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Casey Anthony – Ahead By A Nose


August 2005 ~ June 2008

I woke this morning and before opening my eyes, I thought about how much I had to do and perhaps I should get out of bed.  I heard Judge Perry say in a strong voice, ‘Overruled’!  I thought, okey dokey, 10 minutes more, to which Judge Perry loudly responded, ‘Sustained’!

I’m guessing we may hear about computer forensics and all about the cadaver dogs today, which will tie up the high levels of chloroform and smell of decomposition in a neat little package with a bow!

I also expect we’ll see Mr. Baez playing the role of ‘Pop Tart’,  jumping up objecting!

Not much chit-chit from Casey, but she does smile at Jose.

We start the day with Jeff Ashton asking to approach!

Gerardo Bloise is called.  I assume he will testify the garbage with EMPTY food containers did not cause the smell in the trunk!

Did you receive a bag of trash from Awilda McBryde?  Yes.

Did you photograph the item?  Correct.

Bloise identifies the photo of the trash bag.  Received in evidence and published.

The paper under the white, is that something the trash was in?  Yes.

The paper has some kind of liquid on it?  Yes.

Was the liquid from the trash?  It was a little wet.

Another photo of the items pulled out of the bag is shown and published.

Bloise did a visual inspection and then placed the items in the dry room for two days.

Some items in the bag were wet.  Bloise said the items smelled like normal trash.  Not at all like the smell in the car.

The napkins in the trash were placed in a plastic bag.

Several photos of the trash are entered into evidence.

The defense is still objecting to the napkins in the plastic bag being admitted due to chain of custody.  Judge Perry will wait until Dr. Haskell testifies.

All of the aluminum drink cans, were they empty?  Yes.

The detergent bottle, empty?  Yes.

The Sprite bottle, empty?  Yes.

Every one of the items was empty. Yes.

The dryer sheets, were they the same as the ones you identified from the car?  Correct.

Baez on cross…

The trash was wet?  Yes.

Then you put them in the dry room?  Yes.

You put them in the dry room to remove the liquid?  Correct.

Baez shows a photo to the jury.

The two photographs are different?  Correct.

When you did the inventory it was after the items were dry?  Correct.

You had no idea that these items would be important to the case?  I followed protocol.

You had no intention to destroy evidence?

Objection.  Sustained.

I don’t consider I destroyed evidence.  Normal procedure.

I’m not accusing you of anything, but the items were altered…

Objection.  Sustained.

Back to the bagged paper towels…

They were dried in the dry room?  Yes.

Then they were put into a plastic bag?  Correct.

Items to be tested for DNA should not be placed in a plastic bag?  Correct, but there was no forensic valves…blood or body fluid observed.

You know DNA doesn’t just test blood?  Correct.

WTH?  The towels tested for adicopere…what DNA???


Why is it necessary to dry the evidence?  When they are dry, they are in better condition to be examined.

Wet items may be come moldy?  Correct.

The carpet you removed from the trunk, that you testified to earlier, was that dried?  Correct.

Ms. Burdick mentioned bug larvae?  I said I didn’t recall.

You are aware you can obtain DNA  from larvae?

Objection.  Sustained.

Arpad Vass is brought back!

I apologize for bringing you back Doctor.

Ashton asks Vass to identify a can.  The one he was shown yesterday was the incorrect can.

Vass agrees this is the can he tested by his markings on the item

Ashton asks that the correct evidence number be used for the record.

Good catch Jeff…better now than later!

Baez on cross….

Yesterday you testified about examining a can?  I didn’t examine the can.

Objection!  Sidebar.

Yesterday you mistakenly admitted the wrong piece of evidence?  Apparently.

Your not accustomed to handling evidence because you work in a research lab, not a forensic lab?

Objection. Sustained.

Recess called.

State calls Dr. Michael Rickenbach.  FBI forensic chemist examiner since 1999.  He has testified 12 to 15 as an expert.

Rickenbach identifies several items from the trunk of the Sunbird that he examined.

The items are received into evidence.

Rickenbach sampled each item for chloroform.

He opened the can containing a sample of carpet and put a cutting into a glass vial for instrumental testing.

