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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Five


To me, the two most striking things to come out of yesterday’s testimony is the fact that Jodi was making-out with Ryan Burns just hours after Travis was brutally murdered.  According to Burns, she was calm, not upset and was laughing, joking and cuddling with him while watching movies.  She also had bandages on her finger.

The second thing was the Det. Esteban Flores phone conversation snippets played for the court.  Jodi says she hasn’t seen Travis, she’s afraid of guns, etc.  It’s just lie after lie with Arias!!!

Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 12.38.29 PMCourt begins at 12:37 EST.

Special Agent Nathan Mendez from Redding California.

He was involved in the case July 11, 2008.

He was asked to establish address and location of Jodi Arias.

He ID’s her.

Address was grandparent’s home, Pine Street.

She was working at Casa Ramos in Yreka.  Never known as Margaretville.

Jodi was arrested July 15, 2008.  He assisted in carrying out search warrant on the home.

He is a present detective from Mesa and crime scene investigator.

He prepared a photographic line-up using a known photograph of the defendant from her booking photo.

Martinez shows the photograph of line-up, instructions, and a control page with identification.  Jodi was in position 5, identified by a Rafael Colombo, rental car agent.

Martinez shows him photos of the Pine Street home that he identifies.

He found the Budget Rental Car contract and a ton of receipts in a box in her bedroom.

There is no Budget in Yreka.  This one was located in Redding, 90 miles away.

The car was rented June 2 and returned June 8.

The car was driven 2,834 miles.

What did Colombo say when he identified the photo?  That she had blond hair when she came in.

A bunch of food and fuel receipts come in that show Arias making her way south from Yreka to Travis on the 2nd and 3rd of June.

Several bank deposit receipts come in.  Jodi had no money so someone was funding her or she was stealing it from someone?

The receipts now coming in show Arias in Nevada on her way to Ryan Burns in Utah.

Martinez is being very methodical in tracing Arias’ movements.

On the 7th,  receipts show Aries is headed back to Yreka.

Nurmi on cross.

If someone had paid in cash, the receipts wouldn’t have a credit card number on it?  No.

Nurmi shows the bank deposits again:

#1 deposit account#8006 $400 6/3 10:10

#2 deposit account#7148 $300 6/3 10:11

#3 deposit account#7148 $100 6/3 10:15


State calls Lisa Perry.  Works for Mesa PD crime lab.  She is a forensic examiner, collects samples to pass on for DNA analysis.

She reported to the crime scene looking at bloodstains to see how they were deposited.

She spent most of her time in the bathroom looking at bloodstains.

She found samples downstairs on the washer, the downstairs bathroom, and the stairs….

She identifies several photos.

The swab on the washing machine and the downstairs sink were positive for blood.

The upstairs bathroom wasn’t tested due to the amount of stain as well as her educational training in recognizing bloodstains.

She has the education to tell the how leaving blood spatter occurs.

Martinez shows her a number of photos of the crime seems.  Several of the stains in the bathroom show an impact with a blood source.  The source was low, below 12 inches, and there was impact.

She examined the bath mat and identified an amount of blood on the underneath.  The mat was either moved over the blood or water was mixed with the blood and ran under the mat.

A large area of blood on the bathroom floor appears to have dripped down from the blood source.

All of this goes to Jodi savagely stabbing Travis, repeatedly in the bathroom, in an extremely short period of minutes.

Lunch is called.

The low blood spatter on the walls indicates  Travis was down and it wasn’t self-defense bleeding at that point.

Lisa Perry is back on the stand.

A lot of the blood spots don’t give a clear indication of how they got there.

The bath scale, there were bloodstain were on the top and the bottom of the scale.

In the sink area Perry says the area at the front of the sink appears to be diluted as with water and it appears there are swipes or wipes.

In the sink, the blood source was above the sink and there was some motion over the top of the sink.

So, Travis was moving over the sink as he was bleeding, probably hanging on the sink to steady himself.

There were blood spots on the mirror and just below the bottom of mirror.  The spatter could have come from someone coughing or sneezing if they had blood in their airway.

