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Casey Anthony – Jury Goes To Hotel


A long emotionally charged day ends with no verdict..sleep tight folks!

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  1. Sooz
    07/05/2011 at 2:06 pm

    as you said: “the world is waiting” It is so true. People in Asia, Europe are watching the case as well as those of us in the US demanding justice for this little child.

    Hoping Casey’s karma is the ‘mother’ that doesn’t bake cookies!

    Am guessing she’s not giddy and animated as she was early this morning

    they’re in court . . she’s not so glib . . .

    sidenote . . anyone notice during her exit of court room how she’s been tying her blouses to be skin tight. Have seen the knotted shirt tail . . . she’s been working her male fan base just in case parents don’t take her home to pot of chili

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