When you opened the can, did you smell an odor?  Yes.

How would you describe that odor?

Baez asks to approach.

What was the result of your examination on that item?  Residues of chloroform were found.

Same result with the spare tire cover.

Same for each additional items.  Trunk liner  cuttings was consistent with chloroform, but not conclusive.

Baez on cross….

Tell the jury more about the GC/MS.  The equipment is very sensitive.  It can detect very small amounts of chemicals.

What do mean by residue?  Chloroform is usual found in a liquid state but the equipment can drive out the presence.

You can find chloroform in household items?  Yes.

You can find it in pool chemicals?  I’ve never studied that?

You can find chloroform in soda?  I’ve never heard of a study that indicates that.

Oh lord, Baez has the damn flip chat and markers out again and Baez makes Dr. Rickenbach get up and draw.

The GC/MS provided qualitative information, not quantitative.

It wasn’t the most chloroform you’ve seen in 20 years was it?  No.

Not shockingly high levels?  No it’s not.

So Baez is using Dr. Rickenbach to debunk Dr. Arpad Vass’ findings and I bet he is feeling pretty smug. This is way too easy and  I’ve got to believe Jeff Ashton has intentionally given Baez plenty of rope to hang himself with!

These residue levels of chloroform are equal to what you might find in common cleaning products?  Yes.


Did you find anything else consistent to cleaning items?  I was only tasked to look for chloroform.

Low as opposed to high are subjective terms?  Yes.

What might be a high or low amount of chloroform in a piece of carpet isn’t something you would have any reference to?  No.

How was the carpet packaged when it cam to you?  Inside a cardboard box.

What effect would that have on chloroform?  Cardboard would allow chloroform to leak out.  Chloroform doesn’t stay around long so packaged like that so I was surprised to be able to detect chloroform!

So the packaging totally altered the chloroform levels.

BINGO!  Good on you Mr. Ashton!!!

Mr. Ashton choreographed a perfect dance and just blew Baez out of the water.  Precision handling of the scalpel by the State!

The jury has to be cognizant that Dr. Vass has not been impeached in the least!

The ‘Pop Tart’ has been busy objecting!

Baez on recross…

His first effort is to dump the flip chart on the floor!

Whether sent in a box or a can, the amount would be a guesstimate?  I know how it is packaged would have an effect on the quantity.

Dr. Rickenbach is excused subject to recall.

Deputy Jason Forgey is called.

Cripes Baez has already objected!

For the last 10 years he has been in special services as a canine handler.

Forgey goes through his training as a handler.  He and the dog trained together.

Forgey worked with bloodhound Garrett for 10 or 11 months before he had to be put down. He trained another bloodhound, Ike.

Next he received Bones, a single purpose dog…cadaver dog.

Forgey details training the dog to odor and his final alert.  The dog’s body movements tell the handler the dog is working an odor till the dog gives the final trained alert.  Bones’ final alert was a ‘sit’.

Bones was imprinted with rags soaked in body fluids.  He then trained on bones, placenta and additional rags with body fluid.

Bones was sent to Osceola county.

Forgey than got Gerus, a German Shepard.  2004 they began training together.

A variety of different environments were utilized to train Gerus.  Fields, construction sites, cars, drainage pipes.

Gerus was exposed to cheeseburgers, pizza, horse and dog urine and fecal matter, all kinds of distractions from his imprint scent.

A handler can create a false cue, but they go to great lengths to avoid that.  It most often occurs with newer handlers.

Gerus and Forgey trained with Andy Redmond, world respected trainer.

Basically this testimony lays out how intensive the training Gerus received was.

Judge Perry sends the jury for lunch…a surprise lunch in terms of the menu!

1:24 pm Linda Burdick, Baez and Casey go into Judge Perry’s chambers, as well as an unidentified gentleman who has been sitting in the gallery, several days in a row.  Linda returns to the courtroom alone.

1:31  pm Judge Perry enters court and the unidentified gentleman exits chambers.  Casey and Baez are still in chambers.

Judge Perry is on the bench, but nothing is going on at the moment.  Everyone is waiting with anticipation.

