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Casey Anthony – The Final Push


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Last week we heard all the gruesome, graphic details of the fate of little Caylee.  The State’s witness were powerful, highly believable and stood their ground with the weak and sometimes inane cross by the defense. 

It seems to me, the defense has wasted a lot of time on a bunch of nonsense, has been ill-prepared for this case, and just can’t control their client.

The State on the other hand, has been masterful.  Methodically and skillfully laying out the facts.  They were able to introduce hair banding, Dr. Vass’ chloroform and decomposition findings, presented evidence that Casey did computer searches on chloroform a whopping 84 times, proved the presence of insects associated with decomposition being present in the trunk of he Pontiac, and that Caylee’s remains were in the wooded area, submerged for some time.  Cap that off with Dr.G and there isn’t much more the State has to do!

It amazes me how desperate Casey is to get attention from her lawyers.  Flirting with Mason, trying to engage Baez, whispering to Dottie…sad!

State calls Stephen Shaw. Hair and fiber analyst for the FBI.  He tells the jury of his education and experience.  He has offered expert testimony 12 times in several states.

Accepted as an expert witness. 

He confirmed the findings of Karen Lowe regarding the hair banding.

Pop Tart objects.  Overruled.

Shaw agreed with the decomp finding as well as similarity to the hair from the hairbrush.

He examined the hair mass that was sent by OCSO.  He compared the hair from the trunk to the hair mass.  Decomposition and some banding in the hair mass was found, but it was from later stages of decomposition!

The hairs came from the same source, however you cannot identify the individual they belong to.

He’s been conducting an ongoing study on 600 antemortem hairs collected from live individuals that were stored in various conditions for different time periods.  No postmortem banding occurred even though decomposition did.

Jeff Ashton asks to introduce a Powerpoint presentation that Shaw prepared regarding the findings of his study for demonstrative purposes only.

This is the study the defense whined about not being able to get from the FBI, which to date, still is not completed.  They made a huge stink over hair banding at the Frye hearings!


Jury is sent out because Pop Tart wants to proffer because they defense has not received the Powerpoint, however they did receive hard copy.

Judge Perry says show the Powerpoint and if Baez or Sims have questions, they may ask them.

The slides do show some areas of decomposition, but NO banding!

The defense is desperate to prove banding occurs in antemortem hair.  The defense got nothing and came up empty-handed.

Don’t forget, the defense originally had Dr. Petraco early on.  Petraco found hair banding and declined to be an expert witness for the defense.

The defense is losing big on this testimony because Shaw said there are no significant differences between adult and children’s hair, but did add that in high heat – Florida summertime – the decomposition is accelerated!

Baez renews his objection and claims cumulative and unfair prejudice, improper bolstering.  Sims says this study needs to be addressed on Frye issues!

Judge Perry rules the Powerpoints cannot be used because they weren’t provided to the defense, – it was the State’s responsibility to provide, not the FBI’s – but Shaw’s testimony will stand on record.

Defense scores 1/2 point!

Jury returned.

The FBI study was prompted by an earlier thesis that came out of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Shaw testifies to the mechanics of how his study was conducted.  Hairs were found with decomposition, but none in the study showed postmortem banding.

Pop Tart on cross…

The hair from the trunk and the hair mass were dissimilar?  Yes.

The findings John Jay found the hairs had root matter which the hair mass didn’t contain.

Baez is trying to say the recognition of root banding is purely individual opinion, tossing aside training and experience in the science.

You expedited your study to complete it before this trial?  Yes.

The fact there was only one hair from the trunk is consistent with transfer?  It could, all hairs are transfer when there’s no scalp involved.

Climate and heat are the biggest factor in decomposition?  Yes.

Ashton on redirect…

The hair mass indicates further decomposition?  Yes.

Have you ever seen a hair with a decomp band that didn’t come from a corpse?  No.

They must be serving drinks because everybody headed to sidebar!

Shaw is set free!

Elizabeth Fontaine is called.  FBI forensic examiner in latent prints.

She’s had extensive education and certification. 

She examined the duct tape found with the remains..  She identifies the duct tape that is moved in evidence.

One piece of tape was separate.  Two pieces were stuck together.

The pieces were 6-8 inches in length.  The glue was mostly gone and the strings and glue had migrated to one mass at the end of the tape.

She was knew the tape was found on the remains and been subjected to being in a flooded area.

She found no latent fingerprints.

Objection.  Overruled.

She saw the outline of a heart on one piece after using a superglue and light process.  The shape was the size of a dime.  She says if you wear a band aid for an extended period of time and remove it, it leaves and outline of glue debris which is what she noticed on the tape.

She notified her supervisor and pertinent parties.

She continued her normal examination and when she came back to photograph the heart shape, it was no longer visible after conducting a dye stain process and a black powder exam.

Fontaine blew it and should have had the foresight to photograph it before messing with it!  It’s a crying shame!

She can state what she saw was the shape of a heart, but cannot say that was exactly what it was.

Pop Tart up…

You were the second to receive the tape?  It went to evidence control first and they inventoried it and then it was sent to the trace evidence unit who sent it on to her.

Several different light sources are used to examine for latent prints.

Baez is going for someone contaminated the tape before she received it.

After processing, you could no longer see the image?  Correct.

You did a report in this case?  Yes.

You indicated the 3 pieces had no prints?  Yes.

So when you were done the items went back to evidence control?  Yes.

And then probably went to another unit?  It may have.

You’re aware the item was later contaminated…

Objection, hearsay, may we approach?

Rut roh, Baez just stepped into a major pile of doo doo!

Objection sustained.

