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Casey Anthony – When Will The Defense Get To The Point


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Yesterday was relatively calm, no bombshells and everyone was on good behavior!

The defense put on a number of witnesses, all of whom testified to not finding anything, no more hairs with hair banding, no drugs.  Dr. Sigman found small amounts of chloroform, but not enough to raise alarms.  We did learn his air samples weren’t really proper and he never had a piece of the trunk carpet to test. 

Everyone is still wondering about Dr. William Rodriguez.  Has he disappeared into oblivion because he perjured himself right off the bat by falsely claiming he is a co-founder of the Body Farm?  Guess we’ll find out sooner than later!

The biggest question is, when will the defense offer some evidence of their fantastical claims presented in their opening statement!

With any luck, my internet connection will remain stable today and WordPress won’t eat half of my report!

Baez calls a sidebar and the Judge says, remember you were supposed to do that before hand!

OCSO CSI Supervisor Mears is back.  She identifies the red Disney bag and the Gatorade bottle.  She also brought the syringe from the sheriff’s office with her, lol.

The syringe is entered as evidence and Ms. Mears is excused.

FBI hair and fiber analyst Stephen Shaw returns.  He testified to the hair study he conducted on hairs from living people.

He identifies photos of hair used in his study.

Baez brought all these folks back just to enter evidence!!!!

Jeff Ashton calls a sidebar.

Items moved to evidence.

You had many hairs in this study?  600 hairs from living people.

The thesis you read was from someone going for their Masters?  Yes.

And you wanted to expand on that?  Yes.

Two analysts incorrectly identified two antemortem hairs as having hair banding, but upon review they realized the error and excluded them.

This is a total waste of time as this testimony has already been elicited by the State.

A bunch of photos of the study hairs are shown and Shaw agrees there is some decomposition in each.

Decomp of antemortem hairs is not the same as postmortem hair banding!

Shaw examined hair from the hair mass, debris from the skull and the duct tape.

No meaningful hairs found on the duct tape were suitable for testing.  The caucasian hairs on the tape were consistent with the caucasian hairs found in the hair mass.

Shaw prepared a PowerPoint that Ashton moves into evidence and it is published.  The hairs from the study show before and after exposure.  They also show discoloration after exposure some show decomposition but no postmortem banding.

So it takes some training to know the difference between decomposition and hair banding?  Yes and a microscope is very helpful.

Ashton did a fine job of poking big holes in what Baez tried to do – confuse the jury!

Baez on redirect…

In your study, did you have any hairs in garbage?  No.

Your slides show number of days before being collected?  Yes.

But the slides of the postmortem hairs don’t show the days?  No, that wasn’t put in the slide.

The first postmortem hair was collected after 3 months .

The hairs are from Tennessee in the winter time and Baez makes a big deal that the environmental conditions were nowhere near conditions in Florida.

You didn’t replicate the conditions in this case?  I don’t know all the conditions in this case.

Shaw says this is well established science.

Shaw is released.

Judge Perry calls a special recess!

Dr. Barry Logan, NMS Lab is called.

Dot has him lay out his background in GC/MS

When you do consulting work and you are paid, where does the money go?  To the lab.

Are you an analytical chemist?  Yes.

This guy’s claim to fame is drug and alcohol testing!

Dot hasn’t gone anywhere near his having been fired for mis-management Oregon!

Logan goes into how forensic labs get accredited.

Logan is here to trash Vass.  Remember research labs aren’t accredited!

Ashton on voir dire…

When was the last time you did analytic chemistry outside of toxicology?  I supervise the lab.

Your experience is limited to mainly toxicology?  Yes.

Ashton objects to expert designation in anything other than toxicology.

Judge Perry says he is accepted as an expert only in forensic toxicology, not the 6-7 fields Dot spouted!

Logan reviewed FBI records on the evidence from the trunk, the Vass and Wise reports, and the autopsy report.

Have you reviewed the 2008 paper by Dr. Vass?  Yes.

Yikes, the darn flip chart and marker comes out.

Dot wants to get Logan to trash research labs and Ashton objects.


