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  1. MMD
    02/14/2013 at 12:21 pm

    At this rate we aren’t going to get to the June murder testiphony until June 2013! Plus I run around each morning to get everything done so that I can watch because it starts at 1:30 pm my day.

    Damn, I may have to do some of the things that I have been procrastinating 😦

    Ya know, if I was the judge and had to be in court listening to Nurmi go on and on and on in person, I’d probably call in sick too.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

    • donchais
      02/14/2013 at 12:23 pm

      Back at ya!

  2. katz63md
    02/14/2013 at 12:29 pm

    Question, are the jury members sequestered? If so, i feel very sorry for them.

    • donchais
      02/14/2013 at 12:33 pm

      Nope, not sequestered, but I still feel sorry for them anyway, lol!

  3. Lisa
    02/14/2013 at 1:00 pm

    Is this good or bad for the defense? Does it mean they’ll drag out her testimony through the short week next week? BTW just watched a replay of yesterday’s testimony where she said she never said a bad word about Travis. How ironic considering all the garbage she and her defense attorneys are spewing now!

    • donchais
      02/14/2013 at 1:13 pm

      Actually was thinking about what Nurmi would do today…if he was going to continue to blather, nothing lost, nothing gained. However, if he was going to play it smart, he would have taken all of today and finish with her murdering Travis to let the jury leave for the long weekend with that fresh in their minds! So, it’s anybody’s guess!

  4. ritanita
    02/14/2013 at 1:53 pm

    I believe Nurmi had today scripted down to the minute. Lots of blather before lunch and get to the self-defense-homicide as the clocked wound down to 4:30. There’s no way he wouldn’t have wanted the jury to have a 4 day weekend to ponder Poor Widdle Jodi defending herself against Big Bad Travis.

    Now, the jury has 5 days to “consider” the confusing bibble-babble about Jodi’s “feelings” and blathering about every text message that contained a smidgeon of negativity.

    I can’t imagine that Nurmi is pleased at all about the delay. The big question in my mind is: Will he even consider taking the entire 3 days next week to meander and then do his crescendo-act with Jodi on Thursday?

    If he does, the jury will be even further lost in his spider-web presentation. Round and round, up and down, backwards and forwards, with an occasional lateral sweep, he went. And Jodi added more and more confusion to the whole thing.

    Or, will he end up on Monday, giving Juan Martinez the opportunity to probably end his cross on Thursday.

    • donchais
      02/14/2013 at 2:30 pm

      Right now, I’m thinking it’s a crap shoot! Nurmi has to be terrified of Juan’s cross. I can see him blathering for 3 days next week, yet will he throw the hail mary pass? Hard read!

  5. Lisa
    02/14/2013 at 8:09 pm

    Ritanita I think he’ll blither blather for 3 days. I wonder if his tactic is to prolong and prolong, slinging crap about Travis, hoping someone in the courtroom snaps and yells out something so he can get a mistrial. I think they realized early on this defense was the wrong one when the jurors asked about Travis’ roommates’ alibis. They realized that the jurors had a hard time believing that she did it on her own or at all.

  6. Barbara
    02/14/2013 at 8:24 pm

    Oh my goodness……just read an article published a few days before the trial started and it said the trial is expected to last until APRIL!!!!

  7. kristin
    02/14/2013 at 8:35 pm

    I listened to a lot more of that sex tape. Does Travis sound intoxicated? So much slurring and when he sang our national anthem his words were all wrong. Just very weird. I wonder if he took prescription sleep aids and she called him at like 2 am? I know Mormons abstain from alcohol so I would like to think he is just very tired. Thought?

  8. donchais
    02/14/2013 at 8:44 pm

    Barbara…April 15 to be exact! I thought, no, impossible, but at the rate we are going, just may be true…acccckkk!

    Kristin, I thought so also at the beginning, but believe Jodi woke him from a deep sleep and he was dozing off and on through the call.

  9. Anonymous
    02/14/2013 at 8:58 pm

    Brad,,,I can’t understand why Travis couldn’t have fought her off during the attack in the shower.Many of the knife wounds were non-fatal.Maybe she shot and killed him first and then sliced him up in a blind rage….or maybe she had help.

    • donchais
      02/14/2013 at 9:08 pm

      Brad who??? Get it straight Anon and maybe follow the actual trial and testiphony! Geez!

  10. kristin
    02/14/2013 at 9:56 pm

    OK we need to change screen name anonymous to Jodi supporter lol! That seems to be their trend. I think you are right about him being sleepy. I rewatched the clips with sex tape recording on Nancy Grace. There is an obvious mutual sexual attraction. Most men I know wouldn’t turn down any sex regardless of time of day!

    • donchais
      02/14/2013 at 10:09 pm


  11. janet
    02/14/2013 at 10:39 pm

    Nooooooo!!!! I was wondering what the heck was going on today!!! Got home early, ran to the tv, & saw repeats!!! I didn’t know they didn’t have court on Fridays. also. I too feel that Nurmi will drag his feet as long as possible due to fear of Juans cross ex. I got a glimpse of it with the email & I’m sooo looking forward to his “turn”. Yeah to me Travis sounded very sleepy. A lot of yawning, & mumbling. Last but not least , @Kristin- I agree to newly name anonymous Jodi supporter. Lol!

  12. Anonymous
    02/15/2013 at 12:04 am

    True! I do not know of a man alive that would turn away a beautiful woman materializing in his bed at his beck and call. As for the so called perverted sex escapades, I am neither a prude nor a deviant, but I find nothing in them that is beyond the realm of normal sex play between two consenting adults. Role playing around the general themes of school girl or “dirty”girl are probably two of the most common. Portraying someone as a deviant for that is absurd. Attempting to destroy the man’s character or spinning a defense for murder around this is obscene.

