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Petit Family Murders – Defense Rests


In an effort to spare Joshua Komisarjevsky’s life, the defense presented neuropsychologist, Dr. Leo Shea.  Shea testified to Komisarjevsky’s impaired ability to make quick decisions under stress.  He said if a situation got complex – ‘like a home invasion gone wrong’ – Komisarjevsky would not be able to think straight.

Shea blamed Komisarjevsky’s impairment on a “perfect storm” of drug abuse, childhood sexual abuse and head injuries.

The defense has claimed co-defendant, Steven Hayes, was the ringleader in the gruesome home invasion that left Jennifer Hawke Petit, Hayley Petit, and Michaela Petit dead and Dr. William Petit severely beaten.  It was Hayes, and Hayes alone, who purchased the gasoline and doused the house with it prior to igniting it.

If you listened to Komisarjevsky’s, calm, matter-of-fact, police confession it is apparent from the moment of his arrest, Komisarjevsky intended to place all of the blame on Hayes.

Now, I’m just having some trouble buying into to all of this.  There are a few problems right off the bat.  The prosecution presented testimony, the day of the arrest, Komisarjevsky said he may have poured some of the gasoline and his clothing smelled of gas.

We also know he lied about what he did in terms of sexually assaulting Michaela.

So, I went digging and found some totally disturbing information from Komisarjevsky’s December 2002 sentencing.

Some of the more salient excerpts:


In my almost 15 years as a prosecutor and my eight years as a cop, I will tell the Court — and I’m sure the Court knows this already — that most house burglaries occur during the day, not at nighttime, and that’s basically for this reason.  People who break into houses prefer to break into homes when no one is home, because they basically do not want to be confronted by homeowners.

However, that is an exception in this defendant’s case, because in all of these cases, except for the one case involving the car break, they all occurred at the nighttime — during the nighttime.

…there are a couple things here that I do want to point out, because it shows his planning, it shows his awareness, it shows that he knows what he was doing, in the State’s view, it shows that he was not high on drugs when he committed these crimes, that he was very aware of the situation around him, that he was prepared to commit these crimes, and he knew what he was doing, that he was not a novice breaking into someone’s house.


What you do seem like is somebody who is a predator, a calculated, cold-blooded predator that decided that nighttime residential burglaries was your way to make money.

But the reality of the situation is that these…the crimes that were committed, these 12…you’re a multiple offender. You have now, I think, 17 convictions for burglary, between Bristol and Meriden. That’s definitely a multiple offender. And I would I think it’s fair to characterize your course of conduct as predatory. And I don’t think that that’s unfair.

Komisarjevsky’s attorney

•  “…he’s either going to be a career criminal or never come back here again.  I don’t think there’s and middle road here.”

The 2002 sentencing was almost prophetic and a precursor leading up to the Petit family tragedy.

I ask you, was Komisarjevsky an addled-brained sheep who couldn’t think straight and was being duped by Hayes? Also, we know there were no drugs or alcohol found in Hayes or Komisarjevsky’s systems.

From where I sit, I see a cold, calculating liar with a history of crimes that were well thought out and planned. Komisarjevsky was the ‘perfect storm’ that helped destroy an innocent family and deserves no less a sentence than Hayes.

Closing arguments begin tomorrow.

  1. ritanita
    10/11/2011 at 9:40 am

    Thanks for the link, Donchais. I read the whole thing and it was eerie, especially what the judge said. I wish we could hear the closing arguments today.

    In no way do I believe Hayes was the leader in the crime. Komisarjevsky was the one who, since the age of 14, has carefully cased and committed numerous home burglaries at night in occupied homes. Either Hayes messed up and made noise to make things go wrong, or K. was ready to escalate. He might have been bored with the same-old, same-old in his disturbed mind.

    I’m counting on a quick guilty verdict, probably sometime today. Crossing my fingers on that wish.

  2. donchais
    10/11/2011 at 9:52 am

    I’m right there with you!

  3. David In TN
    10/12/2011 at 10:53 am

    I too believe Komisarjevsky was the dominant one of the pair and was in charge.

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