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Casey Anthony – Once Upon A Time…


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Sadly, today marks the third anniversary of Caylee’s untimely death.  It seems incongruous and almost bittersweet that the defense of her mother also begins today!

It was is one of the most anticipated defense cases, the anticipation has been growing in leaps and bounds.

My expectation is we will see and kinder, gentler, defense team, these are after all, their witnesses.  The smarmy sarcasm and downright nastiness will be replaced with a polite and differential cross.  I do however anticipated Mr. Ashton and Ms. Burdick to wield their razor-sharp, legal scalpels with as much precision as we witnessed during the Frye hearings.

I also wonder if Mason and Sims will finally play a role in this defense or will Baez continue trying to capture all the glory.

The desperation of the defense becomes more and more apparent as each day passes.  They are trying to introduce – very late – a newly found witness to disparage George even further!  One, Vasco Thompson, a violent and convicted felon!  It boils down to some apparent, misdialed phone numbers!

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is will Casey testify in her own defense.  The titillating opening by Mr. Baez, painting George as a molester has pretty much painted the defense into a corner.  George denies molesting Casey and no proof has been offered to substantiate that claim.  Pretty much, Casey has to take the stand and lie!

Either way, expect a lot of shock – from the defense – and a lot of awe – from the prosecution!

Casey comes in with her hair in the usual bun and sporting an ill-fitting, white sweater.

Seems pretty chipper, smiling and chatting with Mason.

Gerardo Bloise is called.

July 23, 2008, you were asked to inspect a vehicle?  Yes, Tony Lazzaro’s car.

You looked for blood?  Yes.

Objection.  Sustained.

He saw a stain and checked it with an alternate light source.  The results were negative for presumptive blood.

Did you place the car on a lift?  No, I did not.

Anything else you did?  Yes, but it was on the Sunfire.

August 6, he had a search warrant for the Anthony home to check clothing in Casey’s room.  He collected some items of clothing.

They checked the living room and garage also with the alternate light source.

Bloise identifies a bunch of photos that are received in evidence and published.

Do you believe you did a thorough job in inspecting the clothing?  Yes.

Several of the photos are of pieces of clothing where he did find some stains and those items were sent to the FBI lab.

Wear gear were you wearing?  A jumpsuit and gloves.

Hairnet?  Yes.

Booties?  No, I was in the lab.

Do you speak while you inspect these things?  No.

Why not.  I was by myself!

CSI Burroughs and Yuri Melich were in the home while the collection took place.

Baez is really dragging this out!

Cross by Linda Burdick…

The scope of the warrant was only to inspect Casey’s clothes?  Yes.

The pants you inspected, were you informed Casey’s mother had washed those pants?  Yes.

When you inspected Tony Lazzaro’s car did it smell like a dead body had been in there?  No.


When you inspected Mr. Lazzaro’s car was there a three-week-old bag of garbage in it?  No.

Bloise excused.

That proved nothing!

Heather Seubert is called.  Back in 2008 she was a Supervisor of DNA analysis examiners with the FBI.

She details her education, training and experience to the jury, which is impressive.

She is a past member of the Scientific Working Group on DNA which issues standards for labs working in serology and DNA analysis.

She’s been an expert witness numerous times and is accepted as such here.

She was assigned to the case when evidence was received in the lab.

On October 8, 2008 she issued a report.

Did you receive items from a car?

I was given the…

Jeff Ashton inquires whether the items they will discuss are all in evidence.  Baez says yes, Judge Perry calls a sidebar.

Frankly, I wouldn’t trust Baez either, lol!

Recess is called to take up some legal matters.  Judge Perry suggests this is a good time for a ‘special’ break and he enters his chambers

Everybody has gathered around the exhibit table.

The items you were given to test that I would like to go through them.

The first were swabs taken from the tire cover?

Ashton says they need to be moved into evidence before they are discussed!

The swabs were examined by chemical test would detect blood.  The test was negative.

Baez seems a bit too well prepared with this witness, not his usual plodding, meandering self.  Anybody want to guess whose homework he copied?

