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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Twenty-Three


Well, last week certainly ended with a bang!  Juan Martinez managed to hit on Jodi propensity to stalk, proved she lies to suit herself, addressed her convenient memory lapses, and then exposed her attempt to smuggle a message out of prison in attempt to tamper with a witness!

Let’s see how smirky, cocky and insolent she is today!

It’s a pleasure to watch Juan Martinez in action.  I’m dreading Nurmi’s redirect already!

Court begins 10:32 with Nurmi on record that a Mr. Hall is in court who provided HLN with a video of he and Travis at a shooting range.

Martinez says he will call as a rebuttal witness.

Hall told being called as a witness means he must exit court and no longer watch anything to do with the trial.  Travis owned no guns so he had to borrow them when they went shooting.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 12.35.43 PMArias up on the stand.

You have a problem telling the truth?  Not typically.

Martinez shows tape of the interview by Flores.

Nurmi objects…sidebar…

Flores telling Jodi there are a lot details not known to the public and he believes she knows some of them.  Jodi says she is there to do anything to help.

You were there to help him?  Yes.

But you didn’t? No, I was there against my will.

So, you could have told the truth?  I was ashamed.

The detective didn’t do anything to cause you to lie?  No.

The detective read you your Miranda rights?  Yes.

You were concerned about your family and your reputation?  Yes.

So that makes it ok to lie?  I didn’t say that.

Boy, Martinez is slamming her on all her lies in the interview!

You told the Detective you weren’t even in Mesa?  Yes.

That was a lie?  Yes.

After the interview you spoke to Mr. Flores the next day?  Yes.

It was voluntary?  Yes.

The second interview he showed you some photographs?  Yes, I think so.

You lied to make people sorry for you?  No.

He spoke English to you?  Yes, but I’m not sure about some of the meaning behind the questions.

Do you have problems with your memory?  On occasion.

You had a great memory on direct about Mr. Alexander sexual exploits.

You were able to give us dates about oral sex?  Yes.  I reviewed the record and memorized the dates and time stamps.

You have photographs of the first time you had oral sex?  No.

You reviewed the interview from July 16?  Yes.

Do you remember you lied?  Yes.

You lied about the murder of Travis Alexander?  Yes.

Wow, Jodi just said she doesn’t deny that it’s her foot in the photograph! She just admitted she made up a story so she wouldn’t get in trouble.

You talked about committing suicide several times?  Yes.

You talked about taking Advil and cutting yourself with a razor?  It was a nick.

And you stopped because it stung?  Yes.

Can you imagine how much it must have hurt Mr. Alexander when you stabbed him in the chest?


You said a man and a woman broke in?  Yes.

You never said anything about dropping the camera?  No.

You said you were knocked to the floor.  Yes.

You heard a pop?  Yes.

You heard Mr. Alexander screaming?  Yes.

You told this story because of your embarrassment?  Yes.

So your embarrassment or shame is more important than telling the truth?  It wasn’t the sole factor.

You said you didn’t want all this stuff about Mr. Alexander to come out so it was ok to hide information?  Yes.

Now she says the trip to Ryan Burns was an after thought!

So you just took the trip to see Mr. Alexander?  No.

Now she admits she had planned the trip to see Burns.

You had phone and text messages with Mr. Burns prior to the trip?  Yes.

You told us you got lost on the way to Mr. Burns?  Yes.

When was the first time you realized you were lost?  It was dark and I couldn’t find my phone.

Was this after you killed Mr. Alexander?  Yes.

In fact, you called Matt McCartney?  Yes.

You pulled over and cleaned yourself up?  Yes.

So you knew you killed Travis Alexander?  Yes and no.  I wasn’t there in my mind.

But you were there enough to think to call Mr. McCartney?  Yes.

To call Mr. Burns?  Yes.

When you got to Mr. Burns you knew Mr. Alexander was dead?  I didn’t accept it.

Is acceptance and denial the same?  No.

You put up a façade to be happy and normal?  Yes.

You and Mr. Burns began kissing?  Yes.

So you knew Mr. Alexander was dead?  I don’t know.

Why is it so hard to know if someone is breathing or not?  It’s not that easy to answer.

You met up with Leslie Udy?  Yes.

You told her that it was your future hope that your kids and Travis’ kids could play together at PPL meetings?  Yes.

So you lied to her because you knew Travis was dead?  It was a hope of mine.

Mark Udy was also there?  Yes.

Did you have gauze on your cuts?  Bandaids on my right hand.

Any on your left hand?  I don’t remember.

So there were cuts on your left hand?  Possibly.

You and Mr. Burns went to sleep?  Yes.

You ‘adjusted’ him?  No, he adjusted himself.

You were kissing?  Yes.

You got on top of him?  No, I fell asleep on him.

You climbed on top of him and started grinding?  No.

During the romantic kissing, Mr. Burns put his hand between your legs?  He was full of crap.

So Mr. Burns during his testimony was full of crap?  Yes.

You lied to Mr. Udy, Mrs. Udy, Det. Flores?   Yes.

You had a phone conversation with Mr. Freeman?  Yes.

Did you tell him you killed Mr. Alexander?  No.

You called Bishop Leighton?  Yes.

You asked him if Mr. Alexander was dead?  I don’t know.

Why did you call him?  I wanted to know what he knew.

You just wanted to see if anyone was on to you?  No.

She says she had a memory gap and that’s why she called!

She called Leslie Udy to tell her about Travis being dead, but never told her she had been at Travis’ house on June 4.

You went out of your way to contact Mr. Alexander’s family?  Yes.

In fact, you sent Ms. Sarvy 20 irises and a note saying how sorry you were.  Ms. Sarvy was Travis’ grandma who raised him.

Wowzer, check Jodi’s demeanor now, lol. Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 1.58.56 PM

Lunch recess called.

Btw, didn’t record them, but every second or third  question, Nurmi has had some kind of objection and most got overruled!

Court resumes at 1:30 with a long freakin sidebar…Nurmi and Willmott have a bunch of papers in hand and are whining…

So, has anyone heard the words ‘self-defense’ yet?

We finally get back to testiphony at 2:02…sheesh!


In addition to sending the flowers you sent a letter to the family also?  Yes.

You sent it on Travis’s birthday?  Yes.

You did do interviews with Inside addition?  Yes.

Martinez plays video of the interview with 48 Hours.

Jodi says if it were her brother she would want to know and above all things Travis’ family should know what Travis’ went through.  Claims Iris was a favorite name for a baby if they had a girl.  I told them they were in my prayers, now and always.

The letter you wrote was 18 pages long about the ninjas?  Yes.

Did they deserve that lie?  Yes, because the truth would have been worse.

Was it your choice to write the letter?  I was encouraged to.

It was your choice to write the letter?  Yes.

August 2007, you looked inside the house?  Yes.

He was making out?  Yes.

The next day you went to talk to him about it?  Yes, I wanted to know.

January 22, you said Travis kicked you and broke your finger? Yes.

After you told him you were moving to Yreka you were arguing in the car March 1 and he hit you on the side of the face?  Well, more like the neck.

Is that a lie?  No.

You kept a journal right?  Yes.

Martinez gives her a transcript of her March 2nd journal entry…It says nothing about Travis ‘supposedly’ hitting her!

Nurmi wants to see the transcript and journal, side-by-side!

Asks to approach…kill me, please.

Jodi confirms the transcript and the journal are the same.

It didn’t happen did it?

Objection…argumentative…may we approach…

You lied about Mr. Alexander backhanding you in the car?  No, I didn’t lie.

They had sex again that evening!

So you loved sex as much as he did?  Yes.


The supposed entry says nothing about the backhand?  No.

Did you call the police?  No.

Did you tell anybody?  No.

Are there any photographs of your injuries?  No.

Is there a medical report?  No.

She hasn’t any proof of diddely!

We do have some text messages, let’s take a look at them.


March 1, you texted Travis that says ‘hi sweetie’.  Says nothing about him popping you in the head?  No, we had already made up.

This is so surreal!

Back to June 4.  Travis is screaming at you?  Yes.

He grabbed your wrist?  Yes then he pulled me close and hugged me and apologized.

This happened downstairs?  Yes, then I heard him banging his head on the upstairs door.

You were afraid?  Yes.

Then why did you go upstairs?  To see what was happening.

Then you weren’t afraid?  No.

