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Casey Anthony – Of Tall Tales And Spinning Yarns


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Everyone is still waiting for the defense to offer something, anything to support the wild claims made in Baez’s opening.  No, the defense doesn’t have to prove anything, but they can’t just leave things hanging and better offer something up to the jury!

Most of the chatter here and elsewhere was about Cindy’s testiphony!  Just when we all thought the Anthony’s had turned the corner, Cindy reverted to her former conniving, scheming self.

Not only did she lie about the computer searches and proved she doesn’t know the difference between browsers and search engines, she also made up some whoppers about possibly being home even though her time cards could indicate she was at work. 

She even concocted a fantastical fable that her email at work was password protected and she, and only she, had the password.  Oh yeah, and there were so many branches the national company couldn’t possibly keep all the data so, no, they wouldn’t have her information stored anywhere.

Cindy managed to accomplish several things yesterday.  Her intended deception was most likely apparent to at least some of the jurors. That didn’t help Casey one iota!  In fact it may have jurors thinking Casey must be guilty of something.  Why else would her mother get on the stand and lie?

She also opened a can of worms for her co-workers and managers at Gentiva by implying it was common practice to fudge time cards so corporate wouldn’t catch wind of overtime!  Well done Cindy, well done indeed!

Cindy also pissed off Linda Burdick so badly, a subpoena for Cindy’s computer work records was issued.  Good luck with that one Cindy!

What I want to know is who will make deposits to Cindy’s commissary account?

Baez blows it again and says they aren’t ready and need a few moments before calling Cindy Anthony!  Needless to say Judge Perry is annoyed!

Defense calls Cindy Anthony.

Baez wants to talk about the shorts found with Caylee.

You said they no longer fit her?  I testified she was in 3T.

Baez wants to play the video Cindy took of Casey playing with Caylee in 2007

Objection, relevance.


You reviewed this video?  Yes.

It is played for the jury.

Fake crying by Casey!

Cindy says Caylee had grown a bit since the video.

Now Baez shows some photos that Cindy identifies.

The photo of Cindy and Casey at Rick’s wedding.

May I enter into evidence?

Objection, relevance…sidebar


Next a photo of the swimming pool with the ladder attached.

Entered into evidence and published.

Photo of where the ladder was placed when the ladder was off.

Received into evidence and published.

A photo of Caylee climbing the ladder.

Objection as to relevance…approach…

Photo shown to the jury with Cindy helping Caylee climb the ladder.  Cindy says during that year should could actually climb the ladder herself!

Next photo is Caylee at the top platform of the ladder.

Entered and published.

How many times did Caylee swim during 2008?  3-4 times a week.

Always with the life vest on?  Yes.

They took precautions to keep the ladder off the pool unless they were swimming.  Caylee always wore a life vest and was taught she wasn’t to go into to the pool unless someone was with her.

Did Caylee ever leave the house barefoot, like to go to the store?  No.

Was it your custom to put shoes on Caylee when you went out?  Yes.

Could Caylee open doors fairly easy at her age?  Yes she could.

On June 16th was the ladder up when you came home?  Yes.

Was that unusual?  Yes, I called George because I also saw the side gate open.

The next day did you tell anyone at work about the ladder?  Yes.

Why did you tell your co-workers about the ladder…

Objection.  Sustained.

During this time frame were you having any marital problems?

Objection, relevance.

Baez asks for sidebar…

Wonder if George can hear and see the bus heading toward him!

Judge calls for recess, jury asks for a ‘special’ recess.

Outside of the jury’s presence, they are still arguing about the marital trouble question and Judge Perry is trying to understand the relevance.  Perry mentions the changing defense theory!

On July 16 2008 did you advise Yuri Melich about the ladder being left up on the pool?  Yes.

Was that within 24 hours of calling the police?  Yes.

How many times did you inform LE you thought Caylee drowned in the pool?



Cross by Linda Burdick…

After Caylee missing from your home, you maintained her bedroom?  Yes.

You kept all her presents because she was going to have a birthday?  Yes.

As she out grew clothes, you had garage sales?  Yes.

Was she potty trained?  Mostly.  If we went out she wore pullups.

When did she make the change from diapers to pullups?  Somewhere in 2008.

In this photo is Caylee wearing underwear, a diaper or pulls ups?  It looks like a diaper.

In 2007 Caylee was still wearing diapers?  Yes.

Who bought Caylee’s clothing?  Casey and I.

Linda has Cindy go through a bunch of photos of clothing with tags.  Cindy only picked out one that she can’t say what it is.

