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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Sixteen


My assumption is Kirk Nurmi will spend all day continuing to question Arias.  I really had trouble listening to and watching her on the stand yesterday and found myself yelling ‘liar’ at my computer.  Today, I’m going to try to be calmer, but there is no guarantee of that!  This is just going to get nastier and nastier!

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.37.38 PMCourt begins 10:31 MST, with the usual sidebar…

Arias takes the stand.

Nurmi…moves to admit the phone conversation between Jodi and Travis.

Yesterday you started telling us about arriving at the hotel and you began making out right away?  Yes.

We were kissing and then we were nude on the bed.  We didn’t have intercourse but had oral sex.  Travis called it grinding.

She both gave and received oral sex.

That night they watched TV.

The next day they went to a movie and got something to eat at Sizzler’s.

They had more oral sex that night.

They connected more over the phone, but this weekend he seemed distant.

At this point did you consider it a relationship?  No, we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.

On this weekend did he express he wanted to have anal sex with you?  Yes.

Vaginal sex?  No.

You declined to have anal sex?  Yes.

Did he bring up several times?  Yes.

He made some music CD’s for her and they talked about the Book of Mormon.

Missionaries told her about the vow of chastity, but kinda glossed over it.

Travis didn’t mistreat her, but he wasn’t treating her the way he had for that time.  He didn’t return a call the following Saturday, Sunday. It was abnormal for him not to call her after more than one day.  He started calling her later.

She said she felt used by Travis, but never told him because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

She next saw Travis right before Thanksgiving.  He was going to Riverside and her house was on the way so he stopped by and they hung out.  This was at the Palm Desert house, Darryl was at work.

Travis had his dog with him and the pug jumped in the pool and sank.  Travis jumped in to save the dog and was soaking wet.  She put his clothes in the dryer and they had sex…oral sex.  He did ask about anal sex, but she said no.

Nurmi shows her two pictures that she identifies as Travis’ erect penis that supposedly he sent by phone, Nov.11, 2006 – before the visit to Palm Desert.

Did you ask for these no, but we were flirting.

The photos are published to the jury.Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.40.37 PM

How the heck do you ID the penis as belonging to Travis???

When he sent these did he ask you to reciprocate?  Yes.

Did you? No.

Travis didn’t think it was fair.

He specifically asked for naked pictures of her.

Did you feel guilty for not reciprocating?  Yes, he was disappointed.

She was baptized in the Mormon Church on November 26th by Travis.

At what time did you decide to join the faith?  It was series of incidents.

The Church was in alignment with a lot of her values…family, marriage.

The whole next bit is about the Mormon faith.

She said she adhered to the vow of chastity because she though it only penile vaginal penetration.

Don’t ya love the “technicalities” of chastity?

The Church approved her baptism even though Darryl was still living in the house.

Now we go through the baptism ceremony.

Her family and friends was against her joining the Church.

So what the hell does this have to do with the price of apples????

After the ceremony, she and Travis went back to her house and they got intimate again.

He bent her face down on her bed and he lifted her skirt and pulled down her underwear.  He unzipped his pants and had anal sex with her.

She didn’t find it pleasurable, it hurt, but she didn’t stop him!

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!!  Guess she wasn’t in school the day Darryl testified he and Jodi had anal sex!

‘He ejaculated in my back or somewhere on me!’

We parted ways…we embraced, we kissed!

Says she felt like a used piece of toilet paper.

She hasn’t been looking at the jury at all.

She didn’t like it, but they spoke on a nightly basis.

She and Travis became exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend February 2, 2007.

Were you under the impression your relationship had to be kept hidden?  Yes.

This is one steaming, deep pile of dodo!

The next time they met it was at his house in Mesa and attended a meeting in Phoenix with a bunch of his friends and coworkers.  They all crashed at Travis’ house.

Lunch called…

Sheriff department complains about conferences and discussions in front of Arias because it is not acceptable to have inmate in unsecured areas of the court.  It should be in the cleared courtroom or a conference room.

Nurmi has issue that Arias should be allowed to be present (Judge’s chambers?) at confidential meetings, constitutional right.

Judge will accommodate as occasions come up.

I think what most upsets me is that we all pretty much believe Jodi is making up all the foo-foo dust she is spreading and meanwhile all of this just tarnishes the victim and sadly, Travis’ family has to listen to this crap! 

Court resumes 1:39 MST with a sidebar…a really, really long sidebar!   Ahh, with the Sheriff department again!

Arias on the stand…Jury in at 1:48 MST.

We spoke about the time you and a bunch of friends were at Travis’ house.  Yes.

Deanna Reid was there and Jodi understood her to be an old girlfriend of Travis’.

Travis told her to stay away from her, she was unstable and would freak if she saw Travis with another woman.

Hey, Travis left his dog to Deanna.  WTF?  Jodi is making this shit up!

You weren’t there that weekend for romance?  No.

Were you hoping he would bend you over the bed for anal sex?  No.

In January 2007 Travis encouraged her to date others so she dated two other individuals and Travis knew about it after the fact.

Ah, it was Abe!  She also went on a ‘platonic’ date with a John Dixon.  Travis called and she didn’t answer his call.

