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Casey Anthony – Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too


August 2005 ~ June 2008

The defense stated yesterday they have some 6 witnesses left to present.  Rumor has it they plan to introduce Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too!  Well, how could it hurt?

The defense has failed miserably and Kronk was just the icing on the cake.  A rambling, bumbling Cheney Mason didn’t score any points on direct and the defense doesn’t appear to be capable of writing the final chapter of their fairy tale!

Just a feeling, I do expect something totally outrageous from the defense today!

8:29 am – OMG, Judge and State in court, Finney on the phone and the rest of the defense is missing!

Casey sits alone at the defense table!


Finnell asserts the death penalty is unconstitutional.  She asks for a mistrial and admits she hasn’t discussed with Casey, but believes someone from the defense house and Judge Perry explains none of the team is there.  Casey says she can answer and agrees with Finnell’s request for mistrial.

Judge Perry not happy with the absence of the defense!

Ashton argues the Evan’s case from So. Florida is the only case involved in the ruling and still needs to work its way through the courts.

Casey’s case involves aggravators not present in the Evans case.  Evans was a contract murder, not a felony murder.

8:40 Mason and Fryer show up!

Judge Perry cites several cases, all of which resulted in execution!  Judge Perry reserves ruling until a verdict is reached and tells Finnell if she finds additional cases she wishes to include, he will review them.

Recess until 9am.

8:51 Baez makes an appearance and gets into deep discussion with Linda Burdick.

Baez calls Cindy Anthony.

Do you recall there was an incident with your son Lee going into Casey’s room at night?  No.

Were you ever aware of any incidents of…

Objection, hearsay.

Did you ever have to deal with…



The whole Lee ‘groping’ is hearsay no matter who the defense puts on the stand and Cindy just said no!  End of story, move along!

Do you recall 6 months ago you believed Caylee was still alive?  Yes.

And in January 2009 you had a memorial for Caylee?  No, February.

You had Caylee cremated?

Was you ability to block all of the out part of your faith?

Objection.  Sustained.

8/14/08, you visited your daughter in jail?  Possibly.

Do recall viewing the video where you said your husband George had blown up at the media?  Ye.

This was in reference toa question as to an accident?

Objection.  Sustained.

Why did you tell your daughter your husband blew up?

Objection.  Sustained.

You related it was a new theory?  Yes, it wasn’t a new theory, but to the media.

You told the police about the pool theory?  I told them about the ladder.

Casey said after you had mentioned George had blown up, that she had heard?  She said she was aware.

That isn’t true because it just happened?  I don’t know because someone in the jail could have told her.

Linda on cross…

You recall when you related what the media was suggesting, your daughter said, ‘surprise, surprise’?  Yes.

Objection, how does she know what my client was responding to?


What the media was doing was suggesting to you was that Caylee was deceased?  Yes, it was very upsetting.

Cindy stands down.

George Anthony called.

Holy cow!  As George walked by Baez he gave the scariest, bring it on, stink-eye look I have ever seen!

Not a good shot but you get the idea. –>

You recall your testimony about your law enforcement experience where you said, we caught them in the house, in the car…..

Objection, reading from a document not in evidence.  Sustained.

Baez shows George the statement.

How did you know Caylee would be found in the woods?  You are taking my smelling decomposition in the woods while in  law enforcement experience out of context.

Objection, approach the bench…

If this is how the defense plans to end, they will have managed to totally alienate the jury – they are not morons who just fell off the turnip truck!

Did you tell the police that you smelled decomp in the woods before?  Yes.

In a house?  Yes.

In a car?  Yes.

You walked the woods area on Suburban while Caylee was missing?  Yes.

Weren’t you also spotted in another wooded area?

Objection.  Sustained.

In October 2008, were you in another wooded area?  Yes, looking to set up a command tent.

You were going to set up a KidFinder tent in the woods?  Adjacent to.

On the 16th of July, you told Det. Melich the car smelled?  Absolutely, I was hysterical and upset and looking for any information about my granddaughter.

The night the police were called, you were hysterical and upset?  Absolutely.

Did you tell Det. Melich something happened to Caylee and Casey had something to do with it?  I was looking for any answers, my granddaughter was missing, no matter how you want to spin it.

