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Casey Anthony – What A Fool Believes


August 2005 ~ June 2008

And so begins another long week!

I heard the old Doobie Brother classic this weekend and it got me thinking.  Does Jose Baez really believe his own nonsense or does he think he’s hoodwinked a rational, thinking public?

Today we should learn what Dr. Kenneth Furton may or may not testify about.  We may see more of the Anthony clan, although that hasn’t worked out so well for the defense, so far!

Whatever happens this week, I’m pretty convinced the defense has done a bang-up job of alienating the jury, who probably spent the weekend seething over the delays and shenanigans the defense continues to pull!

Casey all happy to see Ann Finnell there and she is busy chatting up Lisbeth Fryer.

Appears all attorneys are with Judge Perry.

The anticipation mounts!

The TH’s have floated all kinds of rumors and theories while we wait, but the defense is all busy reading something!

Could be the ruling in So. FL where the judge said DP flawed.  Could be Finnell wants a new jury, while declaring death penalty unconstitutional.

Whatever is going on is keeping the jury cooling their heels, yet again!

Attorneys and court reporter go to chambers – interesting Mason didn’t go!

9:38 Judge Perry takes the bench!

Defense filed a competency motion on Saturday.  Casey was examined by three doctors

Dr. Daniel Tressler, psychologist examined her Saturday afternoon.  Dr. Harry McClaren,  forensic psychologist examined her Saturday evening.  Dr. Ryan Hall,  forensic psychiatrist examined her Sunday.

Court finds Casey competent to proceed!  Reports are under seal!

Well, that didn’t work out so well for the defense, lol!

Defense calls Det. Yuri Melich!

On Friday, you mis-spoke?  Yes, on cell phone records.

Kronk’s records were obtained from June to July 2008.

The first time Kronk called was August?

Objection.  Sustained.

You didn’t see any records from August to December?  Yes.

He lives in St. Cloud, a bit away from where the body was found?  Yes.

He works not far from where the remains were found?  Yes.

If you had the cell phone records, you would see if he was in the area?  What area?  Suburban Drive?  It could show somewhere in the vicinity?

Is this the first case you’ve given mistaken information to the jury?

Objection.  Sustained.

Any other time you misinformed the jury?  You’re implying I intentionally misled the jury, I did not.

You had George Anthony’s records?  Yes, the cell phone for June and July.

Have you decided to subpoena Mr. Anthony’s records?  No.

You subpoenaed many cell phone records?  Yes.

Amy Huizenga?  Yes.

Jesse Grund?  Yes.

Ricardo Morales?  Yes.

Baez rattles off a ton of names found on Casey’s phone because they were looking for any information on Zanny.

You never confiscated Mr. Kronk’s computer?  No.

Did you confiscate Joy Wray’s computer?  Yes.

She claimed to have taken photos of the area?  Yes.

She claimed to be an agent of George Bush?  Yes.

You Baker acted her?  No.

On December 13, you received an email from Joe Jordan?  Yes.

Did you turn the email over to the prosecution a year and a half later?

Objection.  Sustained.

Did you only turn it over after the defense found Mr. Jordan?   I would like to see the email before I answer.

Baez shows the email to Yuri.

Did you turn this over after the defense found Mr. Jordan?  I don’t recall when I turned it over.

You conducted two searches of the Anthony home?  Yes.

You had knowledge of items found at the crime scene, including Winnie the Pooh items?  Yes.

Did you share information with the Anthony’s before it was made public?  I don’t understand your question.

Did you tell the Anthony’s what you found at the scene?  Not that I recall.

Did you deploy a cadaver dog on the other two cars at the Anthony home?  No.

You requested George Anthony’s E-Pass records?  I don’t know if I got them from him or directly from E-Pass.

Did you request cadaver dogs to go through the Anthony home?  No.

Baez now shows Melich an aerial photo of the neighborhood that included the Anthony house and crime scene.

