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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Four


Yesterday was a day filled with overly painful, graphic testimony and photos.  Understandably, Travis’ sisters got up and left in the middle of it.  I can’t imagine the pain they are going through.

Something to ponder…everyone agrees what Jodi did was overkill.  However, did the fact Travis just wouldn’t die exacerbate her killing frenzy?  Was she thinking that a stab wound through the heart would be enough to put him down and when he tried to fight back and escape she panicked and went into overkill mode to finish him off?

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 12.37.09 PMSurprise, surprise…court started only 1 minute late!

State calls Ryan Burns.  He met Jodi at the PPL convention April 2008.  He was from Utah.

They spoke a bit and she gave him her number and said she would help him out in California if he needed it.

He called her 3-4 weeks later and the chatted for around and hour.  They continued to speak several times a week.

Jodi decided to go to Utah to visit him (before Travis was murdered).

She should have arrived on Wednesday, but didn’t show up.  He tried to call at 9am and then noon and 1 or two more times, but the calls went to voicemail.

Travis was butchered on Wednesday!

He finally heard from her at 10:30pm Wednesday night.  Jodi told him she took the wrong freeway and drove in the wrong direction for many hours.  Then she was tired and pulled over and fell asleep.

Claimed she left her phone charger home, but bought one at a gas station.

She claimed she didn’t know exactly where she was.  It took another 12 hours before she arrived – around 10-11 on Thursday.

Ryan had a meeting and Jodi followed him to the restaurant.  Jodi got pulled over by the cops within 700 yards of his house.

Jodi told Ryan the cop pulled her over because the license plate was upside.  She claimed some kids were playing with the front plate and they saw her and dropped it and ran.  She threw the plate in the back of the car.

They decided to watch a movie and got into some heavy kissing.  Clothes never came off.  His hands were in her vaginal area, but they stopped.  It was mutual.

Ryan said her hair was blond when he met her, but was brown when she came to visit.

She had some bandages on her finger and she told him she worked at Margaretville and she broke a glass and cut herself.

They went out for several hours and she was shy around the group they were with.

They went back to his house and napped for a while.  At some point she ‘adjusted him’ and got on top of him and they started kissing and once again, they stopped.

Ryan says Jodi was very fit and strong.

She left shortly later after Ryan reminded her she had to go to work.

So Jodi was once again the aggressor!  Sound familiar?

Martinez is showing Ryan some text messages between he and Jodi that he identifies.

She texted Ryan about her breakup with Travis.  Jodi claimed she and Travis were ‘fundamentaly different’.  Jodi claimed Travis had another girlfriend that she didn’t know about and she confronted him so they broke up.  Claims Travis was very persuasive so they continued to see each other.

She told him that Travis received a text from the girlfriend and they argued.  Jodi admitted to looking at Travis phone!

Nurmi on cross.

So far, pretty much a rehash of what Martinez got from Ryan.

Was your interest in Jodi romantic?  I liked her and wanted to get to know her and maybe date.

They usually talked around 11pm because they both had busy schedules.

They spoke sometimes 4-5 times a week.

This isn’t really accomplishing much of anything!

What did you talk about?  Just trying to get to know each other.

Did you have phone sex?  Yeah we probably did.

Clarification – phone sex happened after Jodi came to visit.

They spoke about her beliefs and the Book of Mormon.  He was struggling with religion and Jodi was trying to bring him closer to God.

He didn’t want her to regret her visit which is why he pulled back during her visit.

Jodi told him that she and Travis had a physical relationship.

Nurmi is going nowhere here.

Burns admits that everything he knew about Jodi and Travis came from what Jodi told him.

Seems to me, the defense is just helping to prove Martinez’s case by amplifying Jodi’s constant lies.  Defense is really sucking wind here.

Lunch is called.

Maureen Smith, Mesa PD latent print expert.

She took prints from Jodi Arias and identifies Jodi at the defense table.

She identifies the prints she took.

Nurmi on cross.

Why did you take the prints?  As part of the investigation they were taken by digital means.

Did Ms. Arias come in to have the prints taken?  Yes.