On July 24, you told police you smelled decomposition in the car?  Yes.

Did you tell them Casey lives on the edge?  Probably, she does.

You told police that Casey lies as far as she can take it?

Objection.  Sustained.

Did you tell Melich, Allen on July 24, that Casey takes things as far as she can?  If that’s what written, yes.

Did you say nothing but negative things about your daughter?  Sure, I was saying anything to get information.

And the next day you visited her in jail?  Possibly.

And you were saying nice things to her?  Yes, I was trying to keep her upbeat.

And this is after you threw her under the bus….


You’re aware your daughter wanted to be bonded out?  Yes.

The reason you wouldn’t bond her is because you weren’t willing to put up the house…

Objection.  Sustained.

Uhhh, the house was already over-mortgaged!


Baez keeps inserting nasty comments and innuendo in the jury’s presence.  Yeah, he is getting called on them or withdrawing, but he is putting the bullshittery out there!

You testified that you were 100% sure you smelled decomp in the car?  Yes.

Do you recall your deposition on August 5?  Yes.

Baez is taking the statement out of context and Judge Perry makes Baez read the entire entry which comes back around to there was trash in the trunk, but it’s apparent we were talking about human decomp because George stated he was worried he would find Casey or Caylee in the trunk.

After smelling this smell you called 911?


And then you drove the car home?


Then you went to work?  Yes, my emotions were all over, I know what I did that day.

Did you go on multiple media outlets professing your daughter’s innocence?  Possibly I did.

Late January 2009, you attempted to commit suicide?  Yes, I did.

You left a suicide note?  Yes.

You professed guilt?

Objection.  Sustained

You professed some guilt?


Were you hospitalized after?  Yes.

And a week later you were appearing on the media advocating for your daughter?  I might have.

Do you recall being on 48 Hours and receiving $25k?  I have tried to be nice to you and answer your questions.  We did that to call attention to my granddaughter and what she meant to me and my family and other missing children.

All these media appearance stopped when the allegation of abuse came out?  I believe that was through you sir.


Judge Perry calls a recess.

Way too funny!  By being the sleazy pig that he is, with this line of questioning Baez  is bolstering the State’s case and damning Casey, IMO.

There is a stipulation being prepared…

You were questioned by Mr. Ashton if you molested your daughter?  I never molested my daughter.

You are aware of the penalties for molesting a child that is underage?


You would never admit to it?  I would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way.

Only in that way?


Baez brings up the gas can and places it on the witness stand.

That is your gas can?  Yes.

On June 24 that gas can was missing?  Yes.

You called the police and reported it stolen?  Yes.

Is that the first time you reported them stolen?  Yes.

And your daughter had used the gas cans before?  Yes.

You said the gas can did not have duct tape on it when you gave it to police?  I don’t believe I said that.

Did that gas can have duct tape on it when you gave it to police?  It could have.

In your deposition you stated there was no duct tape on it?  If that what my deposition says, yes.

This is so out-of-control…YOU MUST WATCH it for yourselves!

You testified the tape was not on the can, do you remember that?  Yes, if that is what it says.

I got it!  Baez is going for George put the duct tape on the can and he must have also put it on Caylee, hence George must have killed Caylee!  Point is, anybody in the house could have put the duct tape of the friggin can!!!

George says the day Casey gave back the gas cans, there was no duct tape on the can.  The valve was missing and at some point maybe he did put tape over it, maybe he didn’t.

An obviously angry Judge Perry tells them to approach…

I understand Linda, Jeff and Frank have all signed a thank you card addressed to Baez for helping make their case!

When Casey gave you the gas can on June 24th, it did not have duct tape on it?  Correct.

When you gave the cans to the police, did you say it didn’t have tape on it in your deposition?

Objection, not in evidence.

Ashton on cross.

You were upset in deposition because of the implication your daughter had harmed your granddaughter? Yes.

July 2008 did you ever believe your daughter killed your granddaughter?  No.

In December you learned your granddaughter’s remains had been found?  Yes.

Till that moment had you held out the hope Caylee would be found alive?  Absolutely.