Casey Anthony was free for a couple of months and under electronic monitoring?  Yes.

And the media was outside the home?  I can’t answer that.

She was free to check in with the jail and her attorney?  Yes.

And she was followed by the media wherever she went?  I can’t answer that.

Linda Burdick cleans-up the Joe Jordan email – the department was busy following hundreds of leads and doing recovery of the crime scene.

The many phone records because of all the imaginary friends Casey lied about while the were searching for Caylee.


Didn’t Mr. Jordan give you information about Cindy Anthony’s brother?  Someone did, I don’t recall if he was the one.

Did you determine if Mr. Anthony’s car had garbage in it for 3 weeks?  No.

You were present when Deputy. Forgey inspected Ms. Anthony’s car?  Yes.

Baez just skips around all over the place!

Yuri is excused subject to recall!

Michael Vincent is called.

Baez shows him a drawing he made at an earlier hearing of the bay and Casey’s car which he identifies and it is entered into evidence.

Released subject to recall.

Defense next calls Gerardo Bloise.

Baez shows him the drawing he did at a March hearing that shows the forensic bay and Casey’s car.

The cadaver dog only searched Ms. Anthony’s car?  Correct.

Linda on cross…

Is it fair to say your focus was entirely on Ms. Anthony’s car?  Correct.

Baez on redirect…

As a CSI, your focus is on details, down to the tiniest detail?  Correct.

Entered into evidence.

Witness excused subject to recall.

Recess called.

Deputy Jason Forgey called.

He identifies a drawing he made back in March of the forensics bay and Casey’s car.  He also says there was another blue car there.

Did anyone see you deploy the dog on both cars?  My Supervisor and CSI Bloise and possibly Mike Vincent.

Why did you search the other car?  To settle the dog into the right mindset.

You could have asked that the car be moved to where all the other cars were parked?  I don’t know, it was evidence.

Baez sits down, forgetting to get the drawing entered and must come back.


Regardless if there was one, two or how many others cars, you knew the Pontiac was the focus of the investigation?  Yes.

Released subject to recall.

Dr. Kenneth Furton called.

Baez has him lay out his background.

He says he is published, but don’t forget, it is his graduate students who actually wrote the papers.

He says he studies decomposition scent and chemicals compounds.

A big part of his research over the past 8 years has actually been done on living persons!

Have you ever testified as an expert on human decomposition?  No.

As a forensic chemistry?  Yes.

Jeff of voir dire…

Your work on decomposition is related to what a dog what alert to?  Correct.

When we say your studies, we are actually talking about your student’s work? My students and me as well.

Do you have expertise in stages of decomposition?  Related to volatile compounds.

He read the autopsy report, the contents of the trunk reports, the cadaver dogs and Oak Ridge Lab and Dr. Sigman’s report.

Have you reviewed studies on human decomposition?  Yes.

Do you have an opinion on whether or not you can recognize human decomp?  Yes, there is no present instrument that could positively identify human decomposition.

Baez asks to show Furton’s Powerpoint as a demonstrative aid.

He shows the jury how GC/MS works.


The weasel easel comes out and a large chart is placed on it with chemicals and reference numbers – Vass work as opposed to other studies.

The chart really doesn’t compare apples to apples and is more smoke and mirrors.

Ashton objects and asks for sidebar…

Finnell has an awful lot to say at sidebar considering she is only supposed to be mitigation!

Furton just kinda implies that human, animal and dairy products pretty much mimic the exact same volatile fatty acids. 


He just stated the salami wrapper from the trash might contain the fatty acids! 

The wrapper????


You can find chloroform in cleaning products?  Yes, many, like bleach.

Other products in the home that contain chloroform?  Yes, drinking water to household foods to…

Objection, sidebar…

Man, Jeff is gonna have this guy for lunch, just like he did at the Frye hearing!

