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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Nine


We got to see more of the July 15th interview with Jodi.  She was already under arrest at this time.  She wove her fantastical story of the two masked intruders and Det. Flores told her outright that the evidence didn’t match up with that story in any way.  The amazing thing is if you pay close attention to the video, you can pick up the many inconsistencies.  One minute it was two men dressed in black, the next minute it was a man and a woman and the man was wearing jeans.  Just fascinating to watch Det. Flores interrogate.  He is one of the most skillful I’ve seen.  He lets out just enough line before he reels her back in!

Of course, we ended the day early to entertain Nurmi’s daily, prepackaged motions for mistrial.  He just won’t get off the text messages on Travis’s phone.  You know the ones there was no technology to download them at the time and that fact to physically photograph each of the gazillion messages would have taken a minimum of working full-time for 8 months, so that must mean prosecutorial misconduct, right?  And lets not forget, he was given the texts once technology became available!

Sigh…Court begins 12:49 EST

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 12.50.14 PMOh, Jodi has a new set of glasses, lol.

State calls Det. Esteban Flores.

Playing audio of phone call from Jodi. The message is Jodi saying she wanted to talk about Travis.

Nurmi on cross…

You were present when the photos of Arias and Alexander were shown in court? Yes.

Before they recovered the photos did you have any evidence that Ms. Arias was at Travis’ home? No.

What did that have to do with anything, Mr. Nurmi?

State calls custodian of records for Sprint, Jeff Strohn.

He identifies records of Jodi’s cell.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 12.57.37 PM

Guess the new glasses don’t work so well!

June 4, 11:48pm there is a call to Travis’ phone, the call was from Jodi to Travis while she was traveling through the desert on the way to Ryan’s after she murdered Travis!

No cross…

State calls Leslie Udy.  She is from Utah and knows Jodi.

She identifies Jody in court.

She met Jodi Sept. 2006 at PPL conference.

She was on a trip in Huntington Beach wit Travis and Jodi.  Jodi told her she was concerned that Travis was seeing other women.

2008 she was again with Jodi in Jodi’s car.

Did you notice if there were floor mats?  I don’t know.

Did you see stains on the seats?  No, I didn’t look.

They sat in the car talking.  Jodi told her she and Travis were no longer together, but they would always be friends.

She said Travis wanted her to come to Arizona, but she moved to California to create a separation.

They went into Chili’s and Jodi sat next to her husband Mark.  Mark asked what happened to her fingers.  Jodi said she broke a glass.

Jodi called later and she was upset because Travis had died.

Next Jodi called about 2am the next morning.  Again, Jodi was upset and crying about Travis.  Jodi said she had lost her best friend and she didn’t know what to do.

Nurmi on cross…

We spoke in June 2011 in Utah?  Yes.

You said you didn’t think Jodi could have done those things to Travis?

Objection…bench conference

Udy seems more like a defense witness.  Is this the door Martinez is opening to shoot down the defense claim of abuse?

Explain what you mean by that last statement.

The person I knew was a soft-spoken, gentle person and didn’t think she could that.

You were in Mr. Alexander’s home while he was on a phone call could you…

Objection…Sustained…Bench conference…

Nurmi continues.

Udy says while in Travis’ home, she woke on 1am and Travis was on the phone.  Udy believes he was talking to Jodi.

This trip to Huntington Beach, was Jodi there?  Yes.  Was Travis there?  Yes.

Did you get an inkling that Jodi and Travis were in a sexual relationship? Yes.

Martinez on redirect…

You said Jodi was quiet and reserved?  Yes.

Martinez is going to show Udy photos.

Ma’am I’m not trying to be indelicate.

You said you knew Jodi.  Yes.

Martinez is showing the naughty bit photos.  He shows the photo of Jodi in the bathroom leg and photo over Travis.

You said you knew her, she ever confide in you about things like this?  No.

Jury question…

How many meetings or conversations did you have with Jodi?  Many, I can’t recall a number.


