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Casey Anthony – The Last Roundup


August 2005 ~ June 2008

I know many were disappointed when court was recessed early yesterday, but I have to admit having the afternoon and this morning off was much relished by me!

So, we are down to the final few State witnesses and all the chatter seems to be about guessing whom we will see today.  Are they some of the overly discussed witnesses remaining on the State’s lengthy list or will we all be gob smacked by a ‘surprise’ none of us really expected?  Either way, the State’s CIC is drawing to a close and what an almost flawless CIC it has been!

Gag me!  Casey wearing a white top and her hair in a long pony, doin’ the Godiva thing!  She’s also signing papers, stipulations maybe?

Pop Tart wants to update the court, not a good omen!  My bet?  They can’t get their witnesses here on time!!!  No surprise to me!  Judge Perry doesn’t look happy

Cathrine Theisen is called by the State. (No idea who this is!)  Currently, Quality Assurance  at FBI for 23 years. Extensive CV in forensic mitochondrial DNA analysis.

She examined a portion of  hair from the trunk and buccal swabs from Casey.

Items entered into evidence.

Her findings are the mitochondrial types are the same so neither Caylee or Casey can be eliminated as being the source of the hair.

It includes mother, grandmother, Casey, uncle…who has no chemically treated hair???? 

She also examined portions of the hair mass which matched the buccal sample from Casey or anyone in the maternal line.

Pop Tart up…

What is Quality Assurance at the FBI?  We issue policy and procedure to ensure we follow our established procedures and meet our certification.  All case work is subjected to at least 2 levels of review.

Your employees are subject to proficiency tests?  Yes.

Pop Tart has asked 3 questions that Ashton objected to which Judge Perry sustained.

He is all over the place with off scope questions!

Now he is crossing the line and getting smarmy with his questions.

Theisen is released.

State now calls Alina Burroughs.  OCSO CSI.  She helped collect evidence at the crime scene and the Anthony home.

She identifies on an overhead, the crime scene and it’s location from the Anthony house! 

Powerful overhead!  Red is Anthony home, blue where Caylee’s remains were found.

12/20/2008 she collected and documented a search at the Anthony residence.  She saw the heart stickers collected from Casey’s room!!!

Well, that made Pop Tart jump to his feet!!!!

None of the chatter has been correct…this is so not what was expected and I’m loving it!

The stickers were in a yellow box by Casey’s bed.  The box also had an envelope and there was the backing of a heart sticker laying on it.

Casey looking mighty freaked! 

More stickers were found in Casey’s bedroom in several different locations are identified and entered!

Pop Tart….

Can you see the stamp on the envelope?  Yes.

How much does it say?  37 cents.

How old would that make it?  I wouldn’t be comfortable saying.

So sorry, I lost the feed due to storms…accckkk!

Baez keeps trying to back her into a corner and she keeps replying she is not comfortable answering his pointed questions!

How far was the elementary school from the crime scene?  I’m not comfortable making distance estimates.

Baez is out of control with his questions!!!

Witness excused, but Baez has her called back.

The sticker is not flat?  No.

Raised or beveled?  Yes.

Witness excused again!

Cindy Anthony called!

When you testified last we had gone up to the period of July 2008.  When Caylee was found in December 2008, where were you?  Boarding a plane in LA.

So you weren’t there when the last search warrant was issued?  No.

Did you find anything missing From July to December?  Teddy the bear was missing.

The hair style you had when you visited Casey in jail in July and August, was that the same style you had?  Yes.

Same length and style you have now?  Yes.

Is your hair processed?  Yes, color, highlights.

Do you have knowledge of what processing your daughter did to her hair in 2008?

She cut it and would highlight it or color it.  Her natural color is brown.

Pop Tart…improper impeachment.  No impeachment yet, overruled.

Lee always cut his hair short and never processed his hair.

Shirley had been in the Sunfire over the years, but she can’t remember the last time her mom was in the car.  Shirley keeps her hair shorter than shoulder length.  Cindy doesn’t remember if any of her brothers were in the Sunfire.

Cindy knows duct tape, black, blue and maybe some grey was at their house.

The command center used duct tape to put up poster.  Linda shows Cindy her deposition where she said George told her he put a piece of duct tape on the gas can vent which was missing.

Cindy identifies Caylee’s sign KidFinders put up in the tent at the command center.

