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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Seven


Well, yesterday was full of surprises.  The courtroom was shown very graphic nude photos of Arias and Alexander taken hours before Travis’ gruesome murder.  Many photos were taken of Alexander in the shower, moments before his death.  Inadvertently or intentionally, all of the photos made it to the web.   AZ Family, who is streaming the trial, showed the explicit sexual photos for a few short seconds.

More damning evidence came in as snippets of the interview with Det. Flores were played.  Flores had traveled to Yreka and confronted Jodi with the information they had retrieved the photos from Travis’ camera, they had identified a strand of her hair covered in blood, and had collected her bloody palm print.  Jodi expressed surprise and asked if they were sure it was her, claiming she wasn’t even there.  Flores told her of the naked picture of her and she had pigtails and Jodi acted surprised.  Remember, the defense used the pigtails in opening arguments to insinuate it showed Travis’ dominance and control over Jodi!

What really freaked me out was Flores told her Travis had been shot with .25 caliber gun like the one stolen from her grandparents and she innocently asked, “he was shot?”  When Flores asked if she wanted to see the photos she answered yes, then said no, well just out of curiosity!

Court begins 12:40 EST

We begin with Judge Stephens calling a bench conference.  Interesting…Arias and Willmott missing, Willmott’s stuff isn’t even at the defense table!

Now it appears Judge Stephens is finishing off some other court business.

12:49 EST, we go back to the seal….grrr.

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 12.59.56 PM12:54 Arias and Willmott appear.

State calls Jody Citizen, work as record custodian for Verizon.

He has Travis’s phone records, 5/31 to 6/15 2008.

Martinez gives him a specific phone number and has him go through and highlight each of the calls to that number.

All the calls come from Arias.  She made numerous calls to Travis, which appears he didn’t answer.

– 6/3/08 @ 12:37pm – length is 17 seconds

– 6/3/08 @ 1:51 pm – 170 seconds

– 6/3 @ 8:16pm – 129 seconds – routing switches Gilbert and Marina packet gateway

– 6/3 @ 8:34 pm – 49 seconds – same switch

She called twice after 11 pm on June 4…Travis was dead hours before!!

There is a 16-minute call so it didn’t go to voice mail.  The 16-minute call indicates someone was listening in to the messages.  Jodi had access to Travis’ voice mails!!!!

The search into the voice mails obviously came from Jodi.

June 14 2008, 9:20 pm Jodi called yet again!

Nurmi on cross…

He asks Citizen to highlight the calls Travis made to Jodi’s phone.

State objects…bench conference.

For someone who thinks she is so smart, Jodi is one hell of a dumbass!

Citizen now identifies records and is asked again by Nurmi to highlight the calls from Travis to Arias.

6/2 at 3:04 am a call was made that lasted 18 minutes…Travis to Jodi.

Another call at 3:21 am that lasted just under 41 minutes.

Sounds like an argument or Travis telling her to kiss-off, once and for all.

No additional calls made on the 3rd or 4th.

Calls: Travis to Jodi, 2 calls…Jodi to Travis, 14!

After 5:32pm on 6/4, no calls at all were made from Travis’ phone.

Jodi’s phone shows 4 calls were made after that.

Lunch recess called.

Nurmi again whining about prosecutorial misconduct and calling for mistrial…complaining again about the text messages again.

WTH?  It’s been available for 4 years!  Notice with Nurmi… the defense doesn’t have it, we’ve never been given this, first we are hearing about it.  He’s been around this case forever and the whining is getting real tiresome.  He’s had the stuff for years.  Martinez has pulled no trial by ambush here!  Nurmi never wanted to be on this case, but that’s no excuse for doing nothing for almost 5 years!

3:57 MST and still waiting…If I was on the jury…would have left a note, let us know when you’re ready…we’ve gone home!

Court resumes 4:06

State calls Lawrence Gladdish, Mesa PD, wrote court order to change the pin number on the phone.