A piece of spare tire cover was tested after brown and yellowish stain was observed.  All negative for the presence of blood.

The next item was a left side of the trunk liner carpet.  Again brown and yellow stains were negative for blood.

Now the right side of the trunk liner.  Negative for blood.

Blood was never an issue here so Baez is just spinning wheels here!!!  There is absolutely no point to any of this.

The items were also tested for DNA searching for any biological cellular material.  None was found.

They also examined some clothing from Casey’s room.  No biological material was found.

The shovel and it’s label were tested and nothing was found.

OMG!  The flip chart and markers have appeared.  Baez wants to go into touch DNA 101.

Ashton objects and we make the pilgrimage to the sidebar!

Objection overruled, continue.

Seubert gives a lengthy, scientific lecture on DNA.

Dang, the jury is sent out after an objection by the State!


The peak derived from the shovel was a peak of ‘x’ but not identifiable.

Objection.  What’s the relevance of that?

There is DNA there but not sufficient enough to identify.  Baez says that’s all he’s saying he is eliciting.

Ashton asks, to what end?

Judge Perry rules the State can examine on cross. 

The plodding, meandering Pop Tart has resurfaced!

The 3/19/09 report is on the duct tape.  The tested the top side and a DNA profile was found, but not enough to identify.

Baez makes Seubert step down to draw on his freakin flip chart to explain what makes DNA.

All this jerking around just to get to someone in the lab contaminated the duct tape!

I stopped paying attention a while ago!

8/19/ 09 report…

She examined a pair of shorts of Caylee’s.  They showed no blood or semen.

Examined Caylee’s shirt.  No blood presence, but they did get a possible presence of blood, but no DNA was confirmed.

The Pooh blanket, no DNA profile generated.

Baez just asked if she was asked to conduct a paternity test with Lee’s buccal swap.

Jury sent to lunch.

Ahston says this is not in good faith because the FBI does not conduct paternity tests.

Baez says it was tested to see if Caylee’s was lee’s offspring.  The FBI can do the test, but would have to refer it out to a third-party.

He doesn’t understand why Mr. Ashton claims this isn’t in good faith.

Ashton asks Seubert directly if she was asked to perform the paternity test.  She said Nick Savage communicated to her.

Ashton says the communication does not specifically name Lee.

Baez asks who she thought she was asked to conduct the test for?

Seubert says Savage asked specifically regarding Lee.

Ashton, what is the relevance about what an LE officer might have thought?  What is the implication he is trying to leave with this jury?

Judge Perry rules the defense can’t ask these questions unless they want to bring LE in.

He also admonishes both sides for their raised voices.  He also says he will review the question and make a decision.

So, in an underhanded, sleazy, disgusting, weasel move, POS Baez just disparaged Lee in front of the jury as well as throwing him under the bus with George!  I hope Casey is proud of her handiwork!

Judge Perry says the question can be rephrased to, if she conducted a paternity test, omitting was she asked to be LE.

Seubert says Lee was ruled out as Caylee’s father.

The car seat was negative for blood.

The steering wheel cover was negative.

Ashton on cross…

I ain’t typing all this about each and every piece of evidence we’ve been through this morning!

Ashton gets her to admit that if in decomposition fluids there is no blood, they would not find it in their tests.

Pop Tart keeps objecting and getting overruled.

Could the stains still be decomposition?  Yes.  As a body decomposes, the DNA also begins to degrade to a point you may no longer find DNA during testing.

Another lengthy sidebar and Judge Perry isn’t looking happy!  The court reporter leaves, but the lawyers remain at the bench for what I can only assume is a spanking by Judge Perry.

My opinion at this point is today is going downhill quickly for Baez!

On the bottom of the tape, the DNA you found on the duct tape, did you do anything to eliminate anybody other than Casey and Caylee?  Yes, she looked at all the family members and the samples from the lab staff.  It was so limited she drew no conclusions to the finding.

Ashton on cross.

The extra random allele on the tape means nothing?  Correct.