You didn’t tell anybody about this incident of him hitting the door frame?  No.

Did he tell somebody about it?  I don’t know.

You heard a thump, thump, thump upstairs and you went up there, were you scared?  Concerned.

So Travis hit the door frame and the linen closet door, but he didn’t hit her!

Afternoon recess called.

Fascinating watching this loon pussyfoot around with word games!

I know there are gaps in the testimony, but I’m intrigued watching Martinez chew her up and spit her out over all her lies!

Back at 3:27.

How long was it from Mr. Alexander banging his head against the door till the next event?  I couldn’t say in exact seconds.

I said his name to make him stop.  He had the eyes of a madman and screamed what?

You told us he was in the shower on June 4?  Yes.

He said some things to you?  Yes.

You said he had the look of a madman?  Yes.

Jodi claims the 1st week of April 2008, Travis choked her into unconsciousness.

There is no police report?  No

No medical reports?  No.

So there is nothing to corroborate your story?  No.

He choked you before you left for Yreka?  Yes.

They were having a discussion in his bedroom that led to a fight.

He threw her to the floor and choked her.  Travis was no longer on top of her when she woke up.

Claims she told Matt McCartney when he questioned her about the bruises on her neck.

Martinez says McCartney claimed no knowledge about that!

This is nuts!

You’ve spoken with McCartney in jail and had telephone calls?  Yes.

Have you asked him if he spoke with any in LE about the bruising around the neck?  I believe we did.

How much time after the incident was this discussion?  A few days on the phone.

If he was on the telephone, he couldn’t see the bruises?  No it was after he called me out about the bruises.

What time did you leave Arizona?  I don’t remember.

You arrived in California at what time?  I don’t remember.

You met up with Mr. Searcy?  Yes.

Did you get to Hollister that night?  I believe I did.

Where did you meet up with McCartney?  At his house.

In Monterey?  Yes.

You met McCartney before you got to your sister’s house?  I can’t remember where I stayed, but I met with him and Darryl.  It was some time in the morning.

Did Darryl see the bruises?  No, I had foundation on.

You believe Mr. McCartney wouldn’t betray you?  At that time I did.

Martinez plays a video of Jodi on 48 Hours.  Jodi says McCartney would never betray her, but she tried to call him, but the cell phone wouldn’t go through.

You stated McCartney is not only one of your friends, but he’s one of your allies, right?  Yes.

Martinez shows her line-up photo and she agrees position 5 is her photo and she is smiling in mug shot.

Martinez now shows 48 Hours dvd where Jodi says she did smile in the mug shot because she thought about was Travis and what he would do in the same situation.  She knew it would be all over the internet, so why not?  There’s no reason to be upset about this, because she would never hurt Travis. I’m innocent.

You said in the same interview you were innocent.  You told us in court that you were going to commit suicide before this went to court?  Yes.

After living in Big Sur, you moved to Mesa?  Yes.

At that point, you weren’t dependent on Mr. Alexander’s financial support.  You had 3 jobs, right?  Yes.

You chose to come put to Mesa?  Yes.

Because of Mr. Alexander?  Yes.

On 48 Hours, she said Travis was persuasive he convinced me Mesa was an excellent place to live.  She made a lot of friends and the church was strong.

So it wasn’t your fault you moved to Mesa?  What do you mean by fault?

It was your decision to come out here even though there was no relationship?  Yes.

There was no relationship?  Telephone and mail.

She moved to Mesa one month after they broke up!

Martinez went through a whole spiel about Bobby Juarez back in 1987 that basically got into her stalking habits again.

She called him several times about the ‘end of the world’ she learned from an old man in the restaurant and he kept hanging up on her.

He called back eventually and she starts up a relationship with him again.  She then moved in with him.

She was caught by her father skipping class.  She was supposedly studying for a history test.  Her father grounded her for 3 months.

You moved out because your father grounded you?  That was part of the reason…it was the final straw.

Martinez strongly pointed out Jodi never takes responsibility for her actions on more than one occasion today!

Court recessed.

Lord, Martinez made mincemeat out of her today.

  1. Rache
    02/25/2013 at 7:13 pm

    I am curious about something I thought I heard today. Didn’t Jodi testify (on direct) that she DOES NOT remember (present tense) stabbing Travis? Then today, when Martinez asked her about washing the blood off of her hands after stabbing Travis…..she said, “I did not recall the stabbing AT THAT TIME”…..which, to me, means she lied when she said she still has no recollection of the incident. Does this mean anything or did I hear things incorrectly?

    Thank you, as always, donchais for your recap. Jodi is a real piece of work, that’s for sure. I had to turn off HLN, as they were starting to talk about how well Jodi is doing under cross and that Martinez might be confusing the jury. Ugh. Nurmi not only objects too often….but he is also too lazy to move his hand from covering his mouth when he speaks.

  2. Laine
    02/25/2013 at 7:20 pm

    Thanks donchais, I missed the trial today cos I had to work late! so this is a great catch up for me. Did her demeanor change today? I figured Nurmi might reign her in for her cockiness last week and get her to grizzle and look frail a bit more….

  3. donchais
    02/25/2013 at 7:25 pm

    You heard right Rache and agree about Squirmy.

    Laine, she was a little better, but still got snarky when Martinez was really pounding on her!

  4. Lisa M
    02/25/2013 at 7:50 pm

    What happened about the secret message in the magazine testimony? Wasn’t today’s testimony supposed to pick up there? (Couldn’t watch today)

  5. kristin
    02/25/2013 at 8:05 pm

    Excellent coverage! Thank you:) because my satellite reception wasn’t the greatest here in Hawaii. JA is all kinds of tangled up in the web she spun. JM is so concrete not just in his line of questioning but with the videos, journal writings, text messages and witness testimony. Today I truly felt that her goose is cooked. What was up with Nurmi’s socks lol! I guess he is dressing the part- a clown!

  6. MMD
    02/25/2013 at 8:12 pm

    I have no idea how Martinez manages not to lean over and throttle JA.

    Did you see Swirmy Wurmi laugh when JA said that “yes, we are having a problem communicating”. Totally inappropriate but what can ya expect.

    I need to let this seep in overnight so I can look at the day more rationally and not make the snippy, rude comments that I’m currently thinking!

    Thanks once again for great coverage.

    • donchais
      02/25/2013 at 8:15 pm

      MMD, Was quite the day!

  7. donchais
    02/25/2013 at 8:13 pm

    Lisa M :

    What happened about the secret message in the magazine testimony? Wasn’t today’s testimony supposed to pick up there? (Couldn’t watch today)

    wel’ll get back there…McCartney is on the witness list!

  8. donchais
    02/25/2013 at 8:13 pm

    kristen, LMAO… He can’t seem to keep his pants OR his socks up!

  9. JSRS
    02/25/2013 at 8:52 pm

    The 18 page letter she wrote to the Alexander Family…is that available to view online??

    • donchais
      02/25/2013 at 9:03 pm

      Not that I’m aware of. Will post if I get different info.

  10. JSRS
    02/25/2013 at 9:19 pm

    donchais :
    Not that I’m aware of. Will post if I get different info.

    Thank you….IMO Jodi is a scorned girl that tried to use sex to keep a man ( any man) and it didn’t work for her. This “innocent poor me” act is disgusting. I feel so sorry for his family, all these accusations without proof should not be allowed…even proving her stories wrong will never undo the damage she has done to his reputation and memory.

    • donchais
      02/25/2013 at 10:05 pm

      JSRS, True, but ultimately Travis and family will win!

  11. Lisa M
    02/25/2013 at 9:41 pm

    Saw a recap on HLN tonight. I can’t believe the fake tearing up re: the irises she gave Travis’ family. Wow she’s quite the actress. They must want to throttle her. And the 18 page letter! Wow. She is a piece of work. Also that 48 Hours video of her saying she smiled on her mugshot because its what Travis would have done? Defense missed the boat here. They should have gone for insanity!

    • donchais
      02/25/2013 at 10:06 pm

      Lisa M – LOL, you’re right!

  12. Barbara
    02/25/2013 at 9:45 pm

    donchais, do you get to sit IN the courtroom? That would be so cool…..but at the same time very sad. So much sorrow in that room, and so much evil.

    I seriously feel anxiety sometimes when I see Arias’ face. Like she is a devil in human form.