Judge Perry calls lunch, jury out until 1:45, lawyers need to be back at 1:30.

Lunchtime informational tidbits:

• Ann Finnell filed a motion for mistrial Monday morning based on a recent opinion from a Florida judge. The motion asked that a new jury be seated in the case that is not death penalty qualifiedRead story.

• “Based on privileged communications between Casey Marie Anthony and her counsel, counsel reasonably believes that Ms. Anthony is not competent to aid and assist in her own defense and is incompetent to proceed,” said the motion, filed Saturday under seal and made public Monday. “As a result of this well-founded concern, counsel requests a full competency determination before the continuation of trial proceedings.”

In response, Perry issued an emergency order appointing an expert for the evaluation, also filed under seal.

It was implied — but not expressly stated — that the motion was the reason for the abrupt recess Perry called on Saturday.  Read story.

Now that to me is funny because the defense already had two of their own docs evaluate Casey, but I also wonder if Casey is insisting on testifying and her team is trying to block her some way.

Ashton wants a proffer.

Baez claims this has been going on far too often.

Judge Perry says a proffer isn’t necessarily needed, but he can’t just regurgitate what he read in an article.

Ashton says Dr. Furton indicated his information came from the internet and is hearsay.

Judge says if it comes out on cross it is hearsay, the it is subject to be stricken.

Baez says everything is hearsay.

Judge Perry says if he has studied and analyzed household products, that’s one thing, but if his testimony is going to be just what he read on the internet, it is a problem.

Baez steps out to ask Furton.

Baez comes back in with Furton for a short proffer.

Can you explain the basis of your knowledge on chloroform?  General knowledge and education.

Have you relied on textbooks and treatises?  Yes.

He read the World Heath Report on chloroform in household goods.

Ashton still says Furton is just regurgitating what he read.  He cannot tell the jury this product has this amount of chloroform or this product has the level of chloroform.

Baez says we are going around in circles and chasing our tails.

Judge Perry says Furton he can regurgitate!

What types of products can you commonly find chloroform?  Bleach, water.

Would the GC/MS pick up chloroform in water?  Yes.

He says the 5 organic compounds Dr. Vass found are not unique to human decomposition.
Ashton on cross…
Have you ever examined the spare tire cover Oak Ridge tested?
Objection.  Overruled.
Ashton shows Furton the spare tire cover.  See any bleach stains on that?
Objection.  Overruled.
Bleach also shows additional compounds?  Yes.
Coincidental creation of chloroform through bleach would produce additional chemical compounds?  Yes.
As far as chloroform being mixed and administered to a child or a reaction with bleach, you didn’t look at that?  No.
Chloroform in water appears in low level range?  Yes, parts per billion.
Jeff keeps working in that his students conducted the study.  He agrees, but keeps adding, ‘under my supervision.’
The samples collected in the morgue showed some compounds not always found in all bodies?  Correct.
So wouldn’t that indication background common to the morgue that she didn’t account for?  Yes.
So, bottom line, they looked at live persons, dead persons and food as well.
Dr. Vass’ study was longitudinal and the other studies you site were just a specific time?  Yes.
All the studies you site, how many used whole human bodies as opposed to training materials for dogs?  These 4, Dr. Vass and Dr. Stathopoulos.
Furton says without further research ans studies he discredits Dr. Vass’ study.  He says Vass didn’t use standards in his studies.
Dr. Vass’  2004 and 2008 studies weren’t done properly?  If you want to call it that.
Jeff shows Furton his deposition.
In deposition you said I’m not saying the study was not done thoroughly or properly.  Are you changing your answer?  I’m just expanding my answer and just saying I would use standards.
Furton is stumbling, Ashton has worn him down and fairly well sliced and diced him!
Lol, Furton just headed down the Velveeta box and salami wrapper path…ayuh, like that would account for the huge amount odor in the trunk!
Jeff pulls out of evidence the salami, Velveeta packages and Furton has to admit they wouldn’t give off quantity of odor.
Ashton shows the packaging to the jury.
Baez asks to approach…
What I just showed you, wouldn’t you agree they couldn’t give off that amount of odor?  They could have contributed.
Would the trash leave in odor in the trunk 2 years later?  Unlikely.
You would agree the substances we just discussed wouldn’t be confusing to a well trained cadaver dog?
Objection.  Sustained.
Would the chemical composition of a body buried for over a year assist you in evaluating this case?  Yes, there are similarities, but differences also.
Man, Baez can’t do the redirect for crap and he is so Mr. Malaprop today!