  13. sannybell
    02/15/2013 at 1:17 am

    How right you are Kristin…….turn down a good round of sex? No man would pass that up. She enjoyed it as much as he did….the kinkyer the better…..it was ‘can you top this’ with their banter…..she being the cutsy one….’oh my….you are bad’…..then, oh I like it’

    Together they were Toxic……..each sexcapade was bigger and better than the last.
    They were shooting for the moon……
    She lured him with sex……..be took the bait……..got him into that shower….most likely by telling him ‘I’ll take some sexy pictures of you’…….he looking into the camera, then turning his back………then the slashing began…….non stop…….she finished what she set out to do.

  14. paula
    02/15/2013 at 8:36 am

    After dozing on and off while listening to the replay of Wednesday’s testimony (what a sleepfest!). I noticed while Jodi was lying, sorry meant “testifying” she kept referring to Sky and Chris telling her “this and that”. Could it be that now that they have both been subpoenaed and are not suppose to watch or discuss the trial she feels super confident and can throw them under the bus as well? Just a thought.

  15. ritanita
    02/15/2013 at 11:00 am

    Janet, if Nurmi begins on Tuesday by saying, “Now, let’s summarize your testimony from the beginning,” I will agree it’s going to be a long three days.

  16. Observer
    02/15/2013 at 11:14 am

    I think the jury is tuning Jodi Arias out like white noise as she makes up one tall tale after another, all designed to make her look like Mother Theresa and Travis look like the Devil. I think she spent five years in jail studying the battered woman’s syndrome because she threw in a backhanding in the car, a choking and a throwing her to the ground and kicking her in the ribs and breaking her finger and said he was jealous and possessive because he grabbed her butt and that he called her names like slut, three hole wonder and he wanted to tie her to a tree and rape her. She forgot she is on tape telling cops that the two Ninjas who sliced up Travis broke her finger. Martinez will bring up that she injured her finger while stabbing Travis 29 times and slashing his throat and nearly decapitating him. She also forgot she was on the sex tape saying she loved it when he grabbed her butt and wished he’d do it more often and she loved it when he made her feel dirty and talked dirty as they role played during their phone sex. Testifying that she was faking the orgasm and lying to Travis about liking sex is only proof that you can’t believe anything she says because she is a pathological liar.

    Coworkers, friends and family always notice when a man is controlling and possessive and see bruises or injuries on a battered woman and a controlling abusive man abuses all girlfriends. Former girlfriends, coworkers and friends all said Travis was easy going and they never saw him raise his voice or be abusive in any way. They all told cops Jodi was stalking him and slashing his tires and when he was found dead they all named Jodi as his killer. Even Gus Searcy, her mentor in Prepaid Legal, never mentioned seeing any evidence she was physically abused, only that she was shaking after Travis called her. Travis was probably angry because she hacked into his bank or facebook account, wrecked his Mercedes, slashed his tires and he told her to get out of his life and leave him alone.

    On the sex tape Travis sounds like a horny guy who loves to fantasize about sex, not a controlling woman beater and pedophile. When Travis says on the tape he hates the Spiderman movie, that blows her Spiderwear undies story to hell. Her made up tale about him masturbating to a picture of a five year old boy in skivvies will go up in smoke when Juan Martinez points out that she first said the photos were on the computer and when the cops found no porn on his computer, she changed her story. Cops found no pictures of little boys in his house and Jodi has no pictures of herself in the Spiderman underwear. She must have conjured up the pedophile story after she went to jail to show he is a “sexual deviant” and she is a caring understanding friend who is trying to get Travis help and to give him sex to make him feel normal. Barf. That’s why there are no pictures of the Spiderman underwear or her wearing them. She printed his name on a T shirt and shorts and photographed them in July 2008, a month after she murdered Travis and knew she would be arrested any day because she already told the police Travis was possessive and jealous.

  17. Lisa
    02/15/2013 at 11:24 am

    I read that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires twice and his “girlfriend’s” once. If this is true, why would Travis have anything to do with her? I think the biggest mistake he made was not making a police report after the slashed tires incident, especially after the second time. I know that they had a volatile relationship and a strong sexual attraction. But if someone slashed my tires I’d never let them into my home. I’m not blaming the victim here– there’s been enough of that– I just think its really sad. If this case can teach people anything it should be that men should take female stalkers seriously. I suspect that a guy might feel embarrassed reporting something an ex-girlfriend does but this case just shows the importance of never underestimating criminal behavior no matter who it comes from.

  18. ritanita
    02/15/2013 at 11:51 am

    Wonderful post, Observer! You’ve managed to put it all in a nut shell.

    Here are a couple of other things that I’ve noticed. There are no naked pictures of Jodi or her parts on his computer. If she is a photographer who’s never without a camera; where are the pictures she took of her bruises and/or injuries inflicted on her by this so-called monster?

  19. MMD
    02/15/2013 at 12:00 pm

    ritanita :
    Janet, if Nurmi begins on Tuesday by saying, “Now, let’s summarize your testimony from the beginning,” I will agree it’s going to be a long three days.

    Ritanita – please knock on wood. I did as soon as I read your comment! As it is, I am already yelling at my computer when Nurmi says “what’s that” over and over or yanks to pull up his pants. I swear that would truly push me over the edge and my poor laptop might end up out the window!!!! 😦

  20. Lisa
    02/15/2013 at 2:51 pm

    I just turned In Session on for a minute and turned it off less than a minute later after hearing Nurmi ask Jodi if she started shaking before or after the “beatings.” It infuriated me so much I had to turn it off immediately- unfortunately not before I heard Jodi say “before.” How can Nurmi get away with referring to something as if its a fact when there’s no evidence whatsoever? I know it’s a death penalty case but still!