But, it wasn’t George Anthony?  It was inconclusive.

If someone is killed in a manner that doesn’t include bloodshed.  The absence of blood doesn’t really say it didn’t happen?  Correct.

Given the history of the tape, you wouldn’t expect to find DNA would you?  If it would be found, it would be on the underside.

Based on the fact this tape was in a swampy…

Objection.  Sustained.

May we approach?  I believe we have testimony.

Seubert confirms she was informed the tape was in an area with water coming in and out, swampy and the longer the item was there the chances of finding DNA would diminish.

Same with the shorts and other items?  Yes.

Pop Tart on redirect…

Decomposition in the trunk and as cells break down, there is no longer an ability to detect DNA?  Correct.

2:45 she is finally excused!

Judge Perry calls a ‘special’ recess.

Good thing because I was getting to the point of doing something drastic!

Next witness is Robin Maynard.  She was CSI with OCSO and collected evidence item 313 – the heart sticker!

Baez publishes the photo.

Linda points out the photo isn’t in evidence, only the actual sticker is.

Baez asks to enter and it is accepted.

The sticker was found 45 feet from the baseline.

He moves to the next item, but the photo never did get published to the jury!

Now he introduces a map of the crime scene and where the sticker was found.  The map isn’t to scale and only approximates where bones were found because the bones were placed based on the location of the bucket of collected evidence.

She is released.

Well that proved nothing!

Ron Murdock is now called. 

Baez ask him to open his computer program with the map of the crime scene and show where the sticker was found in relation to the skull.

Baez seems to forget the water rushed in and out of the area as well as animals dragging things probably moved the sticker!  Talk about doh!

How far were the two pieces of tape from the skull?


No cross.

Witness excused.

Jennifer Welch is back.

A large number of items were collected that you photographed that could be considered trash?  Yes.

May I publish these photos?

What is the exhibit number?  Ooops, Baez didn’t get them marked by the clerk.

The photos show common garbage which was not sent to the lab for testing.

I can’t believe how much time Baez is wasting to prove nada, zip, zilch!

Burdick on cross.

Is it fair to qualify where Caylee’s remains were found as a trash dump?  Yes.

Welch is excused.

Lorie Gottesman is called.  FBI laboratory, forensic documents section.

She details her education, training and experience in ‘question’ documents.

She has testified as an expert more than 20 times.

She is accepted as an expert witness.

She examined the duct tape for remnants of the heart shape sticker and could not find it.  Don’t forget, this was examined thoroughly by another part of the FBI lab!

Gottesman was the one who contaminated the tape!  She has no idea how it happened.

She also examined some pieces of plastic, but made no matches.

The plastic bags did not match the ones from Surburban Drive.

Cross by Ashton…

The tape had already been examined by the latent print area first?  Yes.

The plastic bags came from the Anthony residence?  Yes, 5 from the Anthony house and 2 from the ME’s office.


The DNA comparison in the duct tape…

Objection, out of scope.  Sustained

No further questions.

Witness excused.

Up next, Cary Oien.  FBI laboratory. Degrees in biology and entomology.  Hair and fiber analysis.

He was  supervisor to Lowe and Shaw – hair banding witnesses.

He examined the stickers from the shovel.  He found a small hair from a caucasian.

Well, that was stupid and a waste.

Witness released.

No further witnesses for today and the jury is released at 4:24pm to return at 9am.

Observation: For a much-anticipated defense case, there was no bombshell, no cataclysmic revelations.  In fact, it was a double Red Bull, No Doz kind of day!

  1. 06/16/2011 at 6:08 pm

    I want to thank you for doing this. I couldn’t have listened to this (morning especially) without flipping out. He did manage to cast a shadow over Lee, though. I personally, don’t put much credence in the sexual abuse, though I see many psychiatrists who are convinced there is something wrong with the relationship between Casey and her dad. What do you think? She just doesn’t strike me as the shrinking violet type that wouldn’t tell someone about it.
    I really can’t understand why the prosecution didn’t bring up the fight with Cindy. It would have made her actions much more understandable.