1:38 Court resumes with no explanation of the delay.

Jason Forgey resumes the stand.

Linda Burdick shows Foregy a stack of documents which he identifies as them as Gerus certification along with training logs for he and Gerus.

‘Pop Tart’ Baez objects for hearsay!

Linda now goes into further detail with specific documents.  Certification records which are maintained as business records by Deputy Foregy.  Numerous training courses.

Only a moron would object to these evaluations and certificates as hearsay!  This is just another smarmy way to waste the court’s time!  I wonder if Baez has begun watching over his shoulder when he leaves court each day?

Linda moves to enter.

Baez the twit. wants to voir dire Foregy.

You are charged to keep this records?  Yes.

This is so you can show the Judge and jury the training logs and certifications if called upon in court.

This has to do with when you trained the dog?  Correct.

This has nothing to do with field performance?

Objection.  Sustained.

Baez is trying to say because the logs are filled out by Deputy Foregy, they must be bogus and not trustworthy!

Linda asks to enter again…

Baez objects as inadmissible.

Judge Perry cites case-law and basically tells Baez…shut up!

Linda takes Forgey through each training and certification for Gerus, tedious , but necessary testimony to establish Gerus’ credibility.

The dogs undergo 2 specialty trainings per month as well as the dog and handler being tested quarterly.

Gerus has been trained to still alert to decomposition even if the body has been removed.  Major, important testimony here!

Foregy and Gerus are called for current cases as well as cold cases.

Gerus was captured on police video during a real search and Linda wants the video introduced.  Gerus was at a swampy area at night, searching for a body.

Baez objects, claims no prior disclosure and Linda just shakes her head!


Can we go shopping now?

Baez apparently lost (surprise).  The video is 20 minutes long so Judge Perry calls an early recess before the jury gets to see first-hand, a cadaver dog at work.

Linda says they will skip parts of the video that only shows the helicopter, so the video to be shown will be approximately five minutes.

Baez argues the searches and training should not be done in front of a jury.  Baez doesn’t read the case-law the same way the Judge does.  He calls it improper bolstering of a witness.

Politely and sternly, Judge Perry tells Baez to shut up and sit down, we’ll see the video!

The video was shot at night, but you do get to see Gerus at work.  Dang, he went right to the body in the swamp, sat (alerted) and looked back at Forgey for confirmation…awesome!

Now Linda moves on to Foregy’s training of Bones.  Bones had 4 real finds in 11 months.  First a body in the woods, the second and third – a man buried under the floor in a garage and a second body being found a street over in a garden area, the fourth was a body that had been sexually assaulted and Bones smelled a rag that her blood had been wiped on and he located the corpse.  All were good hits!

Guess muppet-Baez forgot Judge Perry stated in earlier hearings that he has great belief in search rescue/cadaver dogs!  Baez’s claims the dogs are unreliable is so much piffle!


They have removed the carpet in front of the Judge’s bench because it had become threadbare and there was a concern someone would catch their heel, take a tumble and file a lawsuit!

Were you called to assist in an investigation of missing Caylee Anthony?  Yes, I was.

When were you first called?   7/17 08 he responded to Ops, the forensics bays just before 5pm.

Gerus was collared which instructed the dog what type of search they were doing.  Forgery wasn’t given much information about the case.

Forgey smelled strong decomp in the bay.  Gerus was in the vehicle waiting.

Forgey asked for the car to be moved outside because of all the different trash and biohazard items in the bay area.

Forgey swept another car real fast – it was part of what the did in training.

Next he swept the Sunbird with all the doors closed.  The driver door was then opened. Gerus jumped in trying to get into the back area of the car.  Foregy said to open the trunk and Gerus jumped up with his head in the trunk.  Foregy said the overwhelming smell hit him at the same time it hit Gerus.  Gerus went to final alert.

The next day they swept the Anthony backyard.  There were areas of concern Detectives wanted searched.  Gerus searched off-lead.  Because the yard was fenced Gerus was given free search.  There was an area of indentation Detectives were interested in, but Gerus didn’t alert.  Gerus issued a final alert at the playhouse, sandbox area.