The clothing in Caylee’s room were 2T’s and 3T’s

The shorts in the video, when was the last time you saw them? The end of 2008.

Now she says she doesn’t remember Caylee wearing them for some time.

Were those shorts kept at your house?  Yes.

Were they kept in a diaper bag or back pack that you took in the car when you were going somewhere to have a change of clothes?  Yes.

When is the last tome you saw those shorts?  Those aren’t shorts I usually dressed her in, I didn’t really like them.

The video showed Caylee in those shorts was in your house?  Yes.

The picture of the ladder, how heavy is that?  I have to use both hands.

Caylee couldn’t manage that on her own?  Correct.

How about the glass door?  Pretty heavy.

Caylee was a compliant child  Yes.

She would listen to you?  Yes.

How deep is the pool?  A little under 4 feet.

Standing outside the pool, can an adult reach in and retrieve something?  You would have to be right at the edge.

You would never permit Caylee to be left at home alone?  Absolutely not.

The ladder being up and the side gate being open, could Caylee open that gate?  No way.

The ladder was the week before the gas can incident.

You said it was the 16th or 17th, later on.  Yes when I thought back about it.

You called George?  Correct.

On his cell phone?  He had a cell and work phone.

Did you leave a message or talk directly?  I know I spoke with him, I don’t know if it was after I left a message.

You recall your 1st sworn statement to police about the last time you saw Caylee was incorrect?  Yes.

You told people in your office about the ladder?  Yes.

The gas can incident on the 24th?  Yes.

Were you at work on June 16, 2008?  Yes.

Your time card reflects that?  I haven’t reviewed it in 3 years.

Are you sure you were at work on June 17th?  Yes.

Casey was home between August 22 and October 8 2008?

Objection.  Sustained.

Did your daughter tell you there was an accident in the pool?  No.


The garment in the photos, are they all knit material, cotton?  All but one.

The one is jean material?  Cotton.

Have you kept lots of clothing from Caylee?  Yes.

Those shorts Caylee was found in, you would only see them if you washed them?  Yes.

Caylee ran and played like any other toddle?  Depending on her surroundings.

Witness stands down.

Defense calls Lee Anthony.

Did you own the Pontiac?  Yes, 2000 until 2005.

Lee identifies 3 photos of the Pontiac’s trunk.

Was there a stain in the trunk?  A few, yes.

Lee points out 3 areas where there were stains.

On another photo he marks the stains again.

The stains had been there most of the time he owned the car.

When was the first time you noticed your sister was pregnant?


When did you suspect your sister was pregnant?  Early to mid 200????  I swear he said 2008!

He noticed a belly on Casey and asked his mom a few days later.


When was the next time you saw her when she was showing?  She picked me up at the airport in 2008.

Caylee was born in 2006?  Sorry, I had the year wrong.  No she was born in 2005.

Did you and your family have any discussions about Casey’s pregnancy from when you asked your mother until Casey picked you up?  No.

His parents acknowledged the pregnancy  a few days before Caylee was born.

Did you go to the hospital when Caylee was born.  Regrettably not.

Why not? I was hurt and didn’t want to be there.

Why where you hurt?

Objection, relevance…sidebar…

Lee is crying on the stand!


I was very angry at my mom and sister that they didn’t want to include me and they didn’t want to tell me.

Are there other reasons why you were angry?  No.

Lunch called.

We begin the afternoon with a sidebar…

Lee takes the stand again.

Ashton on cross…

Ashton show the trunk picture and the stain on the tire cover is not something he recognizes.

The car didn’t have a stench?  No.

Did you meet with the prosecution team to prepare you for what questions would be asked and you refused?  Yes.

Lee reached out to Mr. Baez and met with him this week.

Why did you reach out?  While I was here the last time, during a break I sat in with my folks and information came out that I thought it was important for Mr. Baez should be aware of.

Did those items come out today?  No.

Did you discuss the pregnancy with Casey when you saw the bump?  No I just made a comment.  I didn’t expect an answer.

Do you remember your deposition?  Yes.

He is shown his deposition.

You were asked if you called her out about the bump and you said it wasn’t my place?  Yes.

Lee says he didn’t call her out when she picked him up at the airport either.

When your parents found out about the pregnancy they were excited about it?  Can’t tell you, they never discussed it with me.

There was no activity in the house?  They didn’t include me and told me to drop it.

You discussed the period of Casey’s pregnancy prior to Caylee being born?  I felt my role was to be in the background.  My parents were over the top? Correct?  That was the impression I got.

What preparation did they make for the baby?  They got her a crib.

Didn’t the redecorate a room?  Yes.