What are the requirements for crime lab director?

Objection.  Sustained.

Do have any evidence the Oak Ridge Lab is a forensic lab?  No.

Dorothy keeps asking questions that Ashton objects to and Perry sustains.

Was validation done at Oak Ridge?

Objection.  Sustained.

When you reviewed the bench notes from Dr. Vass, did you find any indication of validation?

Objection, may we approach?  You may.

Accepted only as an expert in forensic toxicology, Dot is going off scope like crazy!

Were there accepted, published protocols for the testing at Oak Ridge?  None.

What is your opinion on the test…

Off to the bench again!

Was there any safeguard against contamination in the material reviewed?  No.

Were proper controls used in this test?  No.

When you reviewed the report, do you have any opinions with regard to the bench notes as they discuss the manner with which the testing was conducted?

Objection.  Sustained.

Dot, Dot, Dot!!!

More objectionable questions and another trip to the bench!

What is oleic acid?  Fatty acid.

Where does oleic acid come from?  Cheese, butter, milk, dairy products.

Dot takes a roundabout way to get to the paper towels and the fatty acids could have been from cheese – remember Velveeta – and/or meat pizza – there was no meat on the damn pizza!

More objections and another bench walk.

Judge Perry calls lunch!

I sure hope Dot revised her questions during lunch or this will be real painful!

These four fatty acids we’ve been talking about, in this case, where were the found?  On a paper towel.

Ashton on cross…

You not saying all these acids are found in combination in vegetables?  Yes.

These are also present in decomposing animal fat?  Yes.

Are these fatty acids the same as in adipocere?  Yes.

Are there any other compounds in dairy products that aren’t in adipocere?  Yes.

So you could tell the difference?  Yes.

The protocol for decomp odors are published in the Journal of Forensic Science?  Yes.

Ashton chewed him up real fast!

Dot back…

Did you see any protocol on how to collect air samples from the trunk of a car?  No.

Did you see any protocol on how to collect carpet samples from a trunk of a car?  No.


You couldn’t reproduce the test in your lab could you?  Yes we could.

Your lab doesn’t do that kind of testing on the carpet?  We could.

Jeff grabs 4 pieces of evidence (cans and such) and drags them in front of Logan on the stand…

Dot objects and we head down the well-worn path to the bench, Dot brings Mason and Baez with her…

This is getting real dicey!  Linda Burdick now goes and joins Jeff.

Jury sent out!

Perry appears to be reading case-law, as is Jeff.  Mason appears to be advising Dottie.

Jeff says because Dot asked if he could reproduce the test and he said no, that opens the door for the State to question him.

Dot says Logan couldn’t reproduce the test as it was done in this case because of no protocol, how and why samples were obtained.  She moves to strike Ashton’s remark and they want a curative instruction.

Judge Perry says the Florida Supreme Court ruling said the burden of proof shifted from the prosecution to the defense.  The defense has not asked for testing, but the State can’t lay the burden on the defense.

The defense’s objection is sustained.

The line of questioning regarding the cans is sustained unless someone opens the door.

Proffer by Ashton

Could you take a sample of the carpet?  Yes.

Heat it for 48 hours?  Yes.

Cryotrapping?  If we had the proper equipment.

Are the settings for the machines in the bench notes?  No.

Ashton says he’ll withdraw.

Perry says the defense did open the door, but when trying to impeach an expert, you cannot impeach his opinion unless you have another expert to confirm the result.

The problem is, Dot started this whole mess by asking Logan if he could reproduce the test.  She actually created the burden shift herself and Jeff pounced on it.

We are in very dangerous waters here and Perry doesn’t want to be caught up a stream without a paddle!

Logan is trashing Vass and his work, but he isn’t even supposed to be testifying about it because he is not a qualified expert in air samples.

Perry gives them another case to review and calls a 10 minute recess.

Perry will tell the jury it’s not up to the defense to prove this.

Your lab doesn’t perform in air sample analysis.  Correct.

And you haven’t been involved in air sample analysis in over 20 years?  Correct.

Logan released.

