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Timothy Morgan Confession To Be Used As Evidence


Eric Preimesberger

Washoe District Judge Patrick Flanagan has ruled Timothy Morgan’s confession to police will be allowed as evidence in the trial for the murder of Eric Preimesberger.

Timothy Morgan claims he beat Eric to death with a baseball bat in an act of self-defense.  Eric Preimesberger was killed in April 2010.

Defense attorneys had argued that Morgan’s admission to police of previous arrests for drug dealing in Nebraska and Minnesota would be highly prejudicial, while prosecutors claimed the web of fantastical lies he told police, should be heard by the jury because it shows the self-defense theory lacks credibility.

Timothy Morgan

Morgan told numerous versions of what happened to his brother-in-law, including his drug source, “El Fuego”, wanted to kill him and Eric, to a vanload of masked kidnappers grabbed Preimesberger off the street, finally settling on the self-defense claim.

Now, the self-defense claim is really interesting because, according to Deputy District Attorney Derek Dreiling, Morgan only floated that story after he asked police what Nevada law is on self-defense claims.

Morgan, at the time, didn’t know police had already found Preimesberger’s body dumped in a freezer that was buried near Frenchman’s Reservoir in Plumas County, Calif.

Judge Flanagan also ruled jail phone calls Morgan made while incarcerated in Minnesota on drug charges – after the killing – may be used as evidence at the trial. DDA Dreiling said Morgan told his father that he lied to police by telling them mafia members were trying to kill them.

The eyewitness to the fatal baseball bat attack was Morgan’s sister, Kristi Preimesberger;


Kristi was also Eric’s wife. It was Kristi who helped lure Morgan into police custody. She told police she saw her brother kill her husband, and then helped him move the body into the Reno couple’s vehicle.  While she has not been charged in the case, she gave an earlier videotaped deposition to what she witnessed.

Kristi has her own criminal past, which will likely come out at the April 30 trial.


  1. ritanita
    02/27/2012 at 9:30 am

    Things aren’t looking up for Morgan. Good.

    Donchais, thanks for making my morning so sunny.

  2. donchais
    02/27/2012 at 11:18 am

    And just how stupid he must be to admit lying while on a jail phone call?!?

  3. 02/29/2012 at 1:55 am

    I am Eric’s mother, I Wish I could get all of Kristi’s lies and her interview in MN with the Reno Det. she laughs and jokes all the way threw, she was forced to call Tim to come back. What kind of mother scum bag watches as someone beats their husband the and father of her kids to death? NOT call 911 or try to stop the attack? What kind of MONSTER DOES THAT? THEN WAITS TO GET MONEY, BLOOD MONEY SO SHE CAN TAKE TRIPS SHE ALWAYS WANTED TO TAKE. Ask why was she trying to leave the country with the kids to go to New Zealand before we even found Eric’s body? Who gets drunk, gets a DUI and almost misses her sons birthday pary and only visit she gets for that week? Ask your law makers why they don’t change the laws so accomplices go free!!!!!!!!!

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