    The other thing I wanted to mention is related to my last comment. I’m sure the reason why Travis let Jodi into his house was because it was 3:00 in the morning and he was too nice to turn her away. She obviously manipulated him and they had a history of making up and breaking up. I STILL wish there was a record of the tire slashing(s) but I think Martinez probably has more than enough ammunition to counterattack her defense with AND at least the jury heard about the stalking in the 911 tape.
    Did anyone notice that Nurmi didn’t ask her why she told the police a different story about her finger, or did I miss that?

  21. Lisa
    02/15/2013 at 3:04 pm

    The thing is IF Travis hadnt been so young and immature/conflicted, whatever you want to call it, and if she didn’t have dirt on him (not pedophilia because I don’t believe that for a second ) but rather the fact that they were having sex and he was a church elder, and he wasn’t in such a toxic relationship, I think he could have recognized the danger she posed more clearly. It was probably a case of not being able to see the forest but for the trees.

  22. Lisa
    02/15/2013 at 3:09 pm

    And (just one more thing!) I’m sure she recorded the phone sex for blackmail material to be able to present to the church, as another way to have control over his behavior.
    God, she is really a psychotic!

  23. Observer
    02/15/2013 at 4:34 pm

    Lisa :
    I read that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires twice and his “girlfriend’s” once. If this is true, why would Travis have anything to do with her? I think the biggest mistake he made was not making a police report after the slashed tires incident, especially after the second time. I know that they had a volatile relationship and a strong sexual attraction. But if someone slashed my tires I’d never let them into my home.

    Did you ever read Travis blogs about his childhood? It broke my heart. He was raised by a drug addicted mother who would sleep for three days and he would get beaten for waking her up because he was hungry and there was no food in the house or he was too young to cook it. He talked about so many cockroaches in the house that it looked like the floor was moving, not being able to bathe or have clean clothes, not having any friends because he stunk, had lice and dirty clothes. When you are raised by a crazy mother, violent females seem normal. He said his childhood was the same as others who were raised by drug addict parents as if it was no big deal and everyone had that kind of childhood. Co-workers described Jodi as creepy and awkward socially. He may have befriended her because he knew how it meant to be the creepy kid and an outcast. Friends described him as layback and always wanting to help others and encouraging others to overcome challenges in life. Men who report females stalking them to the police are not always taken seriously according to the ID documentary,”Stalked: Someone is Watching Me.” Men who tried to report female stalkers to the police were laughed at and called sissies for being afraid of a lil ole woman with a gun.. The men were eventually found shot to death by their lil ole female stalkers with a gun.

  24. 02/15/2013 at 6:06 pm

    when jodie was lying, oh I mean testifying on wednesday I could not help but notice how Nurmi was leading and even correcting her at times about her story, I was wondering do you think the jury can see through all the coaching and see that it is getting harder for her to stick to one story, And since the jury can ask questions, I would like to hear some more questions from them just so they will see and catch her in a lie.

    • donchais
      02/15/2013 at 6:51 pm

      Jury questions are my favorite!

  25. Observer
    02/15/2013 at 7:12 pm

    Veronica, who waitressed with Jodi at Rancho Mirage, told a story about Jodi abusing a cat on Dr. Drew Pinsky on HLN that proves Jodi is a psychopath. Here is an excerpt from the CNN transcripts of the Jan. 16, 2013 show. http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1301/16/ddhln.01.html

    VERONICA: Yes, doctor. So anyway, she was taking care of this cat supposedly for two weeks. And after the two weeks she had told me, she said, “Veronica, boy, when I went to retrieve the cat after two weeks” — I said, what do you mean after two weeks retrieved the cat? She said, “Well, I left it in a room with enough food and water.” I said, for two weeks? What are you talking about, Jodi? She said — and she kind of got a little startled at my response.

    And she said, “Well, when I went to get the cat to take it to the Humane Society, it was shaking, veronica. The cat was shaking. I guess I kind of feel bad.” Uh.

    PINSKY: Wow.

    VERONICA: “I kind of feel bad.” That bleached blond.

    PINSKY: That was where you drew the line with her I understand. That was where you started realizing there is something wrong with her.

    Did she ever talk about her family? Her siblings?

    VERONICA: The only way she talked about her family was this, Doctor. She spoke fluent Spanish. She was really good. And I said, Jodi, wow, you speak Spanish. You know, are you part Spanish or South American, whatever? She said, “No, I`m half Mexican.”

    And that`s where the hair color came in. Because I was like, Jodi, why are you bleaching the hair? I mean, it was so — it was horrible. And she said because — she goes, she didn`t want to look ethnic.”

  26. Lisa
    02/15/2013 at 10:03 pm

    Observer, I have not read his blog. I know he had a tough childhood but wow, I didn’t know it was that bad. That is absolutely heartbreaking. It makes more sense to me now knowing his background that she might not seem so crazy to him. In any case I have even more admiration for his siblings than i already did for sitting through that trial. I could tell one of his sisters was struggling when they played him singing with Jodi. She was tearing up at the sound of him singing in that goofy way. Honestly, as much as the defense tries to desecrate his memory in that courtroom, I still feel like I wish I knew him. U can just tell he was a great guy. Whatever he said on that recording was between him and Jodi and never should have been made public.

  27. MMD
    02/16/2013 at 8:38 am

    Observer – I really like your comments. Do you have a link to Travis’ blog, if it is still available? Thanks.

    Kudos to you. You are a stronger person than I am! I can’t get through the HLN lineup at night after listening to JA’s testiphony that day.

  28. Lisa
    02/16/2013 at 10:09 am

    Daniel I agree with u that Nurmi’s coaching and leading Jodi is extremely transparent. I think because if what happened in the Casey Anthony trial I have a deep mistrust of juries now but a lot of them do get it right so I’ve got to believe that at least some if not most of them have to recognize Nurmi’s coaching.

