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Day One Testimony Heard In Timothy Morgan Murder Trial


Timothy Morgan

Timothy Morgan is charged with first-degree murder, in the April 21, 2010, death of Eric Preimesberger.

On the opening day of the trial, the jury heard from Kristi Preimesberger – Eric’s wife and Morgan’s sister.  She said she and her husband had a rocky relationship often plagued with domestic violence and sudden bursts of anger from her husband.

Reportedly, Morgan came to Reno to help his sister and her husband move to Oregon where they had planned to operate a business together.  Kristi claims because she and Eric had been fighting she needed her brother’s help to move because she wasn’t sure her husband was going to follow through with the move.

Kristi testified that the fight began on their anniversary, April 20, 2010.  She didn’t feel well enough

Kristi Preimesberger

to go out to celebrate and claims Eric got mad and left.  Eric returned the next night and the fight continued with Kristi claiming Eric pushed her and threatened to “kick my ass.”  It was at this point, Morgan emerged from hiding in a closet and confronted Eric.  Now why would Morgan have been hiding in a closet to begin with? 

Kristi testified after the scuffle between Eric and Morgan began to subside, Eric was seated on the couch and Morgan reportedly went into the kitchen to wash a hand that got injured during the confrontation.  She claims she turned around just in time to see her brother hit Eric a fatal blow.  “I saw him hit him in the head with a baseball bat.”  DDA Derek Dreiling said Morgan then swung at the front of Preimesberger’s face, shattering his orbital bones and breaking his jaw.

Eric Preimesberger

Kristi said she and Morgan moved her husband’s body into a rental vehicle parked in their garage and later bought a commercial freezer which would serve as his coffin.  Neither Kristi or Morgan ever called police.

Kristi’s testimony continues today.

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    05/05/2012 at 10:38 pm

    do i think timothy murdered eric,NO WAY! do i think kristi lied and murdered Eric! HMMMM what do you think!!!!!!

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