Jeff is up objecting on almost every Baez question.
As fair I can tell, Furton hasn’t really done much of anything for the defense.
‘Special’ recess called.
Baez shows Furton the chewing tobacco spit can.  Furton says if you say so.
If the odor in the trunk was from the trash and you removed the bag, the odor would go with the bag?  The majority should.
The reports you reviewed, did anyone say the odor of decomposition emanated from the bag?  No.
Furton released subject to recall.
Finnell calls Sgt. John Allen
Were you a supervisor in this case?  Yes.
Finnell hands him evidence to identify.  2 video tapes from James Hoover 12/18/08.
1/7/2009 tape also from Hoover which have been transferred to dvd.
Linda on cross…
This James Hoover is connected to Dominic Casey?  Yes.
You knew Casey was working for Mr. Baez?
Casey worked for Baez July to October 2008?  Yes.
He was employed by the Anthony’s in October?  Yes.
Mr. Casey would email you with tips?  Yes.
Mr. Hoover came to your attention because he was trying to sell the videos?  Yes, the National Enquirer.
Finnell on redirect…
You said Casey was doing work for the Baez Law Firm?  Yes.
When did his employment end?  October 1, 2008.
When did he begin with the Anthony’s?  October 1st or 31st, I’m not sure.
This information comes from Mr. Casey, correct?  Yes.
James Hoover called.
When did you get involved in this case?  July 2008.
How did you get involved?  As a private citizen.
Did you become a private investigator in this case?  Yes, for George and Cindy in July or August 2008.
He acted as a buffer to protestors and as a bodyguard.
Did you follow-up on tips?  Yes.
You knew Dominic Casey was working for the Anthony’s?  Yes.
On November 14 he and Casey went to Suburban Drive before attending a meet and greet with George and Cindy.
Hoover believes they were looking for a deceased Caylee in the woods on Suburban.
He is asked if he reviewed the tapes and he answered the first 20 seconds.
Baez moves to enter into evidence and Linda says she has no objection to the first 20 seconds, lol!
Yikes, jury is sent out!
Seems videos are being played for Hoover because Baez never showed him in their entirety, doh!
Hoover says they are fair and accurate, accepted into evidence.
This tape was made one month before Caylee was found?  Yes.
And Mr. Casey was aware you were taping?  Yes.
Tape of Suburban being shown to the jury.
Are you aware where Caylee was found?  Yes.
Can you show us on the screen were you believe she was found?
Objection.  Sustained.
Now the vacant house they poked around in and Casey is poking through black plastic bags.
Back tramping through the woods.
Wonder what must be running through the jury’s minds!
November 16 tape is being shown and Baez asks if he’s parked where Caylee was found.
Linda objects to Hoover not having direct knowledge.
Baez shows Hoover and the jury a photo of the area and he tries to show where he thinks they searched on day one and two.  He can’t tell and isn’t good at estimating distances.
Resume the video…
If you recall, there is no way to identify where in the woods Casey and Hoover were actually in!
Baez tries to publish, but the picture hasn’t been entered into evidence.
Did you report to Cindy and George what you found or didn’t find?  No.
This is just a whole bunch of bullshittery! (A new favorite word!)
You attempted to sell something that was from working for the Anthomy’s?  Yes.
The Anthony’s trusted you?
You tried to sell those tapes?  And Dominic had photos he was going to give.  It was around the holidays and everyone was broke.  He claims he was going to give the money to the Anthony’s?
Hoover can’t give a straight answer!
How much did you try to sell the video for?  There was never a price.
Linda on cross…
The video we just saw, you were holding out for the highest bidder?  Absolutely not.
You told LE to talk this this strange woman who was also on Suburban?  No she introduced herself.
This guy is going to make my head explode!
From photos, Hoover can’t pick out squat and keeps altering his locations where he and Casey were.
To this day, you don’t know where Caylee’s skull was found?  No.
Any of her other remains?  No.
Did you see a red Disney bag?  No.
You didn’t see any water?  On the 2nd day, yes.
How far from the road?  15-20 feet.
You never gave me that video or try to sell it to me?  No.
What were you doing in that area?  Looking for Caylee’s remains.
Hoover is excused, subject to recall!