    • donchais
      02/25/2013 at 10:08 pm

      Barbara, No hon, I’m on the east coast watching from across the internet.

      She is the devil!

  13. Nicole
    02/25/2013 at 10:22 pm

    Excellent summary. Thanks for writing it donchais. I was able to watch most of the testimony today. What stood out to me is that Martinez has pretty much destroyed her allegations of abuse up to the day of June 4th. She has 4 allegations of physical abuse (Aug. 2007 – after she stalked him on date, TA chased & grabbed wrist, but then says TA hugged/apologized; Jan. 22 2008 – kicked her finger/ribs (but no mention in journal or texts) ; Mar. 1 – Slapped neck (no mention in journal or texts, only about kissing & sex); First week of April 2008 – choked her into unconsciousness, but no police report).

    Juan is undermining each of these allegations with her journal entries, texts, and by showing that a) she is a habitual liar, and b) she has no evidence to corroborate her stories. She told no one, she took no photos, she made no reports, not even to her own journal.

    What he seemed to be doing toward the end of today’s cross is laying the foundation for Jodi being a) unwilling to assume responsibility for anything; and b) being, in fact, an assertive and aggressive person while claiming otherwise.

    For instance, all along, she has been saying that the reason she didn’t write about the abuse or mention the so-called “abuse” was because she was protecting Travis’ reputation and fulfiling some silly philosophy of attraction. It really bugged me when he would ask: “Did you tell anyone?” And she would say: “Of course not.”

    It seems Jodi has a ready excuse for every lie and inconsistency. She is never to blame for ANYTHING in her own mind. It’s always someone else’s fault, including Travis’ fault for her freaky mug shot photo. Because she smiled thinking that’s what Travis would do. If she had not killed him, of course.

    Juan is forcing her to explain her CHOICES that led up to June 4th, and her choices AFTER June 4th. She has been blaming Travis for nearly every aspect of her behavior — from her promiscuity, to her personal hygiene, clothing choices, employment choices, and religious choices. In short, she has been playing the victim card, masquerading as someone incapable and unable to make her own choices.

    Tomorrow should be interesting!

    • donchais
      02/25/2013 at 10:24 pm

      Nicole, Yup!

  14. 02/25/2013 at 10:47 pm

    Holy Moley! “Oh what a tangled web we weave…..!” What can we say….our little group of “Nanas” just couldn’t take anymore today! Two of us got up and went and took a walk to relieve the anxiety attacks we started to have! When we got back we found the rest of our little group in tears and shouting profanities at JA through the TV!! The trial had come to the part of JA sending flowers to TA’s grandmother! SICK SICK SICK!! Still trying to make herself look like a kind and compassionate human being! How sick is that to send condolences just to continue to throw the scent off of herself. For crying out loud does this woman not have a bottom to her actions! She’s lower than a snake’s belly and then some! We just couldn’t take anymore! I must add though that our little group jumped to their feet and yelled “YES!!” When JM asked how she thought Travis felt when she stuck that knife in his chest!! So what do you say now you Psycho!?

    Also…..well with a little work we found our way to that website of psycho supporters of JA you were all talking about! Wow!!……big mistake!! We got off there real quick but not before we saw the messages left by someone identifying the self as MM. He indicated he was her boyfriend for 2 years and had seen the red marks on her neck and the broken finger when she told him that TA abused her. Hah…..guess he missed his first clue that she was lying….the fact that it was coming from her mouth! Anyway he said he had an interview with her attorneys as well as the Prosecutor and he was asked if he would lie for her and he answered “yes” but he has not been called. We think he is the Matt Mcartney being referred to and linked to the coded messages in the magazines! Bet he came clean and he’s going to be JM’s ace in the hole if he needs to play the card! We noticed that when he questioned her about his loyalty to her she was positive he was her ally but the more JM pushed her about it she said “well I hope he would never betray me!” Well guess what you Nut he is probably going to admit that he was going to lie about the abuse! In his message on that website he indicated that he finally told JA not to involve him. Hah….he probably came to his senses! Well we checked out of that website quickly….it was scary! It’s the watering hole for lunatics!! Don’t go there!!

    By they way….in one of her videos after she killed TA she said TA didn’t have a gun to her knowledge yet she sits on the stand and says she found one (no shit…and it happens to be a .25 caliber)when she was cleaning his house. We hope JM brings this up! So much was uncovered today….little by little!

    Well JM is doing a great job in our opinion. She’s beginning to get mixed up with her lies. It’s like we said early on…..it takes work to lie and liars forget what they said to who! They never tell the same lie twice!! And we’re done watching the JVM show….all that yelling and talking over each other and trying to out do each other is a pile of crap! The only one we watch now is Dr. Drew. A little easier to listen to and he controls the talking.

    Hang in there Alexander Family…..JM is workin’ it!!!

  15. donchais
    02/25/2013 at 10:58 pm

    CiCi’s Circle…You gals have it nailed…Juan will get the job done for Travis and family!

  16. Lisa M
    02/25/2013 at 11:50 pm

    Donchais I hope u are right and JM gets it done for Travis’ family. Surely the jury can infer from her softer demeanor today that she was coached over the weekend by her defense attorneys, can’t they? The maddening defense attorneys on JVM on HLN seem to think JM is like the big bad wolf and it’s going to offend the jury. Surely the jury has to be more offended by the hateful lies spewed by Nurmi against Travis and the gall she has to play the victim after committing such a heinous, cruel and atrocious act! We don’t know who these people are but since they were vetted by both sides I have to hope and believe they’ll reach the just verdict, which is first degree murder! But I’ll admit I’m scared to death they won’t. I wish I had your confidence!

  17. John
    02/26/2013 at 12:15 am

    Not sure how TA’s family is enduring all of this but I’m sure their strength comes from love for their lost sibling and desire to justice done for him.It literally makes me sick to see Jodi Arias sit there with that smug look and spout so many lies when we all know she took the life of a truly amazing person with a bright future ahead of him.Hope the jury will do the right thing in respect and memory of Travis and give her the maximum sentence! Hang in there JM….we’re all behind you!!! (And thanks so much Donchais for keeping us in the loop!)

  18. jad
    02/26/2013 at 1:31 am

    Over this past weekend, I thought that I would get a chance to listen to that recorded audio that had been played in Court that was supposed to be such a bombshell for the defense. I was finally able to listen to that advertised bombshell of a recording that Jodi Arias had taped May 10, 2008, but only after several tries. The reason for making several attempts at listening is due to the fact that I had to review another matter before really trying to make sense of what had been found when listening earlier to the recording.

    I had watched the original 48 Hours along with the most recent, and had also reviewed the back-to-back interviews with Detective Esteban Flores (that had been recorded on the day of her arrest and the following day after her arrest). In addition, I listened to the phone conversation between Detective Esteban Flores and Jodi Arias, that had been recorded June 10, 2008 (that had been played on the second day of Trial). The idea that she was a sex addict was already there. The idea that it was possible that a young virginal man, who had been suppressed in a couple of relationships (with Deanna Reid and Lisa Andrews who would not marry him), would be entrapped in lust was already there. The question was to find out exactly when and where and what the method was. The why was already known.

    It had not been that hard to discover Jodi Arias was well skilled in the art of seduction and had honed her craft to perfection. She would first cull the herd and then set her sights on the weakest, or else she attempted to use her wiles if she happened to be the one pursued. One can hear this in the recorded conversation that has been sold to the public as an audio recording of a taped sex conversation (otherwise known as phone sex that is usually available through the use of 900 numbers [or what she prefers to call party lines]), which had been recorded by Jodi Arias on May 10, 2008. Another time that one can witness Jodi Arias attempt to use whatever it was that would take, when using her feminine wiles and plying her trade, was in the interviews with Detective Flores, on both the dates of July 15 and July 16, 2008 (when she at times practiced her little baby voice and tried to use what she must have thought her best Sharon Stone Basic Instinct poses).

    A real interest in the case had been sparked from the first day that Jodi Arias testified at the Trial of the State of Arizona versus Jodi Arias. From what the team of defense lawyers was eliciting, it appeared that the main focus would be on the sexual content of the material. It seemed that there would be a lot heaped onto Mr. Alexander. That could have been because of what they knew about their client. She was a [psychopathic] nymphomaniac whose twisted story would not be believed unless they castigated the victim. They would have to turn the tables and make the victim appear to have the same troubling features as their client, while erasing the features from their own client.

