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Casey Anthony – Theater Of The Absurd


August 2005 ~ June 2008

It was a marathon session yesterday, but rather lackluster.  We learned Casey – for the third time – has been deemed competent to stand trial.  We also know Ann Finnell filed a new motion, asserting the death penalty has been deemed unconstitutional and asking for a mistrial.  She did what she had to by getting it on record, but I have doubts it will fly.

IMO, Dr. Furton fared no better yesterday than he did at the Frye hearings.  He offered a lot of scientific jargon, but wasn’t effective in negating the work of Drs. Vass and Wise.

The worst testimony to suffer through was that of Jim Hoover and Dominic Casey, the hapless PI’s!  They rambled on-and-on, didn’t know exactly where they parked, couldn’t really say where in the wooded area of Suburban Drive they really searched, didn’t see the red Disney bag.  So, what was the point?  The point is they were setting the stage for Roy Kronk to take the stand today! 

Holy cow!  State added two new witnesses – 2 big wigs from Gentiva!  Damn, Cindy, up your meds and what size jumpsuit should we order for ya?  Wonder if anybody on the defense has had the flash they should have checked Cindy out a little better!

Casey seems upbeat and chipper today, maybe she does believe in miracles!

Well, we start off with the usual sidebar and no doubt ground rules are being established as to what can be asked of Kronk!

This should have been done earlier, there is a reason the attorneys have to show up at 8:30!

9: 05, Judge Perry calls for the jury.

Joe Jordan called by Mason.

He searched with Texas EquuSearch for Caylee.

As team leader he directed the team of anywhere from 10 to 30 people.

Did you search the Suburban Drive area?  Yes.

Mason shows a photo of the neighborhood which Jordan identifies.

How many times did you search Suburban?  I don’t really know.

Were all the people on the team searching for Caylee?

Do you remember the area where you searched on Suburban? Jordan uses the screen to show the jury.

5 searchers went into the woods about 5 feet because of standing water.  The saw a cooler and a pink baby blanket.

Did you turn it over to the sheriff’s office?  I marked it on the search report.

Do you know if the sheriff’s department collect it?  No.

Later that day he checked the area with a 2 dog handlers and with one or two folks.

Did the police officer with the cadaver dog search the area in your presence?  I didn’t have them search, just sniff the blanket and cooler.

Where you ever taken back there to see the area?  I went back with Brent Churchill and he pointed it out.

What about the 3rd time you went there?  I don’t know if there was a 3rd time.

Do you know when the remains were found?  In December.

Did you send an email to John Allen and Yuri Melich?  Yes.

What did it say?  I don’t exactly remember.

Mason shows him a copy of the email.

What did you tell the detectives?  That I had been in the area?

With dogs?  Yes.

Do you remember telling them that you thought the remains had been moved?  Yes, I did say that.

How many people, whether on your team or not, how many people were out there searching that area?  5 from his team.

Other than TES folks how many people were searching?  I did not see anyone else searching.

Under deposition, do you remember the question, was there a mass of 100 people searching?  No sir, there was not 100 people searching while I was there.

You know where the Anthony home was?  Yes.

Was there a lot of media there?  Yes.

A lot of people there?  Around the house, yes.

Linda on cross…

You communicated with OCSO to point out some folks they might be interested in because you wanted to see Caylee found?  Yes.

Linda  talks about the paperwork TES required from team leaders and how they were debriefed at the end of the day.

Linda shows him the TES paperwork he filled out from the September search of Suburban that he identifies.

Linda publishes to the jury and has Jordan confirm that is the report and what it shows.

The report indicates the two dogs used were not fresh when they checked the two articles.

The reports indicates when water recedes the area should be looked at further. They could not get too far in because the water was very deep and they were concerned about snakes, gators and the possibility of accidentally stepping on Caylee’s remains.

This is all being laid out in preparation for Kronk, but really hasn’t done much for the defense.

Jordan based his assumption on where Caylee was found on media reports.  He admits he was mistaken about being in that area.


When you were there on December 13 did you see the big blue police van?  I wasn’t there on December 13.

Well, on the 13th when you sent the email did you recognize that as the area you searched?  I was mistaken.

Do you have any reasons to offer your testimony about where you searched?  No.

Were you threatened with felony prosecution?  On the advice of counsel, he was advised to take the 5th if asked!

Objection, sidebar.

Don’t forget, Jordan secretly recorded his infamous conversation with defense investigator Mort Smith.

Judge Perry sends Jordan outside.