  29. Observer
    02/16/2013 at 10:41 am

    Here’s a link to all of Travis Alexander’s blogs. They gave me a deep insight into his character. He comes across as a guy who wanted to do better and inspire others.

    In the first blog he refers to wondering if his date has an “ax murderer penned inside her.” In another blog he talks about writing a book about his childhood.

  30. Observer
    02/16/2013 at 12:30 pm

    I live in Mesa, Arizona where the murder occurred, am an LDS (Mormon) convert and am married to an LDS returned missionary, who is a wonderful man. I didn’t know Travis but everyone who knew him said he was a great guy and no one said a bad word about him except his killer. Jodi Arias preyed on LDS men because she knew they were naive, trusting and not getting kinky if any sex anywhere else. I heard where one LDS man was going to leave his wife and children after two hours of sex with Jodi in the back of her car.

    I’d also like to say the self defense laws in Arizona state you can only use enough force to get away. Stabbing someone 29 times, slashing their throat and shooting them in the head to make sure they are dead is cold blooded premeditated murder, not self defense.

    Jodi picked the wrong county and the wrong state to commit murder. She is in the Maricopa County Jail under the toughest sheriff in the country. The jails are so full, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has built Tent City where prisoners live in tents and for punishment prisoners are served only bread and water. Arizona also is not afraid of sentencing a woman to death. There are three women on death row in Arizona.

  31. MMD
    02/16/2013 at 5:21 pm

    Observer :
    Here’s a link to all of Travis Alexander’s blogs. They gave me a deep insight into his character. He comes across as a guy who wanted to do better and inspire others.

    In the first blog he refers to wondering if his date has an “ax murderer penned inside her.” In another blog he talks about writing a book about his childhood.

    Thank you Observer. I’ll get into it tomorrow. Also thanks for the followup comment. I appreciate you sharing and knowing that you are from Mesa. I totally agree that what was done to Travis is cold blooded, premeditated murder. Nothing, nada justifies her overkill. As I said on a previous post, I could see her trying self defense if it was one stab wound or one shot, but not what she did!!!

    I have heard about Tent City all the way up in the Maritime provinces in Canada. Doesn’t he make the prisoners wear pink as well?

    As for JA preying on LDS men, that so doesn’t surprise me. I heard a friend of Travis’ say on Nancy Grace (I think or JVM) that Travis introduced him to the word nymphomaniac, which he used to describe JA.

    This must be a tough murder trial for the entire community as it is my understanding that there is a large LDS population there. Even if you didn’t know him personally I’m sure that many people know someone who knew him or had heard of him.

    I have great faith in Juan Martinez, and my one hope is that the jury is able to see what Nurmi is doing and not be swayed by everything he and JA are throwing out. After all, they don’t know all that the public and those that are following the trial closely, know.

    I am glad that AZ has women on death row. With what JA has done and is continuing to do to Travis’ family and friends, she certainly deserves it. While I do not believe there is such a thing as closure, Travis and his family deserve justice. Maybe once this is over, Travis will finally be able to rest in peace.

  32. Observer
    02/16/2013 at 7:14 pm

    MMD, I forgot about Arpaio making the prisoners wear pink.

    What frosts me is that Jodi is presenting herself as the good little Mormon girl and Travis as the big bad Mormon. I’m sure she was excommunicated in 2008 as soon as her bishop found out there were naked pictures of her in Travis house and she was arrested for slashing him to death. Sex outside of marriage is grounds for excommunication even if she was presumed innocent until she confessed in January. Her name will be erased from the church rolls.

    If she truly believed in God and the gospel, she would plead guilty to first degree murder, beg for the death penalty as she said she would instead of blaming the victim, assassinating his character and talking about every sexual experience she has had since she was 14 on national TV. She got baptized because she knew Travis would not marry outside his church.

    You can tell she is psychotic because a few days after the love of her life according to her is slaughtered, she is sitting in the police station dry eyed and emotionless saying, “If I killed Travis, I’d “beg for the dear penalty,” “I’d have used gloves,” “I’d have used a gun,” “I’d have killed him merciless and quickly.” She doesn’t even sound human, let alone like a good little Mormon girl. No decent human being could even imagine killing someone, let alone someone you professed to love. I don’t even have it in me to kill a scorpion or a rattlesnake.

    She also sounds inhuman when she keeps saying she is having sex with Travis but makes it abundantly clear he isn’t her boyfriend. Only a prostitute does that.

  33. MMD
    02/16/2013 at 10:32 pm

    Observer, IMHO, she no more believes in God than she was ever a true Mormon. The only thing that JA believes in is JA and who she can use to get what she wants at any particular moment. I think she is a true psychopath and hasn’t an ounce of remorse for what she has done, She is only upset that she got caught and it is everyone else’s fault but hers. If Travis had been Catholic, Protestant, Scientologist, Jewish, Islamic, whatever, that would be what she converted to. As for her baptism, if she had truly taken that seriously I would think that she would have educated herself about the Law of Chastity and exactly what that entailed.

    What I really find interesting is her definition of “hanging out”. When I was growing up and hanging out with my friends or even once I was out of university and working, hanging out meant exactly that, especially since I had a lot of guy friends. It most certainly was not a code word for sex.

    In her sick way, I think she is enjoying being on the stand and throwing everyone she ever met or knew under the bus. She is the center of attention just like she needs to be and the entire world is watching. Truly a sad excuse for a human being.

  34. cinder
    02/16/2013 at 11:00 pm

    Just hoping the jury is not falling for her performance. It’s absolutely chilling when she presents the seemier details, dressed with her side part/elastic banded hair and sweater/bow kindergarden costume. Gag.