She claims Travis wasn’t happy about the dates…his attitude changed, but he was upset.  Travis reprimanded her because they weren’t Church of Mormon.

Travis told her not to date outside the Church and it made sense to her.

You and Travis became a couple in February 2007?  Yes.

She went to Travis’ house the first weekend of February.  They were in his bedroom reading books.  Her arrival at his house was a surprise…it was not by invite.

She got off work and drove a heck of a long way to arrive around 3 AM.

Travis insisted she stay in his bed.  They had sex both nights.

They had a conversation and Travis said he didn’t want her to see other people.

Travis made jokes about her that she didn’t appreciate.

Travis called her a skank in front of his roommate and then said he was just kidding.

He also called her Pollyanna in front of his friends…she had long platinum hair at the time that he wanted her to wear in braids.

She voiced her concerns to Travis and he stopped doing it.

So, Travis was willing to change!                                                    

She was on the computer and was clicking back for pictures and ‘accidentally’ accessed his My Space.  Her curiosity got the better of it and she read a bunch of his emails from two women.

The emails were sexual in nature…it was kinda flirty, but not explicit.

She claims it didn’t make her happy, but she wasn’t angry.

There was another email that was more disturbing…sexual nature and it was with a married LDS woman.

She eventually spoke to Travis about it, but spoke to Sky about it first.

BTW, both emails were from prior to Christmas!!!

Were you in love with Travis at that point? I don’t recall being “in love” “in love”… I had feelings for him.

Were you still involved with PPL at this time?  I was active, but wasn’t making any money.

They traveled to Kansas City, Missouri and Illinois to see Mormon historical sites and then flew to Oklahoma City of the PPL convention.

They shared a hotel room and engaged in sexual behavior.

He was more affectionate in those cities.  When they got to the convention he backed off because it was a convention of associates.

They didn’t share a room at the convention because it was business.

Travis was paying a lot of attention to another woman and that hurt her feelings.

Afternoon recess called…there is a God!

They went to a party and stayed at Chris and Sky’s parents home.  She and Travis stayed the night and shared a bedroom!

Later they went to Travis’ grandmother’s house.  Travis didn’t introduce Jodi as his ‘girlfriend’.

For Valentines Day, Travis sent her gifts…chocolates, the T-shirt, and panties that said “Travis’” and some spider man, boy’s underwear which she was confused about.  There was a letter underneath.


Judge now calls it a day and tells the jury to return on Monday.

Per HLN…There is apparently argument about the letter.  Joey Jackson says it could be hearsay, but that the prosecution may have a big problem with it… hence, the early evening.

The evidentiary hearing tomorrow is scheduled to begin at 10:30 MST.

  1. MMD
    02/06/2013 at 6:56 pm

    Donchais, you really know how to cut through to the heart of what happened today. LOL As for those chastity technicalities, since she claims to have been called a “3 holed wonder”, I assume that “soaking” the other technicality will be brought up eventually.

    Surprisingly enough, today’s testimony didn’t get to me as much as every other day. It just seems so obvious what the def is doing and JA is reciting the same old same old. Curious about those convenient date lapses…….especially when she can recall every feeling, thought………

    BTW wasn’t the photo of the t-shirt and shorts confirmed to be taken In July, a month after the murder by the prosecution?

    Well we moved a few months today. At this rate we should get to the actual murder, excuse me, self defence LOL by spring.

    I truly wish the jury could read your reports. It would save them a hell of a lot of excruciatingly boring and agonizingly detailed testimony.

    One question – do you know if or how many members of the Mormon Church are on the jury?

    • donchais
      02/06/2013 at 7:17 pm

      I’m finding myself bored to tears with this testimony and notice, no discussion about abuse yet!

      The date lapses are interesting.

      Yup, the staged T-shirt and panties photo was taken in July…she supposedly received them for Valentines from Travis.

      My understanding is there is one LDS member on the jury…he seems very interested when Arias talks religion!

  2. Lisa
    02/06/2013 at 7:26 pm

    Your side comments are so funny! I am so beyond outraged. How can the court allow those photos of his penis to be shown to the court? Can you imagine how his family felt about that? I just don’t understand how that’s okay to show. It’s not relevant at all. How do the defense attorneys sleep at night? And they are going to play sex tapes now! And u can tell it doesn’t bother jodi either. She let herself be treated like a piece of TP (giving her the benefit of the doubt, which she doesn’t deserve of course) and went back for more again and again. If she had poor self-esteem there still comes a time when u gather ur strength and move on unless u have no bottom (no pun intended!) or no soul!

    • donchais
      02/06/2013 at 7:33 pm

      Remember, Jodi is NOT normal!

  3. cpat
    02/06/2013 at 8:01 pm

    I’ve known Travis since he was 19 years old. He was my neighbor in Highlands Ranch, CO while we were on our Mormon missions. Her testimony is absolutely absurd and infuriates me. Im sure he is rolling in his grave at her allegations. Yes, Travis is guilty of playing her, but there is NO WAY he engaged in anal sex the very day of her baptism. If I senselessly murdered every man that used me, played me for sex…well hell, I would put Ted Bundy to shame. She deserves the death..an eye for an eye…

    • donchais
      02/06/2013 at 8:17 pm

      I’m so sorry you have to hear Jodi’s lies.

