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Casey Anthony – What About Caylee?


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Yesterday was just sad.  The graphic photos of little Caylee’s remains – that we did not see – and the painful narrative that accompanied them were brutal and had a deep effect on every person inside and out of the courtroom.

I was extremely pissed-off with Casey’s fake crying during the viewing of the photos.  The defense, it seems, has been coaching Casey to emote on demand.  They carefully moved the ever-present computer to give the jury a direct sight-line to Casey.  While she did a lot of eye-poking and sniveling into a tissue, the tissue never got scrunched up or even damp.  With my seasonal allergies, I need to find me a box of those indestructible tissues!

The fact that Casey had every legal right to ask not to be present during this portion of testimony should not be lost on anybody!

Her breakdown in the afternoon – after enjoying her Tang and bologna sammie lunch – was nothing short of bad acting!  I give her credit for having a very expressive face.  She manages to contort her face to display shock, mock pain and distress.  All the while though, when her attorneys are not fawning over her, the anger leaps out!

The crowing jewel of the performance was when she abruptly sat down before the jury even finished leaving court.  Not only was it a pitiful attempt as an attention grabber, she showed total disrespect for courtroom decorum!

If this truly was a real, guilt-laden, anxiety attack,  she deserved to suffer and have nightmares, to boot!

Some may disagree with my take, but I felt this was manipulative and contrived.  The timing was just too convenient and she’s done this in the past.

Does Casey get the best performance nomination?  Does the defense team get the best directing nomination?

MSM has reported Casey arrived in the courthouse a bit before 8:30, so we’ll have to watch her behavior today.

Baez and Dottie were let in back to see Casey as was the State!  Maybe Casey wants to pass on appearing today?

Casey enters the courtroom and the defense enters chambers.

Dr. Utz is back on the stand.

Caylee’s little shorts are shown.  Dr, Utz says much of the damage holes in the clothes are consistent with decomposition.

The letters that fell off Caylee’s shirt are shown.

A portion of the Pooh blanket is shown.

Casey has turned her head to the side and is looking down as she did yesterday, however she also is looking pretty angry about the testimony being offered.

Dr. Utz confirms the duct tape shown yesterday, was sent to the FBI.

Cross by Mason…

You are a board certified medical examiner?  No, a forensic pathologist.

So you’re a scientist?  You could call it that.

Prior to your involvement you knew about all the hoopla surrounding this case?  I was aware.

But when the remains were found there was even more gossip in your office?  Correct.

Dr. Garavaglia had a good working relationship with LE and I was fairly new.  She would have been involved anyway.  Utz only filled in for 2 days while Dr. G was out-of-town.

You were fully capable of performing the autopsy and issuing the reports?  Yes.

The duct tape wasn’t completely around the skull?  No.

When you removed the duct tape where you gloved?  Yes.

Full protective suit?  Yes.

You found no evidence of trauma to the remains?  No.

No indication of any prior injury?  I didn’t see any.

Casey has gone into diva mode.

Did you participate in the examine with Dr. Schultz?  Yes.

Did you jointly sign the autopsy with Dr. Garavaglia?  I did not.

When you lifted the skull from the table, the mandible didn’t fall off?  It did not.

You do not know from the examination of evidence the cause of death in this case?  I do not.

The manner of death is termed by Dr. G, a homicide?  Correct.

Mason seems to forget exactly what Dr. Utz’s role was in this case!

Dr. Utz is excused.

Next witness, Dr. John Schultz.

He tells the jury about his education, training and background in analyzing and detecting skeletal remains.

Schultz looked in the bag and saw the skull and duct tape.  He didn’t want to disturb the skull so he tore the bag to lay the bag out flat.

Was the mandible in close to anatomical position?  Yes.

Was that surprising?  Yes, because a mandible will separate once the tissue is gone.  The hair matte and debris held the mandible in place.  The tape was attached to the hair.

Schultz went to the site and helped with the recovery.  All the material collected was screened in a mesh box to recover the tiny bones that were scattered in the area.  A canopy was set up and orange markers were utilized to show where remains were found.

Schultz advised LE how to search the area because he was responsible for identifying human remains as opposed to animal remains.  The search area was constantly expanding as they found remains, further and further out.

Casey is working herself up to an ‘episode’!

As they worked the area, they placed flags marking evidence, where the evidence that needed to be collected and bagged. 

Hanson says the way the bones were disarticulated indicate the body/vertebrae was intact when it was moved!

