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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Three


I knew there was no court on Friday, but was taken by surprise the court was dark on Monday also.  The crime scene photos shown on Thursday were horrific and the amount of pooled blood and spatter at the scene was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Just to get it off my chest because I’m pissed, I am angry that MSM keeps reporting that Jodi was ‘weeping‘ while the crime scene photos were being shown!  It’s irresponsible and just plain not true!  I cried, but can tell you Jodi shed not a single tear…neither eyes or nose was red!   Yeah, she did a good job of wiping her nose and putting her hand over her eyes, but she was also sneaking peeks at the photos!  Talk about cold-hearted – it’s like she’s intrigued with her depraved handiwork!

Any bets on what time we start today?  Anybody who guessed 1:26 EST gets to take a gold star outta petty cash!

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 1.26.59 PMJodi has new glasses…not the same ones she wore at hearings!  Projecting the school marm look!

Heather Conner, MESA PD, returns to the stand.

We begin again with photos taken at the crime scene.  Photos are admitted and published to the jury.  Again, more photos of blood staining in the bathroom closet and bathroom area.

Jodi is staring at the computer screen with great interest, is clutching her ever-present Kleenex, but she sure can’t get those tears to flow!

The hallway in the master bedroom leading to the master bath and the master bathroom contains a huge quantity of blood.

They finally get to the latent palm print on the wall!

Conner is shown the piece of wall that contains the palm print and identifies it.

Even though they started almost an hour late, Judge calls lunch at 12 MST…trial be damned!

3:47, jury brought in…geez!

Kevin Horn, ME.

He describes the process of receiving and examining the body.

He is shown photos of the body that he identifies.  Defense has an objection to the 1st photo and judge calls them to the bench.  All the exhibits are admitted.

A photo of Travis’ face is shown in x-ray.  It clearly shows the bullet in Travis’ cheek.

Next photos of Travis’ hand are shown.  The hand shows vivid decomp and mummification.  This is pretty brutal to see.  Knife wounds are clear.

He describes the defensive wounds they found on the body.

Jodi is fake crying again, but still keeping an eye on the monitor.

The defensive wounds are quite deep and it is apparent that Travis was alive at the time.

I’m kinda stunned these photos are being shown!

He talks about bacterial bloating on Travis’ stomach.

Good lord, this attack was brutal beyond belief!

The stab to the heart was highly damaging.  The wound to the heart could be fatal, but numerous factors would determine how fast that would occur.

If the lung was nicked, Travis could have been coughing up blood.

ME says Travis was capable of moving around and it could be quickly.  The injuries indicate movement, but can’t tell if it was by the assailant or the descendent.

There are numerous contusions on the legs that occurred prior to death and could be consistent with Travis’s body being dragged.  They probably happened by being hit against something.

Fortunately, Travis’s sisters just left the courtroom…they don’t need to see this.

Some injuries occurred after death…injury on the heel and the knee.

I am stunned by the ferocity of what was done to Travis.

Martinez now moves to the stab wounds to the back, 9 deep stab wounds!

Travis was in a semi-seated position and all the lividity settled in his buttocks.

There were extremely deep stab wounds to the back of the skull.  There were actually divots in the skull from the tip of the knife.  That says he was down at the time!  Skull wounds were pre-death as there was bleeding associated with them.

 I can’t even imagine this level of rage!

 Major stab wounds to the neck.

Travis’ slit throat injury went through the windpipe, carotid artery, and esophagus.

The slit throat would cause him to lose consciousness and die in a few minutes.

The trajectory of the gunshot proves the shot passed through the brain.

Have to reiterate, with all her phony acting, Arias still hasn’t really shed a tear.

Travis primarily died from blood loss that causes loss of oxygen to organs, loss of consciousness and death.

The defensive injuries appear to have occurred after the chest wound, but before the throat being slashed and the gunshot to the head.

Had Travis just died after the stab to the heart, I don’t think we would have seen such ferocious violence.  Her rage may have been because he wouldn’t die fast enough for her warped mind.

Willmott on cross.

Flores observed the autopsy?  Yes.