Perry says the bullet casing landed in the blood that was already there.

So the casing was placed there after the blood was deposited there?  Yes.

So the person was already bleeding?  Yes.

Nurmi says speculation and they go to the bench.

That wasn’t speculation…she’s trained!!!

Perry says the blood being in several areas indicates the victim was moving.

The box in the linen closet that has markings that indicate that bloody water has been wicked-up on the box.

Perry feels a decent amount of blood had to have been present in the closet area.

The larger spots of blood could have been a pooling of blood or the victim was lying there for a period of time.

Martinez has moved to the hallway.  The blood is linear on the wall and indicates blood coming in contact with a surface.

Parts of the floor are bloody and parts are clear.  Perry says the clear area could have mixed with water.  Perry says that bloody areas could be from someone how was actively bleeding.

The really large pool of blood on the hallway carpet shows lighter areas that could be someone walked through it.  Also after inspection, the underneath of carpet indicated water had soaked through the underneath.  The carpet butts up against the tile area of the hall.

So much of the blood on the lower parts of the walls and baseboards indicate a blood source came in contact with them.

We finally reach transfers spots on the lip of the shower and the shoe impression by the edge of the shower.

Perry identifies a shoeless, sock less foot in a photo.

Arias so dragged Travis’ body through the hallway to the shower.  No doubt about it!

Nurmi on cross.

Got nothing.


Was water used to alter what you saw?  Yes.

Could it be used to clean hands and feet?  Yes.

Juror questions…

Is it possible for the shower to have been completely cleaned of blood on the walls if washed done?  Yes.

Can you tell the quantity of blood at the scene?  No, I personally couldn’t say.

State calls Esteban Flores again.

In your conversation with Ms. Arias, did you discuss her knowledge of Mr. Alexander’s pin numbers?  Yes.

A CD is being played.

Holy Crap!  She had Travis’ ATM pin.

Is this where the bank deposits came from???

Did Mr. Alexander have roommates?  Yes.

Were they associated with this crime in anyway?  No.

Did you see the Inside Edition interview where Ms. Arias said she didn’t kill Mr. Alexander and no jury would ever convict her?  Yes.

Martinez plays a portion of the interview.

Judge asks Nurmi if he wants to cross…Nurmi asks to approach.

Nurmi on cross.

On the June 25 call with Ms. Arias you talked about her move back to California?  Yes.

Ms. Arias mentioned she trashed his car?  Yes.

It involved a u-haul dolly?  Yes, it was an accident.

You went to the police academy?  Yes.

You learned the importance of writing reports that may be used in proceedings like this?  Yes.

What the heck is Nurmi doing????  It’s like he’s been given a do-over, ofgs!

You attended the autopsy on June 10 of Mr. Alexander?  Yes.

You submitted your report on June 27?  Yes.

You came from the autopsy believing Mr. Alexander had been shot first?  Yes.

Nurmi appears to be going after Dr. Horn, ME again.  He lost this one big-time the other day!!!

Nurmi is making a huge mess out of this.  He is browbeating Flores with questions that the ME would have to respond to.

So your testimony that the gunshot occurred first was inaccurate?

Hah!  Flores just told Nurmi he is NOT a doctor.

This is a big waste of time!

Afternoon recess called.

They come back from break and immediately go to bench conference!

BTW, the testimony Nurmi is talking about comes from an August 6th 2009 hearing.

Your testimony was a mistake?  No, my testimony wasn’t a mistake; it was a misunderstanding of what Dr. Horn said.

Martinez up.

With regard to the police report, is there is anywhere where you ever indicate the sequencing?  No.

Do you talk about the wounds?  Yes.

Martinez great on cleanup!

Ahhhh, the hearing in question was attended by other defense attorneys…not Nurmi!

The testimony you gave, was that your opinion or Dr. Horn’s?  It was mine.

State calls Jodi Legg.  Mesa crime lab…forensic biology.  DNA analyst.

She outlines her training and what DNA is and how it is measured.

She received known samples from Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander and created profiles from both.