Dr. Schultz shows a photo of a bone and points out where the bone has been chewed on by an animal.  With that Casey goes into a tizzy, prompting a sidebar.  My bet is the State wants her removed from the view of the jury!

I just want to reach through the screen and smack her silly for feeling sorry for herself!  She didn’t give Caylee a minutes thought, she’s just crying because she knows she’s busted and going down hard!

But it is very interesting how much anger she has been exuding all morning!!!

Does anyone else recall Baez’s claim in his opening, that her upbringing and abuse as a child was the reason she doesn’t show normal emotions?   Casey has shot that whole theory to hell along with all the other baseless theories the defense put forth!

Recess called.

Dr. Schultz says all but one tooth, and a few bones were not recovered, so the effort of recovery and mapping was very successful.

Dr. Schultz takes the jury through a mapping of the area where the bones were found.  He is pretty graphic about body parts being dragged by animals away from the original site where the skull was located.

Schultz says for animals to drag larger portions of  skeleton, the body was not completely decomposed because there had to be some remaining tissue holding the parts together.

One bone, hip(?) was buried and Dr. Schultz says it’s significant in order to determine how long it had been there…

Mason objects…sidebar.

Ashton now asks that Schultz be accepted as an expert.

Many bones were below leaf fall.  The left ilium was buried, the area was swampy and had been under significant water during the summer and because water moves it would have contributed to the burial.

Dr. Schultz’s opinion on the findings is the body was probably there for 6 months!

Cross by Mason…

You examined the bones?  Yes.

Were they x-rayed?  Yes.

You found no evidence of any fractures?  No

No evidence of twist or torquing of bones?  No.

How far from the road was the body found?   Maybe 25-30 feet.

Dr. Schultz said he didn’t do the measurements for the body part, dispersal map, but Mason tries to get the body closer to the road, just as Baez attempted the other day!

Mason keeps asking questions about evidence that Dr. Schultz didn’t examine and Schultz is having difficulty even understanding what the heck Mason is asking!

You can’t say how this child died?  That is not a question I would attempt to answer.

You saw the duct tape?  Yes.

It wasn’t covering the nose aperture?  No.


What is a nose aperture?  If you remove the nose, the hole in the skull where the nose would be.

So the tape could have possibly covered the nostrils?  Yes.

Dr. Schultz is excused.

Dr. Jan Garavaglia, Chief Medical Examiner on the stand.

She tells the jury of her extensive education and experience.

When did you learn of the possibility of  Caylee’s remains being found?  December 11.  She was on her way to the airport.  So she made calls to staff to have them handle the case until her return.

She reviewed all the photos taken at the scene as well as photos taken by Dr. Utz. and also visited the crime scene.

She identifies numerous photos taken by her office or at her direction.  Many of the photos show root material growing through the Pooh blanket, the two black trash bags and roots growing on the canvas bag.

They thought the best was to identify the body was through DNA.  A piece of the right tibia was removed and sent to the FBI.  They didn’t use dental records because Caylee was so young.

Her job is to determine cause of death and manner of death.

Manner of death is based on scientific principles, evidence gathered…


Judge Perry calls lunch.

Holy cow!  Casey was precision folding her pile of tissues when I realized how extremely long they were!  Swear to God it’s TP, not tissues!

We begin with the daily afternoon walk to sidebar.

Casey suddenly up and left!  Baez and Mason are gone also!  Well whatever it was, they are back.

Jeff shows Dr. G a bag that contains the laundry bag which she identifies.

Also the Pooh blanket.

The tied black plastic bag.

The untied plastic bag.

The shorts.

The letters and remnants from Caylee’s little shirt.

The bag with the hair matte.

All received in evidence.

Manner of death means what?  The classification of death based on all of the information available, medical, scientific and the scene evidence.

Dr. G’s opinion is homicide.  We know from studies and experience when a child is not reported immediately as missing.  The body was hidden and in a container, like a plastic bag like this child was.  The duct tape located on her face.  There is no reason to put duct tape on the face after she died.

The cause of death initiates the chain of events that causes the death.  Dr. G says cause of death by undetermined means.

The duct tape, or suffocation with a plastic bag is the only evidence that indicates possible cause.  Chloroform could have definitely have caused death.

No trauma or illnesses could have caused the death.

Mason on cross…

You live in Orlando area?  Yes.

You were aware of all the media attention surrounding this case?  Yes.

A circus-like atmosphere around the Anthony home?  Yes.

Chloroform could possibly have contributed to the death of the child?  Yes.

