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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Fourteen


So, the chatter was, whose hard drive was being discussed last week, Travis’ or Jodi’s?  We were led to think it was Travis’, but according to InSession’s Beth Karas it is actually Jodi’s, a defense trick!

It will be interesting if the defense will admit it or if we have to wait for Martinez to resolve the matter.

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 12.33.52 PMJudge calls a sidebar at 120:28 MST…we’re early, lol.

Jury brought in 10:32 MST.

Willmott questions Lonnie Dworkin.

 Dworkin now says the hard drive belonged to Jodi Arias!  Bingo!

He also examined a Helio phone in January 2010.  This would be the phone Gus Searcy gave Jodi.

There are no programs to retrieve info for this type of phone.  He did screen captures for messages and photos and he retrieved audio via a recorder.

Willmott shows him two photos of messages from the phone that he identifies.

He also examined Jodi’s Cannon camera January 15 2013.  He retrieved photos.

Willmott shows him photos taken from the camera that he identifies.

Martinez objects as to the relevance of the photos before they are entered as evidence.

Sidebar and the jury is sent out.

One photo is of Jodi with a dog, one shows Jodi smiling with a friend, and another one and the final one is a T-shirt and some pink underwear that says Travis’ on July 12, 2008 – after Travis was dead.

This is a murder case these have no relevance.

Defense says the photos show Jodi had brown hair in May, prior to Travis’s death.

Judge allows the photos, jury being bought back.

Photos are published to the jury.

Martinez on cross…

On Thursday, you gave the impression the Presario was Travis’?  Correct.

The damaged hard drive belonged to Ms. Arias’?  Yes.

Appears a You Tube video watch on Travis’ computer was titled Daft Hands- Better – Harder- Faster  -Stronger.

Martinez asks if he looked at the videos.  No.

It looks pretty salacious, doesn’t it?  Yes.

If I told you this was a rock band and Better – Harder- Faster  -Stronger is a song?  I don’t know.

Where there any images of women’s breasts on the computer?  I didn’t look.

Do you have any knowledge of pornography on the computer?  I remember some was on it.

Do you remember our interview?  Yes.

You said there was no pornography.  If that’s what I said, I stand by my statement.

Do you know who took the photo of the T-shirt and woman’s panties?  No.

But we know from the info it was taken in July 2008?  Yes.

That would be after June 4, 2008?  Yes.

Are you an expert on hair?  No.

Do you know when the hair color was applied to the defendant?  No.

Well, this was another defense witness chewed up by Martinez!                                                                     

Lunch recess called.

Willmott on redirect…

The Internet history from Mr. Alexander’s computer we looked at was it at 4 or 4:3o in the morning?  Yes.

The broken hard drive, did you actually see it?  Yes, and I had a mirror image of the hard drive.

There were thousands of entries on the hard drive?  Yes.

Yippee, jury questions!

Are dates and time stamps on digital photos able to be changed?  Yes, it can be changed before the photo is taken.


Did you see any manipulation of the data?  I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary or unusual.

Willmott now calls Bryan Neumeister.  USA Forensic enhances audio and video for cases.  He’s been doing this for 32 years.

He goes through his CV.  Certified as an expert.

He was asked to enhance the audio of a phone call where the person making the call was heard, but the person on the other end wasn’t so clear sounding.

They go through a bunch of slides with graphs that show voice tracks, background noise, etc.

This phone call between Jodi and Travis shows Jodi’s voice clear and they had to enhance Travis’ voice.

Does the male call the female by name?  Yes, Jodi.

And does the female call the male by name?  Yes, Travis and the man refers to himself as Mr. Alexander.

Martinez on cross…

So it was Travis and Jodi on the dvd.  Yes.

Did you only compare Travis’s voice to a known sample?  Yes.

Did you compare Jodi Arias’?  No.

Jury sent out…again!!

Jodi must be ailing…twice now; she’s been taken out to use the facilities!

Ohhhhh, Jodi Arias on the stand!  Yikes!

Nurmi on direct…

Is this a position you ever thought you would find yourself in…testifying today?

Objection, relevance…

Did you kill Travis Alexander in June 2008?  Yes.

Why?  He attacked me.

You gave an interview with Inside Edition?  Yes.

You said you would never be found guilty?  Yes, I planned to commit suicide and never expected any of you to be here.  I couldn’t say I’d be acquitted either.

What are the names of your parents?  Bill and Sandy.

You have a half-sister?  Yes.

You have a younger brother?  Yes, Carl.

Younger sister?  Yes, Angela.

Younger brother?  Yes, Joseph.

Till age 7 she had an ideal childhood, has positive memories of that time.

You’re speaking quietly today.  Are you nervous?  Yes.

After age 7 what changed?  The frequency and intensity of spanks increased.

Her dad started using a belt and her mom started carrying a wooden spoon in her purse.

Objection, relevance…side bar.

Parents under the bus…sound familiar?

Her mother would whack them with the spoon if they were being brats.  It left welts.

When your dad hit you with the belt, did he leave welts?  My dad was pretty imposing…my mother didn’t carry that fear factor so she hit harder.

