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Casey Anthony – Time To Pay The Piper or How The Princess Became A Pauper


She may be free, but the cost of that freedom leaves Casey Anthony facing some huge bills.  The State and law enforcement agencies are seeking reimbursement of over $500k spent on the investigation of Caylee’s disappearance.

The 10 a.m hearing finally gets under way at 10:45 due to a large number of other issues before Judge Perry.

Linda Burdick and Frank George are present as are Cheney Mason and Lisabeth Fryer.  No Baez, he must be babysitting today!

Linda Burdick presents her assessment of investigative costs.

Because Casey Anthony filed an appeal on counts 4, 5, 6, and 7, the Appellate Court gave over jurisdiction to Judge Perry’s court to hear this matter.

Linda cites a number of cases in support of her pleading.

Included are costs only from FDLE, MBI, and OCSO.  FBI didn’t make a specific request nor is Orange County Corrections.

Costs are narrowed down to July 15 through Dec. 11, 2008 for salaried cost of employees for those dates.  No patrol expenses are included and no costs for aiding TES or volunteers.

State Attorney’s expenses are for court reporter, witness travel, and expert expenses.

Burdick asks Judge Perry to consider the documents she provided and move them into evidence.  The evidence documents are around 3 inches thick that Judge Perry must wade through!

Mason objects to FDLE because they weren’t listed in the pleading.  Ms. Burdick tells the court that she and Mason discussed FDLE and the defense is in possession of the documents she is referring to and this should not come as a surprise.  Judge Perry asks why can’t the pleading be amended and Mason claims point of law.  Perry asks how would amending the pleading prejudice his client, Mason says it wouldn’t.  Judge Perry tells the State to amend the pleading.

A bunch of witnesses testify to what they did and how much time was involved and, of course, Mason asks meaningless questions about the date of indictment, when they knew Casey didn’t work at Universal, all of Casey’s fictional friends and the trial that these folks would have no knowledge of…they were investigators, not witnesses at the trial!

Mason seems to imply that once Casey was indicted on October 14, 2008 costs should stop there and not run through December 2008 when Caylee’s remains were found.  Nobody stopped investigating in October because they were still looking for a ‘live’ Caylee!  So, it appears the defense concedes Casey is on the hook for a big chunk of dollars.

Yikes!  I’m sure it was an innocent error, but one woman’s time record shows she worked over 1,000 hours in a 15 day period!  Judge Perry directs that a sticky be placed on that particular page.  Sloppy work review by somebody, but it will knock costs down a wee bit!

Judge Perry has another matter to deal with and its lunchtime so he recesses until 1:30pm.

Sheesh, I don’t know what I thought, but I really didn’t expect this to be so involved today!

Bottom line, Mason implies that once investigators found out Casey’s lies, the cost incurred after should not be Casey’s responsibility.  Witnesses very firmly stated the costs are valid because they were still investing a missing child, regardless of Casey being a liar.

Wow!  The woman with the 1,000 + hours is in the hall!   The error is that the time-frame is for 5 months, not a 15- day period…it was a typo!  Linda did a great cleanup!

John Allen is the final witness.  He details the missing person detail of Caylee Anthony and how Casey continued to claim Caylee was taken by ‘Zany’ and was missing.  You saw all this at trial!

This is a two-pronged defense…1.  Try to lower the costs to Casey and 2. Derail the civil case!

Linda closes by saying she found no cases that clearly discuss how to apportion the costs attributable to a convicted defendant.  The State wants no apportionment…going for the ‘kill’!  Had Casey been truthful just once, the costs would never have grown to what they are!

Mason, the prig, claims the State needs to accept they lost the case and so sad, too bad!  Justice was done and this ‘young girl’ was acquitted of homicide and so not responsible!

The expenses for a missing person investigation are minimal…they should have known when Kronk called it was a murder….omfg!

For the second time today, Mason tells Perry, ‘your assistants will go through the documents!  Perry, a bit hot under-the-collar, corrects him for the second time, and says, ‘Mr. Mason, my assistants don’t go through the documents…I DO’!