The photos you just saw, did you have any idea of that aspect of Mr. Alexander?  No.

Martinez says the State rests!

Holy moley!  Court ends at 1:32 EST and the jury isn’t to come back until January 29!!!

Nurmi talking about how the State charged… There are 2 ways they charged 1st degree murder.  One is an alternative of Felony Murder (murder during a robbery, eg.)

We know Ms. Arias, based on the photos, was invited in that home and then something happened.

There is nothing the State presented that shows Felony Murder should be included.  What crime was furthered?  Assertion for Felony Murder should not stand.

As to First Degree, Martinez says Arias staged a robbery in her own home to steal the gun.

She rented the car 90 miles from home.  Said she was only driving around town.  She didn’t want the red car because it was too loud.

She turned the plate upside down.

She brought a knife and the gun.

All shows premeditation.

She killed Travis 3 times over.

Again premeditation.

The felony murder…goes to when stabbing Travis, if you could ask Travis if he wanted Arias to continue to stay in the house, he would have said no.  There fore she was no longer considered a guest in the home.

Nurmi says no proof Arias brought a knife and the State only leaped to the assumption she brought the gun.

Motion under advisement.

January 28th there will be an evidentiary hearing.

All I can say is WOW!

  1. ritanita
    01/17/2013 at 2:56 pm

    My ears are rusty on this case! I even missed the part about the prosecution resting! What would I do without you?

    After thinking about it, it makes so much sense that the prosecution put on a bare-bones case. Martinez didn’t have to prove that Jodi killed Travis, Ms. Willmott, in her opening stated that there was no doubt about who killed him. It was Jodi Arias. The only question was why she was “forced” to kill him. She then went on to outline the types of abuse Jodi suffered at the hands of Travis Alexander.

    Martinez was mainly showing premeditation and Jodi’s character. The videos told his whole story. Jodi Arias is not to be believed. Why burden the jury with all the details when he doesn’t absolutely have to.

    In spite of Nurmi’s comment about a changing theory of the case, he really can’t. Ms. Willmott’s opening wasn’t testimony, but it did set the scene for the defense case.

    As for putting on no defense case, I don’t see that happening here. Nurmi managed to elicit a few scraps he could use to claim Travis abused Jodi, but it’s nowhere near enough.

    He has to get his expert on here. He has to have some sort of independent verification of abuse. As of now, Jodi is a total liar. Anything she would testify to would be self-serving. She can say all she wants of abuse and how she told nobody about it, but that’s where Martinez comes in.

    He will rip her to shreds should she testify. As Martinez showed with the last witness, Jodi’s “best acquaintances” were never told stories of abuse. I’d bet they weren’t told stories of abuse because there wasn’t any on Travis part, anyway.

    Then, Martinez has a wide-open playing field to rebut whatever the defense puts out there. He has probably saved some of his very best witnesses for last.

    • donchais
      01/17/2013 at 2:59 pm

      I like how you think!

  2. 4windsfl
    01/17/2013 at 5:04 pm

    I’m glad they didn’t over-prosecute this case, but ending with Ms. Uty was weak, IMHO. Perhaps the prosecution is looking for a chance to cross the defense witnesses and get their slam-dunk there.

    • donchais
      01/17/2013 at 5:17 pm

      I think I have to agree. Martinez is no fool.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  3. ritanita
    01/18/2013 at 6:27 am

    I heard on TV last night that Martinez still had witnesses to call when he rested his case. His frustration with Ms. Udy’s testimony was very obvious. I have a feeling that, on the stand, she answered very differently when questioned in court than she had in her pre-trial interviews. That’s why Martinez threw a fit and showed her the pictures.

    At that point, he couldn’t count on the witnesses he was going to call and shut the case down. I’m wondering if she DID notice that there were no car mats and that there were stains on the seats. Martinez is not the sort of prosecutor who would ask questions where he didn’t know the answers would reflect negatively on the defendant.