You filled out a report of what you know and don’t know?  I fill out a report of my conclusions.

You were not able to find any fingerprints.

Fontaine excused subject to recall.

The State says their last 2 witnesses won’t be available til 1:30 tomorrow.

Judge says the State may wrap tomorrow afternoon or by noon on Wednesday.  The defense should start Thursday, but are trying to accelerate that.  He says we are ahead of schedule at the moment and by Saturday they should have a pretty good idea as to conclusion and hopefully they will begin deliberations on the 25 or 27th.

OMG!  Mason just objected!


We are recessed for the day! With a start of 1pm!

Woohoo, time off for good behavior!

  1. offthecuff
    06/13/2011 at 12:25 pm

    A lot of this hair information went over my head, no pun intended, but what did stick out to me was when Shaw stated that the trunk hair was consistent with hair that had been YANKED OUT. Wha…?

  2. donchais
    06/13/2011 at 12:29 pm

    I’ll have to go back and listen again!!!

  3. 06/13/2011 at 1:20 pm

    I think YANKED OUT is a bit of a stretch but it didn’t just fall out. At least that’s the way I heard it. After all, you don’t need to yank out the hair of a dead toddler. Since this hair was tested and had to be the hair of Cindy (wrong color) or Casey (also chemically treated) or Caylee, it had to have been Caylee’s. Besides, she’s the only one that’s dead. Ugh! The repitition is mind numbing I hope the jury gets it.

  4. Maunalii
    06/13/2011 at 1:42 pm

    I love how you refer to Baez as Pop Tart. He has so many nicknames but Pop Tart is the best by far.

  5. donchais
    06/13/2011 at 1:48 pm

    Maria, I agree. Could have been Casey moving the body around in the trunk. Sorry for the graphic picture!

    Maunalii, Judge Perry gets the credit! He didn’t want the jury being sent in and out of court, like Pop Tarts, lol. It just seemed so well suited for Baez and his constant interruptions!

  6. 06/13/2011 at 3:15 pm

    Oh yes, and I love how Baez acts like “dumping” the body 19 feet from the road is so unbelievabe. It would be unbelievable for GA but not little Casey. I lived in Fla for 15 years (Miami – Dade) and have some idea of the swampy terrain, not to mention snakes and other vermin. I’m aso sure she didn’t want her car to be seen parked there. I don’t know how much little Cayee weighed but I’m sure it was over 30 lbs.. Dead weight of 30 or more pounds when you’re stressed and not wanting to be seen is a lot of weight. Something a litte thing like Casey would be affected by, but not GA.

  7. donchais
    06/13/2011 at 3:22 pm

    Couldn’t agree more, Maria!

  8. Evelyn
    06/13/2011 at 8:24 pm

    I still say that in the later photos of little Caylee she resembles Cindy more and more (like the photo up on your blog today). That probably didn’t sit well with Casey since they had a huge fight when Casey left with Caylee.

    • donchais
      06/13/2011 at 8:43 pm

      Interesting observation!

  9. tess
    06/13/2011 at 8:41 pm

    I just wonder when the CIC of the defense starts if Mr. Poptart will be the one handling it all. He has been so ineffective so far. One would thing that the defense team would suggest someone with more experience. You just know that the Prosecution will be amazing with their cross examinations. I know that he is a fame whore, but this is someones life in his hands. I heard on WFTV today that the defense has issued a supenoa for Dr. Vass and 2 other scientists at the body farm and also Mr. Kronk. I am thinking this is not going to go well for the defense. I still think she will be convicted but with LWOP. I actually think that is a more severe penalty. With that, she will not automatically get an appeal and I suspect she will be in General Population (probably child molester unit). She will still be the lowest of the low in the prison heirarchy.

    • donchais
      06/13/2011 at 8:47 pm


      Not sure what to expect.

      Could be Baez has been ticked off at Sims for losing the Frye motions. Could be we will see much more of Mason and Sims in the CIC. Whatever happens, this anticipated CIC will probably the most watched CIC of all time.

      The State will wield the scalpel with the hands of the most talented surgeons!

  10. ritanita
    06/13/2011 at 9:01 pm

    I have a feeling that the defense case is going to be down, dirty, and very sleazy. I predict they way go so far over the line of absurdity the defense will look even less credible than it did on cross.

    They are giving Linda and Jeff the chance to rub their hands together and go git ’em!

    Can anybody say “Shred-o-Rama”?

  11. donchais
    06/13/2011 at 9:22 pm


  12. jimsilveira1@cox.net
    06/13/2011 at 10:23 pm

    You wrote : “It amazes me how desperate Casey is to get attention from her lawyers. Flirting with Mason, trying to engage Baez, whispering to Dottie…sad!”

    This POS keeps playing with peoples minds ! Mason has already been having visions of sugar plums dancing in his head. He somehow believes he has a chance with this vermin if he could only get her off.Maybe the killer is trying to get Baez jealous.

  13. 06/14/2011 at 9:15 am

    I have a feeling that the last sidebar where Mason objected to the Judge’s statement about the defense winding up their case in a week may be brought up again as the prosecution completes their CIC. I have heard rumors about Mason wanting out, and of course it is no rumor that Poptart keeps trying to get a mistrial ruling.

    I find it very interesting that all over the Internet people are talking about Poptart in less than stellar views. Very little has been said about Jeff Ashton. I guess if Poptart (great nickname, BTW) wanted fame, he now has it, but it is only slightly less disagreeable than that of his client. They both are terribly occupied with “me.”

    Thanks for this site!

  14. donchais
    06/14/2011 at 9:26 am

    Your welcome! Glad you found your way here!

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