Linda states Mason elicited the information and knew Jordan would take the 5th based on the same thing happening at deposition.

Mason claims he altered his testimony and he did not expect him to take the 5th.  The State removed the threat of prosecution and this goes to credibility.

Linda says Mason told her he wouldn’t go to the illegal recorded conversation, but he did.

Judge Perry asks if he told the State he would go to that area?  Mason claims he didn’t go there, Jordan did.

Judge Perry asks, was he granted use immunity?  For his statement only, so Jordan still could face charges!

Judge Perry says the proper thing to do was proffer outside the presence of the jury.

Mason had better be careful what he wishes for.  If the story of why Jordan taped the conversation because he didn’t trust the defense and what Mort Smith/defense lied about does makes it into court, there will be a shit storm and all because Mason opened the door a crack.

Was Mr. Jordan served a subpoena to appear here today by the State or defense?  Defense.

Judge Perry says the question asked did not necessarily need to evoke the 5th amendment.  The Judge will instruct the jury to disregard.  If the defense gets into why, that could bring up the recorded conversation!

Jordan’s attorney is sent out to explain what the court is doing and to advise him.

What a hornets nest this turned into!

Special recess called.

Jordan comes back with his attorney who says he explained to Jordan the possible consequences.

Mason calls for a sidebar…

Jury told to disregard the felony prosecution questions and to disregard.

Mason has no further question nor does the State.

Jordan excused.

George Anthony called.

Do you know Krystal Holloway?  Yes, as Krystal Holloway and River Cruz, she came to the site as a volunteer.  Considered her as maybe a friend who would help us find our granddaughter.

She was no different that any other volunteer?  No.

Did you have a romantic interest in her?  No, that is pretty funny.

Did you have an affair with her?  No, that also is pretty funny.

Did you borrow money from her?  No.

Did you go to her apartment?  Yes, I can can explain.

Are you aware there is a guard there?


George explains the gated system at the condos.

He says he believed Krystal had a brain tumor and was dying.

Did you visit during the day or night?  Always during the day.

You only went there, not for a romantic interlude but to comfort her?  Yes, my wife knew about her.

Did you tell Krystal when you found Caylee it was an accident that snowballed?  I never found my granddaughter.  I never confided in any volunteer.

You never told Krystal that this was an accident that snowballed?

Objection.  Sustained.

Did you send her a text message saying you needed her in your life?  Yes, I sent that message to many, many volunteers.

Did you every leave her a letter?  I may have to cheer her up, I’m not sure.

Did you tell her not to say anything about your affair with her?

Objection, not in evidence.

I never had a romantic affair with her.  She has a questionable past. She’s been arrested for fraud, breaking and entering…

Wow, George slipped that one through!

No, I did not have an affair with her.

How many times did you speak with Ms. Holloway from October 2008, through January?  Once, twice, I don’t know.

Ever speak to her at nite?  No.

Ashton on cross…

When did you know this lady?  I met her third week of October 2008.

After Caylee’s remains were found, your friendship ended?  Yes.

Did you tell her you grabbed Casey by the throat, throw her against the wall and say I know what you did to Caylee?  No.

George stands down.

Cindy Anthony called.

Did you send Hoover and Casey to search the wood on Suburban?  No.

Did you tell Melich you sent your people to walk that area?  I don’t recall.

Did you tell him you had blankets missing?  I recall telling him a blanket was missing.

On December 11, they left an inventory of what they had taken?  No.

On the 20th you were aware they were looking for Winnie the Pooh items?  I don’t know.

Did you tell Lee you sent Hoover and Casey to search the area?  I never sent anyone.

Cindy says she learned they searched after Caylee was found.

Lee never asked why were you searching for a dead kid?


Lee Anthony called.

Lee say Cindy did tell him she sent Casey to search because she received a psychic tip prior to October 2008.

Lee says he was angry at his mother because she offered up she was looking for a deceased Caylee.


You had the conversation prior to October?  Yes, it was part of what made up my mind to go back to work.

Are you aware Casey searched the area in November?  Yes.

So you had the conversation with your mother before the area was searched?  Yes.

Lee couldn’t get get over that his parents no longer thought Caylee was alive.

Is that because you believed everything your sister said?  Yes and no!

Yikes, Lee laughed at the question and appeared to look over at Judge Perry!

Did I really hear that or dream it?

Lee stands down.

What a bunch of yahoos the Anthony’s are!  George comes off as snarky and hostile, Cindy comes off as an untruthful motormouth and Lee comes off as goofball who harbors a truckload of anger toward his family and now sees an opportunity to get back at them!