Who the f**k does Mason think he is?  Arrogant bastard is at his most offensive here!  Now he claims the State specifically attacked him because Jeff Ashton is publishing a book about decomposition.  This man is just insane!  He claims Casey should only be charged $400 in costs.  I am speechless!

Well, it is all up to Judge Perry now…and so we wait for a ruling!  I have utter faith, like it or not, his ruling will be judicious and fair!  He gives both sides till next Friday to submit additional briefs.  This will be awhile because Judge Perry has 21 trials scheduled for the next two weeks, but assures he will get it done before the jurisdiction for his court runs out!

 Oh my!

  1. LCoastMom
    09/02/2011 at 3:22 pm

    Thank you Donchais and kudos – I couldn’t listen to CM even one more time. The man drives me nuts!

    I trust HH Judge Perry to do the right thing too. Will be waiting for the next installment.

  2. donchais
    09/02/2011 at 3:33 pm

    He always makes me nuts, but even he pushed the envelope today!

  3. Jo
    09/02/2011 at 5:00 pm

    Mason is the most classless, tasteless, arrogant attorney I have ever seen in action. That middle finger he likes to use, I suggest he stick it in his ear to plug up his brains which are draining out faster than his mouth can move. Perry still has the patience of Job and Linda still is a class act. How easy it would be just to turn to him and spout what she must really want to say but manages to hold it together.

    It seems straight-forward to me. If she had said from the beginning, her child had drowned in the pool, it would have ended on July 15. After this, I look forward to Equusearch getting their money.

  4. donchais
    09/02/2011 at 5:10 pm

    Jo, in total agreement! All of this is Casey and the defense’s fault. What a waste of time, money and resources. Caylee never drowned in the pool, Casey murdered her to get back at Cindy. Hope every lawsuit against her,the plaintiff wins!

  5. Barb2
    09/02/2011 at 7:12 pm

    Mason is such a pompous twit, at one point it sounded like he was telling the Judge how to run his business.

  6. donchais
    09/02/2011 at 8:20 pm

    Yup, and how dare he? He isn’t fit to lick the Judge’s boots clean!

  7. 09/02/2011 at 9:18 pm

    So, let’s see, CA was CONVICTED of lying for which she is serving one year of probation, and that isn’t proof enough that because of the lies resources were used that could have been applied elsewhere? I do truly hope that HHJP is able to wade through all the documents and rule that the debt must be paid by CA.

  8. ritanita
    09/03/2011 at 9:35 am

    Thanks for covering all the yucky details! I’ll be happy if Judge Perry decides on any six-figure number with the first number being, oh, around 3 or 4! Casey cost the State of Florida a whole lot of money and they deserve to see a huge hunk of it back.

    While Florida is an easy place to shelter income (ask OJ), Ms. A will be in a different position. She will have liens (plural because of the possibility of the other civil lawsuits), against her income and it will be virtually impossible for her to buy a car or a house in her own name with the miserable credit rating it will bring. As we learned from OJ, homes, pensions, and normal living expenses are exempt from seizure. How can they become exempt if she can’t get them in her name in the first place?

    I also heard the probation report last night on HLN. So far, she hasn’t done a thing about getting a job or taking classes. She’d better get on it so she won’t be in violation of her probation!

    One little detail (feel free to delete from my coment) was that the State billed for a $31.00 book Jeffrey (as Mason said) Ashton bought. He thought it was about decomposition. We all know Jeff Ashton is writing a book about the case! I have mine pre-ordered already. November or December is a long time off!

  9. offthecuff
    09/03/2011 at 10:36 am

    There are ways Casey can make money that we can’t even imagine. And ways (through ghost writers or others) that she can obtain funds without anyone ever knowing. We’re talking lawyers here. I have great faith in their craftiness.

  10. Kim
    09/03/2011 at 3:53 pm

    Pompous, arrogant wind bag with only retirement and a dirt bath to look forward to – also his party buddy Baez left him behind holding the bag while Simms and her (lol) spiritual advisers try to turn skank into something palatable to the public


    You KNOW there was no contingency plan for this!!!!

  11. donchais
    09/03/2011 at 4:02 pm

    Too funny, yet too true!

  12. Kim
    09/03/2011 at 4:11 pm

    Hiya Donchais!!! you have been missed!!

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