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Casey Anthony – A Hair Raising Event


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Something about the jail visit videos, shown over the past two days, I find quite interesting is many of the TH’s believe this was the very first time Cheney Mason and Dot Sims actually viewed them and they appeared taken aback!  If true, that brings several questions to mind.  Did Jose Baez never share that information with co-counsel?  How, in all this time, did Mason and Sims not know about this highly publicized evidence?  If they knew about the existence of the videos, yet only viewed them for the first time in court, what they heck have they been doing?

Today we expect to hear from Karen Lowe, FBI hair and fiber analyst.  Ms. Lowe was extremely credible in her testimony on hair banding during the Frye hearings.  Hopefully, Dot did some extensive research on the subject although, I’m sure we’ll hear questions on the current hair study being conducted by the FBI.  Dot kept trying to get that information and intimated the FBI wouldn’t turn it over and the State wasn’t demanding the FBI release it, but the research paper hasn’t even been finalized nor has it been peer reviewed!

Ms. Burdick indicated at the close of court yesterday, if direct and cross didn’t consume the entire four-hour session this morning, Gerardo Beloise will make return appearance.

8:58 Attorneys called into chambers! 

Baez renewing objections to hair banding testimony.  Baez wants to voir dire Karen Lowe and Judge Perry says you already did that at Frye.  We are not going to have a mini Frye hearing today!

What a mo mo!

Baez just won’t shut up.  How many ways can the Judge say no before he gets it?

I have ruled!  We’ve wasted enough time on this already!

Baez gets more desperate everyday!

Karen Lowe takes the stand.  15 years with the FBI.  She has testified around 43 times as an expert in trace examination.

Jeff asks she be accepted as an expert.

Baez objects and Judge Perry allows him brief voir dire of  Ms. Lowe.

This is the first time you are testifying to hair banding?  Correct.

Jeff objects and we go to sidebar.

The amount of hair training you received was a 6-month course?  Yes.

The rest of your knowledge is reading material?  Yes and case work.

Baez shuts up and sits down.

Court accepts Ms. Lowe as an expert witness. 

Collection, identification and comparison are the steps taken to analyze hair samples.

Can you identify one hair to another to being the same?  No.

Race origin difference can eliminate comparison.

Many labs around the country do this type of analysis.

She describes how root banding appears under a microscope.

She describes hairs from live persons were placed in different environmental conditions.  None mimicked hair banding in hair from a decomposing body.

Karen is using a training poster to instruct the jury on the characteristics of hair.

Ms. Lowe speaks very quickly and knows her science and no way I can keep up with capturing this!

Examination is done in 3 dimensions so photos don’t necessarily replicate what is seen under a microscope.

Over 13 years, Ms. Lowe has seen numerous cases where postmortem hair changes and/or hair banding has occurred.

Lowe identifies several items of evidence that she examined.

She also identifies known samples from Cindy, George and I think the dogs, if I heard correctly.

She also received Caylee’s hairbrush and comb for known samples.

From the unknown samples, she retrieved 11 hairs and one exhibited postmortem banding.  A hair from Caylee’s brush was similar in characteristics.

Mitochondrial DNA was performed on a portion of the hair by another lab

Apparent decomposition is a conservative term used.  Banding has never been found in anything but a decomposing body, but that’s not been proven as a certainty even though it has never been replicated.  Hair is not a means of identification.

Ms. Lowe’s testimony has bolstered the theory Caylee’s body was in the car trunk!

OMG! Baez on cross. 

What the heck is Dot there for?  Is he really that arrogant to assume the role of cross-examining scientific witnesses????  Baez has totally gone round the bend and has more than likely alienated Sims and Mason!

Jeff Ashton has objected to Baez’s first few questions.


Judge sends the jury on break.

Baez proffer – wants to use the National Academy of Science report to go to ‘junk science’!

Lowe acknowledges she has seen the report and read the section on her field.  She is aware the report claims identification of hair needs to be done along with DNA.

Baez is all over the place with other cases and reports.

Ashton says the proffer portions don’t impeach Lowe’s testimony, but supports it!

Things are getting really testy and Judge Perry isn’t happy.

What a total waste of time!

10:46 The jury is returned

The National Academy of Science report was commissioned by Congress?  Yes.

It was commissioned to find a better way to introduce evidence?  Yes.

This is the very first time you are appearing to testify on hair banding?  Yes.

Baez is trying to make her out as a newbie in this science and he’s stumbling badly!

You asked for more hairs to examine to bolster your position?  Yes.