Yuri Melich is called.

Wonder if he a cot outside!

12/20/08 when you searched the home, Mrs. Anthony told you she had her people search the area a month ago and nothing was there?  I remember something to that effect.

Melich stands down.

Roy Kronk is called.

If you recall, the defense called Mr. Kronk, ‘morally bankrupt’ and asserts he moved and placed Caylee’s remains on Suburban Drive!

How were you employed during the summer of 2008?  As a meter reader for Orange County.

Did you have a route?  It was assigned each evening.

Did you read meters on Hopespring Drive?  Yes.

On Suburban?  Yes.

Who was with you on the 11th of August?  I was by myself.

What do you remember about that date?  Finding a rattlesnake.

Did you go into the woods to relieve yourself?  Yes.

He was aware of what was happening because his roommate watched on TV, but they didn’t speak much about it.

On the 11th he saw an object that seemed odd to him.

Did you see a bag?  No.

Did you lift a bag?  No.

Did you see a skull? No, I didn’t get nearer than 30 feet.

Did you say to Mr. Deen you saw a skull?  No.

They found a dead rattlesnake that they took back to the office.

Did you call LE to report you thought you saw a skull?  Yes.

LE told him to call the Crimeline.

He called Crimeline.

Did anybody from LE come and talk to you that day?  No.

On the 13th did you call again?  Yes.  I was told an officer would meet me.

Did they?  Yes.

Did you take them into the woods?  No.

They didn’t ask you to show them were you saw this skull everyone was looking for?  No.

Did you call 911 on the 11th?  No.  I live in Osceola County not Orange County.

Did you call a non-emergency number?  Yes.

Did you tell the operator you saw a skull by the Anthony home?  Yes.

Then you did know where the Anthony home was?  Not till I did my route that day.

Kronk says he never got closer than 30 feet.

Kronk confirms the first two calls.

Kronk is calm and has been well coached and doesn’t give up anymore than yes, no answers…give no extra information.

Did you draw a map for LE?  Yes.

Did it include the privacy fence?  I don’t remember.

Mason shows him the diagram and he confirms he created it, 12/17/08.

Received in evidence and published

How from the edge of the road was that find?  I don’t know.

The two deputies with you never went to that spot?  I never took them to that spot.

Did you smell anything peculiar in that area?  No.

Did you in any way lift a bag?  No.

Did it cross your mind in August you were looking for Caylee?  After August 11, I never went back into the woods.

Did you tell deputies you found a bag that may have bones in it?  No.

Did you tell Deputy Cain the bag looked like it had bones in it?  No.

August 11 in the woods, was it dry or under water?  Dry.

When you were in the woods were you aware there was a $250k award?  I believe so.

Where you aware on Hopespring there was a whole lot of media?  Yes.

Did you tell anybody other than Mr. Deen you found a skull and bag of bones?  I never said I found that?

Did you tell anyone else?  My roommate.

Was the bag you saw in August and December the same bag?  I wouldn’t know.

Do you remember your deposition?  Yes.

Do you believe the bag is the same you saw in August and December and you said yes?  If it says that, yes.

Judge Perry says to stop for lunch.

To her credit, Finnell has been the only member of the defense that could examine a witness in a logical, methodic way that elicits the answers the defense wants.

Well, so far, this has been a bizarre day, but one of the more salacious and interesting!

Kronk back up.

Did you advise the operator on the 12th, you were in the woods, looked down and saw a skull?

There are stipulations for the tapes from the Aug. 11, 12 and the 13th  the defense is offering in evidence.

Tapes are played for the jury…

Do you remember those calls?  Yes.

After the call on the 11th, what did you do?  Nothing.

You did nothing?  It was after 9pm.

You went to bed?  Watched a little TV and went to bed.

The call on the 12th, what did you do after that?  Nothing.

Nothing?  Again it was after 9pm.

Did you give a statement to Yuri Melich? Yes.

You knew where the Anthony house was?  At the end of the day, not at the beginning of the day.

Did Cain get to within 6-8 feet of where you said you saw the skull?  No.

In deposition you said, if he was 6 feet away, I was 8 feet away.  If that what the deposition says, that’s what it is, it was 3 years ago.

Mason starts to read from the deposition again…

Objection, sidebar…

So far the defense hasn’t done or said anything to impeach Kronk nor plant reasonable doubt!

Did you go on Good Morning America show?  In January 2009.

Were you paid? $15 license fee for the picture of the snake.