OMG!  5:30 and the next witness is called.

Dominic Casey is called.
On October 1st were you employed by the Anthony’s?  Yes.

Prior to that you were employed by the Baez Law Firm?  Yes.

He followed up leads and provided security for the Anthony’s.

Because of security issues did it cause you to park on Suburban?  Yes.  I would leave and then come back and park for about a half hour.in case the protesters returned.

When he was parked in the area he would see a sheriff’s car and media vehicles.

Was your ignition on or off?  Off.

Did you smell any odors in the area of Suburban?  No.

Did you send a teddy bear from Cindy Anthony to Luke Phillips?  I facilitated it.

Phillips sent the bear back to Cindy via Dominic Casey around the end of October.

Who is Luke Phillips?  He contacted the Anthony ‘s is 2008.  He works with people with psychic abilities.

Were you on the cell phone when searching the woods. Yes, with Ginnette Lucas, another psychic.

Remember all those goofy emails?

What were you doing on Suburban.   The possible location of Caylee.

He’s as daffy as Hoover!

He says he didn’t know Hoover was taping him.

He says he wasn’t specifically looking for garbage bags.

He went to the vacant house because Ginnette sent him there to look for paver stones.

Why were you cutting open the garbage bags on the tape?  To see what was in them.

Why did you back the second time on the 16th of November?  To prove a psychic wrong.

Did you see any remains of Caylee?  No.

And that’s what you were looking for?  Yes.

Did you go back a 3rd time?  Yes.

Was Mr. Hoover with you?  No.

He walked the area on the street for relief. He walked and just felt happy.


Cross by Frank George…

You had contact with Casey Anthony while she was out of jail?  Yes.

You followed up on tips in the case?  Yes.

You never asked Casey…


Recess called.

6:30pm jury returns.

After you went to work for George and Cindy you still had contact with Mr. Baez?  Yes.

How would you describe Mrs. Anthony’s mood?  traumatized, distraught, the granddaughter was missing.

You went to the woods because the psychic, Ginnette Lucas sent you there?  Yes.

George Anthony didn’t send you to the woods?  No.

You saw a toilet in the woods?  Yes.

You found a bath mat?  Yes.

You didn’t see a Disney bag?  No.

Was there water there?  About ankle-deep.

Hoover and Casey were nowhere near the recovery area!

The next day your returned to the area?  Yes.

Were you on the phone with Ginnette Lucas on this day?  Yes.

Did you tell her what you did and saw?  Yes.

Not for nothing, Casey couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag!

Was there still water on the ground?  Yes.

Did you bring anything with you?  A rod and a trowel?

Did you use the trowel in the woods?  I don’t think so.

Now he’s marking more photos where he entered the woods and where the car was parked.

The 3rd time, you never went into the woods?  No, I walked the middle of the street.


Finnell has him drawing again!

Between November 2008 and today,has anyone from LE shown you pictures and ask you to explain where you walked that day?  That State did, March 2011.