You had doubts about your findings?  No, I had no doubts.

You did get more hairs?  Yes, from the vacuuming.

None of the additional hairs exhibited apparent decomposition.

There are no standards or error rates in banding?  It’s a visual assessment.

So it’s just your opinion as to this hair?  Yes and it was verified by another analyst.

Baez asks if she didn’t show the photo of the hair to the jury because she was uncomfortable.  She said it had nothing to do with being uncomfortable, she didn’t prepare an exhibit.  Photos don’t show characteristics as well as microscopic examination.

Ahhhh, Baez just got to the FBI study that is being conducted that Sims whined about not having!

Lengthy sidebar…

Judge Perry asks Lowe if any of her testimony was based on, the yet unfinished, study.  No.

Judge Perry rules Baez has gone out of scope with his question!

BTW, the jury hasn’t been present for all this nonsense!

The hair could have been Casey’s, Cindy’s or her mother’s?  Correct.

‘Cept none of them are dead!!!


FBI  protocol agrees that NAS is correct that hair analysis does identify a person.

The hair that was examined fell out during decomposition, not through natural shedding.

The hair was not treated.  Casey’s hair sample was chemically treated.

Jeff did some nice clean-up.


You don’t know the history of Ms. Anthony hair treatment?  No.

Karen finally is allowed to leave!

State calls Michael Vincent.  OCSO Assistant Supervisor CSI. Extensive law enforcement history, military as well as civilian.

He is Gerardo Bloise’s Supervisor.  He assisted in collecting samples from the Sunbird of stains and air samples.

The air sample was removed by syringe and then by a filter placed in the trunk.  The air sample was sent to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

He identifies the Tevlar bag the put the air sample in.

He identifies the sample of stained carpet.  This was sent to Oak Ridge Labs.

A second air sampling was taken.

A third sample was taken with a portable air pump and collection tubes that were provided by Dr. Vass, along with instruction on how to collect the sample.

He continues to identify tons evidence items.

He also took the hair samples from the Anthony family.  Took the gas cans from the house.

Baez on cross…

You checked the car for blood?  Correct.

It was on TV was it not?  The bay  was, but not the collection for blood.

The crew was filming it?  Don’t know.

They were outside the bay?  They had no lights on.

Did you call them media?  No.

Object for relevance.

You never heard of collecting air samples before?  No.

It was some kind of experiment.  It was new, but not an experiment.

Air samples were taken several times?  Yes.

Because you weren’t sure you were doing it correctly?  The were done by Dr. Sigmund.

Baez asks if he took samples at the Anthony home, in the tow yard or at Amscot!!!!

Give me a gun!

Vincent has no clue what Baez is asking about.  Frankly, I don’t either.

Baez keeps hammering on the trash being wet and placed in a dry room.  The dry room is used as a dry room as well as for storage.

Vincent deftly says of the trash, “if” it was wet!

Wet or dry, the smell doesn’t change, maybe intensity, but the smell doesn’t change!

Vincent is finally released, subject to recall.

Jury released at 12:54.

Yippee, Judge Perry releases us till 9am, Monday!

  1. tess
    06/04/2011 at 1:12 pm

    Ok, since we have established that Miss Casey is a liar like no other, what about a defense like: Excuse me your honor, I want to confess to the murder of my child….Jose’s color drains and he immediately puts her on the stand, impeaches her for lying…
    I think this defense works better. Just sayin.

  2. Kim
    06/04/2011 at 1:12 pm

    If it is true that Mason and/ or Simms never saw the tapes that would be their fault, imo. They knew as late as last December they would be viewed

  3. donchais
    06/04/2011 at 1:15 pm

    Tess, pretty funny! Casey’s ego is too big though.

    ITA Kim!!!

  4. 06/04/2011 at 1:19 pm

    Thanks for doing this. I couldn’t bear to watch it. I’m with you about the gun.

  5. donchais
    06/04/2011 at 1:26 pm

    Evidence chain of custody is always tough, however watching Baez attempt to do cross on scientific testimony is downright painful! Guess Dottie is now relegated to just a Casey babysitter!

  6. 06/04/2011 at 2:26 pm

    Does anyone know anything about the motion her parents supposedly filed in court on Saturday? Rumor has it has something to do with Baez being able to put someone on the stand to back up the sexual abuse claims. It says, if he has nobody he may not be able to continue with that part of his argument. Anyone??