Nurmi on cross…

6/4 11:28 PM Jodi called Travis phone from Kingman, AZ telling him some gibberish about her travel plans and about his upcoming visit to her.  She was on her way to Ryan’s.

You sought out the records of Justin Thompson and an Ashley Thompson?

Objection, hearsay.  Judge says approach.

He says he was asked to search those early in the case.

Jury question.

Could you play the voice mail, I could not hear it.

It is replayed.

State recalls Det. Esteban Flores.

Did you look for the gun and knife at Travis’ house and outside the house?  They weren’t found.

Did you show Ms. Arias photographs when you were in Yreka?  Yes.

Video snippets from the Yreka interview are played.

Jodi whines, Det., I’m not a murderer.

(They have now split the screen…half video, half focused on Jodi in court!)

Flores exits to get some of the photos.

Arias asks Flores what kind of gun he has.  A glock.

I just bought a gun.

Flores says, it’s my job is to talk for Travis.

Jodi again says she didn’t know about the .25 caliber at grandparents.

Shows her photo of Travis in the shower…says she didn’t take it.

Shows her one of the naughty-bit photos and she says Travis would never go for that.

He shows her one of her naughty photos and she says, it looks like me.

He now shows her the photo of her foot and leg in the bathroom.  She says that’s not her foot and she has those pants at home.

Shows her the bloody palm print.  She claims she has not cuts on her hand, but her feral cat scratches her a lot.

She asks how it could be her palm print?

She just denies, denies, denies.

Travis is telling me you did this.

If I was going to ever try to kill somebody, I would use gloves…I have plenty.

I wasn’t there that day.

Flores tells her he has a solid case against her.

Flores says other Detectives spoke with her parents and they weren’t surprised!

Now Jodi suggests the photos could be altered.

Flores out-and-out asked her if she killed Travis.

If I did that, I’d be fully ready to accept the consequences.

Nobody else did this.  There is no evidence that says anyone else did it.  It was you.  I have the proof.

Why won’t you admit to it?  I didn’t kill Travis.

Now she’s off on her hair would be everywhere.

Flores says the bloody hair had a follicle and she hadn’t been there in 6 months.  Can’t be anyone else.

Arias asks if he can tell how fresh the blood was.  No.

Arias say well I broke a glass and cut myself and I do that all the time.  It’s nothing to be scared of.  Maybe I was careless picking up the pieces.

Honestly can’t believe Flores sat through this so long without getting up and trashing her!

I’m astounded how she keeps it up and when she realizes it ain’t working, she quickly changes the subject…fascinating!

Afternoon break called.

More video.

Flores, I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself.  You can talk till your blue in the face.

You are facing 1st degree murder charges.  I don’t know why Travis was killed.

From the beginning, you weren’t acting right.  How so?  Is it ‘cause I’m not crying?

It’s not that I’m not remorseful that he died.  I had nothing to with it.

What if the car comes back and proves I wasn’t in the area?  Doesn’t matter with all the evidence.  This is some of the best evidence I’ve ever had.  I’ve put people away with a lot less.

How many times was Travis stabbed?  More than I want to remember.

There is just no reason I would want to hurt him.

I can’t admit to doing something I haven’t done.

Funny through all this, she never once even hints at abuse or domestic violence!

Another detective spoke to her again the next day… a Det. Ms. Blaney from another jurisdiction.  Flores was present for it.

Miranda warning was given again.

Did Travis know you were coming in the beginning of June?  She goes into how she was going to see Ryan.

Why did you go the other way?  Why did you go see Travis and did he know you were coming?

They spoke on the phone while she was on route.

So he knew you were coming?   He was expecting you?  I feel really powerless in here.  Do you know what my family is doing today?  Are they ok?  I know they’re worried about you.

So nobody was there when you arrived?  I think his roommates were there?  Did you see their cars?  No.

Well how do you know they were there?  I asked him.

Flores tells her Zach was house sitting.  Enrique was home, but he leaves the house around 6 in the morning.  He didn’t notice anything different.