    The journey chosen by the defense team (of criminal lawyers) would have to be according to the Rules or else they risked sanction and possible disbarment. So, they had to step lightly on just how far they would be willing to go (although the action of one of the criminal lawyers in particular has so demeaned the profession, he should think twice about how the integrated Bar is going to continue to permit his license to practice). The Trial was televised, and the victim had a large family, many friends, and a lot of Associates. Very few had any story of ill repute about the victim. The worst that was said by Daniel Freeman was cleared away when the prosecutor was able to make him remember facts correctly in a cohesive manner. Since the time-table presented by the witness had been off, the timeline given by Jodi Arias could have been more believable. Nonetheless, the prosecutor knew dates, times, and events, and clarified the matter before it set in the memory of the Jurors. Additionally, when Jodi Arias testified on the seventeenth day about her relationship with John Dixon and how Mr. Alexander had discovered such an ongoing relationship within their relationship [with a man who was not a Mormon], it was understandable that Daniel Freeman misunderstood the reason for certain ungentlemanly behavior of Mr. Alexander early on in their trip [in June 2007 to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, and] in September 2007 to Lake Havasu [sic].

    Jodi Arias was not exactly after Travis Alexander as can be clearly understood by reading the lengthy registry of men she had been entertaining — like Steve Carrol, Sam Shultz, John Dixon, Gus Searcy, Matt McCartney, Darryl Brewer, and Ryan Burns, as well as Travis Alexander; and other potential possibilities out of a slew of Mormons in her singles Ward or men she would have met at Pre-Paid Legal gatherings (like the once a month Super-Saturdays in Garden Grove outside of Anaheim). Jodi Arias was able to reel in Travis Alexander after casting her line for him (as she had for other innocents like him). Her guile was so complete that there was only one gentleman who opted out of what she had to offer — that was Abe Abdelhadi. She was a temptress whose activity merely appeared to be non-frightening, when her activity was indeed diabolical. She could actually convince her prey that she needed protection from the big bad wolf and other worldly creatures through a portrayal of an innocent Polyanna.

    The interest held in the research was in the way that the sexual conversation arose [beginning at 13:00 of the posting of Day 17, Part 1 on You Tube by an individual with the moniker Croakerqueen123]. It seemed to have started with Mr. Alexander complimenting Jodi Arias for her ass, when the voice of Jodi Arias got a little husky with the response “You’re an A+”. At that, Mr. Alexander clearly said “For example, I’m not the frigging tossed salad type to be honest, but, ahh, I would do it, I’d love doing it with you”. That declaration sounded as though he had not had oral sex with her [as the recipient] but had contemplated it in their phone-sex. (This would clearly contradict the ribald sexual relationship that included tootsie pops espoused by the sometime vivid imaginings of Jodi Arias.) The response by Jodi Arias was one that seemed like she really wanted to erase what he had just said or alter the meaning, with her sensual counter “And you have done it. Ooh”, although this counter did not correlate with the offer that he had just made. So, she threw in another sexy sounding “Ooh”, for good measure. Mr. Alexander then come back with “I’ve more than done it . . . I’ve frigging done it”. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Although this does not erase a possible sex act that would be female to male oral sex [or fellatio], this could erase the possibility of male to female oral sex [or cunnilingus]. As stated, it would seem to be only in their dreams or in their phone-sex. While this would be contrary to what could be thought when hearing within the same sex-tape Jodi Arias describe an incident when waking up with his face in her vaginal area, that might be questionable too. That is because Jodi Arias has already spoken of being awoken to a sex act being performed by Mr. Alexander while she was asleep that woke her in the same way — except this sex act was vaginal sex, where he had somehow managed to fully insert himself without her knowledge. There were other comments made on that particular sex-tape that made the Jodi Arias’ descriptions of quality [of oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex and body ejaculation] and quantity [that supposedly started one week after meeting] even more questionable.

    Another thing learned in that audio recording was that Mr. Alexander made a confession, to which Jodi Arias agreed through her lack of objection, although expressing surprise at his activity. At 30:40 of that same post (located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt61znNwsaA ), he told her that “Before I met you, I never jacked off. Then, once I start, once, ahh, I started getting, I don’t know, like once a month, once every two weeks. Like — Since you’ve left, I jack off every day, sometimes two to three times a day”. So, stories of his virginity up until the age of twenty-eight were true. It seems that Mr. Alexander did not get involved in sex acts until he met Jodi Arias and was corrupted by Jodi Arias. A person viewing the recording of this part of the Trial can actually see her wince in the witness stand when this part is played. Mr. Alexander had just confessed to Jodi Arias he had never masturbated until after he had met her. It appeared that she had to first give him instructions — possibly in their phone sex conversations, although it seems that they might have participated in some form of “handling” as discussed in the phone-sex.

    The problem was that Mr. Alexander did not know what to do with his own sexuality. He had been suppressed for a period of time, and had not followed the guidelines he was taught when leaving the abstention. He had spoken to his Bishop in 2006 about another matter that left him even more confused [when breaking up with Deanna Reid]. It seems that Jodi Arias knew of this and, with her superior knowledge in sexual matters, took advantage of the babe-in-the-woods virgin. If he would have been guided through properly, he might not have ever experienced the trauma inflicted by this seductress. However, there he was on this sex-tape masturbating while listening to her baby voice and using vulgar language and innuendo to maintain excitement and reach a climax.

    It seems Jodi Arias has much more experience than admitted — including the arena of phone-sex manipulation. She is cunning and understands how to deflect and keep awareness of her outside activities out of sight. However, certain bits and pieces of information can be put together that can help decipher what this woman was capable of in her seduction of Mr. Alexander. In the thirteenth day of Trial testimony, immediately after a person described as an expert witness (Bryan Aumeister) was dismissed, Jodi Arias took the stand and provided information about her family and her activity with a person she identified as an adult male that had become her boyfriend, starting when she was the age of fifteen. His name was Bobby Suarez.

    In the late afternoon that day, her testimony was that her boyfriend, Bobby Suarez, liked to chat on what she said was a party line or chat line. In her testimony, Jodi Arias mentioned slightly that two of her boyfriends had become enmeshed in calling 900 numbers. 900 numbers are usually advertised in the pages of alternative magazines. They are usually manned by persons who talk to the caller about the caller’s sexual fantasies. Sometimes, the caller can arrange a meeting with the person on the other end. In the trade, this is frowned upon unless the company (that employs the sex-chatter) is also advertised as an escort agency.

    Jodi Arias would have been more familiar with exactly what a 900 number is than she has let on. The reason is that her boyfriend, Bobby Suarez, was unemployed and so could not have had the money to pay for the services provided by the party line, chat line, sex line, or whatever other name a person would chose to call the business. Jodi Arias said she knew that Bobby Suarez would call what she described as a party line and meet people that way. She said that this was before the Internet was found in every single home. Thus, he was not using the Internet, but was using the phone service, which had to be paid. Jodi Arias had a phone and worked and stated she paid her phone bill. She must have known she was paying for someone to hear sex-talk. She was not that naïve that she does not know what a 900 number is — that advertises as a party line or a chat line. This particular matter is not the only one that Jodi Arias has confused.

    There was one particular piece of the tape that was especially troubling, and it should be thoroughly examined in order to see if an outside party was taping the conversation (with the knowledge of Jodi Arias). At 14:16 of the audio recording of the advertised sex tape, she stated something like “Yeah, he’s right. I can hear him”, while a slight echo can be heard in the transmission. She is not talking to a sleepy Travis Alexander because he has started to ramble about the marathon “sessions” that he has had with her. He is not a party to the conversation she is having with whomever is listening to her make that statement. So, what was the set-up?

    It is apparent that the sex tape was not for the benefit of Travis Alexander. Good money had to be paid for the recording to be enhanced to bring up the voice of Mr. Alexander. The recording on her cell phone had not recorded the voice of Mr. Alexander in a way that could be heard. Although Jodi Arias has stated she had made prior taped recordings for Mr. Alexander that she implied he had access to for his own benefit, one has to wonder what the actual benefit would have been. A lop-sided sex-talk would not be something a man would ask his former girlfriend to provide for him.