  7. ritanita
    06/04/2011 at 2:39 pm

    You missed my favorite line from Judge Perry:

    “do you want to rehash what you hashed at the Frye Hearing?”

    hashed, hash·ing, hash·es
    1. To chop into pieces; mince.
    2. Informal To make a mess of; mangle.

    I vote Perry meant #2!

  8. FRG
    06/04/2011 at 3:08 pm


    Thank you for the report! You are very funny!

    I have a suggestion… Please don’t laugh… I believe KC would be more convincing that JB when it comes to cross the witnesses. At least, she doesn’t make “not funny” jokes as JB does! Does he find it funny what he does? Good Lord!

    You should watch JB’s crossing with my hubby, wow, the less harsh name he calls him is “buffoon”! LOL

    How about KC’s behavior yesterday right after she entered the courtroom, she sat down, put her elbow on the desk, her hand under her chin and started batting her eyelashes at JB! How improper can a person act? Somebody please slap her! LOL

    Donchais, please hand me some Tylenol! Super extrength please!

  9. donchais
    06/04/2011 at 3:51 pm

    Maria, I have no idea. Maybe something to do with in camera hearing Monday at 8:30? Possibly about George’s medical records? Just a guess.

    ritanita, didn’t miss it, lol. Was just so pissed at Baez for that crap!

    FRG, Nothing about Baez is funny! Tell hubby to step away from the computer! Casey is desperate for attention. The attorneys (inept as they are) are scurrying because this is the most intricate and possibly damaging part of the trial. While they are feverishly working, they aren’t paying any attention to her.

    I suggest a margarita rather than tylenol!

  10. kas
    06/04/2011 at 4:09 pm

    Isn’t this the whole reason Simms is there, the Forensics? This is supposed to be her area? As bad as Jose as been so far, He was at his worst during Pre-trial with the Scientists. (Did you note the refusal to call the one man “Dr.” a few times, even though everyone else was?)

    I was embarrassed FOR Baez during DR. Vass’ Pre-trial testimony. He was so aware he was in the presence of a great mind and was bound and determined to score a “point”, no matter how small. Didn’t happen.

  11. donchais
    06/04/2011 at 4:30 pm


    Baez is an asshat. He whines that people don’t respect him, yet is ready to belittle a learned man by not using his proper title of ‘Dr.’

    As to Sims. I think it’s both Mason and Sims. Something really nuts has happened to the defense time recently. Sims and Mason appear pissed. Is it because Baez has decided to grandstand and get as much face time on camera as he can or have they decided Baez is so off his rocker they are sitting back watching him implode?

    Can’t pinpoint it, but the whole dynamic of the team has changed and the little momentum they may have had is faltering badly.

  12. 06/04/2011 at 4:51 pm

    I hope everything I’m reading is wrong, but some are saying this whole thing is going to be overturned. They’re saying Perry has made all kinds of mistakes (I love Perry) and wish he’d been at the OJ trial instead of Ito. Please, someone, tell me everyone’s wrong.

  13. donchais
    06/04/2011 at 6:38 pm

    It’s wishful thinking and gossip mongering by some.

    Judge Perry is highly respected through out the State by attorneys and judges alike. You don’t get repeatedly elected as Chief Judge by not knowing what you’re doing. His record is impeccable and he wouldn’t chance his reputation on a roach like Baez!

  14. Barb2
    06/04/2011 at 8:44 pm

    Ritanita – I caught the Judge’s comment on rehashing and actually laughed out loud; I hope I am not losing my mind, even though there was no one home to hear me at the time.

  15. 06/04/2011 at 8:45 pm

    Donchais, from your lips to God’s ears (so to speak).

  16. David In TN
    06/05/2011 at 12:51 am

    I just watched Garaldo Rivera’s Saturday night Fox News show. Rivera called Jose Baez the “new Johnnie Cochran.” His guest, Alan Dershowitz, said that a guilty verdict will be overturned on appeal becasue Casey wasn’t read her Miranda rights. Geraldo agreed.

  17. David In TN
    06/05/2011 at 1:03 am

    Sorry, I apologize for not editing my above post for spelling. I meant:

    I just watched Geraldo Rivera’s Saturday night Fox News show. Rivera called Jose Baez the “new Johnnie Cochran.” His guest, Alan Dershowitz, said that a guilty verdict will be overturned on appeal because Casey wasn’t read her Miranda rights. Geraldo agreed. Some of the other guests disagreed.

  18. donchais
    06/05/2011 at 6:02 am

    Baez the “new Johnnie Cochran?” That is just laughable!

    Why would you read somebody their rights when they aren’t even under arrest?

    That’s the problem with TH’s – they work with sound bites, not the facts of the case!