      I didn’t personally know Travis, but as you, tons of us are infuriated!

  4. Lisa
    02/06/2013 at 8:16 pm

    You’re right, she’s not normal at all! I just hope the jury sees it. They must be pretty sick of all the Mormon stuff by now!

  5. David In TN
    02/06/2013 at 8:41 pm

    At one point (without a sense of irony), Jodi Arias said something like, “I usually don’t like to talk about my sex life in front of other people.”

    • donchais
      02/06/2013 at 9:09 pm

      Very true, but we all know she talks out of both sides of her mouth!

  6. 02/06/2013 at 9:54 pm

    I’m disgusted by the Defense and how they’re trying to portray Travis. Jodi is a complete psycho and I don’t believe anything out of her mouth. I don’t care what kind of so called abuse she’s claiming she is disgusting in the fact she has no remorse, no emotion, no anything for what she’s done. Even if any of it were true a normal person would feel regret and sadness about what they did..definitely not trying to get out of the punishment with lies. Its so frustrating to watch and i hope the jury is smart enough to do the right thing. She’s lied all through from day one…why are people even entertaining any truth to what she’s saying? Is anyone actually doing that?

  7. katz63md
    02/06/2013 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks for giving us a blow-by-blow. I don’t have the other channel to watch and work would not allow me to stream it. I enjoy catching up. Began following you during the C.A. trial. Keep it up!

    I am extremely bored by her testimony. It is amazing how she remembers the dates and exactly what was said from so many years ago. I find it hard to do that from just a month ago. I know rules are different between direct and cross, but so much, if not all, is hearsay. I so can’t wait till next week on cross, she is going to be torn to shreds.

  8. susan
    02/06/2013 at 10:01 pm

    They can prove it was travis’ penis because it was sent electronically and it would have the details of the sender. Unless of course Travis was photographing another man’s penis…but that is just getting too weird.

  9. susan
    02/06/2013 at 10:03 pm

    cpat :
    I’ve known Travis since he was 19 years old. He was my neighbor in Highlands Ranch, CO while we were on our Mormon missions. Her testimony is absolutely absurd and infuriates me. Im sure he is rolling in his grave at her allegations. Yes, Travis is guilty of playing her, but there is NO WAY he engaged in anal sex the very day of her baptism. If I senselessly murdered every man that used me, played me for sex…well hell, I would put Ted Bundy to shame. She deserves the death..an eye for an eye…

    Did you know he would engage in anal sex at all? What about sending images of his penis?

  10. 02/06/2013 at 10:23 pm

    Are they allowed to show the entire 48 Hours as an exhibit? It only proves that she’s lying again because in that show, she expressed clearly that the sex was between two consenting adults. Obviously another lie.

  11. kristin
    02/06/2013 at 11:32 pm

    I really enjoy your blog. It makes me sick listening to JA and her lies. I don’t know Travis, but I do know common sense. I do not believe a word she says or believe in any tear she cries. She is a classic stalker. jealousy drove her to kill. Death is a fitting penalty in this case. May God bless Travis’ siblings. Their pain and strength are unimaginable.

  12. Commerce1
    02/07/2013 at 1:09 am

    I am disgusted by this. She has all the hallmarks of a sociopath. Nothing that comes out of her mouth is truth. It is just a very distorted fraction dof the truth based upon shreds of reality – of course with a spin that will serve her purposes.

  13. John
    02/07/2013 at 4:35 am

    My heart goes out to his family and friends to have to suffer through listening to her trash! She is totally UNbelievable and her “attitude” on the stand will not play in her favor.

  14. paula
    02/07/2013 at 7:50 am

    I coudn’t belive it when she said she felt like a prositute … a used piece of toilet paper… no she couldn’t voice this to Travis she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I guess she didn’t care about his feelings or his life when she stapped him 29 times, sliced his throat and put a bullet through his head! Absolutely unbelieveable!

  15. 02/07/2013 at 8:07 am

    susan :

    cpat :
    I’ve known Travis since he was 19 years old. He was my neighbor in Highlands Ranch, CO while we were on our Mormon missions. Her testimony is absolutely absurd and infuriates me. Im sure he is rolling in his grave at her allegations. Yes, Travis is guilty of playing her, but there is NO WAY he engaged in anal sex the very day of her baptism. If I senselessly murdered every man that used me, played me for sex…well hell, I would put Ted Bundy to shame. She deserves the death..an eye for an eye…

    Did you know he would engage in anal sex at all? What about sending images of his penis?

    So what? Do you know how many men takes pictures of their genitalia these days and send them? Tons of people have anal sex — get with the times. That is not a crime worthy of being stabbed 29 times, having your throat cut, and being shot in the head.

    I will admit that he used her for sex but she was using sex as a means to keep him and it didn’t work and she lost it. That is no excuse for what she did so you need to get real. Just because he allegedly took photos of his penis still doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He told her up front that he wasn’t interested in her, she should have counted her losses and ran.