    One thing really stressing me: none of the stalking being allowed in. Stalking is a preditor behaviour, not a victim behavior, by it’s very definition an act of aggression. She preyed on available/vulnerable men and groomed them by offering sex. The sex wasn’t in any way unwanted, it was her last and only entree in Travis’s life, and she played it to the end.

  35. 02/17/2013 at 12:07 am

    This judge is making a mockery of justice. I have never heard a defendant getting to tell all these crazy things that are self serving and hearsay. Just ridiculous. The judge is obviously not in control of this courtman. This is embarrassing to say the least.

  36. Observer
    02/17/2013 at 9:43 am

    MMD, the fact that she sees “hanging out” as having sex, proves that she is obsessed with sex. She also said on the interrogation tape that when Travis and her were texting or emailing when he said he was tired and going to bed, it was code for her to come over and have sex with him when she lived in Mesa. What? This controlling man who sexted her and told her to tape phone sex has to use code to order his sex slave to come over and let him rape her? Friends said he complained that she would crawl through his doggie door in the middle of the night and appear in his bed. She knew the only way she could have Travis was through sex. Abe Abelhadi said she called him all the time saying she wanted Travis to be the father of her children. I think she introduced him to the K-Y jelly in an attempt to get pregnant, thinking being a standup LDS guy who wants family and children, he would marry her. Any arguments they had were over Jodi hacking into his bank account and Facebook, wrecking his Mercedes and stalking him and Lisa. When the jury asked Lisa if Travis ever abused her or called her names, she laughed. When the jury asked Lisa if she called Jodi a stalker, she said yes. Under Martinez cross, Lisa said Travis didn’t even get angry when she wouldn’t marry him. It’s clear Jodi is trying to save her own skin by portraying herself as the caring, good friend who would do anything to help someone and only did what Travis wanted and Travis as the controlling violent abuser and pedophile. Even the sex tape showed Jodi was the manipulating aggressor and Travis was just going along with it. Jodi called Travis and probably woke him up in the middle of the night and that is why he yawned through the sex tape. She has nothing to colaberate her ridiculous stories. But there are plenty of friends and evidence to colaberate that Jodi is a violent cold blooded murderer.

  37. Observer
    02/17/2013 at 9:57 am

    Correction: What I meant to say was: “It’s clear Jodi is trying to save her own skin by portraying herself as the caring, good friend who would do anything to help someone and only did what Travis wanted which is how friends described Travis and Travis as the controlling violent abuser and sex deviant which friends and the evidence describes Jodi.”

  38. Lisa M
    02/17/2013 at 11:55 am

    I agree with the second Lisa ( I changed to Lisa M) that the judge seems to be allowing everything under the sun in this case. But I am trying to have faith that Jodi will be convicted. This has to be one of the worst defenses I’ve ever seen. If we weren’t all afraid she might get away with it we’d see that this defense is not working and really is a joke. Jane Valez Mitchell even wondered if Jodi might have grounds for appeal for an incompetent. We saw Jose Baez free a murderer, but he had Casey’s dysfunctional family to help him AND there was no admission of killing like we have here. In not saying there’s still a chance she might not get convicted of first degree murder but based on this defense if the jurors have even a modicum of intelligence, it’s highly unlikely.

  39. Observer
    02/17/2013 at 8:06 pm

    Jodi fired her attorneys and was acting as her own attorney. In 2011 as her own attorney she came up with the “sexual deviant” defense and tried to blackmail the prosecutors into a plea deal of second degree murder and a 12 year sentence. She said a plea would leave Travis’ reputation untarnished and save his family and the commuinity the embarassment. Martinez is a tough prosecutor who doesn’t take plea deals so he turned her down flat. When the judge didn’t allow a letter she forged from Travis admitting he was a pedophile, she said she was over her head and asked for an attorney. I think she thought if the jury thought Travis was a pedophile they’d think she did the world a service by killing him. Nurmi defends pedophiles so he knows that defense wouldn’t fly so he came up with the battered woman’s self defense theory. That’s why he coached her to say Travis beat her, then apologized, called her names, kept her broke so she couldn’t go back to California and he told her to break off female and male relationships because that’s the profile. He knows it is all fabricated. Her testifying and sex tapes is helping the state because the more she talks the more she proves she is a pathological liar who was obsessed with Travis Alexander and using sex to try to trap him into marriage and when it didn’t work went into a rage and slaughtered him. He said on the tape he had stamina to have sex for three hours, which exhausts any man and saps all his strength. She drove 1,000 miles in a rented car so no one would recognize the car at his house. She exhausted and sapped all his strength with marathon sex, got dressed, got the knife and gun out of her purse and while he was catching his breath, sitting in the shower and turned his back, she lunged at him with the knife. As she kept stabbing him 29 times, he lost blood and consciousness and she slashed his throat and shot him in the head to make sure he was dead.

  40. Anonymous
    02/17/2013 at 9:03 pm

    I think the Judge played hookey on Valentines Day to be with her beloved then had herself a nice looooooooong holiday while we wait for it all to begin again . A lot of tax dollars going down the drain for this trial . Your tax dollars at work !!!

  41. 02/18/2013 at 7:43 am

    I’ve read where the Judge is allowing Jodi’s arguments so that there is no grounds for an appeal, if she is found guilty, that is why she is overruling a lot of Martinez’ objections.

    Regarding Observer’s previous post, I’ve also read where she was trying to defend herself and introduce the debacle of the alleged letter that Travis confessed to being a pedo. I must admit that listening to all these so called defense experts is not helping me with any confidence. It’s hard to believe that any defense attorney is buying into her story and claiming that the sex tape validates her claim that Travis had control over OR even the one-sided text messages where it does appear that he is degrading her. How can they buy into this when she is a proven liar AND no one is commenting on the fact that she responded with such eagerness.