He could ask you questions if he wanted?  Yes.

On to the gunshot wound.

The entry wound was at his right eyebrow and the bullet lodged in the left cheek?  Correct.

So the gunshot came from the left?  No, from the right.

The scalp bleeds a lot?  It can.

So, there would have been a lot of blood?  Depends, he had numerous wounds already.

You said you didn’t know the distance from the muzzle of the gun to the head?  Yes.

There was no stippling?  No.

So the gun wasn’t against his forehead?  I don’t see the normal indications.

So we’re talking 2-3 feet away?  Probably.

The wound to the heart would likely be fatal without attention?  Yes.

Willmott brings out the photo of Travis on the floor, which also contains the shot of the foot.

The head and shoulder are up?  Appears.

With those kinds of wounds, he wouldn’t be able to raise his head or arm?  No, He wouldn’t be able to get up and move around, but he could have been able to raise his head or arm.

Willmott is doing rapid-fire questions, but doesn’t appear to be making much headway as all she’s doing is enforces what Arias did.

You told Det. Flores the gunshot wound occurred first?  I don’t recall saying that.

She’s crossing the ME on statements made by Flores!  I gather she had a plan here, but it ain’t flying!  She would have done better to pass the witness.

Martinez does a great clean-up disputing any of Willmott’s assertions!

Could the person be dead before the gunshot wound?  Could be.

State calls Elizabeth Morthcutt.  Mesa PD forensic firearms.

She examined the cartridge casing found at the scene.

The gun it was fired from was a semi-automatic.

She identifies the casing she examined.  Winchester .25-caliber.

She also examined the bullet removed from Travis’ cheek.

Willmott on cross.

You were never able to match the casing or bullet to a gun.  We didn’t have a firearm.

You’ve been to crime scenes?  Yes.

It’s possible a casing could be moved during a struggle?  Yes.

She says the photo of the casing show no blood on it…only under it!

Court called for the day.

Have to say, I’ve watched many trials, but this one moves to the top of the list for brutal!

  1. ritanita
    01/09/2013 at 9:56 am

    Donchais, I agree that this trial is the most gruesome for us to watch. Then, I think of all the cases where we don’t get to see the photographs. Mainly, I think of the Christian/Newsom trials. In both cases, I’m so very sorry for the families. I don’t know how Travis’ sisters managed to stay in the courtroom for so much of this testimony. It was clearly distressing beyond belief for them even to listen to.

    I have to comment about Ms. Willmott’s performance yesterday. She asked way too many questions which got her nowhere. Most amazingly, she kept dwelling on her contention that there was no proof that the bullet went through the brain. She managed to keep the issue in front of the jury forever!

    Kudos to prosecutor Juan Martinez. He could have objected/asked-and-answered many times and sat on it. Now, every juror is aware that the shot would have immediately incapacitated Travis enough to keep him from going to the sink and enduring those 9 stab wounds to the back. He would not have been able to go back down the hall, only to collapse and have his throat slashed.

    • donchais
      01/09/2013 at 10:22 am

      Agree, Willmott didn’t accomplish anything, but then again, look what she has to work with!

      Yes, Martinez got exactly what he was going after.

      The ME did an excellent job, remaining calm and professional throughout!

  2. jaylon
    01/09/2013 at 3:33 pm

    This is definately “OVERKILL”. She was trying to erase this poor guy. Words of love come from the heart, thus the stab to the heart.. words of hate come from the mouth,thus the attempted “beheading”. I believe she was trying to erase this completely from existence. No matter the “he said, she said”! She should have just parted ways with him, We all know this? I believe when they showed the the photo,s and she peers at the monitor, she is just confirming the “erasure”. But all said and done, she killed this guy! (to the extreme). It was premeditated! And that equals 1st degree murder! And that equals LETHAL INJECTION!!! It is also very obvious that she has accepted a life sentence already! But, with her saying “no jury will convict me!”. That shows she clearly thinks she is justified in her actions,BUT! Premeditated 1st degree murder is just that! The state MUST make an example that this was WRONG !!! “AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH ! THIS IS A DEATH PENALTY!

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