I’m betting Cindy is hedging today, maybe not intentionally.  Linda is going to great lengths to impeach her.

Cindy identifies a catalog photo of the canvas laundry bags they owned.  The last place she kept the item was in the garage.

In deposition Cindy said the last place the laundry bag was kept in Caylees’s bedroom.

The black garbage bags on the top shelf in the garage went missing!

The Big Trouble shirt is shown and Cindy says she never saw that shirt.

Recess called.

Notes from jury:

Jury wants to know if they can see exhibit 313 because they did not see it when introduced!  Also want to know if during deliberations they will get a typed list of all exhibits, which Perry says they will provide.

313 will will be shown on overhead.  Gloves will be provided during deliberations if they want tot handle it.

Baez now says the heart sticker has fallen off the piece of cardboard and he would rather the jury sees it as it was, stuck to cardboard!!!

Judge Perry says the jury has, by law, the right to see it.

Pop Tart whining he wants a stipulation that the sticker is no longer in the condition it was originally presented in.

Judge Perry says find the testimony from Ms. Maynard and goes off record till that happens!

This jury is proving their worth…good on ya jury!!!

Judge says let’s continue untill they can answer Mr. Baez.

Pop Tart on cross of Cindy…

Oh, major hostility from Cindy towards Baez!

You saw what the police had done in your absence.  Yes.

On the 20th, they came with another search warrant?  Yes.

The 20th was a difficult time for you?  Yes.

There was a confrontation at the time?

Objection.  Irrelevant.  Sustained.

That’s when you tole LE about the missing blanket?  I don’t know?

On December 11, the search warrant mentioned the Pooh blanket?

Object.  Approach

Sidebar…the testimony on the heart sticker has been retrieved…

When you came home after 12-11, your house was a mess?  Yes.

Your house was turned upside down?  Yes.

They took Caylee’s bedding set?  Yes.

What the hell is Baez doing????

Now we’re back to duct tape.

I have no freakin idea what we’re doing here?

Linda  keeps objecting for improper impeachment and Baez finally ask for a minute to consult with Mason!

This is just nuts!

Baez has gone to saying, based on Cindy’s testimony, George was the only one using the Henkel duct tape.  Cindy says she used it to repair the signs around her frontyard.

No Baez wants to know about everybody’s hair!

I’m getting so lost here!  Doo doo doo da, doo doo doo da…Twilight Zone!

These shorts on Caylee, no longer fit her?  No.

So whoever dressed her didn’t know her size?

Object.  Sustained!

Cindy released.

Jury is told the heart sticker has separated from the cardboard and is shown on overhead.

The sticker in a plastic envelope is passed around to the members of the jury.

I don’t know what the heck is going on, but I feel like I did a massive overdose of drugs today!

Now a bunch of stipulations are introduced.

Stipulation is about WFTV and I have no idea what it is about.

Second is also.  Statement by WFTV Daniel Criswell (sp ?)

Aha…the command post and the duct tape and Lee Anthony in the photo!

Cindy’s time cards, employment records!!!!

George’s time card records!!!

The entire history of June 16th is being presented by stipulation and Casey and the defense might as well bend over now!

Explosive and damning to Casey, but it did keep testimony to a limit.  Think Casey and her dream team just signed away a ton!

State recalls Jenny Welch

She did the photo of the tattoo on Casey’s back while Casey was jailed.

Pop Tart objects.  Overruled.

She identifies the photo of the tattoo as the one she took.

Witness is excused!

Bobby Williams called.  He did the tattoo art on Casey on July 2.  2008.  He had  known Casey for 7 or 8 years. 

She called an asked for an appointment.  He states she wanted a tattoo that said “bella vita” in feminine writing and he sketched it out for her.

So, this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing!


Baez seems to want this testimony out, but the jury already knows about the tattoo!

Witness is allowed to step down as jury asks for a 5 minute break!

4:53 Jury returns…

Picture of tattoo is entered into evidence.

The tattoo took about 1/2 hour?  Yes.

What was her demeanor?

Objection.  Overruled.

Happy, normal.

She paid in cash, they ordered pizza ans he ate a few slices and paid for the pie.

On the 15th she came in to set another appointment for the 19th and she was happy and normal.

Did you know about her daughter Caylee.  Yes.