Finnell wants a sidebar now….

The March 2011 event was a normal deposition?  Yes.

In 2008, 2009 did anyone from the sheriff’s office sit down with you to map this area?  No.

Casey is excused…yippee!

Finnell’s motion will be heard Wednesday or Thursday at the end of testimony.

7:10 we wrap!

Defense and State sound as giddy as we do, lol!

  1. Kim
    06/27/2011 at 7:40 pm


    I missed the question about Joy Wray – how awful would calling her to the stand be!! No worse than Hoover is my guess 😉

  2. donchais
    06/27/2011 at 7:41 pm


  3. Kim
    06/27/2011 at 7:44 pm

    This thing has become surreal, donchais – I may need some LSD to keep track of Baez’s weird plot twists

  4. donchais
    06/27/2011 at 7:46 pm

    I stopped even trying to keep track!

  5. Kim
    06/27/2011 at 7:50 pm

    You have to keep track!!!! Where else can I go for such concise reporting?

    (my puppy is playing soccer against my feet)

  6. donchais
    06/27/2011 at 7:56 pm

    Lol, right now, I’m trying to fix the damn html screw up by wordpress…accccckkkkkk

  7. Kim
    06/27/2011 at 8:04 pm

    You are way better tan me, donchais!! I am struggling with tomorrows blog and a broken nail while a puppy tries to eat my foot

  8. Reality
    06/27/2011 at 9:02 pm

    So Casey is found competent, meaning that she knew exactly what she was doing all along and thus she’s really just an evil person. Seems that’s the end of the defense story right there! Looks like Mason is slowly but surely leaving this sinking ship, distancing himself from the impending disaser. Apparently, Finnell will try to get the death penalty thrown out, but because the recent related FL issue is still working its way through the legal system, it should not be considered or cited as a done deal at this point in this case.

  9. Linda
    06/27/2011 at 9:03 pm

    Thank you so very much for your expanded reporting today! You did an excellent job capturing the highlights of another maddening day. You really are a trooper! lol
    I had the day off from work and watched some of the trial this morning. But I had to turn it off. I began to wonder if anything is making sense to the jury at this point!! Between Baez’s bafoonery, the endless sidebars, conflicting testimony; tears, fears, and automobiles – my head is spinning! I’ve been convinced since day 1 that Casey is guilty. What I continue to be concerned about is whether the prosecution has provided enough evidence for the jury to make a decision beyond a reasonable doubt. To me, the strongest evidence is the decomposition odor & lab tests from the trunk and the duct tape. Casey’s behavior for the period of time her daughter was “missing” was bizarre indeed. Certainly not the behavior of a grieving mother. She is a pathological liar – that certainly has been proven. But Cindy taking responsibility for the chloroform internet search? Lee’s emotional testimony about being ostracized? And JB all over the place with his questioning and that g.d. easel?! Geez! Donchais – do you have an opinion at this point? I’m getting nervous!! Anyone else feeling like we may be back doing this a year from now?? (Hope not, Donchais!!)

  10. donchais
    06/27/2011 at 9:20 pm

    I think we will see a pretty powerful rebuttal from the State that will sew up the loose ends! Plus, I can’t/don’t wanna do this again!!! 🙂

  11. Evelyn
    06/27/2011 at 9:59 pm

    Here’s my 2 cents. Casey is insisting on taking the stand because she’s smarter than the average bear. She decides she will tell a different story, one that the jury is sure to believe because she will be brilliant, witty and wonderful on the stand. Her attorneys need to cover their butts big time because they are going no way. They decide to get her looked at again by psychologists to cover themselves in case she comes back in appeal on them.

    There was a young woman staying at the Anthonys while she was out on bail by Leonard Padilla (oy!). The young lady states that Casey never mentioned Caylee at all, was upset when it rained one day and the media went away, and when she was looking at Caylee’s baby pics, Casey got hers out and said yes but I was prettier. Sheesh.

