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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Eleven


Today, the defense will begin presenting their case.  After yesterday contentious hearing, I expect we will see more fireworks today when court ends and the final witnesses are called in.  Court will be ending at 3:30 MST to accommodate the end of the hearing. We are also waiting to find out who the mysterious female witness is.  She will be on the stand at 10:15 MST.

Well, we never got to see the surprise female witness.  Not sure if Nurmi cried uncle and threw in the towel on prosecutorial misconduct!

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 12.27.24 PMWe begin at 12:24 with a sidebar.

Nurmi calls Gus Searcy.  This ought to rich after yesterday, lol!

Searcy is an executive director at PrePaid Legal/Legal Shield.  He proudly announces he makes $100K whether or not he gets out of bed.

Searcy describes how the business runs…very much like Amway.

Nurmi asks if he recognizes Jodi.  He says yes.

Nurmi asks if he has heard Jodi’s last name pronounced differently.

Martinez objects…sidebar.

He met Jodi at an after meeting social event.

Jodi asked him to help her to move up in the company.

He mentored her by phone once a week.  During this time, they became friends.

Searcy said he knew Travis was her boyfriend.

Did Jodi dress in a sexual or inappropriate way?

Martinez objects…sidebar.

Searcy says she always dressed feminine and conservative.

Nurmi asks if Jodi was always professional.  Searcy says yes.

Jodi called him and was upset because she and Travis…

Objection, hearsay…sidebar.

When you got this phone call, where was Jodi living?  Arizona.

Was she moving out of Arizona?  Yes.

Searcy had his motor home in Vegas and Jodi came and stayed with him for 2 days!

Did she ever make any sexual moves on you?  No.

Travis called Jodi on her cell and Searcy overheard.


Did Ms. Arias identify who she was speaking to?  Yes, Travis.

She spoke to Travis for about a half hour and when the call was over, she was shaking and crying.

Martinez on cross…

Martinez goes into the operations of PrePaid and says the people at the top of the pyramid make the big money.

Searcy bristles and says it’s not a pyramid.

Martinez says ok, let’s call it a triangle.

Was Jodi making a lot of money?  No, she was an associate.

Gus is getting testy and now is playing dumb.

The night Searcy met Jodi; he spent maybe 10-15 minutes with her.

The second time he met her he doesn’t remember when or where the conference was.

Searcy says he spoke to her a few hours during the convention.

Searcy is having huge memory lapses now that Martinez is grilling him.

Nurmi on redirect…

Did you directly profit if Ms. Arias sold a policy?  No.  Jodi was part of Chris Hughes’ team.

The after parties meeting, people dressed more casually?  Yes, sometimes a bit wild.

Did you ever observe Jodi acting or dressing inappropriately?  No.

Did you ever see her angry?  No.

When she came to your motor home how did she dress?  Slacks and long sleeved turtleneck.

Jury question…

Has Mr. Hughes helped anyone working under you?  No.

How many executives are there in PrePaid?  I really don’t know…there are 400,000 associates, 1500 executive directors, and some 250 ring members.

Nurmi asks if Travis was an executive director?  Yes.

Lunch is called.

Pretty much, I don’t see that Searcy did anything to promote the defense’s case!

We begin with a sidebar at 3:32 MST.

Nurmi calls Darryl Brewer. Jodi lived with him for 4 years and they bought a house together.

Interesting, Brewer has chosen not to have his face on TV.

He is divorced and has a 14-year old son.

He identifies Jodi and said he was in love with her.

She interviewed with him as a server at Ventana…a boutique hotel, in Big Sur.

He says Jodi was appropriately dressed, on time, and interviewed well.

Jodi was under his direct supervision for about a year.

Jodi was excelling as an employee, no discipline problems.

Brewer’s son was 1 1/2-years old at the time.

Brewer left management and began work as a server, co-worker of Jodi’s.

Jodi and he lived in staff housing and they began dating and falling in love.

They dated for 4 years.

Brewer decided to move to Monterey because the staff housing wasn’t the best.

They maintained an exclusive relationship.  They bought a house together in 2005 in Palm Desert.  Both names were on the mortgage.

Jodi and his son had a close relationship.

He and Jodi talked about marriage a few times, but he was coming out of a divorce and wasn’t ready to marry again.

Did you ever see Jodi become jealous of other women you interacted with?  No.

Did you ever notice her having a violent temper? No.

Do you remember Jodi becoming involved with PrePaid Legal?  Yes.

Fall of 2006, his ex-wife moved back to Monterey and took his son.  It’s a 9-10 hour drive from Palm Desert.

Brewer tried to figure a way to move back by his son.  He hoped Jodi would stay in the house.  Their relationship was beginning to break up.

Jodi became less responsible to maintaining the house after she got involved with PrePaid.  She continued to pay the mortgage, but let household bills slide.

Jodi met Travis in 2006.

He found out she became involved in the Church of Mormon.  Missionaries came to the home and held prayer services.

They stopped being intimate because Jodi said because of her new religion she was saving herself for her husband.