Gerus was removed from the backyard.  Foregy suggested Bones be brought in to confirm the hit.

Bones arrived and searched with his handler.

Baez on cross and I’m passing drinks around!

You were alone in the yard?  Yes.

It’s a small area?  Yes, a small lot line.

Your dog has some training in residual odors?  He is trained in residual.

You gave two examples, how long were they?  10 hours and the other was 10 days.

But not after 31 days?  I don’t understand what you’re asking.

There are such things as false alerts?  Yes.

Dogs are not infallible?  Yes.

When you first saw the car, you were told it was the defendant’s?  No, I believe I was told it was a suspect’s.

You don’t know what trash was in the bay?  Correct.

You swept a car that had nothing to doing with the case?  Yes.

Then you swept the car in this case?  I didn’t what the case was.

You didn’t video this search?  It’s not protocol in real life.  Knowing where we are today, I would have.

The training logs you submitted are your logs?  Yes.

It’s an indication of your work?  Me and the dog working as a team.

You went back to the home backyard the next day?  Yes.

Did you have a hit?  No.  CSI had scrapped and dug up the area.

But they didn’t find anything, did they?  No.

You were deployed in December 2008 to Suburban Drive where Caylee Maria Anthony was found?  Yes.

You were asked to find bones?  Yes.

Did you find any bones?  No.

But a body had been there?  Yes and I wouldn’t let him go there because we were looking for other items.  Why would I let him go to where the body was?  We weren’t there for that purpose.

You gave a deposition and said the dog didn’t give an a final alert?  Yes, he alerted but didn’t give a final trained alert because I wouldn’t let him go there, I kept him moving.

Foregy be da bomb!  He just made a complete idiot of Baez.

Linda up….

How many searches have been video taped?  Very few.

The one we saw was because the helicopter was there?  Yes, I asked them to stay because of the alligator that was in the area.

After Baez tortures Forgery with asinine, pointless questions and insisting that Foregy only speculates about alerts and what they mean, he finally sits down!

Mr. Baez, I have a super, huge speculation about you!

State calls a sidebar, it’s jovial so I assume court may end now because the next witness will be too lengthy to begin.


Jury request for an Italian and Steak restaurant have been pretty much worked out by Judge Perry.

Court in recess till 9 am tomorrow!

  1. Kim
    06/07/2011 at 5:38 pm

    “I woke this morning and before opening my eyes, I thought about how much I had to do and perhaps I should get out of bed. I heard Judge Perry say in a strong voice, ‘Overruled’! I thought, okey dokey, 10 minutes more, to which Judge Perry loudly responded, ‘Sustained’!”

    very funny – made me laugh out loud!

  2. donchais
    06/07/2011 at 5:57 pm

    🙂 It’s my job ma’am!

  3. 06/07/2011 at 6:35 pm

    Thank goodness for a little humor. I have to stop watching because Baez drives me crazy and because In Session tries too hard to not take sides. I guess I should just watch on line, or better yet, let donchais do the watching for me. It makes Baez more tolerable to have someone else joke about him.

    I worry about the jurors. It always amazes me how gullible they can be or perhaps like being contrary. Glad for this website or I’d be kwetching to my husband all night about this trial. Now when he asks, I just shrug.

  4. Kim
    06/07/2011 at 7:20 pm

    I needed a good laugh too! 😉

  5. offthecuff
    06/07/2011 at 7:20 pm

    We lost electricity for 4 hours. Your post helped me catch up on what I missed. I don’t get much from the live blogs. Thanks!

  6. Golfing Granny
    06/08/2011 at 5:33 am

    I love this person that writes this – haha I’m sick of watching for hours and it’s so nice to have it down to what is important. And, of course, it makes JB look like more of a fool than he is. And I didn’t realize until today this is his FIRST murder trial. It may also be his last. Thanks for these updates.

  7. donchais
    06/08/2011 at 6:10 am

    Thanks Golfing Granny, nice to see you here!

    Actually, it’s Baez’s second murder trial. He lost the Nilton Diaz case in early 2008. Diaz filed an appeal claiming Baez was a defective lawyer! Seems Baez withheld info from the prosecution in an attempt to surprise them, lol!

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