The toxicologist you brought in, Dr. Goldberger, you had him look for an array of volatiles?  Yes.

The results were negative?  Correct.

Were you present when Dr. Werner Spitz…

Objection!  Approach.

Were you present when Dr. Spitz came down to participate in the autopsy?

Her office preserved everything possible to make the materials available to Spitz.

They actually looked for Xanax in Caylee’s bone, bone scraping and cranial washing.

There was no trauma found?  No anti-mortem trauma.

Your testimony is you couldn’t determine the means of death? The means of the homicide could not be determined.

But you decided it was homicide based on what Det. Melich told you and the media reports?  Media reports would never enter into our findings.

Circumstantial evidence says to you it was a homicide?  Yes, based on evidence and observations.  A child missing for 31 days and not reported, the body being bagged as well as hidden, and duct tape are strong indicators of homicide.

Accidents with a child are typically reported. Particularly in a drowning, a person would call 911 to hope the child could be revived.  Studies say historically that is typical behavior.

If these remains had been found 4-5 months before, would you have had a better chance?  Absolutely.

Mason finally sits down.

Ashton asks if all the body was kept intact?  Yes, we packaged it very carefully.

Dr. G is done and the defense won nothing!

Dr. Michael Warren, PhD,  CA Pound Human ID Lab is called. 

And the pilgrimage to the bench begins!  Baez is arguing and the jury is sent out.

This is probably the tape animation of Caylee’s skull being covered with duct tape.  The video is played for Judge Perry to review.  Casey is pissed and shocked.

Jeff says the video indicates that a single piece of duct tape, even though there were three, could have killed Caylee.  The reason the skull is in the picture is to approximate the size of the skull and the pieces of tape.

Perry gives them some case-law to review as he feels it’s pertinent.

Baez says it is disgusting and is a fantasy and the State is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks!

Takes one to know one, eh Baez?

Baez says there is no testimony the duct tape was in the position as depicted in the video.

Judge Perry asks the Dr. to proffer.

Dr.  is a forensic anthropologist and he worked with Dr. Schultz on Caylee’s skeleton.

They used the photos of the skull and a facial picture of Caylee to size and align the tape to scale.

Is there any other way to prove the duct tape could have covered both the nose and mouth?  No.


Mr. Ashton indicated the duct tape was a murder weapon?  I didn’t hear him say that.

It was discussed with Dr. G and Dr. Schultz.  Later he suggested the animation to Jeff Ashton.

Perry asks, what is the purpose of the presentation?  To show the tape could have been used to cover the nostrils and mouth.

Why did you use the skull?  To scale the face and the tape to the skull.

Will this animation help you explain your testimony to the jury?  Yes.

Can you testify without the animation?  Yes.

What is the disadvantage to not using the animation?  They would have to take my word as to measurements.

Perry recesses for 15 minutes to review the cases Baez noted.

Judge Perry rules the animation is coming in because both sides made issue of the duct tape.  The video may be used as a demonstrative aid with a limited  instruction.  Chalk up a big loss for the defense.

Now Baez is arguing about the fact Dr. Schultz already testified to the duct tape so Warren should not be allowed.

Judge Perry say after two experts, he considers it cumulative!

You lose Mr. Baez!

Dr. Warren takes the stand and gives his CV.

He is accepted as an expert witness.

He came into the case on December 15.  The other cases where he found mandibles still attached in decomposed bodies were in Kosovo and Bosnia where the bodies were taped.

Aww geez, Pop Tart has reemerged!

Dr. Warren goes through the science of creating the facial skeletal creation in the animation.

You may want to watch the video of his testimony.  The video is going to blow the socks off the jurors!

There is awed interest in the gallery as the video is played.  Casey isn’t watching the replay and Dottie is keeping her busy, whispering in her ear.

Warren  says it is his opinion the tape could have cased suffocation.

Oh save me…Baez brought out the flip chart.

You were hired earlier on in the case?  I wasn’t hired, I consulted.

The photo of Caylee you used was grabbed from the internet?  Correct.

You don’t know the age of Caylee in the photo?  Correct.

You aren’t testifying this actually happened?  Correct, it is a possibility.

Baez is drawing pictures on the flip chart.  He asks the witness to stand down.

Baez is making crap up and Ashton has objected as to some of it not being in evidence.

Off to the bench.

Baez is stumbling all over his vague, rambling questions.

He accuses Dr. Warren of creating the graphic animation to appeal to the jurors emotions!