George just turned into a weeping, emotional wreck.

January 22, 2009 you went and got a gun?

Objection.  Overruled.

May we approach?

A court officer just took George off the stand and escorted him to his attorney.  Casey is pissed and shaking her head no!

Jury removed.

Baez claims Jeff had no good faith basis to ask about the gun.

Jeff says he does believe George will testify he bought the gun to force friends and acquaintances of Casey to give him answers about Caylee and then kill himself…says it’s in his suicide note which will be offered in rebuttal!  He also gives Judge Perry case-law to back it up!  Proves George had NO idea who killed Caylee, in January 2009

Casey looks mighty worried now!  She knows the implications!

Baez claims the suicide note is hearsay!

Baez claims what Ashton is doing is self-serving.

Judge Perry says to Baez, you asked the question if Mr. Anthony attempted suicide?  Yes.

What was the purpose of asking it?  It’s a fact in this case.  Was it a plea for emotion or attention, could be!  It’s up to the jury to decide.

Judge Perry asks Baez, is it an attempt to infer that he was so guilty for molesting his daughter and it caused such guilt?  Yes sir, it could be.

Judge Perry says the defense opened the door and Mr. Ashton is trying to walk through it!

Man, the State doesn’t have to ring the bell, the defense just opens the door for them!

Proffer by Ashton.

In August 2008, you obtained a firearm?  Yes.  I felt I could get answers about what happened to Caylee.

Based on what Casey told you?  Yes.

You were going to do that at gunpoint?  Yes, sir.

August, the gun was taken by LE because Casey was living in the home?  Yes, it’s against the rules.

January 2009, you went to a hotel with the intention of taking your life?  Yes.

Did you take pen to paper to let your family know why you were taking your life?  Yes.

George identifies the note.

He also acknowledges sending text messages to his family telling them not to worry.  I believed I failed Caylee.

Police found him before he could act.

George acknowledges he wrote many of the unanswered questions he had in the note.

Baez says this and the firearm have nothing to do with the case at hand.

Judge Perry rules, tuff noogies Mr. Baez, you lose for opening the door.

Jury back in….

In August 2008 did you purchase a firearm?  Yes.

Why?  I wanted to get answers about my granddaughter.

These answers were from friends or associates who may have had information and you were going to get that at gunpoint?  Yes.

LE confiscated the gun?  Yes, because Casey was out on bond and in the home.

January 22, 2009 after the remains had been found, did you travel to a hotel in Daytona Beach to take your life?  Yes.

Why?  My emotional state because my granddaughter was gone and it just seemed the right time.

George called family to say goodbye without telling them his was going to commit suicide, he also acknowledged writing a suicide note to Cindy.

Casey is just uber glaring at George.

Without the intervention of LE, you would not be here today?  Yes, that’s correct.


During your depo with Mr. Ashton, you were questioned about the gas cans?  Yes.

You were sparring about the gas cans and duct tape?  I guess you could classify it as that.

When you got the gun, your daughter was out on bond?  Yes.

You and your family met with Correction Officers about the house rules for somebody on house arrest?  Yes.

You knew that a firearm was not allowed?  Yes.

Shortly later LE arrived about the presence of the gun and Casey almost went back to jail?  Yes.

Before you tried to commit suicide you bought beer?  Yes.

How much, a six-pack, a 12 pack?  I don’t recall.

You took blood pressure pills?  I had a number of medications with me.

Do you know what police removed from the hotel room?  No I do not.

On Dec. 11, police searched your house and took the gas cans?  I don’t know I wasn’t home.

But they left an inventory list?  There were over 70 items on that list.

They left a property inventory and the gas cans were on that?  I don’t know I didn’t return for several days.

You were at the Ritz Carlton?  Arrangements had been made for me and my wife to stay there, yes.

Judge Perry tells him to stop because the jury has a special lunch, today.

Whoa, just for fun, a problem happened outside at lunch time with Judge Perry. A group of protesters were shouting at him. A number of deputies were called to assist! What I believe was a protester and about 5 deputies came out of chambers.  Perry is dealing with that before resuming the trial.

Whatever you’re wanting for, we got it!