  16. 02/07/2013 at 8:15 am

    susan :
    They can prove it was travis’ penis because it was sent electronically and it would have the details of the sender. Unless of course Travis was photographing another man’s penis…but that is just getting too weird.

    It could have been a downloaded image of a picture from the web. Of course that sounds absurd but anything is possible. Just because it was sent from his phone still doesn’t prove that it’s his.

  17. ritanita
    02/07/2013 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for the story. I was going to say “blow by blow” story, but thought better of it!

  18. Rache
    02/07/2013 at 9:24 am

    It seems the judge allows so much hearsay…and also allows Nurmi to ” lead” his skank…I mean, witness. I am obviously not a lawyer, but I feel this judge is inconsistent in her decisions to sustain or overrule objections. I am also tired of hearing that the prosecutor needs to be gentle with Jodi. If a man committed this crime, there would be no such talk. The defense lawyers’ questions, at this point, are so predictable….as well as JA’s answers. However, she is certainly enjoying herself.

  19. Lisa
    02/07/2013 at 10:40 am

    I love the way Jodi smiles as she’s recounting her experiences with Travis as if he’s still alive and everything’s fine and she never actually slaughtered him and left his body to rot for 5 days! Wow if that doesn’t prove she’s a psycho I don’t know what does. I’m trying to not hate this defense attorney but its really hard. I just hope the jury gets how badly he’s trying to lead her. I also love how she refers to their relationship as becoming “official” at a certain point. She sounds like a high school girl!

  20. Lisa
    02/07/2013 at 10:48 am

    I agree with every comment on this blog. I wish we were on the jury! I also don’t understand how all this hearsay gets in. Is there a rule that when defendants take a stand they get a wide berth as to what they can say OR if the prosecutor isn’t objecting because the more she says the more he can hang her with later?

    • donchais
      02/07/2013 at 10:58 am

      Yes and yes!

  21. MMD
    02/07/2013 at 12:32 pm

    Anybody know where the evidentiary hearing is being streamed today? I have been watching the trial on http://www.azcentral.com/ but can’t find anything today. Thanks!

    • donchais
      02/07/2013 at 12:44 pm

      Closed door hearing…no public allowed! Monday will be the next time public allowed in court.

      Have a great weekend!

  22. MMD
    02/07/2013 at 12:56 pm

    Thanks donchais. Now I can stop looking. You have a great weekend as well and enjoy the break from your reporting. You are truly doing an awesome job and it is so appreciated by so many (including the lurkers, which I was for a long time).

    • donchais
      02/07/2013 at 1:03 pm

      Your welcome. We didn’t find out til this morning it was a closed door session…lot’s of speculation as to why court ended abruptly yesterday as well as the pros expert witness’ laptop being stolen yesterday!

  23. MMD
    02/07/2013 at 1:17 pm

    Wow! Which pros expert? There is so much about this case that is fishy, although most of it courtesy of the def.

    • donchais
      02/07/2013 at 1:26 pm

      Doc who did psych profile on Arias…house broken into yesterday…expert has been on witness list for couple years, but was expected to be called during rebuttal…could just be a run-of-the-mill house burglary, just kinda weird…rumor has it the hearing was called by the pros…could be the laptop…might be the Valentine day letter wasn’t verified…who the heck knows, lol!

  24. MMD
    02/07/2013 at 1:53 pm

    As I said, sounds kinda fishy. Wouldn’t both sides have copies of his report via discovery anyway?

    HLN was really pushing that the hearing was about the letter last night as it might not paint Travis is a positive light. I’m trying to stay away from the experts as much as I can because they are all over the place with their theories. I just end up getting upset or really pissed. I don’t care what the hell was done to Jodi Arias, nothing, nada, justifies what she did to Travis. She might be able to pull self defence with 1 knife wound and a really good attorney, but not the overkill that she inflicted. I don’t care if she had a rage that built in her for years and years, and experts can argue until they are blue in the face that she suffers from this or that mental disorder, this is premeditated murder and she needs to pay.

    My heart breaks for Travis’ family to have to listen to this testimony day in and day out and relive the loss of their family member. As far as I’m concerned, they are and have been re-victimized every single time the case has been delayed, Jodi has given an interview, the talking heads have speculated on tv, etc. I don’t believe there is such a thing as closure, but I do believe that justice needs to be served and that Travis should be allowed to rest in peace. I mean seriously, this family has suffered for almost 5 years!

    I swear, if this is a hung jury or she is acquitted, i will slit my wrists! (I’m speaking figuratively, of course)

    getting off soapbox now………….

  25. donchais
    02/07/2013 at 2:12 pm

    Shes on the list as an expert, but hasn’t been designated as ‘called’. This is not like Florida ‘sunshine’ rules…hence all the evidentiary hearings, this late in the game.

  26. Maggie
    02/07/2013 at 2:35 pm

    I’m Roman Catholic and we also have pretty strict rules about PRE-MARITAL SEX! We also have strict rules about birth control. I am so sickened by her testimony!!! She acts like a victim when all the while she murdered Travis in the most sickening way! I am against the death penelty for Religous reasons but I would make a diference for her! She will ROT IN HELL !