Defense calls CSI Jenny Welch again!  OMG!!!

Over 300 items were collected at the recovery site?  Correct.

Any socks or shoes from Caylee found at the scene?  No.

Witness excused!

Defense calls Cindy Anthony.

You used the computer in your home?  Which one?

The desktop?  Yes.

Everybody in the house used the computer.

In March 2008 did you do any search on chloroform?  Yes.

I started looking at chlorophyl because one of the yorkies was always tired and she thought it might because something in the yard, which lead to chloroform.

Also in March there was a scare about hand sanitizers so she searched chloroform for that.

She also searched about chest and head injuries for a friend.

Could your work schedule show you worked when you were off?  Yes, we couldn’t show overtime so extra hours would be listed for another day.

Baez show photos of the Sunbird that Cindy identifies.

They bought the car in 2000.  George and Lee mostly drive it.

Lee drove it till 2005 when it was passed to Casey.

Cindy says the stain in the trunk was there when they bought it!

Did you see any other stain in the car trunk when you sprayed it with Febreze?  There was an ident from a gas can.

Linda Burdick on cross.

Were you home on March 17 between 1 and 3?  I could have been.

Your testimony is you may have been home even though your work records show differently.  It’s possible.

You couldn’t go back to your job to see the work records?  No.

Do you have knowledge if your employer backed-up the emails?

She goes into a long, winding story about the company system.

The computer searches became important in December 2008 to her because Melich asked why Casey would have looked up those items.

You didn’t tell him about that?

You testified in the past you looked up chlorophyll?  Yes and at the same time as chloroform.

Did you input ‘how to make chloroform’?  I don’t recall typing how to make chloroform.

Search for self-defense?  No.

Household weapons?  No.

Neck breaking?  There was a skate boarder YouTube.

Shovel?  No.

Is this something you recall now since you medication change in 2009?

What search engine do your use?  Google or Yahoo.

What browser?  I don’t know.

What profile did you use on your computer?  There are two, owner and Casey?  I don’t recall having to do that.

In March 2008 did you have MySpace?  No.

Facebook?  No.

Linda skewered her and is totally pissed she lied!

Baez on redirect.

The password protection was on your work computer? Yes.

All the searches on chloroform and chlorophyll is nothing new?  No.

Sandra Khan Osborne, digital forensics, is called.

Who followed you in to court last time you were here?

Objection.  Sustained.

Who followed you in today?

Objection.  Sustained.

You reviewed the computer history?  Yes.

Baez shows her a disc with the Firefox history.  She has never seen the disc and it’s not her handwriting.

Baez next show her a spreadsheet from the hard drive history.  Sgt. Stenger worked these items, not her!  She extracted the info and turned over to Stenger.

Don’t forget, only Casey used Firefox.

Baez wants it entered as evidence.

Linda objects saying Osborne indicated the she thinks the sheet reflects the history, she didn’t create it.


Baez shows another spreadsheet another Stenger product.

What a freakin waste of everybody’s time.

Baez releases her and asks that she stay in the hallway, subject to recall.

Baez calls Sgt. Kevin Stenger.  Computer forensic expert.

He is asked about the printout.  He didn’t create it, Osborne did!

Baez wants to enter as evidence and Linda wants to know if it’s just the one sheet.  Baez says no, the whole disc.  Appears there is no paper copy!

Linda asks to approach.

Baez is so mucking this whole thing up!

Short recess called while they hash it out.

Looks like the defense got off their butts and printed out the report.

Baez only wants to show Linda the relevant pages as he enters them!

Baez finally turns it over to Linda to review!

Sgt. Stenger has now reviewed the report and agrees he prepared it.

Baez asks to enter…

Linda says Baez has tabbed pages he will address.

Judge Perry asks if there are untabbed pages.  Yes.

Then take them out.

Accepted into evidence finally!

Stenger explains the report is the Firefox history.

Seems there may be a discrepancy between the two software programs, Net Analysis and Cache Back as to which sight was accessed, when.

You created the Cache Back reports?  Yes.

You didn’t testify to this jury about the Cache Back reports?  No.