Court resumes 1:57pm

Baez still on redirect…

December 20 another search warrant was issued for your home?  Yes.

You got confrontational with the officers?  Yes.

And, you were sent outside to wait?  Yes.

Next the State Attorney’s office issued a subpoena for your fingerprints?  Probably.

Late December, early January was when the Hoover/Casey video appeared?  I guess.

Did you ask Dominic Casey what he was doing in the woods?  I didn’t know about the video?

Did you ask what he was doing in the woods?  No.

Did you ever ask Casey what he was doing in the woods a month before Caylee was found?  No.

Were the walls closing in January?  I don’t understand.

You knew you were being investigated?  I have always cooperated with anyone including you.

All of that cooperation ended December when you found out you were being investigated?  All kinds of people have been investigated in this case.

You called many people to tell them you were going to commit suicide, including me?  I called a number of people.

After you left the hospital, you immediately made media appearances?  Do you have a particular day?


You appeared on Larry King on December 10.

You were notified that remains had been found?  Yes, before we boarded the plane.

You were taken to the Ritz Carlton?  Yes, someone had arranged that.

You had dinner that night at the Ritz Carlton with Mr. Baez?

Baez asks to approach…

LMAO!  It was Baez opening yet another door when he brought up the Ritz Carlton!

From July 16th through December 11, did you cooperate with LE?  Yes.

Did you cooperate with Mr. Baez?  Yes, I cooperated with anybody.

December 19 after the remains were identified is when you were angered?  Yes.


The people who paid for the Ritz Carlton was Good Morning America?  I have no idea who paid.

Did you have to do anything for that?  No.

Interviews?  No.

Anthony released.

Defense calls Brandon Sparks – Kronk’s son.

I assume the State is going to be all over as hearsay!

He is active duty US Coast Guard.  He is out to sea 3-4 months at a time..

Roy Kronk is his bio-dad, but they have been estranged since he was 8 years old.

He reached out to Kronk in June of 2008.  He and Kronk spoke through February 2009 by phone.

Did you speak to your father about this case?

Objection hearsay.

Did your father indicate he knew something about the case?  Yes.  In November he claims Kronk told him he knew where the remains were.  I asked him why he didn’t go to anyone about it…

Objection, hearsay.  Sustained.

Stipulation of agreement regarding Sparks cell phone records.

Records received in evidence.

Did your father mention he had found Caylee’s skull? Yes.

Prior to December 11?  Yes, it was in November.

How are you so sure?  It was Thanksgiving and I told my mother and wife and then forgot about it.

Did he make any other statements about this case?  No.

Did you have any ill-will toward your father at that time?  No.

Linda on cross…

In 2008 you were living in Virginia Beach?  Yes.

In 2009 you signed a statement prepared for you for whatever knowledge you had in this case?  Yes.

Linda shows the phone records to Sparks.  The calls to his father are highlighted in yellow.

When you started speaking to your father, you kept that from your mother?  Yes.

Which call are you referring to in 2008?  I can’t tell you.

Because of the numerous calls in November?  Yes.

It wasn’t until you were reminded by your mother and wife in December?  Yes, I had forgotten about it because it seemed too far-fetched.

After December 11, when you were talking with your wife and mother is when you remembered?  Yes.


When you signed the statement in 2009 that was after you spoke to an investigator?

Objection.  Sustained.

Did you speak to anybody in LE?  Yes, a detective, Mortimer Smith!

Smith ain’t no detective!


Your father didn’t tell you him removed the skull from the scene?  No.

This is bogus, it was his mother and wife who were looking to cash in on any reward Kronk might receive!

Sparks is excused.

Roy Kronk recalled.

Before the police arrived, you were put aside?  I waited in my truck for them.

Police took you to a private area?  To their car.

At that time you gave a recorded statement?  Yes.

You told them what you saw and did?  Yes.

Did you tell them on 2 occasions you did not touch anything?  Yes.

You did not tell them you had physical contact with the skull?  Is touching it with a meter stick physical contact?

Who did you tell you called Crimeline?  The officer who appeared on the scene?

Did he tell you to keep your mouth shut?  He asked me to keep quite, but not to keep my mouth shut.