    Also, I hate to say this but with regards to those text messages and the tape, people do talk like that all the time. It’s a known saying that men would would like to date a nice girl who’s a “slut in bed” and people do have depraved fantasies, I be half the men and women on the jury have had dirty sex talk like that and for the Defense to make it seem as if this is something that just doesn’t happen unless a person is a sexual deviant is absolutely ludicrous to me.

  42. 02/18/2013 at 8:28 am

    I hope Jodi Arias is convicted because she obviously feels no regrets for killing Travis Alexander and tries to paint herself as the victim when we all know the real victim is Travis Jodi arias is the biggest sociopath I have ever seen

  43. Observer
    02/18/2013 at 11:11 am

    Deni, defense experts are paid to say anything that fits with the defense. After the defense rests, the state will present a rebuttal case where the state psychiatrists who examined and tested her will say Jodi Arias doesn’t fit the profile of a battered woman, that tests show she has the anti social personality and a narcissistic disorder. I am not worried that these jurors will believe Jodi or the defense experts. The jurors are listening to both sides or they wouldn’t have asked Lisa Daidone if Travis ever abused her, called her names or forced sex on her and they wouldn’t have asked Daniel Freeman if he ever saw Travis call Jodi names or abuse her. The sex phone tape is the only evidence of name calling and the jury can see she was laughing and enjoying his dirty talk and they were role playing. Jodi was very upset that the judge ruled with the prosecutors that the entire sex tape be played because it shows her initiating the masturbation and leading him on. She wanted the jury to hear only the parts where Travis says she sounds like a 12 year old girl and he wants to tie her to a tree and rape her. Hearing the entire phone sex you hear her gigglung and saying “you are bad and I love it” which shows they are role playing a sexual fantasy. On the sex phone tape, the jury heard the real sex kitten Jodi, not the prudish librarian she is pretending to be on the stand. Also the jury has heard Darrell Brewer, a lover she lived with for four years describe her as enthusiastic about sex, and Ryan Burns testify she was in Utah mounting and groping him just hours after slaughtering Travis. I am convinced she will be found guilty of pre-meditated murder because she stages a burglary to steal a gun, calls Ryan Burns and says she is driving to Utah to see him to establish an alibi, bleaches her hair blonde again, rents a car in another town so no one would recognize her and no one would recognize the car parked at Travis house, exhausts him with sex and then unleashes her rage on him because if she can’t have him no one else can either. She wants him to know who killed him and every stab wound was a grudge she held because he did not marry her and give her respectability and children. She shot him to be sure he was dead so he couldn’t name her as his killer.

  44. Nienna
    02/18/2013 at 1:37 pm

    I really hope that the Prosecution actually says “self defense… ok – she stabbed him 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15…. all the way to 29. Then continues with the rest of the story. This is NOT self defense! Also, can’t wait to see how she justifies having a “stolen” gun (btw… that she’s never seen before) and a knife on her body in the bathroom conveniently for when he “lunged” at her.

  45. donchais
    02/18/2013 at 1:44 pm

    You guys HAVE to see this! Been a David Lohr, now with HuffPo, fan for a long time. This made me pee my pants a little! Flip through the photos for each new comment


  46. donchais
    02/18/2013 at 2:59 pm

    Good friend ritanita also provided the following!

    My favorites are how she classifies relationships.

    Hanging out with = having sex
    Not in “love” love = liking but having sex with
    Broken up = he cheated on me when we were broken up
    Warm and fuzzies = having sex
    Good friend = having sex
    “official” = refers to dates when having sex was not cheating but even if not official, having sex with someone else was still cheating
    “monogamous” = has sex with one guy at a time, as in Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday is another story.

  47. Observer
    02/18/2013 at 8:18 pm

    I think Jodi Arias is really made a big mistake in playing the sex tape and sitting there reciting every sexual act she performed for Travis Alexander real or imagined because society as a whole sees men as just “sowing wild oats” and women as whores if they sleep around. The excuse that Travis “made me do it” and “I just went along with it” doesn’t even wash in the LDS religion because we believe in “free will.” The sex tape showed she was a willing participant and she has a sexual history with several other men, more than she admitted. There is no evidence Travis had sex with any woman except her. The battered woman’s syndrome applies to a woman who is trapped in a relationship where she fears the guy will kill her if she leaves the relationship or she has no income or skills and is dependent on her batterer to support her and her children. There is no evidence Travis ever laid a finger on any woman including her. Jodi was living in another state when she met him and the three months they dated. She moved to Mesa to stalk him after they broke up. She was the one who wouldn’t let him go and slashed his tires when he had a serious girlfriend. Jodi’s name was the first name on their friend’s lips as the likely killer when they found him murdered.

  48. Lisa M
    02/18/2013 at 11:59 pm

    Observer I didn’t know that Jodi herself came up with the sexual deviant defense and that she forged a letter re: Travis’ alleged pedophilia. Wow. Don’t you find it odd though that she and her defense attorney seem to be on different pages at times or do u think its calculated to make her seem more credible b/c she’s not portraying herself as a victim as much as Nurmi is? I think her self delusion will do her in. She thinks she’s a lot smarter than she really is.

  49. Lisa M
    02/19/2013 at 12:12 am

    Donchais thanks for that Huff Post link. It was hilarious. My favorite is when she said I’m all for the Ten Commandments. That’s priceless. Who knew psychopaths could also be airheads?

  50. Lisa M
    02/19/2013 at 12:16 am

    Thank u Ritanita for deciphering the Jodi speak. Very astute and funny!

  51. David In TN
    02/19/2013 at 1:28 am

    JVM and NG play the sex tapes night after night after night on their shows. They always start out by warning viewers the tapes are “dirty” and that children shouldn’t hear them, but JVM and NG keep on playing them.