Mr. Bradley testified to your reports?  I believe he did.

You ever had an expert testify on your reports?

Objection, Sustained.

Linda on direct…

The March 17 and 20 reports were created by you?  Yes.

He showed Bradley the reports because he developed the software.

I am lost here!

Linda apparently cleared up the confusion, but Baez is back to muddle things up again.

Stenger is excused!

Defense may call the next witness.

Rut roh, the ever dreaded sidebar…

Well, we got more legal issues that supposedly will make the morning go smoother and the jury is sent home.

Burdick and Ashton tell the Judge Nick Savage and Erin Martin  are in the hall and they have no first hand knowledge of anything/

Mason grouses, what, we have to give our hand up? He says Savage did things at the request of the prosecution and Martin has knowledge.

Ashton wants to hear a proffer now.

Nick Savage is called.  He was FBI lead in the case.

He attended a meeting with the prosecution.

Do you recall discussing duct tape could have been used on this child?

Did you try to find photographs for the prosecution?  Yes.

Did you request photos taken by the ME office?  Possibly.

Did you ask Karen Lowe or Erin Martin to locate those photos?  I asked  the unit, yes.

He is shown an email he says he never saw before.

Ashton has no questions, but says he doesn’t know what this has to do with evidence.

Savage stands down.

Erin Martin called.  Request coordinator for evidence.

Do you recall sending an email to Karen Lowe?

Her email says she doesn’t understand why the ME didn’t take scale photos of the tape and said her department had more information so she is referring Savage back to her.

She steps down.

We still don’t know what Mason wants, it’s all irrelevant and hearsay.

Mason says we don’t know if there is or is not a murder weapon.  Ashton says the murder weapon is duct tape and he sent Savage to get it.  The State is trying to manufacture something.

Ashton says this is an attack on the prosecution and not relevant.

Mason says the prosecution wanted the information to produce a video with tape on the skull.

No material evidence offered Savage.  There is no evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.

Savage is free!

Erin Martin is free!

You lose Mr. Mason!

5:19 pm we’re free also!

  1. 06/23/2011 at 5:33 pm

    Wow, I’m exhausted. Cindy lied, lied, lied. The idea that there was no password for that computer is a LIE. Yeah right, Casey is going to let everyone have access to her My Space and Facebook pages. Maybe, but I doubt it. Not this little ………..fill in the blank.
    I had a bad feeling this morning when they said they didn’t “agree” with any of the story relating to George but they would do everything to keep her from the death penalty. My feeling is that now I want the death penalty. It’s obvious her parents think they need to lie to cover up for her. That tells me she’s guilty of premeditated murder.

  2. Teresa
    06/23/2011 at 5:36 pm

    Cindy Anthony is lying. Her deposition does not refer to chloroform but chlorophyll only. She said that her dogs were vomiting and she thought it may be due to their eating bamboo. George, on the other hand ,said his dogs were not sick in his deposition. It is obvious that the State of Florida cares more about the truth of what happened to Caylee than anyone in her own family! How sad is that? I hope Cindy gets charged with perjury and her getting paid (on the clock) while she was actually at home; even though I believe that was a lie too. That is stealing from her company! Still not defending Casey but she is the way she is because her mom thinks it is okay to lie. I no longer feel sorry for Cindy. How dare she carry a Bible. Perhaps she should read it instead of just carrying it around! Justice for Caylee? Not from those God entrusted her to! After watching PRIMETIME last night, I do have sympathy for George. He’s been made out to be a molester, an adulterer and if you believe the defense, he’s an accessory to a cover up.

  3. donchais
    06/23/2011 at 5:38 pm


    Jeff Ashton left during Cindy’s testiphony and issued a subpoena for Cindy’s work computer records! WOOT!

    She’s toast!

  4. kas
    06/23/2011 at 6:20 pm

    Oh, they will impeach her but good. Nothing she said about work made a lick of sense.’I work a 40hr. work week, but have a timecard (cause it’s cheaper to stay punched in), so naturally blah, blah, blah. Oh, and my Employer doesn’t have my password for what is, legally the Company computer. I have the password and we all hope nothing ever happens to me.’ Got that??

