Linda
    06/01/2011 at 6:33 pm

    Your reporting is just fine and your comments about the defense (or about anything else for that matter) are very witty and much needed.
    My sympathies to the Floridians whose taxes are funding that poor excuse for a defense attorney – JB! It’s unfortunate that he chooses to behave in such an unprofessional manner.
    I was looking forward to hearing about Melich’s testimony. He wouldn’t be rattled. Thank you again for another excellent summation.

  9. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 6:36 pm

    gary story :

    Does calling ‘em as I see ‘em include name calling?

    What would happen in court if you called an attorney “pig”?

    I will not read you disrespectful blog again.

    Well, thanks for hanging around and for responding so quickly – you obviously should take your attitude elsewhere.

    Oh, yeah, “pig” is too kind a word!

    Have a great week!

  10. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 6:40 pm

    Lynne, this is a sad story and Caylee deserved so much better. Her justice is coming!

    Teresa, thanks! I tried to figure out what Lee was doing. For a while, I thought he had sided with the defense and had been coached on how to answer. I’m not really sure. He will be recalled and we’ll just have to wait and see which way the wind is blowing!

    Thank you Linda! Not to worry, I have my big girl panties on – it is after all, MY blog.
    Yuri was great and unflappable!

  11. Teresa
    06/01/2011 at 6:51 pm

    When they asked Lee how old he was, he said 28. WOW, he looks 40. This whole thing has taken a toll on the entire family. I think Lee-plain and simple-did not want to be there. He might be unemployed because he can’t get a job because of his sister. I don’t think Lee is covering up as much as he just does not want to contribute or volunteer info. Isn’t that what one would call a hostile witness? My heart has always gone out to Caylee but I feel for Lee too. Cindy was his Mom too. I can’t buy the “Daddy and my brother molested” me stories. I do buy “Cindy as Joan Crawford-Mommie Dearest”.

  12. ritanita
    06/01/2011 at 6:57 pm

    Donchais, this is a case that has brought many tears to many people. In the quest for justice for Caylee, the prosecution has worked in a diligent manner to represent the people of Florida and especially Caylee Marie.

    The defense team has turned it into a horrible circus. I must say, the clowns have always frightened me in the evil, dirty-minded brush they use to tarnish the lives of all the people Casey Anthony came across in her miserable life.

    I’ve watched all of her FORMER friends slammed and criticized for one reason or another. All I’ve seen are a group of wonderful young people who have pretty much grown out of their party days of their youth and become wonderful, contributing members of society. That’s far more that Ms. Anthony has achieved.

  13. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 7:04 pm

    Teresa, I think Lee may have that premature grey/white going.that his dad has. Agree with the rest of your thoughts!

    ritanita, you summed it up so very well, thanks!

  14. Petra
    06/01/2011 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks for another wonderful, concise update. I come here everyday-no other site reports with the same accuracy as yours does. I personally love your interjections and observations. Those who wish to criticize should not come back. Cheers,

  15. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 7:28 pm

    Thanks Petra for being a CFJ frequent flyer, it’s appreciated!

  16. Kim
    06/01/2011 at 8:03 pm

    Gary Story :
    I would enjoy this so much more if it was done in report mode and skip the slurs on defense attorneys.

    So make your own blog just the way you would like to see it done. Many of us like reading and commenting here but it could be possible that we might like yours as well! Give it a try – its fun!

  17. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 8:13 pm

    LOL Kim! Exactly!

  18. Kim
    06/01/2011 at 8:22 pm

    donchais :
    LOL Kim! Exactly!

    Sorry for butting in, donchais but that sort of thing is ridiculous to me. I didn’t like certain blogs and they didn’t like me – so I made my own. It doesn’t stop me from reading others – like yours! – but I certainly so no value in sniping other blogs. It’s pointless and useless.

  19. Jo
    06/01/2011 at 8:38 pm

    Thanks for your pithy write-up today. One of the talking heads today asked why the state did not cut Yuri’s “Dick Tracy” off at the pass and mention it or maybe they did not know. I bet they did but thought it so totally irrelevant that it would not even be mentioned. Baez surely thought it was a “gotcha” moment. He looked so darn pleased with himself.

    And CM asking the deputy(?) why he wore a suit. And I wanted to scream to Amy to tell Baez “I’m not the one on trial. I didn’t steal anyone’s money.” I felt so badly for her. And Mr. Mason, although he has not cross-examined much, his folksy sarcasm is already wearing thin.