  52. 02/19/2013 at 7:39 am

    Observer, thanks for your insight. I think I have it in my head that some people are short on memory. Of course the prosecution has built a very strong case but I’m sick and tired of hearing and/or reading other people being swayed by her testimony despite the fact that the evidence is simply against her and premeditation is obvious — unlike the jury we are privy to more information and yet people will still believe her despite the fact that she is a pathological liar — I find that most women who have been in abusive situations automatically believe her because they recognize something of things she alleges that he does to her. I need to be confident that the jury is there to make a decision based on evidence and not be swayed emotionally. I will admit I lost a bit of confidence in the first round of jury questions when they asked Det. Flores if they checked into the alibi’s of Travis’ roommates (especially AFTER they had already been told that Jodi admitted to the crime) and my confidence did perk up when they asked Lisa Daidone and Daniel Freeman whether or not Travis ever “disrespected her” or if he ever witness Travis “abusing Jodi”. Like you, I think the sex tape was a huge mistake. What was so blatantly obvious is that after hearing her on the tape, in her glory as a sex kitten, it was so weird that she wanted to make is seem that her performance was all faked and she only did it because he thrived on compliments. In the tape she did shower him with compliments and overly so but his responses were not from a man who’s insecure and needed compliments. For the most part when she went on about how ‘cute’ he was and so on, he had no response at all, it’s not like he was preening under her attention and was begging for more — she was coming on to him really tough. And the most eye opening moment of the entire sex tape was when she was fishing for him to respond to her comment about when they would eventually marry and how she wanted a Mormon who matched her sexually and how she was afraid that she wouldn’t find anyone freaky enough — she was begging for him to respond to that statement because to her mind all along she was using sex as a means to hook him. She threw sex at him and he took it and now she wants to play the victim because he used her for what she freely offered. Whereas both Mimi and Lisa demanded respect and he gave it to them. If she wasn’t so easy, this probably would have had a different ending.

    What makes me roll my eyes are the obvious lies, ie. Why was the phone conversation recorded? (Travis asked me to record it.) and the “No jury will convict me because I’m innocent..” (Oh, I had meant to commit suicide). These are lies that just seem so “off the cuff” (even though she had time to make them up, they still sounded juvenile.) It is so easy for her to just put the blame on dead guy because he’s not around to defend himself.

    Also what stands out to me and it’s something you sort of mentioned in your previous post is that last image of Travis in the shower, where he’s sitting down. He looks weary, apprehensive, scared? To me, it looks as if, at this point, she has the gun or knife out and waving it around and I agree with you that she’s most likely telling him how he used her and that she’s now going to make him pay. I totally believe he knew why he was being murdered. He looks so awkward and defenseless sitting there.

  53. ritanita
    02/19/2013 at 9:23 am

    Donchais knows me, and I am a masochist when it comes to following cases. I force myself to watch the HLN evening line-up. In this case, coverage has been very uneven. It got so bad last night that I tuned out NG to watch a program I’d DVR’d. I had enough of the sex tape, thank you!

    What amazed me in Wednesday’s testiphony was how Nurmi picked that tape apart with Jodi. Naturally, she hated doing it, it debased her soooo…. much! Fact is, she clearly enjoyed what she was doing. Oh, and she wasn’t thinking then of all the reasons for her instant responses as she is on the stand.

    My favorite is when she says, “That’s so degrading, I LOVE IT!” Fact is, her reply was instant and truthful. There wasn’t the slightest bit of thinking time in between the two sentences.

    Jodi claimed that most of their calls were made very late at night because she and Travis were “night owls” and this was to be expected. On the tape, however, it seems to me that she purposely called him when he was asleep. He could be barely understood for all the yawning and relatively few comments he made compared to her. It sounded to me like he was merely going along to get it all over with. She was definitely the leader in that call!

    In the couple of days leading up to the murder, Jodi called Travis 14 times and it is very likely he didn’t pick the calls up based on their relatively short duration. He made two longer calls to her. I so wish we had tapes of those calls! More likely than not, he was busy reaming her out for trying to contact him, hacking his accounts, and generally being a major disruption to his life.

    Even if Nurmi does some more swings back and forth today, I sure hope he finishes his direct. If he is following social media at all, he knows he’s bored everyone and has probably lost the jury’s attention.

    Glad we will hopefully have something new to discuss after court ends today.

  54. ritanita
    02/19/2013 at 9:25 am

    PS: I did go back and watch Dr. Drew. I was amazed that finally, after trying to prove Travis was the sex addict, everyone agreed he wasn’t and Jodi was the sex addict!

  55. Observer
    02/19/2013 at 9:45 am

    Deni, I believe these jurors know as much about this case as we do. They live in Mesa and this case has been in all the newspapers and TV shows since 2008. Jurors couldn’t have missed the newscasts and articles about the arrest, hearings, court rulings and interviews with mutual friends who all said Travis was a mellow, nice guy who wanted to help people, that he was afraid of Jodi Arias, that she stalked him and slashed his tires.

    The jurors had to have seen Lisa on the news before they were picked as jurors or they wouldn’t have asked her if she said Jodi was Travis’s stalker. She said yes. They couldn’t have missed the media interviews where a glamorous blonde confident, arrogant Jodi says she will never be convicted because she is innocent and on other interviews tells two different absurd stories about watching two masked intruders murder Travis.

    If there is a battered woman on the jury, she will know Jodi is not a battered woman who is fearful of her abuser and that her stories are contrived to save her own neck. Neither Travis nor Jodi fit the profile of the batterer and the battered wife.