    Bryan Aumeister had been hired as an expert to enhance the quality of the sound of the recording not simply enhance one male voice that was identified as belonging to a person by the name of Travis. If hired to overlook anything other than the voice of Mr. Alexander, he should provide the particulars and the contract for service that contains that condition. If not and this expert expects to be paid by the State, he should redo his examination to find out if there is another voice on that tape. Additionally, an explanation should be provided by this expert retained by the defense team at State expense.

  19. Bethany
    02/26/2013 at 2:01 am

    Did anyone notice the slip of the tongue when Juan Martinez asked her if she had planned on her visit to Ryan Burns for an alibi she started to say “yes” but caught herself before she finished her answer? Very interesting on the hidden truths that are coming out…

  20. jad
    02/26/2013 at 3:15 am

    It appears the parents of Jodi Arias did everything they could. So, nothing I have written or anybody has written or said should be taken as a diatribe against her parents or any member of her family. There are times that a child is born and what is expected will never happen, no matter how much effort is put into raising that child or in how much conviction one places in prayer. Jodi Arias was simply a bad seed. There is no other way to put what she is or was into the simplest terms. She is and has always been a natural born psychopath possessed of all of the accouterments. The sexual nature of this beast along with her psychopathy or malignant narcissism could have done damage to more than Travis Alexander, and for catching her before more could have been slaughtered is a blessing. Also, the unhelpful mischief to her own family that she has exercised at various times will be ended, and healing begun. The family of Jodi Arias should be able to come to terms with that which was Jodi Arias without overly critical examination. They are in the Courtroom not to support what Jodi Arias had done but to mourn what this cherished family member could have accomplished and understand why their wishes [and her desires] were unattainable through no fault of their own.

    Jodi Arias had accused her father of slapping her in the face before they moved to Yreka. In that event, she had snuck out of the house with others and could not be pulled out of a groggy, disoriented state. Her father found her in that condition and slapped her in the face a couple of times to try to get her to tell him what she had done or how she ended up in a state where she seemed to be passing in and out of consciousness. After that event, the Arias family moved closer to immediate family, in Yreka. She testified about another incident she tried to explain was brutality. At this other time, her father had hit her when she skipped school while living in Yreka. She was in her junior year of high school and three months shy of eighteen. Without her parents’ knowledge, she had moved most of her belongings out of the home and into a home that was lived in by an older, unemployed man who lived like a Goth. Once she got her father to hit her in such a fashion that she fell against a door-frame, she moved out.

    {{That much is known about the manner that Jodi Arias had made her family suffer. There would be much more of a dilemma for the Arias family that would never make it to the Court. They must have been in a quandary when realizing she wanted to report child abuse, which could have removed their three youngest children from their home and transferred them into the State’s foster care program (that was underfunded and riddled with stories of abuse and sexual molestation of the children in the State’s care). It seems that Jodi Arias had even been able to control her parents while she was still a minor. So, she could use her wit and her wiles to control any other situation in a similar fashion — which was to make the person do what she had planned in order to hold it over the head of that person while she got more and more of her wants and needs fulfilled.}}

    It is undeniable that Jodi Arias is known to be an opportunistic liar. For that reason alone, there is not any one of her revelations that should be treated as though truthful, unless one can first find corroborating evidence in some form. So, one must be wary — For, without a way to show that the words this pathological liar has uttered are actually to be believed, about the putative sexual escapades of Travis Alexander, there should be no credence given to any statement she makes about any of the sexual activity she has announced she has engaged in with him. Because of the major problems Jodi Arias has in recognizing the truth, the incidents of sexual activity she, alone, has reported should be thoroughly examined. The veracity of her pronouncements should be tested — when combining such disparaging remarks in regards to the activity of Mr. Alexander with testimonials of the reputation and character of Mr. Alexander, the brutally murdered young man whom Jodi Arias has confessed to killing. For that matter, whether it is Mr. Alexander or any other person who is being accused by Jodi Arias of doing anything whatsoever, one should first fact check and receive corroboration before repeating the story. That is due to the fact that to not protect oneself from the misfortune that can be created from irresponsibly repeating the slanderous declarations made by Jodi Arias would be foolish and could possibly lead to financial ruin. However, this should not prevent an individual from making a report about the record evidence before the Court so that others can use what has been discovered and possibly build upon such incontrovertible evidence in order to give a truthful accounting and/or to restore the good name of the deceased, Travis Alexander.

    Any person of faith who is a seeker of truth should have been perturbed at the way that Jodi Arias presented a story about the day of her Baptism, wherein she [together with her lawyer] portrayed a man of faith to be of such a carnal nature as had been parroted. The salacious material was deliberately planted in the story to discredit a person who could no longer defend himself and credit a soulless woman, inherently evil in nature, who would use the material to further try to destroy a man whose greatest crime seems to be that of not being able to mirror her passion in the fashion she desired. When talking about Mr. Alexander, Jodi Arias [and her lawyer] described a Mormon lost in lustful desires of his own making, and she denigrated people of that same faith, by her portrayal of the male membership as willing to turn their heads to certain sexual acts that would be found unacceptable by their faith — or by any faith for that matter. She described Mormon men in a totally unacceptable way. As a matter of fact, the man Jodi Arias was establishing a relationship with, while overlapping the relationship she held with Mr. Alexander, could have been cruelly fated to have been similarly portrayed once she had been successful in her crusade against Mr. Alexander, if not for elements beyond her control.

    Jodi Arias has admitted to have engaged in the same or similar type of activity with this preselected man as she had with Mr. Alexander — phone sex, sexting, cheeky messaging, spicy conversations, make-out sessions, heavy petting, dry-humping, and whatever she could have enticed him to do. In spite of this, there was nothing offered as proof of a solitary effort by Ryan Burns at “grinding” (or what she has called the “Provo-Push”) on his own, as she says “a lot of Mormons do” as a part of accepted sexual activity, albeit frowned upon by the Church. It is clear that the blame for such activity can not singly be put on the male member. It had been a joint effort, but mainly engaged in by Jodi Arias, who did the “grinding” after she, alone, adjusted the pelvic and crotch area of Mr. Burns — which flirtatious demeanor leading to a grinding episode occurred less than one day after she had, in a fit of passion and rage, brutally murdered Mr. Alexander, a gentle man who had never physically harmed any human being.

    Jodi Arias had killed Travis Alexander, but no one else knew of his death at the time. After committing this unspeakable act in such a shocking and cruel fashion, she drove around Utah and Nevada, cheerfully visiting friends she had made while working with Mr. Alexander in Pre-Paid Legal. She talked about the expectations she had to several of these friends (that were newly made through invite by Mr. Alexander & Pre-Paid Legal, as there is no proof that she had real friends or any visitors to her home in Palm Desert, before her entanglement with the people she had associated herself with at Pre-Paid Legal). With her newly minted friends, she discussed a continuing and future relationship with Mr. Alexander, a young man she knew she had just slaughtered. While gallivanting around the countryside, she saw many friends she had made in Pre-Paid Legal and communicated with several people who would have known her well, yet not one of these friends or associates noticed any difference in her demeanor or attitude from her usual cheery self. By her actions, it seems she believed she could get away with murder, and would have held the thought that there would be no consequences of any kind that would affect her in the aftermath. As a matter of fact, she would have come out the better for the loss of Mr. Alexander — because he would no longer be around to discredit her stories that exploited his virginity and the insults to his independence when in a coupled relationship, and she would not have to answer any questions about the troubles he had discovered with his financial situation [as he had recently found out and revealed to Lisa Andrews shortly before his death].

    Jodi Arias had always been interested in financial conditions, especially her own. She was uncomfortable being poor and quite disenchanted with her lot in life, as can be seen through certain action she undertook. In 2006, she especially did not like the fact that her mortgage had indexed and the value of her newly purchased home had plummeted (losing over one-third of its value). So, she was looking for ways to get back on her feet financially. She wanted to get her art in galleries, and she had dreams of becoming a wedding photographer. That would take money or some type of valuable commodity — which would probably be unattainable with her then lover, Darryl Brewer, in her life. After a lengthy period of time, she dug out the pamphlets that she had been given months [possibly up to one year] before and joined Pre-Paid Legal as an Associate, in early 2006. She had searched the web, visited the company’s site, and had been impressed with the people who were involved with Pre-Paid Legal because they seemed to make a lot of money with little effort [at least it appeared to be little effort to her, since those who work for the company would beg to differ with her, as well they should].