State calls Kevin Biggs.  Forensic Latent Print Examiner with Mesa PD.

He identifies Jodi Arias at the defense tables.  He also took prints from Arias.  He took prints on ink and paper, the old fashion way, but he was able to get palm prints and joint prints.

Can you date prints you collect?  No.

Nurmi on cross.

Where were these prints obtained?  The station.

And Ms. Arias came in to provide the prints?  Yes.

Maureen Smith recalled.

You are a latent print examiner?  Yes.

Do you also collect biological samples?  Yes.

She did a buccal swap of Jodi’s cheek.


Jodi gave you the samples willingly?  Yes.

Heather Conner is back.

Martinez shows a photo of the hall with a piece of the wall removed that she identifies.

Next he shows the print of the latent palm print that she processed at the scene.  It was brought back to the lab.

She compared the photo to the known prints.  She identified Jodi’s print to that on the wall.

She identified the scale taken from the bathroom.  Same with the bath mat.

Next she identifies all the bedding that was found in the dryer.

She identifies the bloody piece of carpet removed from the bedroom area leading into the bathroom hallway.

Jodi back to fake crying!

Nurmi on cross.

You testified last week about the items from the washing machine?  Yes.

Towels, the camera, and other items?  Yes.

You testified that you believed the towel had been bleached?  I don’t know if it was, but it resembles what from my experience, would be something that encountered bleach.

Lord, he’s making her pull out every item. 

The shirt you said last week is tie-dyed?  I don’t recall saying that.

Bleach in the laundry doesn’t necessarily discolor every item in the wash.

Martinez on redirect.

Ma’am the tie-dyed shirt, do you know what size that was?  May I look at it?

The shirt is size is medium!!!!  It ain’t Travis’.

Juror questions…

Why was the towel not tested for bleaching?  I don’t know of anything in our lab that could have tested for that and don’t know what the other labs may have.

Was there a neck or writ strap on the camera?  It does not appear there is a scrap.

How are decisions made as to what gets processed for latent prints?  Much is based on experience as to what areas are the most probative.

What type of key was needed to open the bedroom door?

Was the knife recovered?  I don’t know, I know several were collected.

How long will a print last on a surface is not cleaned or disturbed?  It could be in indefinite.  It depends on the surface it was left on and the residue.

Conner released.

Esteban Flores recalled.

Did you have a conversation after the original call with Ms. Arias?

There was another call June 25th with Jodi where Flores wanted to clarify Jodi’s relationship with Travis.

The call was recorded and the state has a transcript and CD.

Bits and pieces of CD are played for court.

Jodi says Travis has a commitment phobia.

The CD is a bit choppy.

She talks about grabbing his phone and looked at text messages and there were a lot of females on it that she didn’t know.  She couldn’t trust him fully because he was flirting with a lot of girls.

She claims their relationship was a good friendship, but there was a romantic side to it, but we weren’t on the path to marriage.

Some people had unpleasant things about you, like you were obsessive.  I was at his house a lot.

Was there still a sexual relationship?  Yea, there was.

She says Travis purchased a new camera with her input and advice.  She said she doesn’t know what he got, but it was a nice camera.

She also said she never saw the camera.  Never touched the camera.

OMG!  This lunatic is such a liar!

She claims she should have a gun for protection, but is scared of guns!!!!

I have a bridge to sell ya too!

I’m impressed with Flores’ technique…he made her comfortable and just led Jodi right down the proverbial garden path.

Court called for the day.

  1. ritanita
    01/09/2013 at 7:42 pm

    Wow! We had a full day in court. I am waiting patiently for a fuller picture of who Travis was is developed. I’ve been reading around and find so many of the people who are watching and commenting about the trial have already made up their minds as to his supposed lack of moral character. They buy the defense claims as true with not one iota of proof.

    They hear the audio of Jodi’s conversations with LE and hear her lying up a storm. For me, I want to wait for the full picture.

    I hope that the jury listens and judges by what the witnesses say. So far, everything bad about Travis has been funneled through Jodi’s mind.

    This trend reminds me so much of a recent trial where the bluster of the defense without any evidence captured the jury.


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