Were you aware of her relationship with Travis Alexander?  Yes.

Their relationship ended in December 2006 when they parted.

It is more than obvious Jodi’s behavior changed when she thought she could make loads of money with prepaid legal.

Martinez on cross….

In 2008, they remained friends.  She called you in May and asked you for gas cans so she could make a trip to Mesa?  Yes.

And, she called you again in June.  Yes.

A Detective came to see you and asked about the gas cans and when you questioned her, she got testy?  I don’t recall saying that.

On June 3, 2008 she came to your house and you had breakfast?  Yes.

And she used your computer to check her email?  Yes.

Did you see her luggage?  No.

She left and called you again around 10…


What was your cell number on June 2nd and 3rd in 2008?

Brewer writes the number on a piece of paper.

The number is still working and the paper is sealed.

She returned around 10 to return a remote?  Yes.

Jodi told you she was going to visit your sister in LA?  Yes.

How far is that?  6-8 hours drive.

You gave her 2 gas cans, each held 5 gallons?  Yes.

Jodi bought 8.3 gallons on the 3rd and another purchase 4 minutes later for 9.5 gallons at the same station.

She filled the car and then the gas cans.  Premeditation!

June 6, she bought gas in Nevada…12 gallons!  About 360 miles worth.  The first purchase was also 360 miles worth.

Martinez puts up the photo of a dead Travis, time a date stamped June 4.

Brewer never got the gas cans back.

The first time you two had sex, she was pretty aggressive?  We both were.

She was enthusiastic about it?  We both were.

You even had anal sex?  Yes.

Jodi had breast implants in 2006 to fit in with crowd she was now hanging out with.

Your ex-wife also had breast implants?  I don’t know.

Summer 2006, she told you no more cursing and no more sex because she was saving herself for her husband?  Yes.

Young men started showing up for bible studies?  Yes.

And, that’s when she stopped paying bills?  Yes.

She had an affinity for taking pictures?  Yes.

She took pictures of you sleeping?  Yes.

She took a nude photo of you in the shower?  Yes, there was one.

She called you after June 6th and told him her friend had been killed?  Yes.

You talked to her about her not to talking to the media?  No, I don’t recall that.

You met with 48 hours?  Yes.

You told her that money could be involved?  No, I don’t recall that.

Nurmi on redirect…

Did you ever have Jodi wear little boy’s shorts?  No.

Did you have her dress up with pigtails and in young schoolgirl’s cloths?  No.

Did you bend her over a desk for sex and ejaculate on her face?  No.

Jury is released at 3 MST so they can complete the evidentiary hearing!

Chris Hughes is back on the stand.

Nurmi on cross…

Nurmi hands him an exhibit of the original text of the message he sent Searcy.

Nurmi has him write down his wife’s cell and which is sealed.

Yesterday, you told us you hadn’t spoken with Mr. Martinez until January 27?  Yes.

And they asked you to come to town to testify?  Yes.

Did they tell you why they needed you?  No.

Prosecution called and told his wife, Searcy was on the witness list.

Seems Sky has had several conversations with the prosecution as well as the defense.

You told Searcy you were watching the trial?  My wife is because she is looking for bs.

And, has your wife told the prosecution about bs?  You can ask her.

You made a comment about letters that had been forged?  Yes, because they haven’t been admitted to trial.  I know they fake, same way as you know they fake!

The supposed forge of these documents, did anyone advise you an expert looked at these letters and said it was highly probable that Mr. Alexander wrote this letter?  No.

Nurmi is reading a letter from Sky that says the ‘forged letters’ in question, saying an expert said they COULD have been written by Travis…she said thanks for sharing and she didn’t realize Travis had these kinds of issues.

Hughes says the letters didn’t make sense; they were not the Travis they knew.  They knew they were bogus!

Nurmi lied to Chris and Sky about the letters.

The subject of this email was you were telling Mr. Alexander he wasn’t treating Ms. Arias right?


You had conversations with Det. Flores and he told you he could see Travis losing it and throwing Jodi…


Nurmi asks what was reason for contacting Searcy?  I was curious why he was on the witness list?

Why did you call me a snake?  You were trying to discredit me?  He was talking about the defense; I was talking about the prosecution.

Would you being willing to testify on Jodi’ s behalf?  No, because she murdered my friend in cold blood.

Martinez is up…

When was the last time you spoke to Mr. Martinez?  3 Years ago.

If called to testify, you would comply?  Yes.

Abe Abdelhadi on the phone.

He spoke to the prosecution twice on the phone and once in person in 2011.

He and the prosecution spoke for about 45 minutes about phone numbers about conversations he had with Jodi.

After 2011, he had 1 or 2 more conversations with Martinez.

He says he went to lunch and dinner with Jodi.

Jodi told him she was going back to Mormonism and Travis.

Abe again brings up that Searcy was annoyed the prosecution never contacted him after his numerous phone calls.

Abe never believed Jodi was innocent after she was arrested.

Abe called Martinez to tell him h was willing to testify.