Of course Ashton objects and another sidebar.

And, the jury gets sent out so we can proffer again.

It was your suggestion to create the animation?  Yes.

Was it to appeal to the jury?  No!

Was it to get the jury sympathy or angry?  No.

It was just to show the possibility of how the tape was placed?  Yes.

Points scored on proffer?  Zip!

Funny thing is, the animation used only one piece of duct tape…there were three!

Another piece of duct tape was found 9 feet away?  I didn’t know that.

The animation was just one possibility?  Yes.

There are other possibilities for what the duct tape was used?  Yes.

Ashton on redirect

Warren says the tape was placed prior to decomp, based on the mandible not being disarticulated.

The duct tape was never stuck to the bones.  The tape would have been stuck to the face and after decomposition it would have rested on the mandible.


The root growth could have held the mandible in place?  It could.

Dr. Warren is excused.

State calls Michael Vincent back.

He collected insect evidence in the trash bag from the Pontiac.

He identifies a vial containing maggots in a solution that was sent to Dr. Neal Haskell.

He also identifies pupae he collected and sent to Dr. Haskell.

Cross by Pop Tart…

These items were taken from the garbage bag?  Yes.

They were collected on July 16th?  No, August 28.

You know entomology can be useful to a case?  Yes.

You didn’t see any insect activity when you first saw the trunk of the car?  Correct.

You only saw insect activity in the garbage bag?  Correct.

Vincent is released.

State calls Robin Maynard.  CSI with OCSO.  She worked the Suburban Drive scene collecting entomological evidence.

She identifies pupae she collected in December 2008 and it was also sent to Dr. Haskell.

She identifies a large number of evidence envelopes she collected.

All the evidence is entered and my assumption is we will see Dr. Haskell tomorrow, lol!

She also collected the pink heat sticker at the scene.


There was so many items you stopped collecting?  I was in charge of a sifting station.

Maynard is released after a bunch of silly questions by Baez.

He adds nothing to the case, but confusion!

5:01 the jury is released

Baez asks for a mistrial based on Dr. Warrens animation…blah, blah, blah.

Has not the State and defense advanced various scenarios on the duct tape?  Yes.

When does a court have to rule on a motion for mistrial?  A court can rule just before announcing a verdict, correct?  I believe so

Motion denied at this time!

Shut up Mr. Baez, you lose again!

5:07 pm – We are released till 9am!

  1. kas
    06/10/2011 at 5:32 pm

    I honestly think she is only capable of pout-crying for so long, then she clearly tires of it and reverts to pout-anger.

    Baez spelled “mandible” wrong on his board.

  2. 06/10/2011 at 5:34 pm

    Congratulations, you’ve done it again!
    The thing I took away from today was Casey’s anger at showing the animation and how she had no problem watching the entire thing……until the jury came back. She started looking away again but she couldn’t really wipe the angry scowl off her face. What a piece of work she is.

  3. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 5:50 pm

    kas, at on point, I also thought he said manable, lol!

    Maria, Casey doesn’t like anybody or anything that don’t see things ‘her’ way!

  4. offthecuff
    06/10/2011 at 6:44 pm

    Dr. G completely made the case for the state. They won’t have to do closing arguments. I’m surprised the defense didn’t object more to her logical revelations and conclusions. Obviously, they don’t see the logic because in defending Casey (or the falsehoods) all reason and logic does not apply.

  5. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 6:49 pm

    You are so right about Dr. G and I always had the feeling she truly cared about about little Caylee.

    Do you recall in depo, Mason asked her who put the mandible there? Her brilliant response was, God!

    The defense is a foundering ship!

  6. Anonymous
    06/10/2011 at 7:02 pm

    You do a wonderful job of reporting, thank you! I am sure the jury has seen through Casey’s temper tantrums….she is repulsive!

  7. Kim
    06/10/2011 at 7:03 pm

    I LOVE Dr G!!! What a voice for Caylee she is!! She put that bully Cheney Mason in his place, didn’t she!!!!

  8. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 7:07 pm

    Thanks Anon and welcome!

    Kim, Dr. G can go toe-to-toe with any defense attorney! She knows her stuff and can run rings around those who have no idea what they’re talking about!!!