So she killed Travis because her parents disciplined her?

The beatings increased into her teen years.

Your interest in art, how did your parents react to that?  They were indifferent.

Did your parents ever show any interest in your artwork?  At one point, for a few weeks.

Mom is making dollars off her art now!

Was your mom aware of your dad beating you?  Yes, I remember times they were both present.

Did you graduate high school?  No.

Did you drop out?  Yes.

Where were you living at that time?  I was living with my boyfriend, Bobby Juarez.

Why did you leave your parents home to live with your boyfriend?  I was tired of the discipline and I was 3 months from being 18.  I skipped a class and my parents decided to ground me until I was 18.

Her boyfriend was 3 years older and had never been employed.

They broke up prior to the moving in together and she found out later he slit his wrists and was committed to a facility.

OMG, this is so scripted!!!!

Afternoon recess called.

I can’t wait for Martinez on cross!  Just as she did with Flores, she is giving way too many details and that’s when she gets tripped up with inconsistencies! Martinez has been writing and writing pages of notes and pages.  Jodi will be sorry she ever took the stand.

Can anyone tell which side of her mouth Jodi is talking from?

For whatever reason, they just switched out stenographers.


You got back with Bobby Juarez?  Yes.

You had a boyfriend in another country?  Yes, Victor.  She met him in Costa Rica and his last name was ironically Arias!!!

She broke up with Victor and got back with Juarez.  Her mom wasn’t happy about their relationship.

Bobby didn’t have an ss card and couldn’t find his birth certificate.  Couldn’t get a drivers license.


She worked at Denney’s and supported both of them.

The parents went to a rest home.  She has no idea who paid the electric and phone at that time.

Now she says that she thought Bobby treated her well till she found he was cheating on her.   OMG!

She was hacking his email account too! She’s having trouble keeping the scripted story together!!!

Was Bobby ever physically abusive to you?   At one point, I was advised to get away because he wasn’t healthy for her.

He had an argument with her and grabbed her in a strangle hold and she almost passed out.  He said he would kill her family and he knew a lot about her family.

Have you heard this before??? Sounds like the same freakin story!  Liar isn’t a strong enough word for her.

Did you ever engage in sexual relationships with him? Yes, once or twice.

Why?  I still loved him.

She left Juarez and went to Costa Rica to reassess her life and then went back to her grandparents.

She finally decided stop seeing him after he moved to Oregon and finally got a job and was living with a friend, Matt.

Now, she suddenly becomes good friends with Matt!!!

Oh good lord, I’m gonna barf!

Why, when I look at Nurmi, I see him him roasting on a spit???

Holy carp, now she and Matt hook up as boyfriend and girlfriend and “We became romantic.”

Anyone else see a pattern here???

ritanita just told me… “Victor” is Travis middle name”… guess he’s made up.  And, then there is “Victor Arias.”

So, name the show…did I watch Showtime, HBO, Starz or a trial???

Nite All!

  1. MMD
    02/04/2013 at 7:30 pm

    As always, excellent reporting. Thank you to you both.

    Darlin’, even Hollywood’s finest couldn’t sell this detailed a fantasy! And what ritanita said, whoa! I think the only place you could find anything even closely resembling this detailed a story would be from a psychopath under lock and key in a psych hospital. Good gawd she sounds like a sportscaster who provides colour commentary when she answers a question. And do you notice that Nurmi constantly gets her to repeat the end of her answers so that she has to repeat herself! Gotta make sure the jury remembers it!

    It totally blows my mind that JA even took the stand! Martinez is going to literally crucify her on cross. I can’t wait but I’m sure that Nurmi is going to keep her on the stand for another day playing the victim, quietly answering with her little girl hairdo. Maybe she’ll have a ribbon in her hair tomorrow.

    As an aside, did you notice that her Mum was very busy taking notes? Bet there is a book in the offing for Mum since JA can’t profit from her crime. Any takers?

    I need to let this settle overnight. Maybe by morning I’ll be able to think about this dispassionately.

    Nah, never going to happen! My only hope is that the jury isn’t buying this crap!!!

    • ,donchais
      02/04/2013 at 8:34 pm

      really, all I can say is, ayuh…tomorrow should blow the lid!!!

  2. jad
    02/04/2013 at 10:26 pm

    This is just my take on today, of which I truly believe Kudos should be given to the prosecutor for catching what he needed to get the defense to put Jodi Arias on the stand.

    When the expert witness, Bryan Neumeister, started to drone on-and-on about his skills, which he was reading from his own Curriculum Vitae, I must admit to have gotten groggy. Not so with Juan Martinez. He is on his toes, as any good prosecutor should be. However, he is more wide awake than most and should be applauded for doing the impossible.

    From all points of view, it appeared that Jodi Arias would not have to take the witness stand. The shenanigans played by defense counsel actually pointed to a hung jury. That is, if Jodi Arias did not take the stand.