Did you get money from Crimeline?  Yes.

Did Orange County pay for your attorney up till today?  They did till I quit.

Do you have a son named Brandon Sparks?  Yes.

Did you call him in November and say you were soon to be famous?  No.

Between august 13 and December 11 did you go back to the area?  Only to read meters, but I never stopped there again.

Was your vehicle ever searched?  No.

Was a cadaver dog ever sent to your vehicle?  No.

Were you asked to submit DNA?  No.

Were your phone records subpoenaed?  No.

Were you ever questioned about the calls you made and received?  No.

December 11, were you on the same route?  Yes.

Read the Anthony meter?  I didn’t get that far.

Did you go in the woods again?  Yes.

Were you searching again?  No.

Did you find the remains?  Yes.

Were the where you saw them before?  I never went in there so I don’t know.  In August it was flooded it wasn’t in December.

Did you call LE asking what’s going on the skull I found?  No.

Did you move the skull?  I used my meter stick to pivot it up and let it lay down gently.

You stuck the meter stick in the eye socket and moved it?  I pivoted it up and left to call my supervisor.  It was one of the worst things I ever saw.

When deputies arrived did you ask if you were still eligible for the $250k reward?  No.

You were joking about the body being found?  No, that’s not what I said, we were joking about the money.

Back to Aug 11, did you and Mr. Deen discuss it would be a good place to stash a body?  Yes.

You deny you called your son and say you would be rich?  He was mistaken.  I never called him in November.

Kronk did call his son in December and told him he would be on TV.

Kronk getting annoyed with Mason asking the same questions and putting the same words in his mouth.

Now Mason wants a few minutes.  Instead he asks the Judge to call a recess which is bogus.

I’m annoyed Perry didn’t tell him, take your 2 minutes and finish with the witness!  Now he gets 15 minutes to regroup with Baez before yielding to the State!  Mason just can’t think on his feet anymore!

If the State is smart, they should ask Kronk if he had anything to do with placing Caylee’s remains in the woods and then sit down!

Did you tell Brandon Sparks you were going to be famous?  I don’t believe so.

You were going to be rich?  Not really.

Did you talk to any of the detectives about you needing money, yourself?  No.

You said, Roy has to eat too?  Jokingly, I probably did.

Mason hammering that he lifted the bag and skull rolled out.  Kronk thought about it and the bag was around the skull, the skull wasn’t in the actual bag.  When he lifted the bag nothing fell out if it!

Did Detective Melich or Allen tell you not to tell anybody about the earlier phone calls?  You’re not being specific enough.

This is stupid, repetitive and non-productive!

Do you have a computer? Yes.

Were any records subpoenaed?  No.

Dec. 10, the day before you found the remains, were you off work? Yes.

Why?  The clutch went out on my truck.

Did you need  a thousand dollars for the repairs?  Yes.

And the next day you go to Suburban and make this find?  Yes.

Mason publishes the bill to the jury.

This is just freakin pitiful!

Linda on cross…

Do you know Casey, Lee, George, Cindy, Hoover or Casey?  No.

I love Linda, but she really doesn’t have to cover this ground over again because Mason beat it to death and Kronk really doesn’t need to be rehabilitated for the jury.

You never had access to the home of the Anthony family?  No.

No access to the Anthony cars?  No.

You never had access to the backyard?  No.

No access to their computer?  No.

No access to Caylee’s clothing?  No.

Caylee’s diapers or pullups?  No.

No access to the laundry or garbage bags at the Anthony home?  No.

No access to Caylee’s blanket?  No.

Kronk released subject to recall.

Baez calls David Deen, Kronk’s past supervisor.

Did you stop off Suburban on December 11?  Yes with Kronk and another co-worker he was training.

The weasel easel is out with the aerial photo of the neighborhood and Deen points out the location of the two trucks they were in.

You were aware of all the media at the Anthony’s?  Yes.

Deen says he thought Caylee’s body could have been in the woods.

Kronk walked down the street and then said he thought he saw a skull.  Deen started to look, but ended up steeping on the dead rattler.

Kronk never tried to direct your attention back to the skull?  No, we were paying attention to the snake.

Did the topic of the skull come up again?  No.

Did Kronk tell you he called 911 or Crimeline?  No.

Move on Baez, this is fruitless!

The snake you found, did you keep in your freezer?  Yes.

Did the police confiscate it?  Yes.

They perform an autopsy on it?  Yes.


You made the comment that was a good place for the body?  Yes.

Did you have anything to do with the body being in there?  No.