    • donchais
      01/18/2013 at 6:46 am

      Wow, just WOW!

  4. ritanita
    01/19/2013 at 11:00 am

    I’ve been thinking (perhaps a bad idea) about the abrupt closing on Thursday. It is very possible that Martinez planned the end-scenario all along by showing the jury that even Jodi’s best friend didn’t really know her. That sort of scotches defense witnesses who make the same claims.

    I wonder if the bad pix will reappear!

  5. 01/19/2013 at 8:53 pm

    I’ve been following the case everyday and I hear Jodi spoke with psychologists for the defense however they cannot discuss their findings. Having seen her in action in the police videos and taking into consideration the amount of lies she tells, what makes those psychologists THINK for one minute that she didn’t flat out lie to them!! People caught redhanded as she KNOW that all they have to do is tell those psychologist exactly what they want to hear in order to get around them! This is known jail house tactics used by the guilty! Just play the part and be good at it…..that’s the level of their mentality! This woman better pay big time for the human life she took. Thank you for your daily recaps.

    • donchais
      01/20/2013 at 6:23 am

      She is the consummate liar, but not all that good at it!

  6. dirty sanchez
    01/24/2013 at 4:54 pm

    What happend to the guy with her at the car rental place that was said to have came in with her according to the rental car manager that serviced her?. could he have been the one that did the murder? and is he real? To me pulling off a murder and finishing in three minutes seems a little hard for a woman around 120lbs. travis was around 198lbs from my understanding. very freaky situation in this case.

  7. donchais
    01/24/2013 at 5:24 pm

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

  8. jad
    01/26/2013 at 5:49 am

    This is in reply to the comments left by Jennifer at day 7. I agree with you. I looked at the picture taken at 1:47:15 [that had been retrieved from an unallocated cluster]. Mr. Alexander was almost in the same position taken in a previous picture at 1:44:50. However, the bottle of KY was moved to be more prominently displayed. The pictures do not show the left side of his face, his left arm can not be seen, and his right leg is awkwardly bent at the knee. Would a gentleman who did not like pictures taken when he was naked move the bottle of KY into a better view of the camera and make sure his genitalia would be put into a more open display?

    There is no time stamp on the two images of Jodi Arias. The first picture also shows her posing with the KY bottle on display. It appears to have been snapped by Jodi Arias, but using her left hand for the right-handed camera. This should not have been a problem for a woman that was immersed in photography and was supposedly accomplished in the use of cameras and developing the images she wanted.

    In the first couple of pictures of Mr. Alexander in the shower, with his left side towards Ms. Arias, the person taking the pictures, one would have to wonder why he is holding his arms up. After all, the shower is behind him. There is no reason for that positio0n to be taken, unless it is posed. I suppose that Jodi Arias would say that Mr. Alexander deliberately posed for these pictures to be taken by her, but that would not fit with the way that Mr. Alexander had decided to live his life. He was a Mormon, who enjoyed the company of other Mormons and dated Mormon women. He did not date Jodi Arias until she converted to the Mormon faith.

    In the photo [# 11] taken at 5:22:24, one would have to magnify the picture to see if his hands have been bound by some form of thin cord. One might get thrown off by the photo [# 10] taken at 5:22:36 that seems to show Mr. Alexander in a full stretch — but, only his back and shoulders are visible. In the photo directly before this one [at # 9 at the web site for the Examiner] that also shows his back and shoulders, it is clear that Mr. Alexander’s hands are together [as in photo # 11].

    In photo # 6, there is swelling around the TMJ area on the left side of his face. A knot appears to be on the left side of his forehead around the hairline above his left eye (which seems to have a cut on the eyelid), and there seems to be some sort of bleeding coming from behind the left ear. The ear also appears distorted, as though a cauliflower shape. Photo # 7 shows more (bleeding and) swelling on the left side that includes another questionable area, which is around the hairline behind the ear and above the shoulder.