    To add to this, now that they have a split screen so you can see Casey as well as witness or attorneys, I am totally fascinated by Casey’s constant preening. I have watched courttv since the 90’s and I can truly say I don’t remember another defendant who does what she does. I find I am really focusing in on her face. She thinks she does not change it from being stone-face but she does ever so slightly with her mouth. Anger, pouting, pleased, etc. she has got that thing down pat. I imagine a psychiatrist would have a field day with her!

  20. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 8:41 pm

    No problem Kim! I hear what your saying and couldn’t agree more. You, me and all of us put time, effort, and heart into what we do.

    I say, if ya don’t like it…move along!


  21. Kim
    06/01/2011 at 8:50 pm

    donchais :
    No problem Kim! I hear what your saying and couldn’t agree more. You, me and all of us put time, effort, and heart into what we do.
    I say, if ya don’t like it…move along!

    There are too many blogs and too many styles to stop at one and be rude. If you don’t like it – move on. No need to try to demand the owner/ ruler make changes just for you 😉
    Keep up the good work – it’s always a good read

  22. donchais
    06/01/2011 at 9:00 pm

    Ha Jo! Today was a hoot except it did show how inept and desperate the defense is. I also like the Casey cam, it’s brilliant.

    Kimmie, lol.

    I am the Queen and I, I alone, get to declare…OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Luv ya!

  23. Kim
    06/01/2011 at 9:04 pm

    donchais :
    Ha Jo! Today was a hoot except it did show how inept and desperate the defense is. I also like the Casey cam, it’s brilliant.
    Kimmie, lol.
    I am the Queen and I, I alone, get to declare…OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Luv ya!

    Don’t ever change , baby

  24. Rachel Zooche
    06/01/2011 at 10:04 pm

    Did anyone else catch Jose Baez ask Det. Melich: “Did you ask her if she had ever committed suicide?” and Melich said “No. If she had ever committed suicide, she wouldn’t be able to answer my questions.”
    Now that was priceless.

  25. tess
    06/01/2011 at 10:19 pm

    I keep thinking that there should be one boring day coming up. Just when I think things can’t get anymore bizarre, Mr. Baez steps up to the plate. I wonder why he never questioned Lee about the family dynamics. I mean, abuse or “disapline” or whatever. You can’t make accusations without backing it up somewhere. Is it because he is saving it all for the defense case? I also wonder if he screwed up so much yesterday that his co-counsel told him to be late for court and let Mason handle the mess. I thought it interesting that he didn’t do the first cross either.

  26. Barb2
    06/01/2011 at 10:26 pm

    I truly enjoyed the write up of today’s court events; I am kicking myself in the butt for wasting hours watching it live, won’t bother with that anymore and will be coming here instead. Thank you so much,keep up the good work, I love it.

  27. bobbie
    06/02/2011 at 1:06 am

    I got the same feeling about Cindy. I believe she was harsh/abusive with Casey her whole life. And Dad George is a TOTAL control freak. I got the distinct impression that Lee was understanding of what Casey went through because he did too. I know Casey is a self-centered, disturbed psychopath who killed her daughter but Cindy sure didn’t help Casey develop a strong sense of self-esteem or character as a mother should. I was raised by a “Mommie Dearest” mom too but I made sure my daughter knew she was loved and could become whatever she wanted in life. She turned out fine and is an excellent mother to my beautiful granddaughter. My younger sister, on the other hand, repeated the cycle of abuse with her daughter who is now repeating the cycle of abuse with her kids. It’s so sad. My mom took control of my neice after my sister’s divorce and she abused her too. My sister totally hated my mom and told me just a few weeks before her suicide that I must not let her be buried anywhere near “that bitch”. I totally believe Casey killed poor little Caley and should be held to account for it but parents should be aware that the abuse they bestow on their children may come back to haunt them in the worst way.

  28. Jmj
    06/02/2011 at 4:43 am

    Casey is a pathological liar! And shes a Jasabelle..and if u dont know look her up in the bible. Casey look u dont have the dream team. Ur team sucks!! Shes going dwn!

  29. 06/02/2011 at 8:54 am

    I also think Cindy is the one in charge. George doesn’t strike me as being very intelligent. Cindy’s smarter and at least articulate. I’m afraid I don’t see her as being abusive though. She was trying to give her daughter some space in the hopes she would grow up and move on.
    Yesterday was extremely tough to watch. It was like pulling teeth and I certainly hope Dot has a limited job on this case. She’s extremely irritating to listen to.

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