  27. Mira
    02/07/2013 at 6:10 pm

    I am SO DISGUSTED by this ” history of Jodi Aria’s VAGINA….I , and probably many could not care LESS about her sexual habbits….disgusting defense…I have ENOUGH of this entity paranoia >Jodi ARIAS is de sexual devient NOT the victim whom THIS defense lawyer TRIES TO KILL ONE MORE TIME….shem on you…I wonder if you, as person have not become obsessed with sexual activities…DESPICABLE>.and I hope it will back fire…because this defense lawyers STABBS the victim ONE MORE TIME….She is NOT the victim…she is a cold blood murderer and a sociopath…and YOU, Mr. Nurmi should be ashemed of yourself…You brought Mrs. Arias VAGINA in the spot light….Isn’t this supposed to be a MURDER TRIAL….????????????????????

  28. Anonymous
    02/07/2013 at 8:22 pm

    Why is the judge allowing Arias to abuse Travis further by posting pictures of his (or someone’s) penis and detailing her fictionalized, re-drafted accounts of their sexual interaction? She appears quite gleeful to be saying these things to his family. The ultimate revenge- she can abuse and humiliate him even after death- and WITH the court’s help. What can any of this have to do with justice? If Travis were a woman killed by a male lover- there is NO WAY anyone would get away with posting a completely irrelevant picture of her ( the victim’s) sexual parts in a court of law. This would NOT be happening!! For Travis’ family to have to live with his horrific murder is more than enough. What the court is allowing Arias and her lawyers to do to this family (and him in death) is reprehensible. NONE of the sexual exploits Arias has regurgitated for the world to see proves Travis was abusive in any way. She’s 32 – not 12. He diid nothing to or with her that she didn’t agree to and participate in as a fully consenting adult. Couldn’t the family sue for this “over the top” sexual exploitation of a dead man? Further, how can you claim to be a victim of “domestic abuse” when you never, ever, ever even shared a “domicile”?

    • donchais
      02/07/2013 at 9:28 pm

      Pls see cici’s post!

    • Mira
      02/07/2013 at 9:48 pm

      AMEN TO THAT ! Is there any legal avenue for Travis’ s family to SUE the defense team for this despicable denigrations of a dean man, who can not defend himself ? I wathc this trial from Canada, and I could have NEVER imagined that THIS is allowed in a court in a MURDER trial…That judge has NO power to spare us this USELESS, distastful, disgusting details of and ADULT’s sexual ” adventures” ???????? Well, I can only hope and pray that all these defense lawyers will LOSE clients…because what they do is a sacrilege AND an insult to justice it self…I treid to find and email of the “nightmare team” but I could not…well I DO HOPE their “dirty and stinky” strategy will back fire…BIG TIME….I thank GOD for the strength HE gives to Travis’ family to endure the DAILY STABBING IN THE BACK of their presious son. MAY GOD bring justice to all…

      • donchais
        02/07/2013 at 9:53 pm

        I hear you, the system is what it is, but still the best in the free world, Do some things things need to change? Yea, but I believe we can make the difference if we act!

  29. 02/07/2013 at 8:23 pm

    Well our little group agrees with you all. We’re a small group of retirees in our mid 60’s and having been in our teens during the turbulent 60’s we’re no old prudes, but even we have our limit listening to the crap flowing from this tramp’s mouth!! Geez Louise…..so she was called a skank, a porn star, 3-hole wonder, etc., etc., well I guess it never occurred to her that if she stopped acting like one the names would never have been used to describe her behavior! Geeezzz….call a spade a spade! We have a neighbor who is an attorney and we all went marching over to his house infuriated be the testimony these past few days! We asked him:
    Q. Why is all this hearsay was being allowed?
    Q. How could these pictures be shown in court by the defense and yet Willmot stood up and shouted her protest when Martinez showed the picture of Travis with his throat cut?
    Q. Why isn’t Martinez not objecting more often?
    Q. Doesn’t Martinez need more help? Why doesn’t he have others sitting with him along with the lead detective?
    Well he tried to assure us that all is not lost. He told us that he could clearly see that the judge is trying to ensure that should she be convicted it does not get overturned due to minor technicalities. The defense attorney are trying not to get themselves accused of incompetence because they didn’t want this case and they themselves know they can’t believe anything she tells the but they have to go with the hand that was dealt them. They’re just throwing everything out there just to see what sticks and hope for the best. And finally, he told us not to worry about Martinez….he has a whole team working on the sidelines! The Prosecution does not work alone. They’re hearing everything that is being said and checking everyone and everything that comes their way. They know she’s lying and the longer she takes to finish her story the longer they have to prepare! Our poor neighbor….he tried his best to calm us down! It tears our hearts out to see that family sitting there suffering through all of the garbage this woman is slinging in their direction. We turned the trial off yesterday because we couldn’t take anymore! We’re so fed up watching that one woman freak show! That woman has been loosey goosey all her life and if there is any truth to “what goes around comes around” it better be now! We have always said that they should do to the perpetrator what they did to their victem! An eye for an eye! People like this add no value to man(woman)kind and then want to profit by drawing picture while locked up!! Well we need to get grounded again and gather up our strength to sit and listen to that liar once again on Monday. Thank you for your recaps and courage to be able to report this ugliness and injustice. God be with the Alexander family…you are all in our prayers!!