    You see, this is what it’s like to live in Anthonyville. That sounded logical to her.

    As far as the chloroform: What Tess said.

    They will get this all lined up, bring her back in and Linda will destroy her.

    Bill Schaefer said it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if Cindy talked to Baez behind Lippmanns back, seeing what her history of blowing through Attorneys is. This had to have been planned.

  5. BeckyM
    06/23/2011 at 6:23 pm

    Afer today, I’m getting more of a feeling that Cindy will be charged once this trial is completed.

    She stated she did not have a MySpace account, yet it was logged into 20 seconds after the Cholorform search. She also admitted she did not search for anything 84 times.

    I thought Ashton already had her time sheets? Also someone mentioned that she will have signatures on patient file records showing her presence. To state she was at home was pure foolishness on her part. I guess she wants to join Casey in jail.

    Cindy will crumple under cross when the State has their chance to rebut.

  6. donchais
    06/23/2011 at 6:42 pm

    Cindy is like a revolving door…she just keeps turning…defense, prosecution, defense…

    Yup, this was too contrived and you could see how pissed Linda was.

    Good on the State for going after the work computer! Dollars to donuts, she will be shown to have been at work and not at home doing the computer searches!

    Mrs. Anthony, your cell is this way!

  7. 06/23/2011 at 6:49 pm

    Donchais, I hope they can retrieve those records. If they can prove she’s lying, it will prove that even she and George think she’s guilty and need them to lie for her. She will keep on saying that there’s no way to prove she was really there if they don’t have any emails from her. I’ve lost any sympathy I ever had for her. I understand not wanting your daughter to get the death penalty, but lying for her is probably what made her who she is in the first place..

  8. kas
    06/23/2011 at 6:50 pm

    BeckyM: She has lied over and over and OVER and never been called on it. Her behavior at the Civil Trial for the actual Z. Gonzalez was truly something to behold. It was the behavior of someone without a ounce or shred of fear that what they were saying could come back to haunt them. Not to mention, she clearly is not capable of embarrassing herself.

    You should also remember, she HATES Linda Drane-Bullock. (I’m sure it’s mutual.) You can read old Depositions and Cindy is especially curt and rude to her. Linda is going to be the one to question her on Redirect, I’m sure.

  9. ritanita
    06/23/2011 at 7:25 pm

    It certainly was a day! Right now, I’d do anything for a nice Margarita on the rocks with salt.

  10. Jo
    06/23/2011 at 7:28 pm

    Another headache day! Listening to the talking heads they made it sound like the big news of the day was Cindy’s testimony. This is info we have pretty much heard before. Paraphrasing what I have read months ago “I started typing Chloro and up popped chloroform”. How can she keep her stories straight? Oh wait, like mother like daughter. And then the insession/hln crew says how it didn’t come off very nice of LDB questioning Cindy about her meds. Why? The TH were at the hearings and if I recall, it was CINDY who kept saying to LDB …..I TOLD you I was on new meds and blah blah. So, why shouldn’t she mention it. God bless these state attorneys. They are being made to sound mean, manipulative and dishonest. My husband occasionally walks in during testimony and so many times when Baez is questioning has said to me….WHAT is he asking because I don’t understand the question. I told him not to feel bad that if he could see some of the witnesses faces, they wonder the same thing. Sigh. Oh yes. And it was nice to see LDB’s feisty side again.

  11. 06/23/2011 at 7:44 pm

    Uh ritanita, how about 2 or maybe even 3 Margaritas.

  12. Kim
    06/23/2011 at 8:23 pm

    donchais :
    Jeff Ashton left during Cindy’s testiphony and issued a subpoena for Cindy’s work computer records! WOOT!
    She’s toast!

    Why are we surprised Cindy lied?

  13. BeckyM
    06/23/2011 at 9:16 pm

    @ Kas Yes I know she has lied repeatedly…. but the Zanny case doesn’t go back to court until this trial completes and I do think her depos on that case will bite her in the butt. Just like her depos here will bite her.