2012, the defense contacted him.  The defense investigator contacted him and his attorney advised him to have Martinez on the interview.

He did an interview with Dr. Drew and that was the only interview he ever did.

Gus Searcy on redirect…yikes!

Searcy says he 1st called the prosecutor’s about 2 days after the news broke.  He never heard back.

He called Abe after hearing he was being flown out to talk to the prosecution and said he had info.

Abe said he would let the prosecution know, but again, never heard from them.

The conversation you had with Mr. Hughes, did he imply a threat against you?  Yes, he attempted to shake your credibility in me.

The conversation you had in the car, who is that person?  It’s not relevant!


Crap, somebody knows something damaging to somebody!

Martinez asks him to write down the phone number of the person he spoke to.  Searcy says what if I refuse?  Judge says it will be under seal.

Searcy asks what if I claim the 5th?

Judge says we’ll adjourn till tomorrow so you may contact an attorney.

Well at this hour what if I can’t?


Judge clears the court to continue the proceeding at 4:30, MST.

DAMN!  Talk about the theater of the bizarre!

And while we’re at it, how far astray has the prosecutorial misconduct hearing gone?

Court went live again and now the continuation of this hearing will be February 13 at 1:30 MST.

Isn’t this fun?

  1. Jo
    01/29/2013 at 11:13 pm

    Wow. And here I thought this was going to be a straight forward case. She killed him. Everyone knows she killed him. All evidence proves she killed him. Seemed like premeditation to me. It was definitely over-kill the way she murdered him. The only reason for her team to argue is WHY? What was the motive? If he was abusing her, she never had to go near him again. But now……aye yi yi!!!! Must be a lot of lawyer head-banging going on at the end of each court day.

  2. John
    01/30/2013 at 12:41 am

    Why do they keep stopping the trial for these extended periods of time? Get it over with and convict her of the hideous crime she committed! And who was the “mysterious” phone call with that he does not want to divulge without consulting a lawyer?

  3. donchais
    01/30/2013 at 6:46 am

    The defense sure isn’t proving anything to me.

  4. donchais
    01/30/2013 at 6:50 am

    John, the AZ court system has to be one of the worst I’ve seen. Don’t know what game Searcy is playing, but he sure is crazy!

  5. ritanita
    01/30/2013 at 8:41 am

    Hey, Donchais! Sorry for late reply, but I had to calm down first and get a good night’s sleep! My head was going in circles during the trial and hearing.

    Martinez and Searcy had a real go-round again. That’s the best I can remember. Oh, yes! PPL/Legal Shield is a circle and he is at the pinnacle of the circle! Go figure that out.

    The ex-bf did a good job of describing Jodi prior to meeting Travis. Oops, Martinez brought out that once she had met Travis, she changed, and not for the better.

    We also learned that Jodi was sexually adventurous prior to meeting Travis, to put it nicely.

    The gas can incident had me reeling, shades of CA! Planning not to buy gasoline in the Arizona area is surely a sign of premeditation.

    As far as Mr. Searcy’s next appearance, it was a lulu! It’s a shame we have to wait until the 13th for more of that circus.

    I also want so much to hear from Skye Hughes. She’s obviously the one who was watching the trial and contacting the prosecutor’s office. Last I heard, that is not a crime. She was very involved in the situation as it happened and I hope she didn’t speak to witnesses about their testimony.

    The truth of the matter will come out, sooner or later. Oh, and I want to know who was in the car with Searcy! I sure hope it’s over and done with the 13th. As of now, it’s all a Byzantine maze of accusations and cross-accusations.

    • donchais
      01/30/2013 at 8:57 am

      It sure is different!

  6. 01/30/2013 at 10:48 am

    We didn’t get to hear about Searcy’s last time on the stand. What’s this questioning of him in a car with someone and the Prosecution asking for the phone number??? Where did this all come from and what is it referring to? I think we missed a big part here! Can someone bring us up to speed with this nut?!

  7. 01/30/2013 at 11:50 am

    Me again….Searcy indicated that the telephone call he witnessed when JA was at his motor home was from Travis. The Defense stressed that Travis called her…she didn’t call him! How does Searcy know this? Just because she told him? How does he know she hadn’t been calling him and leaving him messages to call her back and he finally did when she was with Searcy? He said she took the call outside but when she came in she was visibly upset. How does anyone know what that call was about!? He could have been telling her to get lost! This is where I think the Prosecution could and should have blown the defense away and made Searcy’s statement useless to the defense. We were disappointed this did not happen. We think it would have brought this fool down a few pegs for wasting the court’s time with his nonsense and self-insertion into the trial!

  8. donchais
    01/30/2013 at 12:04 pm

    cici, it all has to do with the prosecutorial misconduct motion Nurmi filed. Searcy told Chris Hughes he had info that would hurt or help Jodi. When the prosecution didn’t bite, he ran to the defense side. I think Searcy is making up a bunch of stuff.

  9. 01/30/2013 at 12:24 pm

    Thank you for the explanation!

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