    This game plan instantly changed for defense counsel once Mr. Martinez elicited a certain admission. Thus, he was able to make the impossible happen. Jodi Arias would be forced to take the stand. There was no way that the Court could allow a particular recording in because the voice of one of the parties was not properly documented. While the expert asserted he had compared the voice of the male to a known sample of Travis Alexander, he could not say he had compared the voice of the female to anyone. Thus, it seems Jodi Arias would have to testify — or else the recording of “phone sex” between the two could not be heard by the Jury. Without proof of a deviant sexual nature shared between the two, the experts in abuse might not have been able to sufficiently present their interpretation of events.

    Defense counsel had to back pedal and go in a different direction with their client, a very troubled woman, who, so far, seems to have all the traits of a psychopath. This woman has also been around the block — several times. This sadist that has exhibited signs of sexual deviancy should not be allowed to get away with murder. Because of this level headed prosecutor who watches over the case like a hawk, justice will be served. The victim who was known as a virginal man until he met the devil, in the form of Jodi Arias, should not have to be examined as though he were the perpetrator. His only failing was that he had given in to desire when seduced by this psychopath. Travis Alexander is not the deviant or the criminal, and under the able hands of Juan Martinez, he may finally be able to rest in peace.

  3. 02/04/2013 at 10:58 pm

    Holy crap….get the rubber boots out…the crap is really flowing today! Her stories are sooooo detailed and she’s just flowing at the mouth with detail after detail regarding her boyfriends! She’s sitting there talking away like she’s talking to someone over the back fence! She loves hearing herself talk….especially when the subject is all about poor little her! Yet when asked if she killed Travis and why she did it, it took what…9 words and no emotion! Wait until Martinez gets a hold of her! If there’s one thing liars do, is when they’re lying they never tell the lie the same way twice. We’ve heard these same stories before but with different players. We even took bets here to see if the first thing out of her mouth was going to be….”my parents beat me”….OMG! We almost fell out of our seats….she threw her parents under the bus as soon as she left the starting gate! Next the boyfriends joined the parents under that bus! That was one bumpy bus ride…let me tell you! Bottom line it’s everyone else’s fault but hers. Her life is what THEY made it….she has no accountability! I’d be willing to bet her lawyers went back there after court was over to continue coaching her. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…we’ll probably hear the dog bit her then he’ll join everyone else under that bus!!!

  4. donchais
    02/05/2013 at 6:59 am

    jad, Juan Martinez is going to shred her on cross and he’s an expert on that!

    cici, as she did with Det. Flores, she will mix-up her cast of characters and timeline!

  5. ritanita
    02/05/2013 at 9:25 am

    Needed some sleep to clear my head only to come in here and say, “what all the above said.”

    Today is going to be pure torture. I hope they get to the crime of which she has been accused. I have to find out how she managed to be armed to the hilt in the bathroom with Travis. Then, maybe I’ll try to take some notes!

    I wonder if Nurmi has managed to coach her to keep her testimony within the timeline of those photographs. Martinez WILL make mincemeat out of all her stories and he won’t shilly-shally around with all her details. He’ll just nail her to the post, as it were.

  6. donchais
    02/05/2013 at 9:42 am

    Have a feelin Nurmi is really going to drag direct out…lots to cover yet!

  7. katz63md
    02/05/2013 at 10:12 am

    Donchais, what does the art have to do with the murder? I’m a little confused watching the playback of the jr/sr high time frame and the emphasis on artwork.

  8. donchais
    02/05/2013 at 10:51 am

    I have no idea what the defense is doing. There may be two reasons…in throwing her parents under the bus, they brought out that her parents didn’t encourage or support her interest in art…it may also be a strategy to combat the fact that Arias has been making money selling her ‘artwork’ on ebay…lots of folks are ticked off about it.

    Those are the only things I can think of!

  9. MMD
    02/05/2013 at 12:25 pm

    I agree donchais that Nurmi is going to drag direct out at least for another day. After all we still have another decade of boyfriends, friends of boyfriends, brothers of boyfriends, etc. to get through who will all conveniently be abusive. This girl has certainly gotten around.

    Does anyone know if she has any other family there besides her mother and aunt? Where are her brothers and sisters?

  10. donchais
    02/05/2013 at 2:16 pm

    Lol…her sister may have been there one day. She and her dad haven’t spoken in years. Guess family doesn’t has the funds to show up which is part of the reason Arias is selling her artwork on ebay…for momma and so she can buy better eats in the pokey!

  11. Anonymous
    02/05/2013 at 4:56 pm

    self defense crime of passion. (edited by admin)

    • donchais
      02/05/2013 at 6:54 pm

      don’t drink and post!!!

  12. kristin
    02/11/2013 at 8:12 pm

    OMG where to begin today? Just a tidal wave of the most defiling lies I have ever heard. Snaps to Travis’s siblings because I would have hopped over that gate and beat the life out of her. None of these lies even add up. This day may right now seem like the defense has this in the bag but this day of testimony is a gold mine for the state. I believe JA pushed the (lying) envelope a bit too far and the jury that might have been on the fence before, ya they just fell off on the holy crap she is a liar side! I will never look at a Toblerone the same lol!

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