Is there area swampy?  Most of the time.


There are areas that are wet and some dry?  Yes.

Baez asking all kinds of leading or improper questions and getting shut-down with objections.

It was dry at that time?  Where Roy was, yes.

Casey’s statement to her mother that Caylee was close to home, is that something you recall?  Yes.

Do you recall George Anthony’s statement about Caylee being close..

Objection.  Sustained.

Deen excused.

Recess called.

Baez calls Alex Roberts.  Another Orange County meter reader supervisor.

December 11, when Caylee’s remains were found did Roy Kronk read any meters on Suburban Drive?  No.

So he just went straight to the woods?

Objection.  Sustained.

Mr. Kronk couldn’t work anymore that day?  Correct.

You had to send someone out to complete his rounds?  Yes.

When you arrived on Suburban, what was Mr. Kronk doing?  Smoking a cigarette and leaning up on the County truck.

What did he say to you about the reward?

Objection.  Baez says it goes toward impeachment.

Judge Perry says to approach…

What was Mr. Kronk’s demeanor?  Smoking nervously, leaning on the truck.

Did Roy ever tell you he called 911 4 times?


Witness excused.

Baez calls Sgt. Dennis Moonsammy.  Orange County Corrections.  Casey has been housed there since October 2008.

Is Casey Anthony under some special status there?

Objection.  Sustained.

Perry tell them to approach again…

Big legal issue to take up so Perry releases the jury at 4:35pm.

Baez on proffer.

Casey is in protective custody because she is a high profile case.

Do she stay in her cell?  Yes 23 hours.

She’s been in protective custody for the last 2 1/2 years?  Yes.

How is her demeanor?  She’s a model prisoner.  He engages Casey daily and she has been pleasant, always smiling.

Is her behavior different or unusual to you from other inmates?  No.

Is she always happy and pleasant?  Yes.

State has no questions.

Baez calls Marlene Baker.

Perry says Court maintains it previous rule of not relevant or material…

She works in Corrections and she observed Casey for about a year and a half.  She says Casey was pleasant.

Is Ms. Anthony under protective status?  Yes.

Does being in the cell for 23 hours a day cause inmates a lot of stress?  Yes.

Especially one facing the death penalty?  Any inmate under those conditions would.

Did Casey’s behavior change.  Sometimes she would cry when she was upset.

But overall she was happy and smiling?  Yes.

Now he wants to proffer Jesse Grund.

Sidebar again…

Folks, I truthfully have no freakin clue what they are doing!  Of course she behaves in jail, that’s how she manipulates people so she can little extras, like passing notes to inmates, etc!

Jesse Grund called.

Were you engaged to Casey?  Yes.

Do you recall a conversation with Casey about Lee?  Yes, I was uncomfortable around Lee.  He was quite and sullen.

Did she tell you she didn’t want Caylee around Lee?  Yes.

What did Casey tell you?  That she woke up and found Lee staring at her while she slept and another time he was groping her.

Did you cut the conversation short?  Yes, I believed Casey at the time and that’s all I needed to hear, I didn’t want to be around Lee.

Sounds to be hearsay according to the State.

Perry says it doesn’t appear to be admissible, but grants them the evening to research further.

Finnell will argue the motion by phone tomorrow at 8:30.

Dr. Karioth wasn’t deposed because she had no facts in the case so the State will proffer.

Baez says Kaioth was here Saturday to be deposed and Ashton refused.  If she comes down I want her to testify.

Judge Perry asks Ashton why he didn’t take the depo.  Ashton says she was scheduled for Saturday however they had to take Rodriguez at 1:30.  Baez said she has no facts in the case and he was ok with proffer.  She didn’t offer any opinions so what was I to depose her on?

Baez says we were all tired Saturday and Mr. Ashton is incorrect and he should be responsible.

Baez says she will testify tomorrow.

Perry says he doesn’t have a crystal ball as to her testimony.

Judge Perry says he will listen to the testimony, but expects they will be Pop Tarts tomorrow.

This explains the correction folks proffer!

Defense says after Karioth they have 6 more witnesses.

5:19 Court ends till 8:30 tomorrow!

  1. Kim
    06/28/2011 at 5:42 pm

    Sigh – don’t tease me with Yuri and a cot


    Well, did we have fun today? Mr. Kronk showed Mason, didn’t he!!!

  2. Kim
    06/28/2011 at 5:42 pm

    Oh and I can smell Baez’s desperation all the way here in Texas 😉

  3. donchais
    06/28/2011 at 5:47 pm

    I know where the cot is kept, lol!

