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Casey Anthony – Last One Out, Close The Door!

August 2005 ~ June 2008

After a parade witnesses, some taking the stand 3 to 4 times, the defense will rest today! The lingering question is, will Casey take the stand?

Many were left scratching their heads yesterday over Dr. Sally Karioth’s testimony.  The question seemed to be, what was the point?  I do think she and Jane Bock might enjoy a nice cup of tea and some butter cookies.

I’ve no doubt the State will offer a meticulously crafted, well-honed rebuttal, but in truth, they don’t have to work all that hard!  The defense provided a whole lot of assistance in helping to make their case!   

All the Anthony’s are present this morning and Lippman is sitting behind the prosecutors table.

Judge Perry takes the bench at 8:52.  Dot has a scheduling question on behalf of Finnell so they saunter off to the bench.

Baez complaining the State just gave him Cindy’s work records and he claims it’s a discovery violation and they may have to ask for a continuance so they can subpoena additional records and possibly take some depositions.

Judge Perry says you knew in advance what Mrs. Anthony would answer when you asked her the questions you did.  You can take depositions after 5pm today.

Nice try Baez, you lose for opening that door and not thinking the State would walk through it!

Krystal Holloway is called.

Are you known by any other name?  Yes, River Cruz.  My father called me River and my mother’s maiden name is Cruz.

Anybody else remember she told everybody she had been in trouble in the past and she changed her name when she moved to Orlando for a ‘new start’?

Do you know George Anthony?  Yes.

How?  I met him at a tent when his granddaughter was missing.

When did you meet him?  In 2008.

Did you have a relationship?  Yes.

An intimate relationship?  Yes.

Did he ever come to your house?  Yes.

How many times?  About 12.

Did you ever loan Mr. Anthony money?

Objection, relevance.



Did you have a conversation with George Anthony about what happened to his granddaughter?  Yes, he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control and he had tears in his eyes.

This was before the remains were found?  Yes, around Thanksgiving.

When did your relationship end with Mr. Anthony?  Around the 4th birthday balloon release.

When the Anthony’s had the memorial were you still in the relationship?  Yes.

Baez shows her a photo of a text message…

After the relationship ended, did you go to the media before being contacted by the police.  No, I did not.

When did the police contact you?  2 years and a half later.

The police showed her several text messages.  She turned over letters that George wrote to her as well as her phone.

Krystal identifies the photo and is received into evidence.

Baez has her read the message…need you in my life…December 16.

Is there a guard gate at your apartment complex?  Yes.

Did you have to instruct the guard not to allow Mr. Anthony to enter?  Yes.

Did the media begin to harass you?


When the police first asked about the affair did you deny it? Yes.

Why?  I thought he would get in trouble and I was embarrassed.

Were you in a relationship?  Yes.

While you were involved with Mr. Anthony?  Yes.

When did you tell them the truth?  Behind the texts.

When you were confronted with them?  Yes.

Did you sell your story to a tabloid?  No.

Did you give an interview?  Yes, he gave me the chance to sell my story in full.

Do you have a twin sister?  Yes.

Are you here testifying truthfully?  Yes.

Ashton on cross…

At the time you inserted yourself in the Anthony’s lives they were already celebrities?  I don’t think they were celebrities.

You sought them out, they didn’t come searching for you?  Yes.

How much did the National Enquirer pay you?  $4,000.

The National Enquirer was the one place that you say would tell your story in a fair an accurate way?  He told it that way.

Now, that’s pretty damn funny!

The story is much sexier if you’re having an affair with George Anthony?  That not true.

You stated George sent you letters?  Yes.

Ashton wants to introduce a letter into evidence and Baez objects.


In this letter did he say he tried to leave messages with your daughter and your husband?  I’m not married.

Did Mr. Anthony know you were in a relationship?  Yes.

Did the letter say he and his wife had a special relationship with you? Yes.

Did he sign one of the letters from he and his wife?  Yes.

On February 17, 2010 you gave a sworn statement to police?  Yes.

You were asked if you were in a romantic relationship with George and you told police no, and then affirmed no.

When did you change the story?  After my sister went to the media.

After your family went to the media?  No.

You said your sister, isn’t she family?  Yes.

When did the Enquirer contact you?  I don’t know.

