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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Thirteen


So far, from the defense witnesses we seen I’ve learned that Travis Alexander was NOT controlling or abusive.  He did not call other woman names, did not scream at them, and didn’t force sex on them.  The defense is playing the ‘tarnish the reputation and blame the victim game.’

As there is no court on Fridays, we’ll have to see how the defense ends this week.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 1.03.00 PMCourt begins at 11:02, sigh…

Daniel Freeman being questioned by Nurmi again.

Freeman now changes some dates he gave yesterday, when he met Travis and when they were roommates.

Have you been involved in a baptism in the church?  Yes.

Nurmi has him describe the baptism ceremony.

Nurmi know wants to know who in the church can baptism.

I know so much more about the Mormon Church than I ever needed to!

This is going to Travis baptized Jodi and that Travis was a bad boy and not really living up to the principals of the church.

Good lord, this is about a murder, not the Mormon faith!

Did you become aware that Travis and Jodi stopped dating?  Yes.

Freeman was aware Travis and Jodi were still talking.  Freeman spent times with Travis and Jodi separately.

Did you have any concerns that Jodi’s conversion to the Mormon faith was disingenuous and just due to Travis?


Did Jodi have a relationship with other members of your family and was it close?  Yes.

Did you have a romantic interest in Jodi?  No, I did not.

Did you contact Jodi after you found out Travis had passed?  Yes.

Freeman says Jodi was emotional on the phone.

Martinez on cross…

You weren’t present at Jodi’s baptism?  Yes.

So you don’t know her motivations?  Correct.

Did you know at the time Jodi and Travis were having oral sex?  No.

So she wouldn’t have been worthy for baptism?  No.

Did she tell you she killed Travis?  No.

So she lied?


Travis told you he was going to have a conversation with Jodi to break-up?  Yes.

You and your sister traveled with Jodi and Travis because Travis wanted you to be a chaperone?  Yes.

Nurmi on redirect…

In the regard of you acting as a chaperone because Travis didn’t want to be alone with Jodi?  Yes.

You said Mr. Alexander was a strong fit guy?  Yes, he was always working-out.

Ever see him hit anything?  Yes, a punching bag.

Powerful punch?  Yes.

Nurmi still trying tarnish Travis!

At anytime did you get the impression Jodi would stalk Travis?  I never thought so, but heard other people talk about it.

Did you believe Jodi loved Travis?  Yes.

Objection, foundation…

Jury questions, oh boy!

Were the arguments between Travis and Jodi any different than any other couple?  No.

Did you ever see Travis hit Jodi?  No.

Did you ever hear Travis call Jodi names?  No.

Lunch recess called.

Suddenly during the lunch break, I lost power…heat, electricity, phone…Had flashbacks to the nightmare of hurricane Sandy and was freaked to say the least.  My best buddy in crime, ritanita, did a Herculean job keeping things flowing…many thanks ritanita!

After a 2 hour, 20 minute delay for an evidentiary hearing when the courtroom was cleared of spectators and media, court reconvened at 5:50 PM EST.

Witness:  Lonnie Dworkin.  He is a computer forensic examiner.  He goes on to tell all the types of work he does and gives his background.  He uses the same tools, such as Encase, that LE uses.  He was retained to look at some computer evidence and cell phone evidence.

He did his own work and didn’t rely on Mesa material.

He worked on the victim’s computer, a Compaq Presario and did a forensic review.  He went into a lot of detail of what he did.

Exhibit 419 – Encase report of the Internet history.  Objection to it’s being introduced; I hear the word hearsay and the lawyers approach.

It is a limited number of pages.  The report is potentially longer than 1000 pages.  The objection is overruled and the report is admitted.

There was also an external drive that was initially broken.  He got it in October 2012 with a bag of parts.  He received a mirror image the following month.

Due to the damage, he had to do a lot of extra work to retrieve information.  Not all sectors were recoverable.

Some of the information was photos.  He can’t always get the dates they were taken for all of them.

As the evidence was to be presented, Martinez objected and they went to the bench.

The jury was sent out at 6:30 Eastern.

Mr. Nurmi stated that Gus Searcy wanted to appear telephonically and the judge allowed it.

Martinez asked that Sky Hughes also be allowed to appear telephonically, but the judge said that she had not had the opportunity to see her in person and she would have to appear the afternoon of the 13th.

Defense applied for a stay in the trial and was denied due to lack of jurisdiction.  They want to file an interlocutory appeal to the judge’s decision against mistrial due to the change in order of wounds.  They still want to get the DP off the stand.  (From InSession)

Tweets that happened during the afternoon session:

Hearing #JodiArias jury is going on break. #Arias delay continues

Beth Karas@BethKaras

The sealed hearing must have ended or is in a break. The stenographer just walked out followed shortly after by prosecutor Juan Martinez.

Court PIO confirming #jodiarias trial cleared to discuss new evidence in #travisalexander killing. No word on what it is.

Michelle Lee @myhlee

Hmm, now the jury’s back with snacks and drinks in hand. #JodiArias

Mike Kiefer:

Jury escorted back to the jury room. Can you tell this is a confusing scenario?

Beth Karas@BethKaras

Court has NOT adjourned for the day (or week). Still waiting in the hall…

Beth Karas InSession 53 seconds ago via mobile

It looks as though court will resume shortly. Going in now.

Chris Williams @chriswnews

#JodiArias family just allowed to reenter courtroom. Now InSession pool vid crew. #Arias delay over? We’ll see.