    When she attended a Pre-Paid Legal convention in Las Vegas, in the middle of September in 2006, she was a guest of Mr. Alexander at a banquet for those who had made it in the company. He and his girl friend, Deanna Reid, had recently split up, and he asked the first girl he spotted at the convention to attend the banquet with him. He was recognized as a money-maker because of his position in the company — he was an Executive Director. Speeches were made that night and the day after about how the members of Pre-Paid Legal had once struggled, and they threw out numbers. Statements were made by the speakers about their new lifestyle. They no longer struggled. They no longer worried about paying the bills or where their money would come from. This correlated with what she wanted with where she was. She understood that her choice in jobs and in men would now be fruitful.

    An audio recording would be taped a little over a year and a half after Jodi Arias met Mr. Alexander at that Las Vegas site convention. The recording, dated May 10, 2008, [that has since been linked as a sex-tape] was a conversation between Jodi Arias and Mr. Alexander that discussed business. This audio recording was played on the seventeenth day of the Trial. In that conversation, Mr. Alexander made mention of his surname, when calling attention to how busy he would be in the months of June and July. The inference was that he was about to strike it big. He told her that the beginning of June to the beginning of July was going to be a busy time for him. His reference to himself was “Mr. Alexander”, which seemed to mean a large business deal. (She said it would be busy for her too. It seems she would have meant the busy part, not the prosperous part.) He said the end of July would be the same for him. With what was going to be coming his way, he planned on going to Argentina for one month and probably had chosen other activities. For whatever reason, Jodi Arias did not seem interested in this part of the conversation, even though she had been impressed with the potential for making money through the multi-level marketing company that was Pre-Paid Legal.

    Before she had become involved in a crime spree that could have developed but was thwarted by her split serial nature, the physical appearance of Jodi Arias had intentionally been altered. She found a way to sculpt her body. Workouts were not the only method of achieving a look that would be more desirable if planning to enter the market and use one’s own self as bait. Although there were looming financial difficulties because of a decision to contract for property in which the interest-only payment plan would escalate the following year, in a way that would put both Jodi Arias and the man she professed to have loved in a tenuous situation, the La Jolla contracted obligation could be disposed of through the use of her newly constructed body. She would use her new surgically enhanced body [and bleached platinum blonde hair] to improve her status in life and to make life more comfortable for herself and her live-in lover, Darryl Brewer. Although her lover seemed to not even recognize any meaning behind going under the knife in May of 2006, and could not estimate the true cost of the new human form, he made an attempt at testifying to other matters at Court — that is, whenever he could remember or recall them. Maybe that is because he had been an alcoholic for years who had only recently sought help for his addiction, and he did not know the tricks of his live-in lover for that long, since they had not moved in together until they bought the home in Palm Desert.

    Darryl Brewer was not a person who could be exactly categorized as part of a group of friends with benefits of which there would be no other connection between such devoted allies. He was not like any one of the myriad of her previous younger lovers. Jodi Arias would never deny the passionate feelings she had for her most recent live-in lover. On the stand, she said over and over again that she had loved Darryl Brewer. She loved him even while their wretched financial condition was driving them apart. She loved him even when he worked sporadically. She loved him even when he tried to hide his alcoholism from her. She loved him even though he snuck around to smoke and he knew she had an aversion to people who smoked. She loved him no matter how much he might have degraded her, which included acts of anal sex. These intense feelings were not the same for Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias explained how her feelings expanded until she could say that she possibly loved Mr. Alexander. However, at the time that both men were in her life, she did not love Mr. Alexander or have any feeling for him as a boyfriend or lover, and she only had loving feelings for and intense emotion towards Darryl Brewer — though, this was not known by any of her newly made friends. Jodi Arias had represented to them something else entirely.

    The gaze of her new best friends had been diverted to the dark shadows of the picture painted by Jodi Arias. They did not yet know that she tended to dwell on the negative and not share the positive when telling a story. While the negative complaints, related by her about her live-in lover, were true, she had failed to relate to the people drawn in to help her that she, herself, had no intention of making a change to the situation she had portrayed as grim. This poor pathetic creature had told anyone who would listen that she was in a committed four-year relationship with a man who would not marry her. This shared information included stories about her relationship with him and declarations about how much she loved this much older man, who appeared to be using such a young naïve girl — in that she could not possibly have saved and bettered her life on the mediocre amount of moneys she made when forced to pay half of all the bills in the living arrangement. She had been cut off from her family, and she told them she never saw any one of them. Not only did her family never get a chance to visit her while her lover lived with her, she seemed not to be allowed to invite friends to her home because she had become reclusive with this controlling man.

    Jodi confided in her more recently made friends that she had only a short time before found out her live-in lover was an alcoholic who only, within that year, was attempting to clean himself up, and that her lover not only drank on the sly, but appeared to sneak around to smoke. This man shared the master bedroom with Jodi in a three-bedroom home in a working class neighborhood, but had taken over the rest of the home, keeping one bedroom as his man-cave to veg-out and claiming the last bedroom for his son. He was twice her age and had put her in a spot below a child he had with a former wife, on top of being an alcoholic, smoker, selfish, stingy, poor provider, and abusive by engaging in deviant sexual activity. As devout people of faith, her new best friends had to intercede in any way they could to help elevate the position of this poor lost soul.

    There was a sincere belief that Jodi Arias would not have asked for help from them if she wanted to stay with this man, who did not want her anyway since he refused to marry her. They wanted to help her overcome and pass over the stumbling blocks of her life, and she must have sensed the compassion that so many others had for her. They were going out of their way to make her feel at home in their residences and make her feel comfortable around their family members. Through her actions, they could see that Jodi Arias seemed to want to better her life through change and begin the process by taking a leap of faith. She had expressed real interest in the Book of Mormon, and she told Missionaries and others of the Mormon faith she really wanted to be baptized into their faith. This had started even before she had attended the September [2006] convention in Las Vegas where she had met most of them. So, her new best friends and newly taken-up family members decided to assist her, and then help her establish herself in the community, where she could make a good living doing what they did — selling a product they believed in, Pre-Paid Legal, and discovering a better place where she would not ever again be abused or end up living with a man who did not honor his pledge to the Word of Wisdom of the Law of the Gospel. Additionally, they could have been of service to Darryl Brewer too, as Jodi Arias’ commitment and allegiance to the Vow of Chastity, wherein a couple would make a vow of faithfulness by each committing to the spouse, could correct the missteps of this man and bring about the marriage hoped for by Jodi Arias.

    Jodi Arias testified her Baptism occurred, after she had convinced Mr. Alexander to be an integral part, when she could not convince anyone else to assist in this Holy event — and there was no option left. The Elders had wanted to reschedule after fault was found with her living arrangement — a household that consisted of two people of opposite sex who had been sexually involved and continued to live together, which did not exactly coincide with the Mormon teaching — even though she had told them she was living with her boyfriend under a Vow of Chastity. Although she might not have made her interpretation of Vow of Chastity clear at the time of her Baptism, when she was put under Oath at Trial, she would explain this Vow of Chastity to mean she could participate in oral sex and anal sex and anything in between, so long as a penis did not penetrate her vagina. Even though she had had multiple lovers on an overlapping continuum from the time she was in high school, to her way of thinking, she said she thought that her sexual activity was adhering to the Vow of Chastity by definition, even though it did not feel that way. So, the manner that she chose to live with her live-in boyfriend, Darryl Brewer, could have included an act that would have been deemed sexual by others but not thought of by Jodi Arias as a sexual act. This would not have permitted her to be baptized, and clearly there was a problem with scheduling a Baptism for her while she continued to live with a man who refused to marry her and had severely dysfunctional traits.

    Somehow, the Baptism had been scheduled at a time that was only two months after meeting Mr. Alexander and after a very brief period of time of studying the Book of Mormon. If she is to be believed, the study period would have been six weeks at most, since she insisted Mr. Alexander first gave her the Book of Mormon and was the person who was responsible for arranging the Mormon Missionary study groups for her. Nonetheless, in spite of what she wanted people to believe, her live-in lover testified that she had devoted much more time to her conversion than she had been willing to admit. That bit of information would have revealed a change in the timeline and meant Jodi Arias had not yet met Mr. Alexander when the Mormon Missionaries began arriving in Palm Desert, and the available information (that did not coincide with the supposed truthful statements made by Jodi Arias) would have shown that Mr. Alexander would not have been the reason for or responsible for her conversion as she had portrayed. The particulars did not seem to bother Jodi Arias, as she would not let the time of her interaction with the Mormon Missionaries be known, simply by convincing others to ignore any and all of the facts that did not fit in with what she wanted to portray and by nonchalantly adopting another story line to explain the matter as she wanted it to be known.