When did the change occurs in the story?  After I spoke with the police.

Did you tell LE he said I really believe it was an accident and it went wrong and she tried to cover it up?

He has her read her statement.

Did he tell you he was present when the accident occurred?  No.

He never said Casey said it?  No.

Did he tell you he threw Casey against the wall, choked her….

Objection, sidebar…

Well, her 15 minutes is turning out to be costly!



The statement about Mr. Anthony believing it was an accident, do you remember that?

That statement was taken out of context?  Yes.

This statement was made while he making a media appearances looking for his granddaughter?  Correct.

He told you his granddaughter was dead?  Yes.

Why did you go to the Enquire?  Because I was told the media would edit my story and he let me tell the whole story.


Again Jeff has her read from her statement…

Baez objects…

Sidebar again!

This is nothing but a whole lot of stupid and doesn’t prove squat!

George made clear to you he had no first-hand knowledge of what happened to his granddaughter?  Correct.

You told police he knew it was an accident that snowballed out of control?  Correct.


You said, he didn’t say he knew?  Yes.

Baez thinks he DID know…semantics!



OMG, enough already!

Judge Perry lets the jury go for special break.

There seems to be some issue about two different reports!

Baez says he withdraws the question and Jeff wants an instruction for the jury they can use the testimony for impeachment only.  Baez objects.

Judge Perry crafts an instruction.

Holloway excused and Judge Perry reads the instruction.

Dominic Casey called…as is a sidebar!

Baez shows Casey a map and an email that he identifies.  He says the map indicates where he searched.

Entered into evidence.

Cross by George…

The areas you marked aren’t exact are they?  No, they’re general.


This is the only place you searched for a deceased Caylee?  Yes.

Witness excused.

Stipulation offered on a video.  It’s the video with the Henkel tape.

Defense calls George Anthony.

Did you see the video?  Yes.

Did you see the duct tape?  Yes.

Was that your duct tape?  Could have been anyone’s.

George says he doesn’t know the location of the video, they had several command centers.

Did anyone else bring Henkel duct tape to the command center?  I have no idea.

Did you come from Ohio?  Yes.

That’s where Henkel duct tape is made?  I have no idea.

When you were in Ohio, you had a dog named Mandy?

Objection, relevance.


Did there come a time when the dog had to be put to sleep?  Yes.

Did  you pick up the dog from the vet?  Yes.

Was the dog in a blanket?  Yes.

And put in a trash bag?  I guess.

Wrapped in duct tape?  You’re going back 30 years.

Was Casey born yet?  No.

What about the dog named Beau?

Was Beau buried in a plastic bag wrapped with duct tape?  Probably.

How old was Casey?  Maybe 4-5.

Baez goes through a bunch of cats and dogs.

When you found out Caylee was found wrapped in blankets and bags, did you tell LE, in the past three years, that was how you used to bury your pets?

Objection…yup, sidebar!

No further questions

Ashton on redirect…

Have you ever taken a dead pet and thrown them in a swamp?  No.


Cindy Anthony called.

Did you have a dog named Mandy in Ohio?  Yes.

Was Casey alive when she passed?  Yes, a toddler.

Mandy was buried wrapped in a blanket in black plastic with tape.

Duct tape?  No.

Lord, we go through all the family pets again!

Well, we know where Casey got the idea.

Linda on cross…

You did not euthanize your own pets with chloroform?  No.

Did you put duct tape on any of the animal’s faces?  No.

Burying you pets this way was a tradition in your family your kids were aware of?  Yes.

By a senior in high school, Casey was aware of the way you buried the animals?  Yes.


Lee Anthony called.

How old were you when Mandy passed away?  3-4.

When is the first time you remember your family having to bury a pet?  When Cinnamon died, he buried her.  She was in a black plastic bag with duct tape.

He wasn’t present for any other burial except for his grandmother’s dog.  Black plastic and tape.



11:30 Judge calls lunch!

I’m confused!  Unless Casey is insisting on taking the stand and they need extra time to try to convince her otherwise, they should have just rested!

Mason wants to take up Cindy’s employment records.  Judge Perry says to finish and they will take up arguments.

Baez asks for sidebar…

Baez has no more witnesses and Casey will not testify!