    • donchais
      02/07/2013 at 9:29 pm


      Amen, friend!

  30. Dianuh
    02/08/2013 at 1:23 am

    Do Love your comments!!! This is a spoiled girl who didn’t get her way in life and did not like the word “NO”. She quit school (loser) she left home because her parents were going to put her on restriction for 3 months (loser) and so she began to seduce men in order to find herself that guy that was going to pay her way (user).

    I’m surprised she didn’t entrap Travis by getting pregnant! She is a promiscuous DO ANYTHING to try to land a successful guy kinda pig. I pray that justice plays out here. I cried reading Travis’ blog and I my heart aches for his poor family and friends.
    I cannot begin to even imagine their sorrow and their anger at hearing this dirty user as she tries to drag his name through the very gutter she has lived in!

  31. Janet
    02/08/2013 at 1:34 pm

    I tried to find it on line yesterday and now I know why I could not find it. I can’t wait until Monday…Does AZcentral stream it live??? I can watch it from work but I didn’t know where to go. I can’t wait until it’s the prosecutions turn! I want to see him rip Jodi to shreds!!! Sooo looking forward to that!! Let me know please and if there is something I need to download to watch it, let me know that too! Send me the video stream URL. Thanks..

  32. Janet
    02/08/2013 at 1:43 pm

    By the way, I love all the comments, and at least I’m not alone in my thoughts about this Jodi person….. What a tool this so called “woman” is!!! I agree, the jury better NOT be hung or acquit herGlad I stumbled onto this site!!!

  33. donchais
    02/08/2013 at 2:51 pm

    Yes they do…these are the streams I use:

    http://www.abc15.com/generic/news/live-video (best video and audio, but has disruptions at times)

    http://www.azfamily.com/home/Watch-LIVE-Jodi-Arias-murder-trial-185415702.html (solid transmission)

    http://www.kpho.com/category/224303/cbs-5-local-live-streaming (use as backup but sometimes cuts away for breaking news)

    I always have two up in case one breaks!

    I am waiting for Juan to be unleashed!!!! However, Nurmi still has a ton of crap to go thru! Her move to AZ, her move back to CA, the murder drive…yada, yada. Don’t expect Juan on cross for at least a week!

    • janet
      02/08/2013 at 6:15 pm

      Thank you so much!!!

  34. kristin
    02/08/2013 at 4:06 pm

    Anonymous posted a comment that put JA testimony in perspective for me. JA is absolutely relishing in continued power over Travis’s life. Now she has the ability to contort and shape Travis’s life and legacy with all her lies. The trial has given her a platform to do so. I am sure it delights her for the world to see all these pictures of her on TV and knowing that the news media is hanging onto her every word. I believe JA wanted to hitch her wagon to Travis for monetary security. She used sex to keep him interested (that is all she has to offer). When it wasn’t enough, she killed him out of pure rage due to the rejection and desperation. That rage was calculated and plotted out carefully for some time. I am willing to bet money that she looooooved being called Pollyana. Ewww. ‘Nuff said!

    • janet
      02/08/2013 at 6:14 pm


  35. donchais
    02/08/2013 at 5:07 pm

    Yup, agreed!

  36. donchais
    02/08/2013 at 6:35 pm

    My pleasure!

  37. katfish
    02/08/2013 at 7:07 pm

    Hi Donchais!

    My take on Jody testifying echos you.all,.but I have a few extra thoughts…..actually speculation on the defense strategy..

    Watching day1+2 of JA testifying, I was mesmerized by Jodi’s detailed descriptions of things that happened to her all the way back to 1987. It left me with the impression the defense may be trying to establish PTSD or some other disorder due to all the “abuse” she has suffered as a way to “explain” her extreme cruelty to Travis.

    After watching day 3 all I can think is that Jodi is having the time of her life. She may actually even believe she can talk her way out of this. I missed some of her day 3 testimony because I drifted off to other thoughts (YAWN)and I had on headphones. LOL!
    There has been nothing in testimony about Travis to portray him as violent in any way..Re defense strategy, this testimony is surely intended to humanize her to the jury so they won’t send her to death row..
    I want to hear her explain how the attack went down.

    I think PTSD will be used to explain the gruesomeness of the what she did to Travis…. the defense knows the jig is up on an acquittal by self defense, so.in the penalty phase they will say she was protecting herself but then lost it because of the PTSD in an effort to nullify the element of “cruelty” as an aggravator. That cruelty element is what makes her eligible for the dp.. Having said that, i don’t believe anything she says. I think this was a premeditated murder…she wanted him dead if she wasn’t going to Mexico.and came equipped to carry out her plan if necessary.
    To use a statement often used by JA on the stand after a long monologue….”If that makes sense?”

    • donchais
      02/08/2013 at 9:42 pm

      Kat, my dear friend! I totally agree with your observations.

      How do you have PSTD when none of this crap went down?

      What she did is savage…nothing explains it…’if that makes sense!’