    Kronk did a great job and Mason is just a crazy old, arrogant coot. The defense hasn’t come through on anything said in their crazy-ass opening and that will not escape the jury one iota!

  4. kas
    06/28/2011 at 6:02 pm

    It was like, after a certain point, Mason said to himself:”I shall break him!!!” But there was nothing to break. The guy didn’t do ANYTHING wrong.

    I also got the distinct impression Mason began his questioning thinking Kronk had called 911 and specifically reported “a skull”, and realized sometime during the questioning (the 6th hr.??) that he never did that.

  5. donchais
    06/28/2011 at 6:06 pm

    kas, I couldn’t figure out what Mason thought he was going to get. He kept saying you found a skull and Kronk kept saying I never said it was a skull, just that it looked like it could be!

  6. 06/28/2011 at 6:26 pm

    Mason didn’t lay a glove on him. I was worried about his testimony because of all the hoopla
    the talking heads were putting out there. Oh, he was so questionable, etc. He seemed like a regular guy to me and I’m sure (with the exception of Sunny Huston,spelling) with the jury. Nobody can remember everything to perfection (except Cindy) after 3 years. I don’t think I believe George, though.

  7. offthecuff
    06/28/2011 at 8:08 pm

    I believe Mason wanted Kronk to be SURE that was a body and that he indeed LIFTED it, because he needed to have known all along there was a body, since he, according to Mason, put it there.

    What a LEAP! Mason should try out for lawyer Olympics!

    But Kronk was well prepped to say he was very UNsure. He wasn’t for sure it was a skull, until Dec when he tipped it. Then he freaked, as his employer attested to.

  8. offthecuff
    06/28/2011 at 8:13 pm

    I wish the lawyers had asked Dean more about how he felt about Kronk getting the money for the find and the snake picture when he himself had so much to do with both. but I suppose that’s more a question for Dr. Phil to ask

    Kronk really did need that money though. For the reasons he himself shared: his ex-wife. As I understand he owed quite a bit in child support or other issues.

    I wonder, in the end, how much, if any, he actually pocketed.

  9. donchais
    06/28/2011 at 8:42 pm

    Ya know, the defense blew everything with their bizarre opening and trying to pin it on anybody and everybody. Kronk was nothing more than a mostly well intentioned sap, with a not so stellar background, who got caught up in the publicity machine this case turned into. Deen is just another bit player.

    Ultimately, Caylee paid the price for all the sad-sacks attached to this case, birth mother, grandparents, uncle, attorneys, media whores and ambulance chasers!

  10. 06/29/2011 at 1:30 am

    Kim- Are we the only two who are yearning for Yuri? Sigh.. he’s probably married anyhow, but of all the torments with this case, this is the only one I am enjoying!

    And no mention that Judge Perry said when the defense is done he will be asking Casey if she wants to testify!!! You KNOW she will say yes…

  11. ritanita
    06/29/2011 at 6:34 am

    “What a bunch of yahoos the Anthony’s are! George comes off as snarky and hostile, Cindy comes off as an untruthful motormouth and Lee comes off as goofball who harbors a truckload of anger toward his family and now sees an opportunity to get back at them!”

    Line of the day!

  12. 06/29/2011 at 7:35 am

    Did anyone else have a reaction to Lee’s silly giggly behavior when asked about whether he was taken in by Casey’s lies?

  13. BusterBluth
    06/29/2011 at 8:52 am

    What just happened? I’m confused. Is Judge Perry waiting to decide if she gets the DP?

  14. Reality
    06/29/2011 at 9:30 am

    The defense shot themselves in the foot from the get go. They chose to go the sleazy avenue, like their client. Now they’ve been trying to start over by trying to force an error on the part of the judge and sneak a mistrial. But it’s NOT going to happen with Chief Judge Perry! It’s time to put the defense out of their misery and move on to the verdict and penalty phase, and save taxpayers’ money!

  15. donchais
    06/29/2011 at 10:16 am

    No Buster. Perry will rule after verdict. We are only in the guilt phase. The penalty phase is yet to come!

  16. George
    06/29/2011 at 12:59 pm

    Amazing to me how the defense is helping the state make their CIC…….The defense witnesses Kronk and others at the company testify about the how deep the water was at the site through the summer; Baez opens the door to George Anthony’s suicide attempt and his
    “guilt” in his letter to his family.

    State was going to bring this up in their CIC but Defense opens the door to all of this in their CIC……

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