You were there, weren’t you?  I lived in the next room.

Your mother went nuts decorating?  From what I saw after the fact.

Didn’t they have a baby shower in June?  Yes, but I wasn’t invited.

Where were you?  I wasn’t included.

Your parents weren’t hiding the fact, they invited family and friends to the party?

Objection.  Sustained.

You didn’t cry during the deposition when asked about the birth.  I don’t remember.

What was different when you were asked today?  Two years ago, I didn’t believe Caylee was dead.  Today I do and I regret now I didn’t do more.

You spoke at the memorial for Caylee?  Yes I did.

You…no more questions.


You were asked about a stain in the trunk the size of a basketball?  I see stains, not necessarily the size of a basketball.

Did you see your mother use an entire can of Febreze in the car?  No.

Mr. Ashton asked if you met with myself in preparation, did you meet with the defense prior to meeting with the State?  No.

Baez moves to the deposition with the State…

I have absolutely no idea what this is proving!

Mr. Ashton asked if your parents were over the top before Caylee was born?  Yes.

Did Caylee’s shower occur after the birth?  I don’t recall.

When you cried earlier, was it different from sitting in the State’s offices?  Yes.

Why?  I don’t want to be here and I don’t want my sister to be here.

You said you didn’t believe Caylee was dead when you spoke at the memorial?  Correct.

You were able to block that out?

Objection.  Sustained.

No further questions.


How many times did Mr. George have to show you your deposition when you testified?  Handful of times.

When you testified on direct for Mr. Baez, how many times did he have to refresh your recollection?  None.

Your recollection is better today than it was in 2009 for your deposition?

Objection.  Sustained.

Lee’s deposition says the shower happened in the months preceding Caylee’s birth!

Lee stands down.

Well, other than establishing Lee has a faulty memory (ayuh, right!) or just out-and-out lies, that’s what we got!

Cindy Anthony is next but Baez says it may be an issue!

Cindy says the shower was after Caylee was born because she was born a month early!

Baez has some photos he shows Cindy and she recognizes it.

Linda objects on relevance.

Judge Perry say to approach…

Something stinks in Anthonyville.  We haven’t from George yet, but it seems the whole family flipped again this week!  There is something afoot here today, but I can’t figure it out yet!  Is this all about what Lee told Baez in their meeting?

Objection is sustained.

She again identifies the picture from Ricks wedding.

Did you believe your daughter was pregnant?  No I did not.

Did anybody advise you Casey might…

Objection. Sustained.

Who attended the shower?  Grandmothers, aunts, friends, neighbors.

Was Lee present?  None of the guys were.

Witness stands down.

Mason calls  Ryan Eberlin.  He is with OCSO.

He was sent to Hopespring Drive where he observed the Pontiac.

Did you notice a particular odor?  No.

Did you put handcuffs on Casey Anthony?  Yes.

Where you then instructed by Sgt. Hosey to release her?  Yes.

Cross by Linda.

Why was Casey handcuffed?  I was told by the complainant…

Objection, hearsay and Mason wants a sidebar…

It is Mason’s fault for opening the door, lol!

The jury is sent out…kill me now, I just shouted obscenities.


Can you tell the court why you handcuffed Casey?  Cindy came out and showed him receipts say Casey had stolen her credit card and wanted her arrested.  Sgt. Hosey said we are not concerned about fraudulent credit cards theft now, but for a missing child.

Mason wants an instruction because Casey isn’t on trial for car theft or credit card fraud.

Judge Perry says Mason opened the door and he will fashion a jury instruction.

Jury returns…

OK, we do it again…Cindy wanted to press charges which is why he handcuffed Casey.

At the point of being un-handcuffed, Casey was free to go back in the house and move about?  Yes.

Oberlin is excused.

Cpl. Eric Edwards called by Mason.

Were you one of the lead detectives in this case?  Yes.

Do you know a Linda Tinnelli?  Yes.

Who is she?

Objection, relevance.

She was a volunteer with KidFinders.

Approach the sidebar…

Jury sent out again!

This has to be a new record for Pop Tarts!


Tinnelli was pointed out by Laurie Kree with TES.  Tinnelli was with KidFinders and maintained the volunteer sheet at the tent.  He discussed the roll of duct tape with her that George brought to the tent.

After the remains were found, did you in an official capacity, contact her again?  Did you go to her home and discussing placing a bug on a lamp in your living room?  The Anthony’s had wanted to meet with her and we were concerned about what the Anthony’s might ask her to say.

You never did it?  No sir.

You met her at Lowe’s and ask her to wear a wire?  We might have.  It didn’t happen.