A stipulation is read for the defense to offer into evidence the business records for Henkel tape!

Baez announces the defense rests.  The jury is asked to step out while court business is taken up.

The State will rebut and says it will take less than a day.

Mason takes issue with the Gentiva employment records for Cindy to impeach her testimony about doing the computer searches on chloroform.  They reject this new testimony as a discovery violation because they knew from 2-year old testimony of Cindy that she would say she would admit to the chloroform searches.

Linda has a one page document that shows login and logout information.  Report of received and sent emails on the days in question.

To be blunt, Cindy is in deep shit!

Mason claims trial by ambush and the information is prejudicial.

Judge Perry doesn’t seem to be buying the defense argument.

Baez asks what if Mrs. Anthony gets on the stand and claims the 5th?

Judge Perry says they will deal with that if it happens, but that would cause all of her testimony to be thrown out.

Baez says it’s too late in the game and he doesn’t want the jury left with the idea the defense offered untruthful testimony!

Judge Perry rules this is not a discovery violation!

How much time does the defense need to review the records and be able to intelligently cross the witness?
Dottie says she doesn’t know how much time she would need!

The Gentiva computer guy needs to return to Atlanta for a doctor appointment.  Perry wants to know if the appointment can be changed or if the appointment is at 7:45 can he catch an early flight back to Orlando.

Ashton says he’ll find out.

Court at ease…

Cindy made a hasty retreat from the courtroom with Lippman!

Those of you who believe Baez had NO idea Cindy would lie, press your true buzzer now!

Baez and Cindy may have helped seal Casey’s fate!

Argument is now about allowing the jury to smell the can with the decomp air sample.

Lots of case-law being tossed back and forth…

Judge Perry says no way on the decomp odor can if the jury requests it!

Jury being brought back and sure as hell, sidebar called…

For rebuttal, State calls Alina Burroughs.  OCSO CSI.

She was responsible for photographing items in the Anthony home.  She identifies the photos of clothing items found in a wooden box in Caylee’s bedroom.

Received in evidence.

Burroughs is excused.

Dominic Casey drawings entered into evidence.

Ask that Joe Jordan TES documents be entered…

Baez objects, yup, you got it, side freakin bar!

Evidence, modified, entered.

George’s suicide note is entered and published to the jury.

State has nothing more to offer today.

Judge Perry tells the jury he believes they will be given the case Saturday afternoon!

He releases the jury for the day at 3:32pm.

There is a photograph and some gentleman that will be brought in, court at ease at the moment.

Matthew Bartlett, 28 years old.  He identifies himself in the photo raising his middle finger to Jeff Ashton while court was in session.

Judge Perry shows him the court sign which prohibits gestures and expressions.

He agrees the court officer also verbalized the rules as they entered.

Judge Perry asks why he shouldn’t be held in contempt?

He said he’s sorry, it was stupid and he doesn’t even know why he did it!

What did he do to deserve the middle thing?  It was a stupid thing.

Was the jury present when you did that?  Yes sir.

Judge Perry tells him he could have jeopardized the entire case.

Judge Perry finds him guilty of direct criminal contempt, 6 days in jail, $400 fine and $223 court fees.

A public defender is appointed for him to appeal, he is cuffed and led out.

3:50pm Judge Perry calls it a day!

  1. kas
    06/30/2011 at 4:19 pm

    I cannot believe (who am I KIDDING???) the pet burial thing. Baez just explained the whole borrowing the shovel incident to the jury. What once was a “?”, now makes perfect sense. It was her first instinct.

  2. 06/30/2011 at 4:20 pm

    Talk about ending with a whimper. I think the pet funeral thing points the finger more at Casey than George.Talk about bungling, Baez even managed to get the suicide note in. He wouldn’t have been in worse shape if he hadn’t put on evidence.