    JMO but I think the Ant’s attorneys (all of them) have tried to tell them what they are risking but since nothing has happened (yet) they think they are bulletproof. But I think the state is only waiting until Casey’s trial completes and then you will see it hit the fan; it’s why the State did not grant the Ants immunity and why Lee only has limited immunity. They go back to lying and their hands in the cookie jar will be slapped hard.

    The Prosecution has tried to ask Cindy and George the bare minimum knowing they might risk impeachment… yet, Cindy just can’t help herself. By the time the State goes to rebuttal, Cindy will be facing a reprimand from the judge, possibly fining but also jail time. JMO.

  14. Evelyn
    06/23/2011 at 9:39 pm

    The obvious elephant in the room during Cindy’s diatribe was why was the dog sick–lethargic and sleeping alot…..was Casey practicing on the pup first? Why would Cindy not look up dog poisoning bamboo instead of chlorophyl (form) right away. There were no searches along that line.

    Let’s say that she did look up chloroform. She didn’t party for 31 days and not tell anyone her granddaughter was missing.

  15. offthecuff
    06/23/2011 at 10:03 pm

    Cindy will have to acknowledge, I suppose, that she was peeping into Casey’s myspace accounts, like any caring, nosey mother does when there’s no password on the account or if that password was left as saved.

    I’m truly sorry about the barfing dog. Such a mess. Maybe Cindy wanted to break her dog’s neck or send it skateboarding so that it would break its own neck.

    I know work computers frown on personal usages, however, I can’t see her supervisor upset with Cindy, a nurse, looking up symptoms and concerns for a friend (or whomever) about medical information. That would be a given for a nurse.

  16. Reality
    06/24/2011 at 1:23 pm

    We basically only see emotion from Casey when the testimony is about Casey.
    We don’t see much, if any, genuine emotion from Casey when the testimony is about Caylee.

    That speaks volumes.

  17. jackie Putman
    06/24/2011 at 1:46 pm

    Who sits next to Casey durning the trial?

  18. Patrick Kirby
    06/24/2011 at 3:41 pm

    Cindy’s “claim” that she is the one who did the searches blows a big hole in the prosecution case.There must be some way to place Cindy Anthony at work during the time the computer searches for chloroform were made. Prosecution should search her cell phone records, credit card receipts, and work she did that is in some computer or paper file at her work place.

    Does anyone know how to email the prosecution team?

  19. donchais
    06/24/2011 at 5:47 pm

    Jackie, While trial is in session, that is Dottie Sims, if at sidebar, Lisbeth Fryer.

    Patrick, The State is way ahead of you and has all that stuff at hand. Cindy has done some major perjury!

  20. George
    06/24/2011 at 7:56 pm

    The defense doesn’t have the burden of proof, and the defense in their opening says that Caylee drowned and her death was covered up and Casey went along with it because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of the males in the family.

    Since opening statements are not evidence,can the prosecution in their closing attack the defense opening statements that the defense entered no evidence of drowning and no evidence of sexual abuse?

  21. Diana
    06/24/2011 at 11:25 pm

    Someone needs to save these people from themselves. Well intentioned guilt and shamed ridden parents are doing what is automatic but true love for child (their son too) and “healing” the dysfuntion means getting honest. It means not protecting any lomger at the expense of mental health. Parents do the right thing every day when they send their children to treatment. It is not not not easy. But…save that son of yours (Lee) and “truely” save caycey (her mental health and not her physical freedom) by not enabling anymore. Bradshaw is one of hundreds of docs who write books about enabling. It is “not” cruel to just be honest and turn it over to God cindy and george and lee. If she is set free because you lie – you have just made the rest of your lives as dysfuntional as always – but it will be more severe. If you do the healthy responsible and honest thing she still may be set free. Then you all “do your work”. She will not be put to death so stop fearing this

    SHe will be sentenced to a life of mental health issues beyond bad which will drag you all in so you are giving her this sentence by lying (for Lee too) rather than a life that might mean she gets rightin the head and allow the rest of you as well

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