She analyzed the piece of wall that had been cut out.  It contained a major profile of Aria and the minor was Travis.

Major means there was a higher profile.

Her opinion is both of them were present in the profile.

2 pieces of hair were submitted, one had a root the second didn’t contain root material.

The part that had no root has substance on it that belonged to Travis.  The hair with the root was Jodi’s.

Nurmi wisely has no questions.

Appears Martinez thought the defense would go into lengthy questions.

We have no more witnesses on hand.

Think last Monday was a fluke and we’ll be back on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

  1. ritanita
    01/10/2013 at 7:02 pm

    Yes, we’ll be back Monday, 12:30 Eastern!

    The hair with the two DNA’s was a new one for me. I have to wonder if Jodi washed her hair before going to visit and have nookie with Ryan.

    This was a very good day for the prosecution. Nurmi wasn’t able to get anywhere he needed to go to prove Travis was abusing Jodi.

    I’m just listening to the beginning of JVM and she opened by stating that the defense is asking for a mistrial due to Flores testimony! According to Jane, “because one cop made a huge blunder”. Wowzer, Monday should be interesting.

    • donchais
      01/10/2013 at 7:06 pm

      Well, it wasn’t a huge blunder as I saw it. He said with the knowledge he had at the time, he voiced his ‘opinion’, and even told Nurmi, I AM NOT A DOCTOR!

  2. ritanita
    01/10/2013 at 7:07 pm

    Now, Beth Karas is on. After the jury left, the judge took the bench again. The defense wanted to have a mistrial and a new probable cause hearing! The judge pointed out that Travis died a horrible and painful death. So, apparently no mistrial!

    • donchais
      01/10/2013 at 7:19 pm

      Nurmi and Willmott should give it up…they have no case, but I guess they have to go through the motions!

  3. Beth Guest
    01/11/2013 at 12:05 pm

    this is such a sad case. I read your posts everyday…you’re doing a great job! Such a horrific, violent crime…she has hers coming. Karma’s a bitch!

    • donchais
      01/11/2013 at 1:38 pm

      Thanks so much Beth. Welcome to CFJ!

  4. Angel
    01/12/2013 at 1:09 am

    This young man, Travis, looks so much like my young son that it is eerie. And the accidental photo during the crime? Shivers! Justice for Travis.

    • donchais
      01/12/2013 at 6:09 am

      It is pretty horrendous. Let’s hope we have an intelligent jury!

  5. David In TN
    01/12/2013 at 1:43 pm

    I couldn’t help but noticing how much different this trial would have been if Jodi Arias had recruited one or two lowlifes to help her murder Travis Alexander. They would have each blamed the others, especially with the cases severed and each defendant receiving a separate trial. This is what happened in the Christian-Newsom case.

    In the Arias trial, only two people were in the house. This makes it much harder, if not impossible for the defense.

    • donchais
      01/12/2013 at 2:04 pm

      Yup, but in Christian-Newsom, it was gang of thugs…Jodi acted out of revenge on her own…thought she was much smarter than she really is.

      As for defense, I’m a bit skittish after the CA verdict…ya never know!

  6. Jennifer
    01/12/2013 at 2:26 pm

    Thank you for your detailed descriptions. I have a few burning questions about the case, and I can’t seem to find the answers I am looking for. I am hoping you might know them.

    First- the picture being described by the news as the very last photo of Travis while he was alive: He is looking straight into the camera, supposedly posing. The thing I cannot shake is the look he is giving the camera. His looks defiant, almost child like. Is the photo just from the shoulders up? Or is there a full picture of what he was doing in the shower, as far as body positioning? 44 seconds between then and his murder, that must mean Jodi HAD the knife in her hand. Was she forcing him to pose under threat of being killed? I am most interested in finding out if he was tied up or somehow forced to take the pictures, and if we can see how his body was positioned, maybe we can tell if he was posing on his own free will.

    Do you know what the rest of the picture looks like?
    And, what exactly is in the rest of the photos? Can you tell if any were taken by force?

