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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Six


A few minutes after court ended on Thursday, the defense asked that the case be dismissed or a mistrial declared and requested a new determination of probable cause.  All this goes to Nurmi insinuating that Det. Esteban Flores is either stoopid or he lied, when several years ago, he testified Travis was shot before being stabbed.

There are two problems with this motion.  One, Det. Flores said several times during trial that his statement was his opinion based on his misunderstanding of what Dr. Horn told him.  Two, Dr. Horn testified the autopsy findings revealed to him that Travis was shot in the head AFTER he was already dead.  Needless to say, Judge Stephens denied the motion!

The other thing we observed was as soon as the jury left the court Arias immediately took off the glasses.  As most of us feel, they are obviously being used as a prop, making her look studious and  demur to influence the jury.  We’ve been seeing this trend in numerous trials now!

Court begins at 10:29 MST.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 12.49.50 PMDefense wants a stay.  State objects.  Nurmi is complaining again about Det. Flores.  Judge denies.

State calls Yreka police officer Kevin Friedman.  May 2008, he was called to 352 Pine Street (Arias’ grandparents home).  He was called to investigate the robbery where the .25 caliber gun was stolen.

There appeared to be a point of entry on the right side of the house, a side entry to the home.  There was no latch on the door, but in there was a cross bolt.

Freidman identifies photos of the entryway into the house.

The door had been broken in and the door jam was damaged.

Another staged scene!

A DVD player was missing from the living room.

The handgun was missing from a room used for storage.

Holy cow…there were an additional 3 guns (appear to be rifles) in the house!

The cabinet where the guns were stored had a large amount of quarters and half dollars on it.

Jodi showed up about 15 minutes later.  She checked her room and said a twenty and ten-dollar bill was missing, but her laptop was still there.

Man, she is a conniving, calculating biatch.

Nurmi on cross…

There was a rash of burglaries in the area at that time?  Yes, a few in the area around that time.

The gun cabinet had no lock on it?  No.  There was no forced entry to the cabinet.

Anyone in the house could have access to the gun cabinet?  Yes.

Esteban Flores recalled.

Flores traveled to Yreka and had contact with Arias after she had been arrested.  He spoke with her about the murder.

Transcripts of his conversation are entered.  The conversation was also audio and video taped.

He is telling Arias the .25 auto that was reported stolen was also the same type of weapon used to kill Alexander.  She feigns surprise.

He accuses her of playing games.

She says she didn’t even know there were guns till her grandparents reported it stolen.  Claims it was a few months ago!

Claims she doesn’t even know what a .25 looks like.

She had been read her Miranda rights.

The interview happened July 15th, 2008.

Flores arrests her on the spot.

Oh, she is so dead in the water.

Nurmi on cross…

Gives Flores a copy of the interview transcript.

During the interview, Jodi tried to protect Travis’s image?

Objection!  Sustained.

Nurmi is really trying to have the jury believe Flores botched this investigation!

You were trying to get Arias to open up about Mr. Alexander?  Yes, of course.

Did you tell Ms. Arias that Mr. Alexander portrayed himself to be something he isn’t?  Yes, I believe so.

He portrayed himself as having a lot of money and he didn’t?  Yes,

Told her, you went there to have a good time and something got out of hand?  I don’t recall that.

Martinez on redirect.

What were you trying to get here?  That she killed Mr. Alexander.

That was a technique?  Yes.

State calls Mesa, AZ officer Michael Melendez.  Collected evidence from the computer and the camera.

He explains how they examine the hard drive to obtain the data.  They copy the hard drive to work from so the original is kept pristine.

Digital cameras work with the same technology.

When you take a photo, a large photo is stored as well as a thumbnail.  You can delete the photo, but the thumbnail may remain.

Martinez sure isn’t flashy, but he sure does get it done.

11:56 MST, Judge Stephens calls lunch.

Court resumes at 1:35 MST.

Michael Melendez returns to the stand.

He identifies the camera.  It’s an auto focus and a left-handed person would have to use their right hand to push the shutter button.

There were some images not deleted and some that were.

To delete an image from the camera would be a 5-step process.

Martinez shows Melendez several photos he identifies as residing in the unallocated portion of the memory card.

Defense has issue with some of the exhibits and asks to approach the bench.

The jury is hearing of Jodi, Travis, and the bottle of KY photos.

Jodi is hiding from the jury again.  She has he hand over her eyes and her hair hanging over them, but seems to be peeking at the computer screen!

Jodi has now taken her glasses off, lol.

LMAO…good friend ritanita says, “She’s probably more embarrassed about the poor quality of the pix!”

Jury shown Travis’ nude photos in the shower.  They are from 5:22 to 5:29:20 – the last photo of Travis alive!

How awful for Travis’ family to know these were the last moments of his life.

Martinez now shows the photo of the bathroom ceiling.

The photo was Jodi’s leg was at 5:32.

The camera was on the ground for a short while.