  2. ritanita
    06/16/2011 at 6:13 pm

    You called it! Where is the Red Bull and No-Doze when you need it? I honestly expected better for the opening of the Grand Defense Case.

    No blood, no blood, no blood, no blood… and the defense says it was a drowning!

    Nothing Baez came up with disputed the smell it the car and I’m eagerly awaiting his expert who says it smelled just like his trash can that sits next to his desk.

    All the TH’s are saying that the fact that Lee wasn’t Caylee’s father was the “blockbuster” of the day. I’m wondering which witness in the State’s rebuttal case (and I think there will be one) will testify that Casey’s allegations to a couple of boyfriends that Lee fondled her made the rounds and the FBI wanted to quash those rumors?

    The whole defense is based on a foundation of lies, just like the house built on ice cubes in the Sahara!

  3. donchais
    06/16/2011 at 6:26 pm

    Maria, I don’t think the jury was stupid enough to fall for the attempted smear on Lee! The jail house visit tapes totally blow the abuse by George out of the water! Also, the prosecution is still holding some aces up their sleeves for the rebuttal, no doubt!

    ritanita, as far as I could tell, the defense accomplished zip today. I expected more and better, but then sometimes, I also believe in miracles, lol! Passing you a Red Bull!

  4. 06/16/2011 at 6:43 pm

    I hope the jury is ticked about all that DNA redundant nonsense. I sat on a jury in Miami where the entire trial could have been done in one day and it took FIVE. It was a civil trial so there were only 6 jurors and an alternate and we were all furious. (We were also all women and we felt they kept repeating themselves because they didn’t think we were comprehending everything.) It didn’t work out well for them.
    I saw a tweet today that said the infamous Juror 4 was taking notes again. I swear, she’s going to be a big problem.

  5. Evelyn
    06/16/2011 at 7:31 pm

    Juror 4 is taking notes up a storm now that the defense is on but did hardly any notetaking at all during prosecution, I agree big problem.

    I heard when Burdick asked her one trash question of the witness and sat back down one of the jurors smirked, kinda like a gottcha to the defense.

  6. tess
    06/16/2011 at 8:13 pm

    I feel that if I was on the jury, I would be pissed that this was basically a wasted day. Half the time is spent in side-bars and objections and “housekeeping” issues. There was minimal points made and none that pointed to the drowning, body-snatching, theories. If the defense is going to make any points, they have to address what they said happened. I know they are not required to do that, but Mr. Baez has stated that the child was dead 3 years ago today and he knows how it happened. To which, they completely ignored Caylee and didn’t acknowledge her at all. Her mother (term is used loosely) was smiling, chatting and pouting and flirting depending on the moment. She was heart-broken. Ok, sorry, I was just ranting and will stop now. Also heard skuttlebutt that Dr. Spitz is on tomorrow (don’t know if its true) so maybe IV coffee is in order.

  7. tess
    06/16/2011 at 8:14 pm

    That is supposed to be NOT heart-broken.

  8. 06/17/2011 at 1:02 am

    Yes, I am indebted to you for taking the time to put this in some sense for a nonsensical day… I felt like I was the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party!

    “Off with their heads!” and grab that Florida Flamingo to do it!

  9. Golfing Granny
    06/17/2011 at 6:08 am

    Don Chais I am so impressed with your writings and sense of humor. Please sir are you a reporter, or……………..? because apparently-you are in the courtroom. Are you with the local newspaper? Anyway very impressive. Keep up the good work – I’ll be golfing this morning but back to check it out afte 1:00.

  10. 06/17/2011 at 6:19 am

    Oh please, not Spitz. Another one of these specialists that’s so full of himself he believes his own BS.

  11. donchais
    06/17/2011 at 7:10 am

    LMAO Golfing Granny, but thanks! I’m a female with an irreverent sense of humor and just a blogger who abhors any type of abuse toward our youngest and most vulnerable.

    Maria, I have handy wipes at the ready because if Spitz appears, I’m sure I will have to be cleaning my computer screen!

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