In a meeting with LE and your attorney, did you respond…Baez starts reading from a statement and Linda objects.

Judge Perry says bring the statement to the bench…

So much drivel, such a waste of time!

Baez is going on about Kronk originally said he thought the skull fell out of the bag and after thinking about it when he calmed down he changed it to the skull was on the ground.

Remember, Kronk did pick up a bag and held out in front of him, then he saw the skull on the ground.  His confusion was the skull had rolled out of the bag!  We did this yesterday!

Judge Perry calls recess…

Heavy storms moving through Orlando and the feed is getting choppy.

Next witness, Deputy Eduard Turso.

First responder to Suburban.

Did Kronk tell you he called Crimeline in August 2008?  No.

So you never told him no to tell anyone?  No.

Deputy excused.

Yuri Melich called! 

Hold the cream and sugar, thanks!

Did you respond to Suburban Drive?

Did you speak with Roy Kronk?  Yes, 10 or 15 minutes.

Did you interview Mr. Kronk?  Yes, on tape.

Did Kronk tell you he called Crimeline?  No.

Did you have to clarify the story of the skull rolling out of the bag?  Rolled out or dropped out?

Did he change his story?  He added additional details.

I’m so glad the citizens of Florida are paying for all these bs appearance by LE at Baez’s whim!

Yuri is excused, subject to recall.

Dot calls Dr. Sally Karioth.

She explains her education and gives me a headache with her high opinion of herself and totally unnecessary information.

She has been warned twice for rambling.

A total Norma Desmond twinkie!

She’s been doing the death, trauma and grief stuff for 40 years at no charge and claims she has seen 30,000 patients.

3rd time Judge Perry warns her not to ramble.

Jeff is about to stick a pen in her eye!  She may have to counsel all of us real soon!

Dot offers her as expert in grief and trauma.

Jeff want to voir dire.

Have you published in any peer-reviewed journals?  Yes, articles on terrorism, gay aids, assisting hurricane victims…omg!  She contributed to a book reviewed by the editors at Barnes & Nobel and she considers them as peer reviewers!  Florida Department of Health are peer reviewers…

I think I have just wet myself, this is so friggin funny!

Dottie wants to approach…

You testified as an expert on grief how many times?  A dozen.

Criminal or civil?  Both.

How many for each?  Half and half.

Have you testified in a case where you haven’t interviewed anybody?  Yes, one, a child in boot camp who died.

Jeff objects as to expert status.

Judge Perry cuts the defense a break by accepting her.

Does everyone suffer grief the same way?  No.

Can you give some examples?  I work a lot with people who have lost children…


Judge Perry say to approach…

Dr, a hypothetical…if you have a 22-year old mother with a 2-year old, only child and has a terrific, loving relationship with that child and loses that child, what reactions would you expect to see?



I agree with Ashton, she said everyone reacts to grief differently.  She’s never even met Casey, for god’s sake!

Same question asked.  Again because everybody does it different, I have seen mothers go face down on the bed.  Also, others immediately clean-out the room and give everything away and the child is not spoken of.

College age kids are reluctant grievers and may exhibit risky behavior.

Let’s assume the mother who lost the child comes from a family that copes by denial…

Objection.  Sidebar…

Dot now rattles off the entire story from Casey getting pregnant, Lee feeling left out, George picking up the car that smelled like a dead body, looked for a live child after the child was dead…omg, you have to watch it for yourself!


Being very happy consistent with grief?  Yes.

Very sad?  Yes.

Interest in sex?  When you don’t have words to make you feel better, sex may make you feel better.

Can you give me anything inconsistent with grief?  I can give you things not healthy.

Jeff is pushing her down the road that she can’t really say anything because she doesn’t know the facts of the case.

She was contacted by email at the end of May, beginning of June.

She has been given no facts what-so-ever in this case.

She was living in London and saw nothing on the case at all.

When you walked through the door this afternoon, what did you know about this case?  This was about a young girl who lost a child.

She testified at the Susan Smith trial, but it was to explain why Smith killed her little boys!

Objection. Sidebar.

You know the concept of denial?  Yes.