    My theory is that Jodi entered his house with the gun, and forced him to have sex with her and take the pictures, possibly to show the Cancun girl. Or possibly they had consentual sex, but Jodi thought he would decide not to go to Cancun and rekindle their love instead.

    It didnt go her way, so she possibly she forced him to take a shower to remove physical evidence of their sex, holding the gun or knife and forcing him to do what she said. The look on his face, to me, looks like someone who knows what is happening but is defiant.

    Next, I think he tried to escape or lunged at her, and she stabbed him in the chest and stomach areas. He turned to the sink to hold himself up and coughed,c ausing the blood splatter. He didnt die quickly, he ran/stumbled to the bedroom, where he fell, she stabbed him in the back. He was still struggling, she she slid his throat, to help him die quicker. She couldnt let him live, he knew who his attacker was. She drug him back to the bathroom shower area, planning to wash him since she had cuts and there would be physical evidence again. He must have still been breathing after she dragged him into the bathroom, she she shot him to put him out. She then stuffed him in the shower, left it on and cleaned up. She must have been there for a while.

    Does that sound plausible? What do the pictures on the camera tell, if anything?

    • donchais
      01/12/2013 at 5:36 pm

      Hi Jennifer and welcome to CFJ.

      Whew, let me tell you what I THINK – we haven’t heard from the digital forensic person yet, but they will be on the stand Monday.

      The shower photo has been discussed for days. It is Travis crouched/sitting in the shower, from the shoulders up, and some think his expression is surprise, shock, anger etc. Many think she may have had the gun pointed at him at the time – knife at the ready. I believe that as he began to stand up and exit the shower, Jodi dealt the severe knife wound to his heart and she was surprised he didn’t go down immediately so she continued to stab at him. This is where I believe he suffered the defensive stabs as well.

      Yes, weakened as he was, he did stumble to the sink, hence the blood in the sink and on the mirror. I think, at this point, she repeatedly stabbed him 9 times in the back.

      Again in an attempt to flee, Travis began to move down the hallway and finally collapsed and fell. Jodi is so frenzied at this point, she yanks his head up and savagely slits his throat.

      There is a photo which is believed to be Jodi dragging Travis back to the shower – her leg and foot are captured. The ME testified he believes Travis was dead already, yet Jodi, not being sure, shot him in the head as he lay in the shower. There, she showered off his body – there was a great deal of water that flowed throughout the bath and linen closet area.

      The rest of the photos show Travis’ lifeless body crammed in the shower.

      The time stamps on the photos indicate all of this frenzied/horrific activity leading to Travis’ death lasted approx. 1 to 1 /12 minutes…quite quick for the amount of injuries.

      Yeah, she was there for awhile because she washed the bed linens, put them in the dryer and started a second load of clothing – the load that contained the camera.

      The cleaning up of herself and some of the evidence was more than likely her attempt to remove traces of her DNA.

      Again, please remember, this is only my theory and we should learn more this week!

  7. Jennifer
    01/12/2013 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks for your response! It has been bothering me that I haven’t heard more about the look on his face in his last picture. We do not have TV, so I can only gleam what I know from online reports, yours being VERY helpful. Thank you!

    I realized that I hadn’t asked one more question, I hope you don’t mind. How many photos BEFORE his death were there? Did they seem happy or okay prior the the bathroom, or were those forced possibly?

    And how many pictures did Jodi take of Travis after she killed him?

    Are there any other online sources you use to keep up with the case, that you would recommend? Thanks again for your help!

    • donchais
      01/12/2013 at 6:10 pm

      Your welcome!

      Again, we haven’t heard from the digital forensic person.

      There are photos prior to the murder of the two posing naked (after sex?) that will be introduced Monday. They both seemed fine posing for each other. How many, don’t know.

      As far as I know, death photos were just a few from what was introduced as evidence. Most of what I’ve seen are evidence photos.

      I follow online as I’m on the east coast. Try these:


      ABC 15

      Court in AZ runs Monday through Thursday. They begin at 10:30…12:30 here on the east coast

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