  9. Kim
    06/10/2011 at 7:25 pm

    I was listening to Bill S. talk about her today. She is feared by most defense attorneys he said – because she is unflappable, down to earth and brings a humanity to the courts

    I love her to death

  10. tess
    06/10/2011 at 7:34 pm

    The defense team is not only floundering but I wonder if they have settled on what happened yet. If, Mr. George Anthony was supposed to have been instrumental in disposing of the body, you would think they would seize upon the duct tape as “see it was his duct tape”. It goes along with them fighting the smell in the trunk. If he had the keys, they would do better to do another “aha” moment ( a Baden Aha moment lol). Build a case for George. They cannot have it both ways. Either little miss muffett did it or her father did. Which is it defense?

  11. Teresa
    06/10/2011 at 7:35 pm

    Wow….blown away. So, were Cindy & George there today? What about Lee?

  12. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 8:00 pm

    Kim, ya never mess with Dr. G!

    tess, we have come to the realization they have no defense!

    Teresa, George, Cindy and Lee, by their own decision, opted not to sit through this graphic testimony. Having apparently, only come to the realization of what Casey actually did, a few weeks back, can’t say I blame them for not suffering unbearably through Caylee’s last hours. They have been fully briefed as to the horrific events!

  13. Rachel
    06/10/2011 at 8:11 pm

    Fantastic summary again. Thanks. Yes, Dr. G rocked it. She got some good stuff in through the defense. Especially when she said the stats show 100% of drownings result in a call to 911. And when questioned about that she repeats and nails it again.

    I’ve never seen anyone respond as Casey does. It’s proof positive she is a sociopath, who doesn’t experience real emotions so she must mirror and pretend what she ‘thinks’ should be the appropriate emotional reaction. Most of the time, she gets it wrong.

  14. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 8:23 pm

    Thanks Rachel!

    Casey Does experience real emotions! They’re all about her and only her though!

  15. FRG
    06/10/2011 at 8:39 pm


    Thank you for your article!

    *Doing the happy dance*

    Dr. G is fantastic! She makes CM look like a buffoon! He didn’t intimidate her! His tactics backfired him, he was dumbfounded! That was so cool!

    *High five*

    Common sense is a word JB and CM have none! Their Chewbacca defense is pitiful!

    I am waiting o learn when Mr. Kronk took possession of Caylee’s remains, that’s going to be hilarious!

  16. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 8:48 pm



  17. tess
    06/10/2011 at 9:08 pm

    Does anyone think that the animation that was allowed in today will be grounds for an appeal? I thought Judge P did a great job reviewing case law before allowing it in, but there does seem to be scuttlebutt grumbling about this being a blunder. Opinions?

  18. donchais
    06/10/2011 at 9:19 pm

    In a case of this magnitude – as in other jurisdictions – there are always appeals. Judge Perry has not erred…he is too much the consummate jurist!

    2 days ago Letalvis Cobbins lost his bid for a new trial in the Christian-Newsom, murder, rapes!

  19. ritanita
    06/11/2011 at 6:25 am


    I am such a fan of Dr. G.! She cuts through all the nonsense and gets to the point. I’m sure there are people on the jury who recognize her and know she is honest and forthright in her opinions. Even Cheney Mason can’t cut her.

    I was watching LKB spout on the news right after the trial ended for the day and she was subdued. One of the TH’s pointed out to her that ME’s who do their own TV shows are terrific and that shut her up!

    Having already read the bone dispersal report, I just KNEW Dr. Schultz would take the day. He totally deubnked the Roy-Kronk planted the evidence routine the defense is going to attempt!

  20. Reality
    06/11/2011 at 6:46 am

    Do the people on the defense really expect to let loose someone like evil Casey to walk the streets again among us and their own families? They cannot simply write this off as doing their job. If there is ever a time when one has to draw the line for humanity, this is it!

  21. 06/11/2011 at 6:53 am

    Has anyone else noticed the misinformation some of these talking heads put out there? Wendy Murphy has been on several shows spewing a bunch of baloney about the child being seen on the 17th and Casey having a different car after that so she couldn’t have done it. Nobody corrects her.
    Half of the people reviewing this case in the news also don’t seem to have correct information. Makes one wonder if anything you hear on news shows is accurate.

  22. Reality
    06/11/2011 at 7:47 am

    Maria – Increasingly, “news” shows are becoming like tabloids. They don’t get their ratings up by speaking the truth. They get their ratings up by making up stories and spewing LIES. The only thing they care about is the ratings, not the lives of the people whom they destroy in this process. It’s all about MONEY, CORPORATE PROFIT! The public needs to be wary of this fact and NOT support such behavior and organizations in our society.