A child dies and this woman doesn’t tell anyone the child dies.  She goes to her boyfriends, rent movies has sexual relations.  The next 30 days she tells her friends the child is with the babysitter and tells her friends the child is with her mother.  Then she tell her mother she and the child are in Tampa, but everybody thinks she child are still in Orlando.  She then invents a car accident in Tampa….you get the point of the question.

That type of conduct is not consistent with a woman in denial or grief?  Grief makes people do unusual things, but as you described, I would say this person needs some help.

Lets add the element, the mother killed the child…

Objection, not in evidence.

I disagree.

Let’s approach…

Denial is a coping mechanism for things other than grief?  Oh yes.

It can be a coping mechanism for guilt?  Yes, guilt and shame.

You can compartmentalize an unspeakable act?  Yes.

People have an amazing capacity to compartmentalize and rationalize?  Yes, everbody does.

You would believe the bond between mother and child is hard to break?  I don’t think it ever breaks.

Dr. is excused.

5:33pm the jury is released for the evening.

Bench conference…

Defense will rest tomorrow, State need to have people ready to go tomorrow.  Closing will be Saturday, possibly Sunday.

Judge says be prepared to work all weekend.

5:42 we’re done!

Observation:  No way, no how to do justice to it!  Go to WFTV.com and watch part 1 and 2 for George and the last part for Dr, Karioth…you will just not believe your eyes and ears!

  1. kas
    06/29/2011 at 6:16 pm

    “When you do not have words to make you feel better, sex may make you feel better.”– Somebody get that on an inspirational poster with Sally’s head in the background (and a beautiful sunset behind her) STAT!!

    Baez is a piece of work. Every day he amazes me anew.

    I’ll take a Yuri appearance as much as the rest of the ladies, but what?? “Did Kronk, when you spoke to him further, and asked him more questions, offer you more details?”


  2. donchais
    06/29/2011 at 6:21 pm

    Bwahahahaha, giggle, snort! 🙂

  3. Evelyn
    06/29/2011 at 6:39 pm

    Dr. Sally reminds me of Molly Shannon’s Sally O’Malley — I’m Fifty!!!

  4. donchais
    06/29/2011 at 6:46 pm

    OMG! I just spit on my screen!

  5. sophie
    06/29/2011 at 7:07 pm

    I recently lost an uncle who I barely knew but had dear memories of as a child. My aunt divorced him 20 years ago so he was pretty much persona non grata in my family. Still, I mourned this loss. My husband picked that evening to want some shall we say, marital unison and I couldn’t believe he’d even ask that of me at such a time. I can sincerely say that sex was not something that would have made me feel better, and was the last thing on my mind. I have to say that if my CHILD tragically died, no matter an adult or a toddler, I would be so sick in the gut that I don’t know if I could EVER again enjoy intimate relations, or anything else to the fullest extent that I ever had.

  6. donchais
    06/29/2011 at 7:21 pm

    Sorry for your loss Sophie.

    You cannot expect to compare Casey to a normal person…she isn’t, but I believe fully aware of what she did for her own selfish reasons!

  7. BeckyM
    06/29/2011 at 7:27 pm

    I know it’s unpopular, and I know George as well as Cindy and Lee have lied repeatedly trying to protect Casey from the consequences of her own actions… but… George had honest emotions today. When he said “I want to get through this…” really this was a man who was cracking under sincere emotions.

    Baez had attacked him repeatedly in the media and in court. It would have been better for George to hold his tongue but *shrug* I can see why he would be aggrieved.

    Personally, coming from an anger-based family, my male siblings (3 brothers) would have replied to Baez in the same manner (and no we didn’t murder any children, served jailtime, or molested underage female relatives). They would have wanted their own “day in court” to refute being a Child Molester who had his man parts in his daughter’s mouth – as Baez so crudely put it in opening statements and has shown no proof of.

    Kronk held his own – during hours of being battered by Baez. This man deserved what little money he earned! While the man may have family complications and wanted a reward, he came across as straightforward and not willing to roll over for Baez’ “you moved the body” baloney.

    The “grief” lady was a total ditz. I wonder what the jury really thought of her?

