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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Twelve


What a wild day yesterday!

Have to wonder who will be called as witnesses today.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 12.49.32 PMAs usual, court begins 20 minutes late!

Lisa Daidone is called by Willmott.

She is an ex of Travis.  They met in church and started dating about a year later.  They dated for 7 to 8 months, but it was on and off.

They emailed, texted, IM’d and spoke by phone.

Travis dated Lisa after he booted Jodi.

Travis started talking marriage early in the relationship which made her uncomfortable because she was only 18.

The first time they broke up it was because Travis was cheating on her with Jodi.

They got back together and she thought they were dating exclusively.

She was aware Travis was texting and calling Jodi and another woman.

She saw Travis and Jodi together several times.  She never saw Travis be affectionate with Jodi, but Jodi did try to be affectionate with Travis.

Did you ever have sex with Travis?  No.

Did Travis profess to being a virgin?  Objection, hearsay.

After he died, you found out Travis wasn’t a virgin?  Objection, hearsay…sidebar.

Willmott hands Lisa a copy of an email she wrote to Travis 12/23/07.  She asks it be moved as an exhibit.  Martinez objects…sidebar.

The defense hasn’t shown carp for their case!

This email was about breaking-up with Travis.  She hoped Travis felt the same and she didn’t want him to continue to contact her.

Did you tell him not to grab your butt in public?  Yes.

Did you tell him not to talk about sex to much?  Yes.

Did you feel he was trying to mold you to be what he wanted?  Yes.

Did you feel he didn’t respect your wishes?  Yes.

I sure hope the jury gets it how the defense takes everything out of context!

Did you tell him you thought you made out too much?  Yes.

Did you tell him you felt partly to blame?  Yes.

Did you tell him you were stressed out about some things and he didn’t care?  Yes.

Did that hurt your feelings?  Yes.

Did you tell him he was selfish for calling to talk late at night when you were too tired?  Yes.

Did you tell him you were sick of hearing about Jodi Arias?  Yes.

Did you tell him if he really cared about you, he would tell Jodi to back off?  Yes.

Did you tell him you felt cheated on and lied to?  Yes.

Lisa says this email was written out of anger.

Holy cow, this email goes back to the first breakup between Lisa and Travis!

Lunch recess is called.

Court resumes; yup you guessed it, 30 minutes late!

It was reported that several people in the gallery were joking and laughing at some of the evidence.  Judge admonishes the gallery.

Lisa Daidone back on the stand.

Travis was having some financial troubles and didn’t feel he could be attentive her, so they broke up again.

Travis contacted her by phone several times, but she didn’t answer her calls.

She spoke with him a week before Travis was murdered.

Martinez on cross…

Ooops, sidebar first.

2:09 MST, Judge Stephens sends the jury out, omg!

Court PIO reported that a juror was approached by a reporter!

Strange things began to happen?  Correct.

You and Mr. Alexander heard noises outside?  Yes.

You asked Mr. Alexander to stay that night?  Yes.

Did he make any sexual advances on you?  No.

You were at Mr. Alexander’s house and someone showed up?  Yes.

Was it the defendant?  Yes, she came in the front door, saw us and turned around and left.

Travis never forced you to do anything sexual?  Correct.

Did Travis ever scream at you for breaking up?  No.

Martinez went to show a grizzly death photo (slashed throat) of Travis and defense objects…Sidebar.

Travis’ sister runs out of court, Jodi is pretending to cry, Lisa looks upset…lots of folks in the gallery wiping tears away.

With all the stuff they say Travis did to you, do you think it’s appropriate to slash someone’s throat?

Objection, sidebar…

You had some conversations with people after he was killed about his virginity?  Yes.

Willmott on redirect…

One of the times you were kissing, Travis had an erection.  Yes.

That upset you, but he didn’t stop kissing you?  Yes.

Oh boy, jury questions!

Did some one tell you Travis was texting Jodi and another female?  No, they were texting and phoning back and forth and I was aware of it.

Did you refer to Jodi as a stalker of Travis?  Yes.

Travis ever call you names?  No.

Did he ever make sexual advances on you?  No.

Willmott up…

You referred to Ms. Arias as a stalker?  Yes.

Did Mr. Alexander ever say crazy things about her?  Yes, but I saw some of it.

Did Travis apologize to you for his temper?  Yes, one time.

Afternoon recess called.

Court resumes with yet another, sidebar…

Nurmi is asking that the ‘stunt’ Martinez pulled with the picture to be reason to declare a mistrial.

Judge says nuh, uh!

Lisa back on the stand.

Martinez asks to approach…

The display of Mr. Alexander’s anger was his throwing a telephone in response to damage to his vehicle?  Yes.

Defense calls Desiree Freeman.  Senior at Brigham Young.

Daniel Freeman is her brother and she knew Travis through her brother and she met Jodi.

She and her brother would hang out with Jodi and Travis during 2007 until 2008.

She traveled several times with Jodi and Travis.

She says Travis treated Jodi very well.  They were affectionate together.

Was Travis flirtatious with other girls?  Yes.

Martinez on cross…

The Mormon faith says there should be no sexual touching?  Yes.

You should do nothing that could arouse yourself?  Yes.

There was and argument and Desiree thought what Travis said was over-the-top.

This girl was 13 when all this happened and can’t remember what was said even though she thought it was over the top.

Daniel Freeman is called.  He is a Mormon missionary.

Nurmi is asking how the process works in the missionary work.

Daniel met Travis through PPL.

At first they didn’t get on because Daniel thought Travis was cocky, but eventually became friends.

He met Jodi through Travis.

Says he and Jodi became good friends.

Daniel was Travis’ roommate for 3-4 months.