Linda has no questions.

Are you aware of any phone messages left for Ms. Tinnelli by George Anthony?  Ms. Anthony, I believe.

Judge asks what material fact this proves or disprove or relenvancy does this have to the theory of the defense?

The detectives were so interested in following their case they tried to get a wire to get incriminating statements from the parents.

Linda Burdick says the line of questioning is only to offer speculation to the jury regarding detective motives.

Judge Perry rules not relevant to a material fact and you lose Mr. Mason.

Boy the defense just keeps shooting themselves in the foot!

Edward is released but my be subject to recall.

Mason wants to call Linda Tinelli regarding the duct tape…Judge Perry says if there are issues, take them up now because he doesn’t want to send the jury on the Pop Tart road!

Mason calls Linda Tinelli.

Do you know George or Cindy Anthony?  Yes.

How?  I volunteered when Caylee went missing.

Did you observe George Anthony having duct tape?  Yes.

How was it used?  To hold plastic table clothes to the tables and put up missing child posters up.

Mason is done.

WTH was that?

No cross.


Yuri Melich called.

You are the lead investigator of this case?  Yes.

You were first called out on July 15th?  It was after midnight, would that be the 16th?  Yes, I’m sorry.

Did somebody tell you about a bad smell in the car?  Yes, George told me.

You left?  Yes and then came back.

You had more interaction with George?  Yes.

The purpose was to focus on Casey Anthony?

Objection.  Sustained.

How many police officers were there at the home?  3-4.

Do you realize there were 7-8 officers there?  No I don’t believe there were that many.

It wasn’t until she was under arrest that you decided to search the car.

You arrested her because you thought she might hurt herself?  She had already met the other elements of the crime, but that did cross my mind.

You were told the child went missing on June 8?  Yes, but we were able to straighten that out.

You shortly determined Zanny the nanny didn’t exist? Not shortly, it took a while.

You didn’t have contact with the Anthony family prior to that date?  No.

You subpoenaed Ms. Anthony’s cell phone records?  Yes.

You requested George Anthony’s cell records?  Eventually, yes.  I’m sorry I may be confusing that with the home phone.

You tracked Ms. Anthony through her cell phone?  Yes.

You didn’t do that for George, Cindy or Lee?  No.

The only person you focused in on is Casey Anthony?  No.

You didn’t pull any other records?  I did on several others including the man who found Caylee.

You interviewed Mr. Kronk?  Yes.

You asked him what happened and what he did?  Yes.

When did you become aware of prior calls to 911…


The king of Pop Tarts is all over the place here!

In August 2008 were you approached by a Det. White about a tip on Suburban?  Yes.

Did you tell him not to bother?  Yes, because the area had already been searched with a cadaver dog.  I told him to move to the next tip because we had hundreds.

What time frame did you subpoena Kronk’s phone records?  June through December.

You interviewed Gorge on July 30?  Yes.

That was the first time you were informed of some fight with Casey over the gas cans?

Objection.  Sustained.

Were the gas cans collected on August 1st?  I would have to look at the property logs.

I have no clue what Baez is doing!

You got Kronk’s ceel phone records from June to December 2008?  Yes.

Did you confiscate his computer?  No.

It could of told you about his movements, like internet sites and google maps?  Yes.

Linda on clean-up and she does her usual great job.

Baez guesstimates they will done next Thursday (heaven help us), The State’s rebuttal should take two days.

Ashton wants an instruction on Rodriguez having hit the high road!  Oh, Rodriguez works for the government and they can’t take outside jobs in the line of work!  He did majorly perjure himself at the beginning of his testimony, lol!

Wow, did the defense blow it with this witness!  I can’t believe we are still arguing this carp!

Defense calls for a motion to dismiss!

All done!

Observation:  Ya know, I’ve watched murder trials before, but none as herky- jerky as this!

  1. Kim
    06/24/2011 at 5:30 pm

    testiphony – Love it!!

    Lee – man up!!

    Yuri – sigh

    George – misses his beloved gas can

  2. donchais
    06/24/2011 at 5:42 pm


  3. kas
    06/24/2011 at 6:00 pm

    You left too soon!! Baez accused Ashton of trying to get Rodriguez fired. Someone from the DOD called Ashton (not vice/versa), I assume to inquire about Rodriguez claiming he co-founded The Body Farm. Baez had a logical (if not entirely true) reason for his witness not coming back (didn’t get permission to testify either), but he’s so hot to nail Jeff on something now he’s put the whole issue back in the spotlight.