  3. 06/30/2011 at 4:51 pm

    yes hello to all here.bozo did this to himself he opened the door and now the note that george made out when he wanted to take his life is in wow bozo what a lousy laywer you are.you chenny and casey are cut from the same cloth but look you found each other which is amazing.bozo dont care if he wins this trial or looze this he has his money already from a book deal.simms is a hungary bitch thinking she can get casey off by challenging the forensic experts but what a fool she is she thew it out the window because she is another one that does not know how to ask proper questions so she can join the other 3 there at the table.simms you need to stay home and clean your house not working for free.l quess she must have money or she just knows she will be on tv so now she got her 15 minutes of fame without doing nothing really?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she knows nothing just like bozo marie.both come from the same school so they were both from the same grade.bozo will be held in comtempt soon after trial and ashton will be filing something on bozo to the bar.will he have a job after this ?dont know and dont care.casey paid for what she got which is shit.the questions that bozo made today from his mouth on how they the anthony marie family burys the pets the same way as for casey the way she did to caylee wrapped them up and double bagging them with duct tape .he slapped himself in the face but you see he is too stupid.bozo will never learn.last night he had a interview with hln shame on him he was only thionking about himself and his big pockets.good day will be back later.

  4. 06/30/2011 at 4:51 pm

    Finger flipping waiter that could cost state millions in a retrial – Baez leaves no stone unturned when retrial potential surfaces. He’s already costing tax payers having Pub defender assigned to appeal. The video of him will quash the appeal

    Doubt highly that TGI will have this Matthew Bartlett waiting tables much longer rendering him unable to pay his fine and fee on the generous lay-a-way plan offered.
    TGI’s on Conroy…the new ground zero for the dingo’s fan base pf men who love psychopaths.

  5. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 4:52 pm

    I wish the camera’s stayed on after the trial is over so we can see what happens to Baez and Cindy. They’z be in a whole heap-uh trouble!!

  6. kas
    06/30/2011 at 4:58 pm

    What were Baez’ exact words in his Opening Statement, regarding the Suicide Note? “…..The contents of which, we may never know…….(fingers crossed)…”

    No wonder Jeff was smiling so broadly throughout the OS.

  7. ritanita
    06/30/2011 at 7:12 pm

    I’ve heard that tomorrow will go until about 11 AM or so, based on the lenght of the defense cross.

    Then, they’ll be going over jury instructions. Nah, I’m not going to take notes on that. I’m going to watch and maybe take a nap.

    Saturday is going to be brutal with about 8 hours of closings!

  8. BusterBluth
    06/30/2011 at 7:16 pm

    Thank you Mike for posting the video of the dumb kid who tried, but failed, to discretely flip off Ashton. I’m so glad he had his left… you know.. handed to him. He clearly left his right one at home b/c had he come to court with both he wouldn’t have been so “kitty” about it. If he was as sorry as he claimed he would have turned to Ashton and apologized to his face. But as shown trying to flick Ashton off he’s a coward. JMO. I wondered if he was a friend of Casey’s or was paid by Baez to make the judge rule a mistrial. I agree though not good advertising for TGIF’s or maybe the kid watched Office Space one to many times and wanted to show his flare Jennifer Aniston style.

  9. Kim
    06/30/2011 at 8:51 pm

    Oh my gosh, donchais!

    What would I have done this week without you?!!!

  10. donchais
    06/30/2011 at 9:27 pm

    Uh, drink less? Seriously, thanks for your kindness, Kim!

    My family and most of my friends think I need to be committed, but I promised Caylee, back in 2008, to see this through! The time, effort, blood, sweat and tears have taken a huge chunk of my life, but the radiant smile and soulful eyes of that little angel made this journey necessary.

    The commitment, dedication to justice, and love all of you have shown for Caylee makes the task worthwhile!

  11. Evelyn
    06/30/2011 at 10:47 pm

    Thanks for allowing me to come here and vent about this bizarre trial. Someone asked what is so fascinaing about the trial. I stated that perhaps it was seeing a sociopath every day on television. Perhaps it was seeing the give and take of a prosecution and defense of the trial. Maybe it was seeing a dysfunctional family almost implode during these last few days. But what it really was about was America keeping watch over a helpless child who got thrown away like trash and will never grow up to become a lovely young lady, never have the hopes and dreams we want for all of our children. We should never forget that every child is worth looking out for by all of us.

  12. TOM
    06/30/2011 at 11:18 pm

    Can someone please explain to me why that guy flipping the bird to Ashton could have caused a mistrial (had the jury been present)??

  13. TOM
    06/30/2011 at 11:21 pm

    Fwiw, the Scott Peterson jury reached a verdict within 11 hrs and 30 minutes – and he got the death penalty.

