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Drew Peterson Guilty – Score One For Justice


“Finally, finally, finally.”  “We finally got that murdering bastard!”  That was the reaction of Mitch Dorman, Kathleen Savio’s brother-in-law, after Drew Peterson was found guilty of murdering Kathleen. 

Kathleen’s body was found by a neighbor March 1, 2004.  The death was ruled accidental despite the fact she was found face down in a dry bathtub, her black hair soaked in blood and a 2-inch gash was on the back of her head.  Pathologists testified for the state saying it was impossible for a single fall to cause both the wound on the back of her head and the bruises on the front of her body.

Kathleen’s case didn’t garner much attention until the 2007 disappearance of Stacy Peterson, Drew’s fourth wife.  Peterson claims his fourth wife ran off with another man and is still alive.

He would know that how?

What was unique about this trial was the introduction of hearsay statements from Peterson’s third and fourth wife, essentially allowing them to testify from the grave.

Peterson will be sentenced November 26 and faces 60 years behind bars.  Illinois has no death penalty.

Now Drew, tell us were Stacy really is!

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