On the 15th she said Caylee was with the nanny and she would bring her in on the 19th

Pop Tart…

Did you do George and Cindy’s tattoos?

Objection.  Sustained.

Any other family member tattoos?

Objection.  Sustained.

Redirect by Frank George.

When Casey came in, did she appear mournful?

Objection.  Judge Perry calls a sidebar.

Witness excused!

Judge Perry calls an end to the day at 5:02pm.

Ashton asks to approach.

Now Mason is objecting to all kinds of consciousness of guilt and asks for a mistrial.

Judge Perry rules mistrial denied!

State says they will rest tomorrow.  The Defense couldn’t get their shite together to get anybody here tomorrow so they will begin Thursday…the 3rd anniversary of Caylee’s death! 

Sad for little Caylee!

Judge Perry offers the defense the opportunity to work beyond 1pm on Saturday and Baez says 1pm is their limit.

OK, I had no idea this would be what today was all about.  In a parallel universe, maybe, but this was so unpredicted and bizarre, I really need some time to digest what just occurred!  Did the defense wave. a white flag???

This was one of the most confusing days I’ve seen at any trial!

See ya tomorrow at 9am!

  1. kas
    06/14/2011 at 5:39 pm

    Baez was especially Baez-y today. The man never learned how to transition from question to question; you’d think he’d learn to mimic the State a little in that regard.

    Next week will be a disaster. Baez and Mason can’t even be civil to the most neutral of parties on the stand. We’re going to spend 5-6 days with those two jackasses “Isn’t it true”-ing every person that gets on the stand.

  2. Anonymous
    06/14/2011 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks again for all your work on this blog. I was disappointed in the way the State (almost) rested today, I guess I didn’t think the tattoo artist should have been the last witness. I am also having more uneasy feelings regarding Cindy….did she really mouth to Casey today “I love you” ?????

  3. 06/14/2011 at 5:43 pm

    You are so speedy and yes, what a bizarre day. I hope for a more powerful close but I think maybe they’re waiting till the rebuttal.
    I was watching HLN or Sessions and one of the THs said Cindy ooked over at Casey and mouthed “I love you”. Apparently Casey didn’t respond at all. I know it must be terrible to have your daughter up for murder one, but please.

  4. Jilly
    06/14/2011 at 5:49 pm

    Wow I love your blog……I wrote something down yesterday because it kept rolling around in my brain, when that happens if I write down what I am thinking about I can stop thinking about it. It’s a list, off the top of my head of events, indicators, evidence, etc. pointing to possible outcomes.
    GUILT Y of MURDER: 1. No missing child report 2. Remains dumped in woods 1/4 mile from home 3. Zanny Nanny lies 4. Lies to police/family 5. Lies about where working
    6. Death smell in her car 7. Car is abandoned 8. Shovel from neighbor 9. Car backed into garage
    10. COD: Chloroform 11. Why: jealous Cindy/Caylee 12. Wanted “Bella Vita”(translate: unburdened of motherhood) 13. Anger issues 14. Searched computer for “neck breaking” chloroform etc
    15. Bug evidence in car 16. Hair in car decomposing 17. Laundry bags are same 18. Heart sticker residue on duct tape 19. Duct tape on head 20. Heart stickers in home 21. Duct tape same brand @home
    22. Cadaver dogs hit on car/play ground 23. Embroidery letters found @ scene 24. Hair evidence “consistent” (no doubt more I can’t think of)

    ACCIDENTAL DEATH 1. She says Caylee drowned 2. Remains dumped in woods 1/4 mile from home 3. Casey called Caylee a snot in blogs


    Course we have defense to hear from……..

  5. donchais
    06/14/2011 at 5:52 pm

    kas, I already have my extra strength aspirin laid out for next week!

    Anon and Maria, I cannot confirm what the TH’s said about Cindy mouthing “I love you”. I have major doubts and the TH’s have been dismal at best. They know nothing about the case or players and have as many imaginary folks here as Casey does!

  6. donchais
    06/14/2011 at 5:57 pm

    Jilly, thanks for joining us!

    Gotta say, you laid it all out, pretty much in a neat nutshell!