  8. donchais
    06/29/2011 at 7:37 pm


    You summed it all up very well, thanks!

  9. 06/29/2011 at 7:46 pm

    I lost my son last August and (not to compare the two) my favorite dog in March. All I wanted to do was be left alone. There’s something seriously wrong with Casey.

  10. donchais
    06/29/2011 at 7:52 pm

    Those of us who feel, even while in pain, are far more human than Casey ever was!

  11. Jo
    06/29/2011 at 8:44 pm

    I am so totally confused. Both Tony Lazzarro and Jesse Grund have said that KC mentioned her BROTHER as to touching her but NEVER her father to anyone.

    Maybe Lee HAS but she had such a close relationship with him that she has projected her brothers advances on to her father? She looks at her father with such seething, loathing, hatefulness that I cannot equate that with what I saw on the jail tapes where she tells him how wonderful he is, what a great grandfather he is and how she was more willing to speak with him than her mother. It comes across almost as if she could speak with him because he was less judgmental than her mother. She spoke with her mother always in anger but not her father. While in jail, would that not have been the BEST time for her to say..”I don’t want to talk to dad. Get him away from me. He makes me sick”. …..anything but what she did alleged. I just don’t get it. And she is one good actress. Laughing, smiling before jury comes in, then poker face and again when they leave Miss Happy Face. Amazing.

    And the “grief lady” reminded me of the botany lady and Dr. Spitz ….time to pack up those books and retire.

  12. 06/29/2011 at 10:27 pm

    I cannot say that there has been ONE defense witness that has proved to me that Caylee was in the pool, drowned and was then packed up and deposited in an unknown place where a meter reader could reclaim her, put her remains in a freezer and then re-placed them sometime later to be rediscovered for a reward… or even ONE witness that has convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt that
    1) a trusting toddler DID NOT climb into the car with her mother and
    2) then was never seen alive again, and
    3) that the mother was NOT the only one who had motive, opportunity and demonstrated post-event behaviors which affirmed the motive, and
    4) finally, that the mother is NOT a socially immature, socio-pathic, narcissistic individual incapable of love and remorse.
    If I had any doubts about Casey’s involvement in this “homicide of undetermined means,” they have been summarily dismissed by the State’s presentation of the evidence.

  13. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 8:32 am

    Oh what a web Baez weaves….
    So looking forward to his closing arguments! Popcorn to share. Check. Front row seat. Check. Visine so I don’t have to blink. Check.

  14. donchais
    06/30/2011 at 8:37 am

    I’m so ready

  15. 06/30/2011 at 8:38 am

    The thing that amazed me the most was the Ritz, the money situation. If I were George. I’d also say, well sir how many appearances did you make on the National Media Shows? What did you spend to $200K on? You tell me and I’ll tell you. GOSH!!! what an idiot.

  16. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 8:54 am

    shyloh :
    The thing that amazed me the most was the Ritz, the money situation. If I were George. I’d also say, well sir how many appearances did you make on the National Media Shows? What did you spend to $200K on? You tell me and I’ll tell you. GOSH!!! what an idiot.

    OMG I was just waiting for him to say “How do you think we’re paying your fees sir?!”

  17. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 9:43 am

    *eek* i luv Ashton he’s destroying River Kruz aka Krystal Holloway aka Secret Agent for President Bush aka George’s mistress

  18. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 10:28 am

    very mature of Baez “that’s all Ashton is saying is blah blah blah….: well said Baez…well said

  19. kas
    06/30/2011 at 1:41 pm

    Buster: Is the Bluth family Banana stand still in operation?? Baez will be in need of work soon.

    (It was a B. Stand, right?)

  20. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 3:11 pm

    kas :
    Buster: Is the Bluth family Banana stand still in operation?? Baez will be in need of work soon.
    (It was a B. Stand, right?)

    HAHA It seems more like Baez and George Bluth will be cell mates. Baez can purchase George’s “Caged WIsdom” DVD’s.

  21. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 3:18 pm

    kas :
    Buster: Is the Bluth family Banana stand still in operation?? Baez will be in need of work soon.
    (It was a B. Stand, right?)

    BTW yes it was a banana stand 😉

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