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Timothy Morgan Murder Trial – Day 3


Wednesday – May 2

For months after his arrest in the murder of Eric Preimesberger, Timothy Morgan told investigators that Eric had just walked away from his family and that he was unaware of any foul play.

Prosecutors presented a video tape of Morgan’s confession to the jury yesterday.  On the tape, Morgan is heard saying that it was all an accident and that he killed Eric in self-defense.

Morgan claims he and Eric got into a fight and Eric became belligerent and violent.  He also added Eric was abusive to his sister, Kristi.

During the police interview, Morgan repeatedly asked what the self-defense laws were in Nevada and asked “What’s going to happen to me?”

What was interesting is, Morgan claims it was Kristi who made him cover up Eric’s death because she was concerned police would think she’d done it because Preimesberger was abusive.

This was just one of many versions Morgan told investigators.  He told several versions that death was attributable to a drug gang!

Have to wonder what the jury is thinking after hearing from Kristi and watching Morgan’s taped ‘confession’.




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