  7. Hilde
    06/14/2011 at 6:11 pm

    Today in Court when Cindy was on the Witness Stand I seen some of the old Cindy shining through again.
    What I mean by that is when the State questioned her she tried her best not to give them too much and
    Ms . L. D.Burdick had to remind her again and again what Cindy stated in her sworn Deposition to refresh her Memory.
    I couldn’t believe Mason asking for a Mistrial?
    Baez already tried that 2 or 3 times! Do they ever learn.
    What that shows me, the Defense is getting cold Feet to present their Side of the Case and rather go for a Mistrial and take the easy Way out for them
    Well I guess all I have to say is, keep dreaming, it won’t happen. Caylee deserves Justice and waited long enough!
    Judge Perry is doing a fine Job, it couldn’t be easy to work with a Defense Team like this, constantly whining about something and coming up with Stories which are unbelievable for any one with a little common Sense.
    However I do have to say the Defense has not much to work with having a Client like Casey Anthony, You can’t believe a Word coming out of her Mouth almost as bad as her Defense team, how ironic.
    In my Opinion the State did a good Job in piecing all the Evidence together to finish the Puzzle of this sad Case.
    The Jury will have a clear Picture through the Evidence the State provided to be able to make a fair Decision and come back with a Verdict which will be just for the Victim Caylee Marie.
    Now we just have to wait a little longer and listen to the Side of the Defense with whatever they will try to come up with.
    They will have their Hands full to be believable.
    Justice for Caylee is getting closer with each Day! RIP sweet Angel Baby

  8. donchais
    06/14/2011 at 6:20 pm

    Hilde, I’m still trying to recover from today!

    The State has done an incredible job piecing together the details and timeline. Judge Perry deserves sainthood, IMHO. The defense will fall on it’s face and then the jury will decide.

    I never, ever second guess a jury…been burned before.

    My gut feeling tells me Caylee will get justice, if not in the ultimate way a lot of folks would prefer, but in a way befitting of the cruel way her mother disposed of her!

  9. 06/14/2011 at 7:13 pm

    Thanks for pulling all the pieces together today… I wonder if the jury was as puzzled as I was with the sequence of witnesses. The only one that really hit home was the woman identifying the heart stickers inside the home, beside Casey’s bed. And I think that the jury asking for an evidence list and specifically wanting to see the heart sticker is very telling.

    It seems appropriate that the prosecution winds it all up on the last known day that Caylee lived… there is an eclipse of the moon on the 15th – powerful energy and it will be interesting to see how that plays out with the Defense… like a football team that was collected by a blind man going door-to-door and just touching their hands to see if they could hold the ball. What about being able to throw it, run with it, kick it?

  10. Kim
    06/14/2011 at 7:17 pm

    Thank you again for your concise explanation of the day! I missed everything 😦

    What are these motions – Direct of verdict for mistrial? Baez is really scared, isn’t he?

  11. donchais
    06/14/2011 at 7:32 pm

    Great analogies Sandy!

    Kim, can’t even fathom what the defense will offer. Must say, the fact they couldn’t get it together to have anybody available tomorrow is a dark omen, indeed!

  12. Kim
    06/14/2011 at 7:41 pm

    Have you seen this? I hope it’s ok to drop it here – if not, please delete


  13. offthecuff
    06/14/2011 at 7:47 pm

    I am confused as to why the state had to wait until 1:30. They could’ve put Cindy, Bobby, and Jenny on early, though out of sequence of whom they had on today.

    The defense ended today totally angry. Wouldn’t work with the court at all concerning making it easy on the jury. They all have to come in tomorrow.

    They haven’t even given their prepared work to the state yet! Which, as Mason, pointed out, its not ready yet anyway, and he’ll get it done tonight.

    The state will have to pester the defense to get anything. Baez will probably try to pull a rabbit out of a hat at some point! The judge will have to revoke their magician’s license.

    It was interesting to know that the defense is still planning on using their grief expert.

  14. tess
    06/14/2011 at 7:51 pm

    I have a question (if you can take one more 🙂 ) How did the jury decide to view the sticker evidence. If they are not allowed to discuss this case with one another, did just one juror request this or was this a group request? I am
    puzzled how this could happen.

  15. donchais
    06/14/2011 at 7:53 pm

    Kim :

    Have you seen this? I hope it’s ok to drop it here – if not, please delete



  16. Kim
    06/14/2011 at 7:54 pm

    I know, right

  17. ritanita
    06/14/2011 at 8:43 pm

    It was a true Looney Tunes day!