    I also think Travis looked helpless and scared in the shower but I think she was just raging at that point. If he saw the knife coming at him, he could have grabbed it from her hand. He must have turned his back and she ambushed him and kept stabbing him over and over. The attack started in the shower according to the pictures but there is blood all over the bedroom so he must have tried to get to a phone to call 91l and she kept stabbing him in the back and chest and finished him off by slashing his throat. He was already dead when she shot him between the eyes. She stabbed him in a jealous rage to kill him, not to defend herself because she had two weapons and was fully clothed and he was naked, unarmed and trapped in the shower. Travis had defensive wounds. All she had was cuts on her fingers from stabbing him 29 times.

    I think she recorded the sex phone conversation and kept it because she was going to play it for his friends if she didn’t get what she wanted: a marriage proposal. On the sex phone tape, he not only proves he is not a virgin but he makes unflattering comments about coworkers and friends. Another reason for recording and keeping the conversation is she was obsessed with Travis and sex and playing it over and over fed her psychotic fantasy that he wanted and desired her.

  56. MMD
    02/19/2013 at 10:12 am

    Ritanita – you are by far a better person than I am! I was flipping around the channels last night and hit on NG and HLN. The minute I heard JA and saw Nurmi I started to get pissed and get a headache. Even after this extended break you’d think I would have calmed down. But like you, I will torture myself again today listening to every word of testiphony, while watching Numi hike up his pants and continually say “what’s that?”

    I also hope that Nurmi finishes his direct, however, we’re still stuck on the first week in May and he only seems capable of moving in minute increments. I’m sure that the jury has probably completely forgotten the first of the trial which may be what he wants. With all his obvious coaching, I wonder if he even has time to pay attention to social media.

  57. Gerrie Harman
    02/19/2013 at 11:28 am

    Frankly her attorney makes me feel worse about her.
    I don’t want to see her get the death penalty but she deserves it. I don’t believe her and I am tired of how long he is dragging it out. He is turning people off and so is she with her different personalities. I feel so sorry for both her family and his.

  58. Lisa M
    02/19/2013 at 12:27 pm

    I’m hearing on In Session that Martinez briefly questioned Arias. When did that happen?

  59. MMD
    02/19/2013 at 12:30 pm

    I don’t believe it – court is starting one minute early! 🙂

  60. MMD
    02/19/2013 at 1:16 pm

    Going back in time with these text messages. Kinda like watching paint dry with all the sidebars.

  61. GN5020
    02/19/2013 at 2:19 pm

    I don’t think these text messages show anything more than her obsession with him. Also, I was thinking over the weekend about her testimony last week about loaning Travis money. She remembered the detail of every Starbucks order but conveniently couldn’t remember why she wrote Travis checks for $200, $699 (not $700, but $699), etc. She said he needed the money to put in his bank account but it makes much more sense considering her lack of income, repo of her car, etc. that he had loaned her money and she was paying him back. How much was her monthly rent – $699?? She said she was broke (boohoo) when she left Mesa, but then decided to pay for a rental car and gas to make a 2800 mile trip on a whim? Give me a break!! Martinez let her just run her mouth and it’s these kind of little things that can show the jury that she will lie about anything — with ease.

    • donchais
      02/19/2013 at 2:23 pm


  62. Anonymous
    02/19/2013 at 2:40 pm

    I live on the East Coast, and cannot wait to get home and get caught up on the trial. I usually get to watch about an hour of it after I get home and then move on to HLN with all the talking heads.

  63. Observer
    02/19/2013 at 2:53 pm

    I’m sure Nurmi and Jodi believe the text messages show Travis as a mean devil who is always yelling at her and Jodi as the saint who always apologized. The text messages to me only prove that Travis had reason to be frustrated with her and that Jodi is a psychopath who is incapable of empathizing with anyone’s feelings.

    Referring to Jodi destroying his Mercedes:

    Travis: “Your account with me is overcharged. You better start paying me back. Get a job.”

    Jodi says she apologizes and says: “Don’t worry about it. Be happy.”

    Referring to Jodi leaving a drawing Travis had signed behind and moved to Yreka:

    Travis: “It’s always something with you Jodi. It just gets old. If it was hard to take for sentimental reasons, you shouldn’t have asked me to sign it and made me sign it in ink. To do that was rude and inconsiderate to me, which has been a common trend for you lately. You put it there to leave it. You knew it would upset me but you simply don’t care just like wasting a whole week of my life sending me on a wild goose chase based on a lie. You simply don’t care how all that affects me. I’m trying to save my house, build a business amid so much conflict and you don’t care about anything that doesn’t involve you. It’s very upsetting and I am tired of it. I don’t want to deal with anything big or little that is some stupid ploy. You are not sorry. If you were you wouldn’t continue onward with this stuff. I’m just asking you to think of me. If you’d thought of me for one second, you wouldn’t have left that there. If I left behind anything you gave me, you’d cry for weeks. Just give me a pardon from any madness. I don’t need it. It is wearing me out. If it continues, just as I have to give you motivation to tell me the truth, I will give you motivation to quit screwing with me.”

    Jodi: “Never to deliberately confuse you, hon. Sorry again. I was just so confused in so many ways. I feel like since I left AZ a fog has lifted. Both have a lot to recover from and also a lot to be happy and thankful for. I love you. Thing are only getting better now. I know it. I haven’t been this happy for so long, I almost forgot what it was like. Let’s just chalk it up to me being ditzy. I love you.”

    Nurmi must get frustrated because he leads her to say something and she refuses like “Did that reel you back in?” and she says, “It made me feel better.”

  64. kristin
    02/19/2013 at 4:40 pm

    To Observer, your post enlightened me! Thank you!

  65. 02/19/2013 at 5:45 pm

    OMG I do wish JA would just stand up and say enough, I killed him I will accept responsibility. No more excuses nor lies. I will not waste any more time or money. I have never heard a person be so belittled by another and continue to go back for more. But all in all I cannot wait for Martinez to have at her.

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