      Luv ya and hope all is well!

  38. Linda
    02/08/2013 at 9:13 pm

    You can’t get pregnant with anal sex her mistake lol

    • donchais
      02/08/2013 at 9:43 pm

      Linda, bwaahhhaaahhha!

  39. 02/09/2013 at 3:32 am

    I thinks this youtube video sums up exactly what happened and the motive behind why Jodi murdered Travis in cold blood. It’s a brilliant theory and is close to what I think is the truth.


  40. 02/09/2013 at 6:48 pm

    I viewed the video and have been thinking along those lines all along. I really don’t think that her past relationships with her parents or he boyfriends has anything to do with what she did to Travis. There were ten kids in my family and we all got whipped with the belt or anything that was handy at the time as well as finding ourselves in bad relationships, but none of us killed anyone!! We walked away from it and learned from it. We didn’t use it as a reason to harm someone else. The defense is really stretching here because they have nothing else to cling to! This PIG wanted what she wanted and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She tried one last time to snag him with sex and it didn’t work. Nobody put her there, she was prepared to do whatever she had to do to make him pay, why else did she have a gun and a knife handy?! Premediated???…..HELL YES! Domestic abuse disorder….BS!!!

    • janet
      02/09/2013 at 10:18 pm

      I too reviewed this video. I hadn’t seen it before, nor did I ever see the interrigation of her confess (finally) and what it did was just confirm what I knew deep down. There were 9 of us, and we were disciplined when we needed to be by belt, hand or ruler. Not abused…..disciplined!!! That does NOT give anyone an excuse to murder anyone! We learned right from wrong and took responsibility for our actions!! You hit the nail on the head with what you said. She wanted more from Travis than he was willing to give her and she wouldn’t accept that and PLANNED to kill him after one more chance of sex being his trap! I hope the prosecutor shreds her to pieces so her true colors show!! I already have thoughts of what I would cross examine her with & he should have a field day!! I’m so sorry for his family & I pray the jury finds her guilty as Hell!!! Justice is needed badly!!!

  41. janet
    02/09/2013 at 10:23 pm

    Oh, I forgot. Thank you for posting that video, & the write up! Awesome job! Keep it up in case we miss a day!!!

  42. Andrea
    02/10/2013 at 2:01 am

    During her ex boyfriend testimony all we saw were his hands.. Those nailbed look just like the ones in the penis picture!

  43. donchais
    02/10/2013 at 8:04 am

    Submitted on 2013/02/09 at 10:14 pm

    I just watched a video that stated the judge is going to allow Jodi to testify that she walked in on Travis masturbating while watching young boys on his computer. She is also going to allow the mysterious letter that Jodi is claiming Travis wrote to her. Also stated was that handwriting experts are not 100% sure is is Travis’ handwriting.

  44. Rache
    02/10/2013 at 10:18 am


  45. Rache
    02/10/2013 at 10:20 am

    Can anyone tell me why the comment above “testing” does not show the ‘design’ which shows on the ‘testing’ post? And to the right of my post about the video is donchais box. What did I do wrong?

  46. donchais
    02/10/2013 at 10:31 am

    Rache, you posted on the winter storm post, so I copied it over to here!

  47. MMD
    02/10/2013 at 11:49 am

    OMG, we already have sex, religion and politics in the mix, now the defence is going to throw in either pedophilia OR that Travis was secretly gay OR was into watching porn with young boys? My gawd, talk about putting the victim on trial and trying to put his character in the gutter!!!!!

    WTF is the judge doing????? How can she allow the defence to say that he was committing criminal acts (pedophilia or child porn) without any proof? If the alleged kittie porn was true wouldn’t the forensic computer expert have found that???????

    His poor family!!! Haven’t they suffered enough without this? Cause once you put this out there, it will always be an image in the back of some people’s minds.

    Unless they have absolute proof this should never be allowed! While I realize that the defence is throwing out everything to see if anything sticks in order to create reasonable doubt, this is despicable!!!! Way, way, way too prejudicial IMHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The jury is human and there is bound to be at least one person who is homophobic, not to mention that anyone who is deeply religious (whatever the religion) is going to have a serious problem with these alleged actions. As it is, they have already thrown in Bill Clinton, in a red state, and with the current deep division between both sides in the U.S., any one of these alleged claims could hang the jury!!! There are a tremendous number of close- minded people in this world. For all we know, there could be someone on the jury who is a prude and has issues with oral or anal sex.

    Even if, say hypothetically, the allegations are true, it still doesn’t justify the premeditated, highly cruel, overkill of Travis Alexander.

    As it is, we all know so much more than the jury and see JA for who and what she is. I just hope that Juan Martinez will be able to make the jury see the forest through the trees!!!

    I certainly hope that the Alexander family and Travis’ friends have been forewarned.

    BTW, are both sides going stipulate that the handwriting belongs to Travis, or are we going to hear from experts for each side? I still can’t imagine what could have been written in that letter with the Valentine’s Day present that could be that incriminating. After all, there were two consenting adults involved in this relationship.

    What say you?