  18. Martha
    06/14/2011 at 9:14 pm

    Hello….been reading for the past few days, not able to watch the trial myself – so very glad to find this. I can’t help but wonder how all of this appears to the Jury. What must they think? I almost wonder if ole Pop Tart thinks he can confuse the jury enough to get one person to believe the “drowning theory”. Perhaps a juror who is mistrusting of law enforcement to begin with? They may see all of the objections and side-bars, conclude the state is up to no good? I fear this! I’m no legal eagle myself – so perhaps this is why I wonder. Is it okay to ask a question? I’m curious – how can they present the drowning theory in opening statements unless they would call Casey to the stand to tesify as such? I mean – they can’t just throw something like that out there without something to back it up – can they? Well – appreciate it! Keep up the good work…looking forward to reading more – you do a great job and interesting comments that make me smile!

  19. BeckyM
    06/14/2011 at 9:36 pm

    Just some thoughts on who the defense will bring up: Jesse Gund to substantiate Casey tell him of improper relationship with George and Lee; they have a H.S. teacher on their list, think this will be another person that states she suspected sexual abuse (but if so, why did she not report it?); George – will be tarbrushed about how he knew about the duct tape and used it regularly; and Kronk and all his dirty history of being an ambulance chaser.

    There are definitely people they can call but OTOH, it’s all going to be heresey with no scientific evidence or even reports (such as with a counselor, police etc…) about the alleged abuse. And it looks like none of the boyfriends are going to say Casey discussed the abuse with them – boy was Baez disappointed when Tony said he had been told nothing about George by Casey.

    The other problem is that if they bring up anything about Cindy and Casey fighting that allows the 6 felony counts in for discussion and her history of theivery. Quite a tight rope.

  20. Tom
    06/14/2011 at 11:23 pm

    Scott Peterson got the death penalty, and yet the ONLY piece of forensic evidence was a single hair of Laci’s found on a pair of pliers in his fishing boat. In his case there was no Cause of Death, only a Manner of Death, much like we have in Casey’s case. The jury has FAR more to go on with Casey. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that she will be found guilty of murder, though there is a 30-40% chance that she MAY avoid the death penalty.


  21. Reality
    06/15/2011 at 10:24 am

    The defense is whistling dixie in trying to get an acquital or mistrial in this case.

    –Alleged acidental death has been RULED OUT by Dr. G.
    –DUCT TAPE evidence has been presented.
    –CHLOROFORM evidence has been presented.
    –Alledged sexual abuse will only go AGAINST their client,

    ANYTHING that the defense can possibly bring forth in this case will only bolster the State’s positon of the LYING NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH, which is personified in one Casey Anthony.

    The ONLY thing the defence can do now is to try for LWOP.

    Yes, the chickens have come home to roost!

  22. Reality
    06/15/2011 at 11:21 am

    Evidently, Casey had to get rid of Caylee because she was getting in the way of Casey’s social life. Additionally, Casey would NOT give Caylee to Cindy because apparently Cindy had been telling Casey that she was an unfit mother. Why did Casey get rid of Caylee: “If I cannot have you (Caylee), then no one will!”

  23. Tom
    06/15/2011 at 11:59 am

    So Baez said that Casey got the “Bella Vita” tattoo in early July as a tribute to Caylee (who supposedly drowned June 15th). And yet she told the tattoo artist that she would bring Caylee with her next time.

    Therefore there is only one conclusion: she knew Caylee was not going to be coming by with her because she was already dead, and thus the tattoo was a celebration of her (Casey’s) newfound freedom.


  24. donchais
    06/15/2011 at 12:06 pm



  25. Jilly
    06/15/2011 at 1:18 pm

    Tom, What a good point, I wonder why the prosecution did not use Peterson v California as a precedence, with the single hair and all. Peterson case happened about 100 miles from MY house. Glad Judge has a brain, hope the jury all will, I have doubts all jurors will convict of 1st. she is never going to stand up and confess, is she?

  26. Cathy
    06/17/2011 at 2:33 pm

    wow this is a great blog site…..I have been following this trial and I cannot believe the smug little looks that Casey gives…..she thinks she is a star…..I have also observed Mr. Baez and her exchanging some really soft looks between them……..sicko’s Baez is now just asting taxpayers money on this guilty woman……God is with Caylee and she will get justice for what Casey Anthony did to this little precious Angel

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