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Sandy, Christian-Newsom, Richard Baumgartner



We took a real pounding from Sandy!  Happy to say, after 13 days without power – no heat or hot water – I’m finally back!

Neighbors had hooked up a generator and kindly charged my laptop battery and gave me access to their wifi so that I could communicate with my family.

Things were quieting down til we got hit by a nor’easter!

Needless to say, things are still a mess here with downed trees, limbs and branches.  The most amazing photo I saw was the Seaside Heights roller coaster had been swept off the boardwalk and was sitting in the Atlantic!

It will be a while before we totally recover, but we are moving forward.


After the Court of Criminal Appeals ordered Judge Blackwood removed from the cases of Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins, and George Thomas, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Gary R. Wade has appointed Senior Judge Walter C. Kurtz to oversee those cases.  We’ll have to wait and see what rulings Judge Kurtz will hand down.

In the meantime, the retrial of Vanessa Coleman moves forward, presided over by Judge Blackwood.

Jury selection took place in Jackson, about 300 miles away from Knoxville.  On Friday the jury was seated,  The jury is made up of 6 women and 6 men, five are caucasian, seven are African-American.  Alternates consist of two men and two women.

Last month, Coleman appeared at a hearing sporting a new, red hairdo.  She now has a dark, sleek do.  Seems Ted Lavit asked that a private stylist be allowed to go to the Knox County jail to soften up Coleman’s appearance and Blackwood granted the request!  Now, how bogus is that, a freakin hair stylist?

The trial begins Tuesday at 9am.

Richard Baumgartner

After deliberating for more than twenty hours, a 10-woman, two-man jury found Baumgartner guilty of five of six federal charges of misprision

Prosecutors are expected to seek the maximum three-year sentence on each count.

Sentencing will be held on March 27.

With the guilty verdict, state pension officials said Baumgartner’s pension would be immediately terminated!

WBIR  – New Judge

WBIR  – Jury Seated


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