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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Ten


After a week-long hiatus, attorneys will be in court for an evidentiary hearing today.  The defense will begin it’s case tomorrow.

Well, court didn’t disappoint…they started 47 minutes late!

Gus Searcy is on the stand.

He identifies Jodi in court.

Searcy has been involved in PPL/ Legal Shield.

He received a text on January 15 from Chris Hughes, Travis’ friend, saying he heard Gus was on Jodi’s witness list.  They spoke later and Hughes said he was working the prosecutor and that’s how he found out.

Hughes told Searcy, Nurmi was a snake!  Searcy doesn’t know where Hughes came up with that.

Martinez on cross…

You did have a conversation with Hughes?  Yes.

Searcy said they didn’t talk about the case or what he was going to testify to.

Didn’t you call the prosecutor’s office?  Yes.

Several times?  Yes.

And the calls weren’t returned?  NO.

You were annoyed by that?  No, surprised.

Did he tell you he had contact with the prosecutor’s office in the past three years?  Yes.

He told you he talked to the prosecutor?  Yes.

You just wanted to insert yourself in the case?  No.

Boy, Nurmi dug himself a big hole here!

State calls Chris Hughes.

Nurmi objects because he didn’t have prior notice.

Judge Stephens allows Hughes to testify.

Hughes has known Searcy for around 6 years.

Did you speak to the prosecutor yesterday?  Yes.

When was the last time you spoke to the prosecutor before last night?  3 years ago.

Hughes wife was the one who told him Searcy was on the witness list.

He spoke to Searcy and they talked about Searcy’s upcoming marriage and he had remodeled the house.

Searcy likes the limelight.

Hughes asked what was up with Jodi and Searcy said he didn’t know if he was going to testify.

Was Searcy upset about the prosecutor’s office not calling him back?  Yes.

Searcy told him he had information that would either hurt Jodi or help her.

Did you tell him you were working with the prosecutor’s office?  No.

We began talking about the lawyers and I told Searcy I thought Nurmi was a liar.  He lied to my wife Sky previously.

Nurmi claims he needs the emails and conversations that Hughes brought up and wants to recess until they get them because he didn’t know Hughes was going to be here today.

Judge Stephens calls a sidebar…

Was the time Mr. Nurmi spoke to your wife was it by phone or email?  First it was a phone call, then an email.

Hughes is released till 3:30 tomorrow.

Nurmi wants to subpoena him.

State calls Abe Abdelhadi.

Again, Nurmi is whining he had no knowledge of the witness being called and states he has done television interviews.

Abe has known Searcy for 6-7 years.

He spoke to Searcy about the trial.

Searcy told him the prosecution hadn’t returned any of his calls.  Searcy was surprised and insulted by this.

Nurmi wants to recess again until tomorrow.

He will also be back tomorrow at 3:30 by telephone.

Nurmi has another witness who will be called at 10:15 tomorrow because she is leaving town.

Maybe I’m nuts, but so much of went on today was hearsay!

So, not only was this crazy, but we’re going to have a short court day tomorrow!

  1. ritanita
    01/29/2013 at 8:40 am

    That was quite a circus! I can’t wait for it to end today. I’m sure Nurmi and Willmott were up a good part of the night crafting the cross of the prosecution witnesses. Oh, let’s not forget Martinez on re-direct.

    Nurmi underestimated Martinez yet again. Martinez clearly noted that he wasn’t told what the complaint against him was. I believe he knew Gus Searcy would be a witness, but other than that, nothing.

    Nurmi was overtly surprised that Martinez had figured it out.

    You have to know that Martinez and his staff spent last night figuring out the possible identity of the female witness and will be ready for her, even though they can’t contact her.

    This is clearly trial by ambush! It’s all Nurmi has and Martinez always ends up one step ahead of him.

    • donchais
      01/29/2013 at 10:24 am

      Nurmi is clearly no match for Martinez.

      Nurmi really needs to stop the witch hunt for prosecutorial misconduct. Martinez is not that big a fool!

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