    Before the tragic day of his death, other pictures had been taken of Mr. Alexander. There is a picture posted on his MySpace page, where he is wearing an orange ski jacket — this shows his face from the left side. There is another picture before a hot air balloon and another one in front of a train locomotive [with Jodi Arias] that is full face but shows his ear on the left. There is one picture where he is standing in front of a water fall [with Jodi Arias] that clearly shows his features that are in question. This picture is # 24 of 55 at the Huffington Post. Also check out # 45 in that display. He does not have a cauliflower ear like the photo images in # 5 and # 7 of the Examiner display, and he has no permanent swelling around the TMJ like the photo image in # 6 of the Examiner displays.

    Besides what appears to have been a severe beating before his death, Mr. Alexander might have suffered another type of attack from this sociopathic deviant that is Jodi Arias. Nancy Grace mentioned some other photos taken that day that have not been made available to the General Public. With the KY used by Jodi Arias and the abuse suffered by Mr. Alexander that can be documented, one wonders if she also assaulted him in other ways. This, along with what she inflicted, certainly warrants the death penalty.

  9. CiCi
    01/27/2013 at 5:27 pm

    I find it so difficult to believe that people think women are not capable of commiting such a crime because of weight and size. Trust me when I say I have seen women who, when angered, can cause injuries to full grown men! TA was in a confined space posing for her picture taking when, as it appears from the evidence, the attack began. The ME indicated the stab to the heart came first which would have slowed him down significantly from the get go. Chances are after the first stab the hands went up in defensive mode until he could gather himself up, however he was already bleeding profusely. The stab wounds to the back came next which I feel could have happened when he got out of the shower and was clinging to the sink for support, however she continued to stab him in the back when he was most vulnerable. My thoughts are he struggled to get to a phone in the bedroom and for this reason there is a trail of blood leading from the tile to the carpet. He could no longer fight her but was still trying to get to a phone I’m thinking. When he got as far as the carpet that’s when she finished him with the cut to the throat. Also, people don’t understand how SHE could get him back to the shower because he was dead weight. The floor was covered in blood however you can see a clean “strip” going down the center of the tiled floor leading to the bathroom. They also found a towel in the washer that had been bleached. My thoughts are she used that towel to lay under him after she rolled him over onto the towel and used it to drag him back to the shower. I myself moved a huge hutch (alone!) by placing a sheet under the feet and pushed it across the tiled floor. It was a slow process but I did it!! More than likely and as ugly as all this seems that blood on the tiled floor served like a lubicant and she was able to move him easier. No one helped her! Unfortunately she caught him off guard and took advantage of that in order to subdue him. Had a man been there to help her don’t you think he would have made it quick and clean and got the heck out of there!? What she did is every indication of a woman who was angry! It was a personal attack. That little act she puts on about being the little delicate woman is just that……an act! Unfortunately people fall for it! She’s not crying in court because she’s remorseful…..she’s crying because she’s feeling sorry for herself and the fact she got caught. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that no one on that jury is swayed by her displays of the weak little female because she’s not!
    There are several of us in our group who are following the trial and two question if she did it alone and the rest of us are convinced she did and there was no “abuse” to hold up her self-defense claim. They were two consenting adults doing what they had been doing throughout their relationship. Stabbing someone in the back does not constitute self-defense.
    Also, the questions, who was taking the pictures, or why did she take those pictures???? I’m convinced that camera was on the floor getting kicked around in all the chaos and the shudder button may have been pushed accidently by a foot. There is one picture of the ceiling that appears to be 3-4 ft. off the ground (as indicated by testimony) which means the camera was being held at waist of hip height (she’s not a short person). To me this could be an indication of when the attack started and she had the knife in the left hand and was still holding the camera in the right and she snapped it accidently due to the attack starting. After that she dropped it and it got kicked around in the attack.
    This case is soooo depressing and difficult to listen to because of all of her lying and getting on camera as if nothing happened! We pray that Travis gets justice that is long overdue!

    • donchais
      01/27/2013 at 5:37 pm


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