  19. FRG
    06/05/2011 at 8:08 am


    If GR was a good lawyer he would not be on TV right? Is he trying to help his buddy buddy JB? Good luck on that! I don’t see that many analysts saying good things about JB, correct me if I am wrong, please! National Media hasn’t all the “fact” in this case and most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about. So whatever!

    I have one thing to say, KC makes Scott Peterson to look like an “angel”. I didn’t follow his trial but from my understanding he didn’t throw any members of his family under the bus, did he?

    See you in court tomorrow!

  20. donchais
    06/05/2011 at 8:28 am


    My thoughts on Geraldo…the only reason for the ‘supposed friendship’ with Baez is not so much being friends as Geraldo inserting himself into the case for publicity! I mean seriously, what else does he have going for himself!

    Peterson’s family was as nuts if not more so the the Anthony clan!

    I’ll bring donuts, you bring the coffee!

  21. 06/05/2011 at 9:41 am

    Last night Geraldo had that old hispanic ex-sheriff from Broward County (his name escapes me) on. I turned it off because he started to comment on the reading her her rights issue too. They seem to think that since the cops were so suspicious of her and knew she was lying, that they had already decided she was the suspect. I know they didn’t arrest her, but you know some judges can be persuaded of anything.

  22. ritanita
    06/05/2011 at 9:47 am

    Donchais, I glanced away from the screen and missed the in camera session. I’m tending to agree that Perry told them they couldn’t use George’s medical records or strongly advised against it, or that he would probably deny the admission due to the timeliness. Another possibility is that Mason didn’t know about Baez’ “new discovery” and told Baez he shouldn’t go there.

    Whatever the case, the defense probably folded it’s tent and sneaked away from another public swat by Judge Perry.

    Maria, I remember the OJ trial like it was yesterday. I remember the “dancing Itos” and the growing collection of hour glasses and flowers sent to him during the trial. None of that for Judge Perry!

    Ito let the prosecution take control of the courtroom and allowed them to drag the case out for months and months! None of that for Judge Perry!

    As many have said about Perry, he is the ultimate jurist. He always comes prepared for the defense shenanigans with appropriate case law. He’s only had 1/2 of a verdict overturned in his career. That didn’s change the sentence that particular defendant received.

    I do hoope that Baez is following what Geraldo, Alan Dershowitz, and Linda Kenney-Baden are saying. It only boosts his misplaced sense of superiority!

  23. 06/05/2011 at 10:29 am

    Oh, Ritanita, you misunderstand me. I love Judge Perry. I’m worried about the appeals court judges.
    I remember the OJ trial as well. What a fiasco! Ito should have been removed from the bench. And I wasn’t all that enthralled with Johnny Cochran. Unfortunately, race played the biggest part in that case.

  24. Evelyn
    06/05/2011 at 4:35 pm

    Can Baez get into trouble IF he knew for a long time where Caylee’s body was and didn’t tell anyone so that she could be recovered? Do George and Lee Anthony have a case if the jury doesn’t buy the sexual abuse theory and prove her guilty?Can Baez get disbarred for providing inadequate counsel for his client? Just some things I am wondering about. Thanks, love your blog.

  25. donchais
    06/06/2011 at 3:33 am

    Thanks Evelyn,

    I suppose, if it can be proven, anyone who knew where Caylee’s body was and didn’t report could get in trouble. What Baez said about George and Lee regarding sexual abuse is covered by immunity. Baez can be disbarred for any number of things and currently has at least one open complaint against him. As for inadequate counsel, it didn’t happen when Nilton Diaz was found guilty in March 2009!

  26. ritanita
    06/06/2011 at 7:17 am

    Maria, we all love Judge Perry.

    One of the side effects of this case is that I’ve had to read numerous cases mentioned by Judge Perry.

    Among them, I have read a number of appeals that were denied even though there was some irreversable error. The main reason I’ve seen this happen is that the improper testimony which was dismissed was bolstered by other testimony.

    Cindy Anthony and most of Casey’s “friends” testified that she worked at Universal and lied about having a nanny, among many lies. Casey sent out a mass-text about Caylee being missing the morning of the 16th of July.

    Even without the original interview by Yuri Melich, Casey’s original written statement laid out the lies she told in detail.

    That knowledge helps keep me sane!

  27. 06/06/2011 at 8:53 am

    Ritanita, glad to see there are people even more involved in this case than I am. LOL! Thanks for giving me hope for a positive outcome. I wouldn’t want a replay of this trial.

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