This is such a waste of time.  I’ve stopped typing, lol.  Nothing more than normal behavior here.  None of this is even relevant.

Daniel and Travis went out to dinner with Lisa and one of her friends.  It seemed to him (after Travis booted Jodi) they were on a double date.

Court ends at 4:29 MST.

Defense made no headway here today!

  1. ritanita
    01/30/2013 at 8:13 pm

    What a snoozer! So far, no hint of abuse, sexual deviancy, bad temper other than that which we all have.

    Hugs to witness Lisa. She was a reluctant witness when the prosecution was to call her and more reluctant when the defense called her. She did a wonderful job. Willmott, as is popular with the defense, gave her questions straight from a e-mail she had sent Travis shortly after she learned he was cheating. Mr. Martinez not only rehabilitated her but, as with other witnesses so far, made her not an asset for the defense.

    The defense certainly did themselves no favors calling her. Proof positive was the most excellent set of questions they asked, especially about Jodi being the stalker!

    Let’s see what tomorrow may bring.

    • donchais
      01/30/2013 at 8:47 pm

      Yup, a definite snoozer!

      Lisa did a really credible job. She had to walk the thin line of the truth and the REAL truth.

      Kudos to Martinez for being so on top of his game…he has this down pat and knows exactly where the defense falls on their own sword!

      Travis didn’t abuse anybody…not Mimi, not Lisa and certainly not Jodi!

      Jodi saw him as her meal ticket and when he turned out not to be, she butchered him and moved on to at least two other PPL members.

  2. John
    01/30/2013 at 9:11 pm

    Sorry l have joined ate what is the PPL?

    • donchais
      01/30/2013 at 9:27 pm

      PrePaid Legal…you can buy insurance to cover legal issues…Travis and a ton of witnesses worked for them…some made huge amounts of money…much like an Amway set-up

  3. MMD
    01/31/2013 at 12:41 pm

    First of all, thank you so much for covering this. Your more than welcome!

    I have a couple of serious questions.
    1. Is this the normal way that a death sentence trial is carried out in AZ? It’s AZ court system!
    2, Watching this from Canada it boggles my mind as to what the victim’s family has to go through, not to mention the jurors, who get generally are paid peanuts for jury duty and have left their jobs. The waiting around must be driving everyone crazy! AZ is used to it, but I would be insane by now…wait, actually I am, lol.
    3. Why is Det. Flores sitting at the pros. table as if he is second chair? That happens in several states. Not second chair, the lead detective sits at the prosecution table to assist if needed. Same thing is happening at the TN, Christian-Newsom trials I’ve followed for years.
    4, Is this the way this judge usually works, starting at 10:30 or whenever and nothing gets accomplished in the run of the day, and this is after a 10 day break? No, there was a federal holiday that Monday and two days off were due to scheduling conflicts. Judge Stephens has a horrific case-load and begins at 8-8:30 doing motion hearings and sentencings. Today at what should have been the start of the trial, there were still 20 inmates in court on sentencing. Fridays the courts are dark (state rule), also for motions and sentencing.
    5. Is it true that there are 11 male jurors? Seven women and 11 men, ranging in age from a male who appears to be in his early 20s to several of retirement age, including alternates.
    6. I thought that Lisa did a truly wonderful job yesterday, especially having a camera on her during much of the sidebars. She stated she did not want to testify and looked uncomfortable being there, but Martinez
    cleaned up the mess the defense made with this witness. She actually perked-up on redirect!

    7. JMO, after Casey Anthony, if this defendant (don’t want to call her what I really would like) is found not guilty, I swear there is no justice left in this world!!! If jury questions are any indication, they do seem to get it that Jodi was not an abused victim! Having said that, ya just never know when it comes to jurors!

  4. MMD
    01/31/2013 at 12:44 pm

    One more question – how long has Kirk Nurmi been an attorney? It certainly seems like neither he nor Willmott is doing their client any favors…………………… except maybe providing tissue for her fake crying. Nurmi has practiced for 12 years. Remember this is the third set of attorneys. Appears neither Nurmi or Willmott want to be part of this, but they are state appointed defense attorneys to represent Ms. Arias and have to make it appear they are going through the motions!

  5. MMD
    01/31/2013 at 3:44 pm

    Thanks for answering. If the defense have to “make it appear” like they are doing their job (if you call constantly asking for a mistrial or pushing prosecutorial misconduct) then can’t she appeal on the grounds of incompetent counsel? The reason the defense is doing all this idiocy is to protect against that!

    Also is the only sharp object that JA is allowed in court, what looks like a golf pencil? I promise no more questions today, 🙂 Yup, golf pencil is all accused, violent defendants get, lol!

  6. MMD
    01/31/2013 at 3:52 pm

    BTW, I really like that AZ is one of the states that allows questions from jurors. It’s too bad more states didn’t adopt that procedure, That way you know they are paying attention plus misunderstandings can be cleared up immediately. Kinda like the way you cleared up some things for me that have really been annoying me. Thanks. See, no more ?’s 😉 As I recall, only 3 states allow this now. I was really saddened that in TN (Christain-Newsom, car jack, rape, murder trials) the first go round was a 3 month test for jury questions…TN since threw it out. I believe as you, a pretty clear picture of what the jury is paying attention to is painted and the jurors do get to clear up any misconceptions they may have immediately…especially in prolonged trials! It also gives the pros, and like it or not, the def an opportunity to adjust their closing arguments accordingly!

  7. destiny617
    02/02/2013 at 7:51 pm

    Desiree Freeman was born in 1988 and graduated from high school in 2007, much older than 13 at the time she knew Jodi and Travis. link for reference .

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