    I predict the jury will find Casey guilty of murder before 8:30 am Monday, but will not give her the death penalty.

  14. 06/30/2011 at 11:36 pm

    Criminal contempt is no laughing matter and this 28-yr old man is in for a rude awakening to the justice system that he was letting the bird fly around in… and another idiot who thinks that just saying “I’m sorry,” will fix it all… are all of these 20-somethings rendered idiots from watching too much TV and texting all the time?

  15. BusterBluth
    07/01/2011 at 9:06 am

    Kim :
    Oh my gosh, donchais!
    What would I have done this week without you?!!!

    For realz! I’m not going to be able to watch tomorrow 😦 (to much school work to do) I’m glad I found this blog to keep me informed 🙂

  16. Mike
    07/01/2011 at 12:11 pm

    Bartlett’s fiancee told the press the “why” that Bartlett wasn’t man enough to tell the judge nor the cameras rolling in the court room when he was given several opportunities to provide the why and his excuses why Ashton was flipped the bird:

    She claims Barlett thinks prosecution “being too hard” on Casey Anthony.

    Apparently..Bartlett and his mini-me fiancee – both intellectually constipated – think a child’s murder case should be handled “softly” even if the child was eaten by vermin in a garbage dump.

    A cohort of Bartlett’s claims he has impulse control issues. Anyone think he doesn’t control his impulses while waiting tables for those tips?

    Others are saying he has another case pending in FLA for assaulting an elderly man on June 1st but the FLA sunshine laws of publishing mug shots …hard to say if mug shots are the same guy.

  17. Dianne
    07/01/2011 at 4:53 pm

    Cindy is nothing but a liar….wonder where her daughter learned how to lie….When they open their mouth we know they are lying…You make me sick….Wasting all this court time to prove what we knew…LIAR, LIAR, LIAR….Casey should get the death penalty and Cindy should be prosecuted for PERJURY…I DONT’ WANT TO HEAR WELL…I UNDERSTAND SHE IS TRYING TO SAVE HER DAUGHTER….Remember….TO TELL THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH…SHE MADE A DECISION….SO YOU NEED TO PAY…

  18. Teresa
    07/02/2011 at 11:37 am

    donchais – hello! I’ve had a crazy week and am just now getting caught up on all this (once again thanking you for capturing this “circus” everyday) I hope you get this and will comment…So in getting caught up….I am shocked to read about George’s affair. So if we are to believe this woman, then George really knew Caylee was dead while they were all out looking for Caylee?? All that time, George knew? How and why? How do you do that to the granddaughter you profess to love and why do you let people (like us) believe she is still alive? How did he know Caylee was dead? Who told him? Or was he really in on this the whole time? I feel like I am in a different trial right now. So many things are going through my head. I was a firm believer that Casey did this all on her own and she is the only one guilty of everything. Now I am sitting here wondering if good ol’ Daddy played a part in this….for once I am sitting here totally objective wondering if George helped Casey cover this up? What else does George know? And what the hell is written in the suicide note? GOD I used to actually feel sorry for this man. I thought only Cindy and Casey were the true nut jobs. Now I am even wondering if George really did molest Casey. Everything I thought to be true has just gone out the window. Oh and what about Cindy? Is there any reaction to her knowledge about her husband’s affair? Has she said or made any comment? I find it hard to believe she sat there QUIETLY while this River Cruz or whatever her name is…professed to this affair and confided in her instead of Cindy?

  19. 07/02/2011 at 12:06 pm

    update finger flipper info re Barlett via orlandosentinel.com:

    No wonder his mom told the press “I haven’t talked to him in a year”

    The native Texan was booked just more than a year earlier, records show, on a domestic violence charge.

    That arrest stemmed from an incident at the home where Bartlett lives with his parents, an arrest report states, on June 22, 2010. Deputies were called to the Ridgeway Drive home about 3:30 p.m.

    An arrest report states that Bartlett and his girlfriend had gotten into a violent argument with other family members. It was not clear in Sheriff’s Office documents what led to the fight.

    Reports state that Bartlett locked himself in a room at the home, shouted profanity laced threats and later attacked his father when the elder Bartlett broke through the door.

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