They have moved on to Travis’ computer.

The computer was in sleep mode.  The last time anyone viewed or used the computer was 3:34pm on June 4th.

He examined Travis’ cell phone, but there was no technology at the time to retrieve the files.

Willmott on cross…

The camera was found in the washer?  Yes.

The camera wasn’t damaged?  No.

There was a memory stick was in the camera?  Yes.

The nude photos of Mr. Alexander in the shower, he isn’t injured is he?  No.

The defense talks a lot, but gets nowhere.

Willmott wants to know why he didn’t use a camera to take photos of the messages on the phone.  He said there were over 15,000 messages on the phone.

I don’t think I’m really stoopid, but from the start of the trial, the defense gets nowhere on cross and it’s almost like they think they are being paid by the number of questions asked.

Martinez takes the camera (without gloves on), walks back to the podium and drops it on the floor and asks if that took 45 seconds.

Defense objects saying it’s evidence and if there is damage, the jury could infer something.

Good lord…Nurmi is calling for another mistrial because the defendant didn’t get the 15,000 messages from the cell phone. Prosecutorial misconduct.

Martinez says this has been litigated many times already!  Let the record speak for itself.

Defense was given the text messages when the technology was available and the defense has had them for two years!!!!

Nurmi claiming Brady violations!!!

Judge not ruling till she looks at the previous Judge’s rulings.

Bottom line, the defense has planned these mistrial motions for a long time and brings each one up at the time they deem appropriate.

Afternoon recess.

Yikes, accidentally or intentionally, the nude photo outtakes are being shown.

Martinez asks if the camera is upside down, could a foot, or something bumping into it set off the shutter.  Melendez answers yes.

Melendez says if he photographed all the text messages off the phone, it would have taken probably 8 months time.

Det. Flores is back.

He identifies Travis’ cell phone.

Back to the interview between Jodi and Flores.  Jodi says she would love to help him in anyway she could.

Evidence and the scene info and the photos had not been released.  She was Mirandadized and still agreed to voluntarily talk.

Bits and pieces of the interview are being shown and she is so nonchalant.

Now she’s claiming how string her religious beliefs have become since all this happened to Travis and she’s going through repentance after speaking with her bishop.

So she is talking about all her imagi-friends she visited on the trip and how she got lost on the way to Utah.

Flores asks about the phone being off… She told Ryan she bought a charger, now tells Flores she found her charger under the seat!!!!!

My God, what a liar!!!

Flores does a hell of a job stringing her along and she changes her story to fit what she THINKS he wants to hear.

As much as I don’t care for the defense, I’m really feeling sorry for them…they got zilch, nada, bupkus to work with!

Jodi claims she was nowhere Travis’s house.  Flores drops the bomb and tells her she was there, and they have pictures and know she was there on the 4th.


You sure it was me?  I was not there!

I didn’t hurt Travis.

You did, that’s why I flew up here.

Now she claims she lived there for months and months.

Prior to this, she only lived there for a week or so!

OMG!!! She asks to see the pictures.

He tells her, her hair, blood, and palm print were found on the scene.

Again, she claims she would never hurt Travis.

Flores keeps telling her he knows she is playing games.

Jodi’s mom looked really upset for the first time.

Judge calls it a day.

I am just speechless, stunned and exhausted!!!  Not even sure what the heck I’m posting!

  1. Darcy
    01/14/2013 at 6:52 pm

    I’m bewildered by how short the court days are! They start at 10:30 and then break at noon every day for an hour and a half? Then break again at 4:30? This trial will take a year!

    • donchais
      01/14/2013 at 7:00 pm

      Predicted to last till 4/15…welcome to the AZ court system!

  2. Anonymous
    01/15/2013 at 12:59 am

    I love your blog.

  3. ritanita
    01/15/2013 at 5:31 am

    Well, it was quite the day in court! From the point that Martinez dropped the camera and got a smack on the pinkie by the judge until the final video, it was riveting. I am so pleased we got to see a good chunk of the post arrest interrogation.

    She used all the red-flag language. “I didn’t HURT Travis.” “I WOULD never…” “I don’t HAVE a gun.” She used her baby-sweet voice to cajole Det. Flores. Her body language screamed guilt.

    Flores was wonderful! He sweet-talked her back over and over again, telling her all the “bombshell” facts. She still didn’t crack, BUT, she DID want to see those pictures of Travis!


    Now that I’ve gotten some sleep and that awful headache is gone, I’m ready for some more interrogation video today! Please, Mr. Martinez. I want more.

  4. PoorPaula
    01/15/2013 at 5:44 am

    Really enjoying your coverage. My husband and I read your recap each and every end of court day. Thank you

    • donchais
      01/15/2013 at 7:28 am

      Thanks, welcome to CFJ!

  5. Chris Quezada
    01/22/2013 at 9:05 pm

    Great coverage of the trial. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait ’til things pick up again on the 28th.

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