Now she says around 4am Travis was on the computer watching you tube.

We know his computer hadn’t been accessed that late.

In telling semi-truths, she is very hesitant and quiet.

Now Flores is asking her about the photos she took of Travis in the shower.  The last photo is of him sitting in the shower, looking up at you.

What did you do?  What happened Jodi?

Why’d you take a gun with you?  Oh, I didn’t.

Where did you get it?  Did he have one in the house?  Not to my knowledge.

Did you bring it with you?  Did you get it in AZ?  I didn’t have it in my possession.

Who had it?  You didn’t have it, Travis didn’t.  Who had it?

Oh, here it comes!!!!

Why would somebody do that?  They didn’t say.

The masked intruders broke in.

Holy cow, she asks to see the photos again!!!

OMG…this is such crappola.

Flores tells her this is very hard to believe, it’s so far-fetched.

She goes in to a totally rambling story lie.  Much has nothing to do with anything.

Can you say BOGUS?

What happened when the last picture was taken?  I think he was shot.  I heard a loud ring.  I think I got knocked out.  Travis was on his knees screaming go get help.

This is the worst made-up story I’ve ever heard!

So one intruder had a gun and one had a knife!  And, Travis was bleeding everywhere!

Flores tells her he doesn’t believe her and it makes no sense.  It’s all I know.

Nothing changes for me.  I didn’t think it would.

I was hopeful you would be truthful today, but you haven’t.

This is the most farfetched story I’ve heard.

Court called at 7pm…late evening.

  1. Jennifer
    01/15/2013 at 10:02 pm

    Hi! Me again! Thanks you again for your posts! I saw the pictures from the camera today. Does anyone else see an injury or blood coming from Travis’s ear and down his neck, in the series of shots of him in the shower before his death? What could that dark line be?

    • donchais
      01/15/2013 at 10:10 pm

      Hi ya! The blood on the ear and down the neck is probably from all the mayhem that occurred. He was stabbed so many times in the head, back, and his throat was slit. He had also been showered off at that time, so hard to say.

  2. ritanita
    01/16/2013 at 5:34 am

    The videos should be used in psych classes! It should be used to train detectives! Flores did a fantastic job of handling Jodi. Again, I was mesmerized by those videos and had to have them full-screen. I just sat and stared and absorbed the content.

    The second story was so full of holes, like fine Swiss cheese. At the point she supposedly “escaped” two armed bandits or mob thugs out to kill Travis, she claimed he was bleeding “everywhere” from the gunshot wound to the head. No way!

    It has already been established there was no blood stains in the closet, through which she claimed to have escaped.

    In listening to HLN after the court day ended, it was reported that the jury was taking notes like crazy. One juror had already filled one notebook and started on a second one.

    I know that today will bring the remainder of the second interview. I can’t wait for Nurmi to cross Det. Flores.

    • donchais
      01/16/2013 at 7:34 am

      I found myself staring at the screen in total disbelief. The story she dished during the interview was fascinating. I’m sure Nurmi will have his pre-packaged motion for mistrial in his back pocket today!

  3. Jennifer
    01/16/2013 at 11:27 am

    To clarify- BEFORE Travis was killed, when he was standing in the shower alive, there seems to be blood coming from his ear down his neck. He couldn’t have been “unsuspecting” as I have heard him described. He seems to be already injured, then forced to shower, then the real attack happened. Does anyone else see the dark stain coming from his earlobe down his neck, while he was standing up in the shower before the attack? Is that blood?

    • donchais
      01/16/2013 at 11:54 am

      Sorry, guess I’m not sure which photo your are referring to. I can say based on forensics and the photos and the time and date stamps, if he is standing in the shower, he had not yet been attacked. The last photo was Travis sitting in the shower…he has no injuries at that point.

  4. Jennifer
    • donchais
      01/16/2013 at 4:50 pm

      I truly believe with the way the light is reflecting off the shower door and tiles, it is just shadows.

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