  23. David In Tennessee
    06/11/2011 at 3:03 pm


    I’m sure LKB wishes she had her own TV show!

  24. Nanette
    06/11/2011 at 10:35 pm

    Great job Dr. G.! she told the defense how it is. I love when the Judge says to Jose “sustained” all the time, makes my day! he is not a good experience lawyer nor is Mason. I heard Casey got his name from one of the inmates telling her yeah he is great, so why aren’t those people out of prison. Lol. whenever the witnesses are on the stand and Jose or Mason questions them they think they both know more than any of those forensic experts, Drs. with masters, PHD degrees makes me laugh. there is lot of people who have killed and no one saw them do it but the evidence was there and they were sent to death, like Scott Peterson its just that Casey lies more.

    This is Justice for little caylee!

  25. donchais
    06/12/2011 at 3:19 am

    Nanette, you got it right on all accounts!

  26. Nanette
    06/12/2011 at 1:38 pm

    Thanks donchais! I’m so into this trial I can hardly wait to it starts again on Monday.

  27. Nanette
    06/15/2011 at 7:26 pm

    What’s up with this defense team new witness a convicted felon, come on why now, its been 3 years and now your bringing this up, George doesn’t know this felon. This Linda K. Baden who I was listening to on HLN issues with Jane is so convinced that Casey is not guilty, still thinks its a accidental drowning please you don’t put duck tape on a child’s mouth after a accidental drowning happening you CALL 911 HELLO! and I hate hearing well she was molested and so people that are they lie lie lie about everything and blah blah blah! I don’t think I have heard one defense lawyer agree with any of us viewers or the people on the panel like Vinnie, Beth etc they can’t admit that she is guilty, This case would be different if she never lied, she told the truth she came out and said I panic I did give her chloroform but too much so I could go out and party but then when I got back to check on her she was dead so then you call 911 say I’m sorry then you wouldn’t be in this situation of facing the death penalty but its not this way cause she is a cold heartless women who didn’t care about her little caylee, she was jealous of her mom paying so much attention to her daughter and not her. I have 3 kids and to think Caylee will never experience her first day of kindergarten, middle school, high school, college marriage and kids of her own. breaks my heart.

  28. Justice for little Caylee
    06/19/2011 at 9:50 am

    I was just watching the Expert that was brought in by the Defense, with over 55 years of Medical Experience,
    and he has been involved with over 6,000 autopsies. He said that Little Caylee’s skull had been, in his words moved. The two pics that he viewed were different. Didn’t Roy Kronk tell his Despatcher that he lifted up the bag and a small skull had rolled out? Isn’t that part of the 911 call that was called in on that fatal day?

    Let’s not forget about the ‘beautiful LITTLE life’ that was taken, and why we are at this junction in the road. May the person (or persons) responsible for this tragedy be found and severely punished.
    Rest in Peace, Little Caylee. Justice is coming your way.

  29. Justice for little Caylee
    06/19/2011 at 10:05 am

    Justice for Little Caylee

    Casey Anthony has been charged with 1st Degree Murder and Manslaughter, etc.
    I always thought that they were one in the same, Manslaughter being the lesser of the two. Can someone comment on this? If she is found Guilty of 1st. Degree, is it up to the Judge or Jury whether she gets Death or Life without Parole? Can she be found Not Guilty of 1st. Degree, but Guilty of Manslaughter?
    If so, what is the maximum sentence for Manslaughter and what, if anything about the three years already served? Thank-you.

  30. Nanette
    06/19/2011 at 4:41 pm

    Hi, to answer your question above it goes like this:

    1st degree murder is premeditated murder, meaning you plan for it and then do it.

    2nd degree murder lacks premeditation.

    Manslaughter can be voluntary or involuntary

    involuntary manslaughter
    The accidental killing of another during the commission of a crime or as a result of criminal negligence.

    voluntary manslaughter
    Killing in the heat of passion.

    Hope that answers your question

  31. Nanette
    06/19/2011 at 4:46 pm

    I watched also Dr. Spitz testimony yesterday he seem to get confused a lot of times when Mr. Ashton was cross examining him. He would just keep talking going on about something else and Mr. Ashton has to stop him he also was getting angry Dr. Spitz. I just find it weird now that he said he thinks the duck tape was placed on the skull after it was decomposed not before, why is someone going to go back there to the woods months later to put the duck tape over the mouth I’m confused. Mr. Baez got in deep trouble by the judge also for contempt of court, I don’t think since the beginning he has done a good job.

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