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Casey Anthony – Day 2, Verdict Watch


August 2005 ~ June 2008

Casey is brought in just prior to 8:30 and security seems to have beefed-up as there are at least 5 deputies around her.

Casey is highly agitated and speaking animatedly to Dot Sims.

Word from the courtroom is the jurors never even looked at Casey when Judge Perry brought them in.  They don’t appear to be as worn out as they did yesterday and look well-rested.

As is usual in trials, everybody is speculating on when a verdict will be reached.  Lots of chatter that 3 jurors appear dressed-up today.  One is wearing a business suit, one is wearing a tie and another is wearing a blazer!

Judge Perry quickly released the jury to deliberate and so the day begins as folks exit the courtroom.  Interestingly, Jose Baez didn’t show up until 8:42, after the courtroom was locked!

Court Spokesperson, Karen Levy informs the media if a murder 1 or felony murder verdict comes through, it will be 48 hours before the penalty phase begins.  The jurors will be sequestered at their hotel and the alternates will remain with them through the penalty phase.

If Casey is found guilty of only lesser charges, sentencing would happen fairly quickly, within a day or so and/or up to a week.

Casey is being held somewhere in the courthouse and has no access to books or magazines.  A female deputy is guarding her.

What I find truly interesting, encouraging, and touching is that while the world is waiting for the verdict, the public and media focus is shifting again back to Caylee!  The sweet-faced, trusting little baby-girl who met such a tragic end!

Verdict in will be read 2:15pm!!!!!!!

  1. KM
    07/08/2011 at 12:56 pm

    It’s just a coincidence that Casey Anthony’s car trunk smelled like a dead body during the time her daughter Caylee was missing.

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