  12. 06/27/2011 at 10:08 pm

    “Sewing up loose ends” is a nautical term referencing the risk of sail ripping to shreds if they weren’t properly sewn, and this was back in the days when you simply hung a criminal from the yardarm (wooden brace holding the sails in place) or keel-hauled them (attaching a rope to the feet and throwing it under the ship with a bobber and attaching the other end to the arms), the hapless wrongdoer would be pulled under the hull and if the barnacles didn’t rip him to shreds and he didn’t drown from lack of air, he might live to suffer other indignities on board. But one didn’t have to listen to such tedious explanations of the defense back then.

  13. TOM
    06/27/2011 at 10:42 pm

    Keep this in mind from the Scott Peterson trial:

    ‘Members of the jury stated that they felt that Peterson’s demeanor—specifically, his lack of emotion, and the phone calls to Amber Frey in the days following Laci’s disappearance—indicated that he was guilty. They based their verdict on “hundreds of small ‘puzzle pieces’ of circumstantial evidence that came out during the trial, from the location of Laci Peterson’s body to the myriad lies her husband told after her disappearance.” They also decided on the death penalty because they felt Peterson betrayed his responsibility to protect his wife and son. The only piece of forensic evidence identified was a single hair, thought to belong to Laci, found in a pair of pliers from Peterson’s boat.’

  14. 06/27/2011 at 10:51 pm

    hi linda me too l am tires after watching this unfold for the past 3 years l dont know if l can do it again.l have left not doing housework and everything that l should be doing here that l am not doing.now l do believe that the state will be putting a good rebuttal case wednesday or thursday of this week.l am just tired l have been cooking during the breaks they have and the lunch time l get just 2 things down and thats bed making and lunch and dinner.sometimes l have to cook for 2 days so that l dont miss what this bitch has caused.l have only been sleeping 4 hours a night thats not too much.l get a lot of headaches and dont know how long this will take.keep your hopes up the state will come up with the rebuttal.have a good night.

  15. 06/28/2011 at 8:42 am

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one not getting enough sleep. I wake at 3 or 4 in the morning and start rehashing the craziness in this case and can’t get back to sleep. I’ve got an almost 7 month old shih tzu and she’s tired of me being glued to the TV or computer all the time. I tend to do my dinner prep during the noon break so I can have my normal dinner hour. I haven’t been this invested since OJ (maybe almost Spector). They’ve got to find her guilty. I can’t handle a hung jury like Spector. I always worry about these highly publicized cases because you can tell some of these jurors really wanted on this jury. You’ve got to think they have ulterior motives, don’t you? I’m rambling on…….

  16. BusterBluth
    06/28/2011 at 9:05 am

    Good Morning 🙂 I was watching some news show the other day and it reported that JP has put more people on death row than any other judge in his district. I’m glad he’s on this case and I think he’s handled it really well. It’s no surprise that the defense thought Casey was incompetent to help them b/c she’s a massive moron. I’m no legal expert but here’s what I think will happen, I think she will be found guilty but I don’t see her getting the DP. I don’t think there’s been enough hard evidence for the jury to give her that. I’m curious to know what your thoughts are at this point in the trial.

  17. donchais
    06/28/2011 at 12:06 pm

    I believe the state has a pretty solid case. I also believe the defense hasn’t done much, but it’s hard to prove fantasy as fact.

    I think the rebuttal has to happen before folks will make that final leap of faith.

  18. BusterBluth
    06/28/2011 at 4:46 pm

    Baez trying to draw sympathy from the jury by having the guards say she’s in a 6×8 cell 23 hours a day?

  19. geniema
    07/02/2011 at 9:10 am

    Yes i think he know it all Because way back in 2008 bozo was at the anthony home and cindy gave him a big paper bag with 7 things in it that came out of casey car and i think Duck tape was one of the things. this was own one of the News channels back in 2008

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