  21. ritanita
    02/26/2013 at 7:53 am

    Morning, Donchais!

    Just a short note this morning. Thursday and yesterday, Martinez managed to out Jodi as a prolific liar who still refuses to take any responsibility for her actions. I expect, by the end of the trial, for there to be significantly more evidence of witness tampering.

    Also, she has now officially stated that she was ashamed and embarrassed about Travis’ murder. She didn’t want her “sterling” reputation ruined by her actions. Not once did she mention that she didn’t want to go on trial for capital murder and face the death penalty.

    The frightening part is that I totally believe she believes her lies.

  22. PK
    02/26/2013 at 8:58 am

    jad :
    It appears the parents of Jodi Arias did everything they could. So, nothing I have written or anybody has written or said should be taken as a diatribe against her parents or any member of her family.

    When Jodi’s mother attempted to sell her daughter’s forged letter to the Enquirer in which Travis allegedly admits to being a pedophile, she clearly showed where Jodi got her personified piece of s**t gene from. My opinion, apparently not yours.

  23. PK
    02/26/2013 at 9:07 am

    What struck me most about yesterdays proceedings was the striking difference between the faux librarian sitting in the witness stand and the sexpot making love to the camera in the video exhibits. Jury noticed the difference too, I’m sure.

  24. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 9:47 am

    OK i have slept on the testiphony of yesterday and reread Donchais’ recap plus all the other comments and I still want to make snarky comments! All this trial is doing is causing me grief as I am sure that it is doing to everyone else. I alternate from being furious, empathetic for the Alexander family, stunned, anxious, tearful, annoyed, amazed, captivated, literally yelling at my screen,scornful of JA and Squirmy Wurmi’s actions, disbelief. You name the emotion or feeling and I have been there over this trial. It’s giving me stress headaches as well as migraines. I’m even dreaming about this damn thing! In other words, I should just shut off my laptop and ignore the whole thing to save my own mental health. But I can’t. I tried to read Jonathan Kellerman’s latest novel over the weekend, and I couldn’t concentrate because my mind kept drifting to this trial. My friends know not to call when court is in session because I won’t answer.

    I hate the fact that this trial is bringing out the worst in me. I also hate the AZ court system where there is no testiphony on Fridays and on the 4 days there is court, it doesn’t start until10:30 (usually later) and between sidebars and breaks, there is such limited time for actual testiphony. When Squirmy Wurmi gets an exhibit, I want to yell at him that he is supposed to be intelligent, surely he can read faster than that. When he leans back in his chair with his striped socks and massive gut hanging down, I want to just give him a push and make him fall backwards. I’m amazed at the patience of the judge and JM and would love to know what Willmott is frantically writing.

    Then we have JA, the pathological liar, who has an answer for everything or has to parse her words in even about the most minute detail. She truly is incapable of answering a yes or no question, everything has to be qualified or explained in some manner or another. The truth is such a foreign concept to her as is actual reality. The fact that she would send flowers and an 18 page letter to TA’s grandmother shows her complete inability to comprehend how normal people in society interact. She has not an ounce of remorse for any or all of her actions and everyone else is to blame for everything. If she didn’t so infuriate me so much I might feel some sympathy for the way her psychopathic mind works, but I simply can’t. She is evil through and through and as nitanita said, she truly believes her lies.

    I am not a fan of the death penalty, however, I really want to see her fry! At first I thought that maybe life in prison would be better because then she would have time to reflect on her actions and her life would be miserable, plus she has said she would rather the death penalty. Knowing JA though, I’m sure that she would make a nice life for herself in prison and manipulate everyone around her. Now, I just want her life over. And by that I mean soon, not after 20 years of appeals and hearings. AZ and its taxpayers have spent enough money housing and feeding her since 2008, not to mention all the legal costs so that she has her day (ssssssssssssssssssssssss) in court. I don’t want to hear about her winning any more contests for singing O Holy Night, I want her to leave this earth and not by her choice.

    I truly need to turn this whole trial off but I simply can’t. The only thing I have accomplished is to “try” and stay away from HLN and the talking heads. I simply want justice for Travis Alexander, his family, friends, associates and for the future that was so viciously and brutally taken away from him. I can’t quit until I hear that verdict from the jury.

    OK enough of that. Rant over!

    Donchais, once again, thank you for providing your reporting, commentary and more importantly, a place for us to vent, comment, ask questions, and support the victim. IMO criminals have far too many rights in your country and I hate when the victim is put on trial.

    CiCi, I so wish I could be in your group!!! It would be so nice to be making comments to actual people and getting feedback instead of a computer screen. My dogs certainly don’t provide any feedback whatsoever. 😦

    I hope that today in court there are less sidebars and JM continues to pick away at JA’s story and that she gets her back up and her cocky self reappears so that by the time cross is over, Squirmy Wurmi will be totally unable to rehabilitate her as the jury has seen over and over the true evil that is JA, Evil that should no longer be able to inhabit this planet.

    • Laine
      02/26/2013 at 11:53 am

      MMD…I hear you….You have really captured everything perfectly, please don’t think you are alone in your emotional turmoil! I have not slept properly since coming across this case a week ago. I live in a country that no longer supports the death penalty and for the most part I have been happy with that. Certainly for the people that have since being hung (England DP preference before it was abolished) been exonerated I believed NO ONE has the right to take a life…but let me tell you…I question that everytime I think about JA and the cruelty she inflicted on Travis and his family. It has made me question everything I believed in. Stepping outside of my comfort zone gives me an uneasy feeling and my emotions are all over the place! I wish it was over…but only with the right result…Guilty with the Death Penalty.

  25. Observer
    02/26/2013 at 10:10 am

    Martinez did a good job yesterday of showing Jodi Arias as a devious person who lies to keep from facing the consequences of murdering Travis Alexander.

    Big points for Martinez for letting her talk and using her own words against her. When Martinez asked her if she changed her story to Flores from “I wasn’t there” when she was arrested to “two Ninjas did it” the next day to avoid the consequences of being charged. Snottily, she piped up that she wasn’t thinking of consequences because she was planning on suicide. Martinez then said she had testified that she didn’t commit suicide because a nick on her wrist from the razor hurt. She corrected him asnd said she said “stung.” Martinex delivered a knockout punch that knocked the assiness right out of her. “Imagine how it hurt Travis Alexander when you stabbed him in the heart.” She looked like she had been punched in the stomach and could hardly talk after that.

    Then he delivered a knockout punch to the jury when he revealed that Jodi Arias, the woman who brutally murdered Travis Alexander sent a dozen Irises to his grandmother, who raised Travis, along with a sympathy card to relieve her guilt and throw off the suspicion from her. I loved it when Martinez said, “Imagiine how his grandmother felt getting flowers from his killer.”

    After lunch she was back cocky and arrogant as Martinez revealed to the jury and public that she wrote an 18 page letter to Travis family detailing how the two Ninjas killed Travis, which she now admits is a lie. She looks purely evil in that 48 Hours interview where she says she sent them the letter because she would want to know how her brother died if he was killed. She also looks diabolical in the 48 Hours Interview when she says she smiled when she was being booked because “that’s what Travis would do” and “I didn’t take it seriously because I knew I’d be out soon.”

    She thinks she can talk herself out of murder. That’s why she ignored the Miranda Warning that she has the right to remain silent and spoke to Flores without an attorney and told two different stories. When she was appointed attorneys, she ignored their advice and did two hour long 48 Hour interviews which she now admits was full of lies and one other TV interview where she said, “No jury will convict me because I am innocent.” In the first 48 hour interview, she also talks about how Matt is her best friend and will do anything for her. Now those interviews are being used against her.