    Yuri also got in that “that duct tape” was on Caylee. Love him.

    I also loved the leading questions by Baez, that George, after hiding Caylee’s body, turned around and apparently immediately started trying to frame her. Careful Baez, Anthonylogic is catchy and there is no cure.

  4. donchais
    06/24/2011 at 6:05 pm

    Thanks kas, I didn’t leave, the internet cut out at 4:45ish due to storms. I will watch tho!


  5. 06/24/2011 at 6:40 pm

    Hi all. Changed to my online name instead of my real one this time. 🙂

    Can someone please explain how you can live in the same house for months with people who are talking about, planning for and decorating a room (next to yours) for a baby while at the same time seeing your sisters belly grow and NOT know she is pregnant? I can’t figure that one out at all.

  6. 06/24/2011 at 6:41 pm

    Yeah, I love Baez’s “I’m shocked” that the prosecution didn’t give us the telephone records for Kronk and George Anthony, “shocked”.

    He’ll be perfect for Spanish TV. I used to live in Miami, and I swear there were more Spanish channels than English. They tended to be more sensational.

  7. sophie
    06/24/2011 at 7:00 pm

    I’ll tell you how a guy can live in a house in a room next to a room being decorated for a nursery, with people talking about an impending birth without knowing about it:

    Lee was also raised by George and Cindy, who obviously don’t question or discipline their children…and probably was ‘out’ 99.9 percent of the time without his parents even bothering to ask where he was.

  8. 06/24/2011 at 7:13 pm

    I am already having a great deal of difficulty following this trial… please DO NOT SUGGEST that it be converted over to Spanish-speaking channels…. 😉

    I used to love to watch Court TV while I was sewing and those trials were so orderly, it was easy to follow the logic of each side. While the Prosecution has done a good job in many ways, the meandering roller-coaster ride of the Defense has unraveled my brain stem and I am barely capable of formulating these sentences.

    Like Katz63 I want to know how Lee can be so vague about everything… if I was a juror I would be thinking the entire family was in on this death and it would be easier to convict the whole lot of them than to have to settle on only one.

  9. Nina
    06/24/2011 at 7:32 pm

    Sometimes I think this was all a plan with the Anthony’s and the Defense to save Casey’s behind…They would sell there soul to the devil to save her..Period…. Baez is sure chummy with these people all of a sudden..This whole trial is a disgrace!!!

  10. Evelyn
    06/24/2011 at 11:02 pm

    I’m so confused. I have a headache.

  11. Evelyn
    06/25/2011 at 3:50 am

    To Kas and anyone else who saw this…after jury left and during the exchange of Baez’s I’m shocked and Ashton’s Bring it on and Baez’s Oh I will—-Casey is watching the two of them with amusement and glee (perhaps she likes that they are fighting). She looks back over to Mason and nods her head once for emphasis as in alright go get em Baez, or there I told you so style. That was perhaps the moment I decided this chick is really the creepy, weird person you don’t want to be alone in a room with young child killer they say she is. I hope you can find it and have a look back at it.

  12. 06/25/2011 at 5:14 am

    Uh Sandy, I wasn’t suggesting they switch the trial to Spanish. I was suggesting that Baez has had offers from Spanish television to be a talking head after the trial. Just because my name is Maria it doesn’t make me hispanic.

  13. ritanita
    06/25/2011 at 6:00 am

    Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is totally confused! I heard LKB last night and declare it a “10” of a day for the defense. Who is she kidding?

    I’ll admit, the pool pictures and the picture of Caylee at the sliding door could convince someone that it is possible she drowned.

    However, the “crying cameo” by Lee was, to me, the cries of a kid who never got the attention his sister did. I know, from experience, that the “bad” kid gets the most attention. But his grief at being left out bodes for deeper issues at this point.

    I hope they deal with the Rodriguez issue soon! It’s going to be “mano a mano” between Ashton and Baez. Does anyone want to place a bet on Baez winning?

  14. donchais
    06/25/2011 at 6:13 am

    Maria, Pretty positive Sandy was being funny, (hence the smiley face) not attacking you!

    ritanita, The whole Lee thing was just sad! Rodriguez was a jaw dropper, lol.

  15. 06/25/2011 at 6:28 am

    You’re right donchais, I didn’t notice Sandy’s smiley face. I’ve been up since 3 AM and I guess crankier than usual. (Besides, after living in Miami with a surname that is actually Anglo but can be mistaken for Hispanic, I’m really touchy on the subject.)

  16. donchais
    06/25/2011 at 6:52 am

    No problem! Catch a few zzzz’s before the trial begins today! 🙂

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