    • Mira
      02/10/2013 at 12:28 pm

      I question the reasoning of the judge…and I wonder is thinks would have been different IF the judge was a man. What this judge allows in the court is beyond despicable, becaseu this individual’s sex life has NOTHING to do with the crime she COMMITTED…I even wanted to send an email to the judge but I could not find any address…

      • donchais
        02/10/2013 at 12:52 pm

        Not according the the DV witness for the defense!

  48. MMD
    02/10/2013 at 12:00 pm

    Sorry Rache, I should have mentioned I was commenting on your post but thought it came from donchais. I did not see that it had been from another post until after I commented. Anyway, my comment was directly at everyone here.

  49. MMD
    02/10/2013 at 12:01 pm

    “directed” – sorry about that.

  50. Rache
    02/10/2013 at 12:10 pm

    Thanks for your help. Really enjoy your blog.

  51. donchais
    02/10/2013 at 12:16 pm

    No worries Rache! And, thank you!

  52. donchais
    02/10/2013 at 12:25 pm

    MMD, Everybody has had a fit over Thursday closed door hearing and the results. While I haven’t personally checked it, I was led to believe this is Stephens’ first murder case. Perhaps she is being overly cautious about a possible appeal.

    The good news is we have Juan Martinez fighting for Travis! The defense has been dancing around this for awhile. I’ve no doubt he is loaded for bear on this!

    Yes, his family and friends have been through way too much already, but if Jodi is digging her own grave, so much the better in the end.

  53. David In TN
    02/10/2013 at 6:40 pm

    On Nancy Grace’s Friday Night Show, she said:

    “Now, the testimony is geared at making Travis Alexander look like a big-a-hole. There’s really no other way to put it.”

    My own feeling is that Arias will get convicted on 1st Degree murder. The defense must feel this stategy will influence the jury to either spare her life or make it 2nd Degree.

  54. 02/10/2013 at 11:49 pm

    AFAIC, all of these accusations and smear tactics of porn, pedophilia and what ever else the defense is trying to level out there still has nothing to do with the case. At the end of the day Jodi is on trial for murdering Travis because he attacked her. All of this other alleged junk that they are throwing out there is “another trial” and has nothing to do with what happened. Hopefully the jury is smart enough to realize this.

  55. 02/11/2013 at 11:51 am

    janet :
    Oh, I forgot. Thank you for posting that video, & the write up! Awesome job! Keep it up in case we miss a day!!!

    You’re welcome!

  56. PK
    02/11/2013 at 1:44 pm

    The approach the defense is taking continually asserting that Travis Alexander’s sexual behavior was totally contrary to the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints might just as accurately describe many, many Mormon males, myself included, BYU ’67, and how many, many Mormon males, myself included, took advantage many, many naive BYU freshman coeds just because we could, and as a full scholarship athlete, I really could do no “evil.” Fortunately, unlike Travis, none of the many heartbroken, betrayed and dumped coeds had the time with all of their studies or whatever to plan an elaborate plot to assassinate me for defiling them and/or the Mormon Church so I was spared and had the opportunity to fully mature, get responsible, go to law school, and thereafter get married to my Southern Belle sweetheart and live happily ever after.

  57. donchais
    02/11/2013 at 2:26 pm

    Thanks PK for sharing, I believe Jodi saw Travis as her meal ticket and used sex to further that. Travis may not have been the choirboy, but she was a manipulative skank who is just evil!

    • janet
      02/11/2013 at 7:11 pm

      Totally agree Donchais! And just because someone is no choir boy, still does not give anyone the right to take their life!!! It ws still premeditated slaughter! Where is the gun & knife??

  58. PK
    02/11/2013 at 3:41 pm

    “At the Law Office of L. Kirk Nurmi we understand that you do not have to commit a sexual offense to be accused of being a sex offender. We understand that innocent people can be accused of sex crimes such as sexual assault, sex conduct with a minor or sexual exploitation of a minor, or any sex offense with very little evidence. We also understand that being accused of committing such a crime is devastating and daunting. However, we also understand that the legal consequences are very serious and that if you are accused of a sex crime you need an attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed to provide you with an aggressive defense. Our results speak for themselves.”

    Jodi has had just over four years behind bars to prepare for her “no jury will ever convict me” performance, but even she is not devious enough to take her slanderous assault on Travis to the soon to be all time low of alleging uncorroborated pedophilia without assistance. Read the above from Kirk Nurmi’s law firm web page for the likely answer to who that might be.

  59. donchais
    02/11/2013 at 5:12 pm

    Thanks again PK, much appreciated!

  60. ritanita
    02/11/2013 at 5:14 pm

    PK, thanks for posting! I hope you continue to come here and enlighten us from your perspective!

  61. MMD
    02/11/2013 at 5:57 pm

    Are Travis’ parents alive and if so, are they in the courtroom?

    • donchais
      02/11/2013 at 6:56 pm

      No, meth addicts and both deceased…not a happy childhood for these poor kids until grand ma rescued them.

  62. Richard
    02/12/2013 at 6:20 pm

    For a guy that is financially secure, why does he have to barrow money from Jodi?

  63. Barbara
    02/13/2013 at 12:31 am

    Cici can I just say I LOVE YOU!!! lol

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