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Brooke Bennett Still Awaits Justice


The young, fresh-faced 12 year-old disappeared in late June 2008.  She didn’t deserve to die.  Brooke Bennett didn’t deserve to be drugged, raped, or strangled.  She didn’t deserve to be buried in a shallow grave just down the road from her uncle’s house.  She doesn’t deserve to be waiting for justice, but she is and it appears will have to continue to do so.

Last June – yes, a year ago – Judge William Sessions III delayed proceedings to allow the federal government to appeal a pretrial motion that threw out evidence of prior alleged child molestation charges against Michael Jacques – for which he was never convicted – as well as evidence of emails and conversations between Jacques and an acquaintance in which Jacques gave instructions to the friend to plant false information to throw the suspension off himself.

The trial could have begun this past March, but the appeal, in all likelihood, made the summer of 2012 a more realistic time frame.

A three-judge appellate panel in New York City finally heard arguments this past Thursday.  Assistant U.S. Attorney William Darrow indicated the panel asked a lot of questions about the prior allegations and about whether Jacques plotted to plant evidence.

Sadly, it could be months before the panel issues a ruling.

The one bright spot is Jacques remains housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal prison in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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  1. ritanita
    06/04/2012 at 5:06 pm

    I read the articles on the hearing last week and felt the same way. Justice for Brooke is taking the long road.

    My only solace in the whole situation is that it is a Federal Case and there is the possibility for the death penalty.

    As for Jacques, there are no words I can put here to describe what I think of him and the people he collaborated with to lure Brooke to her death.

    Just think, Brooke’s brutal murder took place just before Casey Anthony “misplaced” her daughter. By the time that case broke, Jacques was already charged with this crime. I remember so vividly that this case was absolutely nauseating.

  2. donchais
    06/04/2012 at 6:33 pm

    There are some cases that I just cannot let go of…Brooke’s is one of them. Pervert Michael Jacques has a lot to answer for and deserves to pay for his deviant and sadistic behavior. He is evil and should not see the light of day. Brooke and all the young girls he assaulted deserve retribution. I will not give up on Brrooke nor let her go until justice is served.

  3. ritanita
    06/06/2012 at 8:08 am

    It’s been such a long wait. Brooke’s case has been on my Google alert since the case broke and remains to this day. Months will go by and all I will receive are about a myriad of other Michael Jacques! When one pertinent article lands in my in-box, it is a surprise.

    Thank goodness he’s been behind bars all this time and no more girls have suffered at his hands. He is not only evil, he is Evil personified.

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