Michelle Lee @myhleeGood news, folks. We’re going back in. It’s been an hour and half.

Holy guacamole!!!!  The supposed new evidence…photos of an erect penis. My questions are, how the heck do you prove that it belongs to Travis and we already know Jodi stole Travis’ passwords and accessed his files…so long and short…I’m pretty damn certain she forged these photos, just as she forged the damn letters that were thrown out!  Mark my words on that, Jodi!!!

So, hope ya can make sense of all this, publishing with all the warts and blemishes!

  1. ritanita
    02/01/2013 at 6:47 am

    My pleasure? LOL! Between two new kitties and a cranky old cat, I’m living in a veritable zoo of activity.

    My question about all of this is that the information being testified to comes from an external hard drive that had been smashed. It came with a bag of pieces. Did it belong to Jodi or Travis?

    Did she plug it in and show the stuff to Travis and he yanked it out and smashed it? Substitute this scenario for Jodi’s saying that there was a nonexistent virus on the system that wouldn’t load a CD she brought…

    She said Travis smashed it against the wall, maybe it was this external drive?

    I’d sure like to see this drive. It didn’t have to be very large!

    While I’m sure Martinez knows what’s going on, I’m sure he has a ton of questions. This time, the voir dire should be open to the public, unlike the alleged “new” evidence that delayed the trial way too long.

    • donchais
      02/01/2013 at 8:08 am

      I think the nonexistent virus and Travis smashing the hard drive – both stories from Arias – are both lies!!!

  2. ritanita
    02/01/2013 at 8:57 am

    For clarity, Jodi said Travis smashed a CD that wouldn’t work against the wall. Just substitute hard drive for the likely truth.

    Oh, and why just those two nasty pics? Martinez must have them and all the other material extracted from the drive. Hopefully it will show probable ownership!

    Defense by picking nits. Lately, the jury has really picked up on that. Their last two sets of questions have been aimed at the holes in Nurmi’s direct. With Lisa, it was mentioned somewhere that those questions were mainly put in the basket during his direct! They wanted those Swiss-cheese hole filled in even before Martinez did it for them!

  3. donchais
    02/01/2013 at 9:04 am

    Thanks, and I agree about the jury!

  4. Lisa
    02/01/2013 at 11:26 am

    Great reporting! I too know way too much about the Mormon faith at this point! And talk about grasping at straws! That was especially evident yesyerday in their tortured efforts to portray Travis as violent because he likes MMA. I was so glad the witness was pretty much clueless and the lawyer had to force the issue. The prosecutor didnt even bother to redirect after No wonder they’re so desperate for a mistrial. This defense is ridiculous and they know it.

  5. donchais
    02/01/2013 at 2:22 pm


    The defense has nothing and Martinez runs circles around them!

  6. G
    02/01/2013 at 5:18 pm

    Anyone notice those 2 gas receipts that Martinez produced may have been dated the same date…time stamped within moments apart, and from the same ARCO gas station with same address….but 2 different ZIP CODES attached to the same address?…How does this happen?

  7. 02/02/2013 at 6:37 pm

    In response to the question about the damaged hard drive and who does it belong to, we were led to believe that it came from TA’s computer. When the defense had their computer expert on the stand they did not indicate what computer it came from however when TLN’s Beth Kasaras came on after court I remember her making this same comment when one of the host’s asked about it. She said we were led to believe it was TA’s computer but it was Jodi’s damaged lap top that was confiscated when she was arrested at her grandparents. Beth Kasaras also commented that it was a tactic used by the defense by not identifying where it came from directly. I remember all in my group asking each other the same question…who’s computer is this hard drive from? I don’t think Martinez has cross examined yet.

    I have a comment regarding the shock the court received when Martinez flashed the autopsy photo of TA. As shocking as it was we felt it was necessary! If you look closely, Travis is now on trial now, not Jodi! All of the defense witnesses called are being asked questions about what Travis did, or how he acted, or what he said. They are trashing him! We don’t know if Martinez told the family that he would be using this photo if necessary. Hey…..he had to shock that courtroom back to reality! He had to remind everyone what they were there for! Travis died a vicious death at her hands and she’s on trial not Travis! And to put the icing on the cake…. the defense comes up with a picture of their own that cannot be identified! You know which one I’m talking about! What the heck does this photo prove?! Boy that defense team is chasing their tails?

    • donchais
      02/02/2013 at 6:47 pm

      Thanks, I totally agree. This defense is so bizarre and bordering on crazy bs!

  8. MMD
    02/04/2013 at 12:48 pm

    I totally agree with Cici that the photo had to be shown. The defence is trying so hard to paint Travis as an abuser that it is easy to forget what brutality JA inflicted on him. I’m sure with all the delays and sidebars, the focus of the jury can easily wander.

    As for today, I’m all curled up in Atlantic Canada with a snowstorm and I’m already pissed at and getting a headache courtesy of Jennifer Willmott with the way she is cherry picking through the expert’s reports and we’re only 17 minutes in!

  9. donchais
    02/04/2013 at 2:23 pm

    LOL, stay safe and warm!

  10. MMD
    02/04/2013 at 5:04 pm

    donchais & ritanita (neat UN btw) I’m just dying to know what you two think of this testimony!?!?!?!?! I must say they have her well prepared……………

    • donchais
      02/04/2013 at 6:48 pm

      LMAO…read on my friend!!!

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