    When she brought up Matt saw the bruises from her made up choking story, Martinez asked, “How come Matt told us he knows nothing about it?” She said, “I hope Matt comes through for me.” She still believes Matt will lie for her to save her sorry skin. He’s not going to commit perjury for her and that’s why he told the truth to the prosecutors and her attorney and why she tried to tamper with his testimony. Matt visited with her in jail on the phone and in person. Most jails record conversations between inmates and visitors so Martinez might introduce a recording of her trying to get Mat to lie when he visited her before.

  26. Observer
    02/26/2013 at 10:11 am

    correction, sassiness not assiness.

  27. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 11:44 am

    PK :

    jad :
    It appears the parents of Jodi Arias did everything they could. So, nothing I have written or anybody has written or said should be taken as a diatribe against her parents or any member of her family.

    When Jodi’s mother attempted to sell her daughter’s forged letter to the Enquirer in which Travis allegedly admits to being a pedophile, she clearly showed where Jodi got her personified piece of s**t gene from. My opinion, apparently not yours.

    I totally agree PK. Isn’t their family selling her art on e-Bay as well?

  28. 02/26/2013 at 12:13 pm

    I just want to say, I love your website and commenters! I found my way here via Websleuth’s where I have been participating in discussing this fascinating case! I say fascinating because we are seeing a narcissistic pathological liar in action!! And a prosecutor who finds her and her story/stories/lies incredulous and just cannot hide it!

    Go Mr. Martinez

    Hope I will be welcome to comment with all of you!

    • donchais
      02/26/2013 at 12:13 pm


  29. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 12:27 pm

    Laine :
    MMD…I hear you….You have really captured everything perfectly, please don’t think you are alone in your emotional turmoil! I have not slept properly since coming across this case a week ago. I live in a country that no longer supports the death penalty and for the most part I have been happy with that. Certainly for the people that have since being hung (England DP preference before it was abolished) been exonerated I believed NO ONE has the right to take a life…but let me tell you…I question that everytime I think about JA and the cruelty she inflicted on Travis and his family. It has made me question everything I believed in. Stepping outside of my comfort zone gives me an uneasy feeling and my emotions are all over the place! I wish it was over…but only with the right result…Guilty with the Death Penalty.

    Thank you Laine. After I submitted my comment I felt bad because I thought that it would come across all whiny. I am so glad that someone else feels the same way and I’ve been watching this since the beginning.

    Here in Canada we don’t have the death penalty and I’ve always been glad that it was a choice that did not have to be made at the end of a trial, considering so many have been found not guilty through DNA and other new forensic tools. Watching JA has totally changed my opinion but for her circumstances only. Even if Casey Anthony had been rightfully found guilty I felt she should spend life in prison.

    I’m just very thankful that JM is the prosecutor and that donchais allows me to vent on her site.

  30. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 12:32 pm

    LindaNewYork :
    I just want to say, I love your website and commenters! I found my way here via Websleuth’s where I have been participating in discussing this fascinating case! I say fascinating because we are seeing a narcissistic pathological liar in action!! And a prosecutor who finds her and her story/stories/lies incredulous and just cannot hide it!
    Go Mr. Martinez
    Hope I will be welcome to comment with all of you!

    Welcome! I lurked for the longest time before I commented! 🙂 You have basically joined a Juan Martinez fan club with this case.

  31. kristin
    02/26/2013 at 12:38 pm

    Right on, PK!!!

  32. 02/26/2013 at 12:47 pm

    She is so argumenitive! Does she think JM will let go of his questions without her answering? Or is she still trying to get his goat so to speak. I was so frustrated for JM yesterday. I can understand how he amps up his intensity with her because she at times will not answer with a yes or no but has to do her snide comments as if to have the last say. She is so infuriating I just want to b…ch slap her. So why do I keep watching?? ’cause I want to see JM take her down. Do not think I have ever seen anyone like her on the stand.

  33. missjocool
    02/26/2013 at 1:26 pm

    Observer :correction, sassiness not assiness.

    heehee… in this case, it is one in the same meaning! Thanks for your thoughts.

  34. PK
    02/26/2013 at 1:29 pm

    Jodi to Martinez “That was a compound question.” Jodi acting as her own counsel again. Big mistake again!

  35. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 1:48 pm

    I’m starting to think that JA will argue each and every point just for the sake of arguing because she feels she is so superior and far smarter than JM.

  36. Lisa M
    02/26/2013 at 2:01 pm

    The pit bull is doing great! Loving the worried look on Nurmi’s face.

  37. janetlynn
    02/26/2013 at 2:38 pm

    I’m sure he’s happy she’s not holding a knife right now.

    Imagine Travis trying to reason with her….horrible.

  38. GN5020
    02/26/2013 at 2:48 pm

    I’m watching today’s cross and have two things to say: (1) I had to laugh when pious Jodi initially hesitated to name the married woman, saying she didn’t want to break up a marriage, and then when prodded again, announced the woman’s full name (maiden and married). Years later, she was still pissed enough about it that she wanted to make sure, on national TV, that the woman was called out publicly, without anyone mistaking her identity.

    However, (2) I like Martinez but I think he is letting Jodi control too much of his cross — adding her remark to every answer and getting him flustered. It could come across as badgering to the jury and hurt the prosecution. I wish he would stick to a focused game plan, and if necessary, start each question with “Yes or No Ms. Arias, …” just like Nurmi started each of his with “Well, let me ask you this ….”, and then when she doesn’t answer Yes or No, or adds a comment, he should stop her and say, “I asked you simply to respond Yes or No.” After doing that a few times, it will make it clear that if she continues to go off topic to control the flow of information, she has been warned, and he can then ask the judge to admonish the witness to respond to his questions as asked.

    Jodi is playing the meek, cooperative defendant today so Martinez needs to change his tactics to regain the upper hand. Otherwise, the jury may remember her demeanor more than her answers.

  39. Observer
    02/26/2013 at 3:03 pm

    Martinez is doing a very good job of showing Jodi Arias is an aggressive assertive woman who doesn’t take crap from anybody, including him, NOT a battered woman who was controlled by an angry abusive man.

    Martinez brought up that she was strong enough to break off relationships with Bobby, Darrell, Mat and Travis and to kick her mother out of her home because she was negative.

    She is so busy being the Know it All Who Has to be Right and in control, she can’t see that her behavior on the stand flies in the face of her defense as a battered woman who stabbed a man to death in fear of her life.

    What battered woman facing the death penalty would have the guts to go head to head with a male prosecutor?

    Her behavior is that of a psychopath who thinks she is smarter than anyone. Jodi’s behavior is going to bite her in the butt because Martinez is going to ask the defense and state experts if her behavior on the stand fits that of the battered wife or psychopath.

    Martinez will also point out in his closing statement how her behavior on the stand shows she stands up for herself against men. She didn’t shake when he got angry. She claimed he scrambled her brain and she couldn’t think to manipulate him into allowing her to ramble on and on like Nurmi did. It didn’t work.

    Her comments that she is telling the truth now because she is under oath makes me think she believes if she admits to her lies in the past, the jury will believe her story that she is a victim of sexual, verbal and physical abuse who was in fear of her life and killer her abuser in self defense.

    Psychopaths hate authority figures and argue with them, rather than respecting them. I think Nurmi is supporting her behavior. He laughs when Jodi gets the best of Martinez. He can’t see she is talking herse;f to the death chamber. Maybe, Nurmi is so sick of her he doesn’t care. All he cares about is the $250 an hour he is gouging from the taxpayers.

    He also exposed her hypocrisy about being a good Mormon by pointing out that she was judgmental of Travis joking with a married Mormon woman about having a sexual liason, which isn’t against Mormon doctrine, while she was having oral sex with Travis and climbing on top of Ryan Burns, which is against Mormon doctrine.

    I have a feeling Martinez is Mormon. I think Flores is Mormon also.

  40. Laine
    02/26/2013 at 3:05 pm

    It’s so frustrating to watch her, I find myself screaming at the screen…Which part of the question don’t you get??? The part you don’t want to answer truthfully??? Do you think no one can see your sly evasivness?….Arghhhh!!
    JM is a real professional to stay so focus and composed, I would truly have lost it by now!

  41. Observer
    02/26/2013 at 3:06 pm

    killed her abuser.

  42. janetlynn
    02/26/2013 at 3:10 pm

    GN5020; although I agree with you that it appears he is letting her get to him too much, I believe letting her remark and add things to her answers shows how she is simply unable to take responsibility for anything and must justify every single answer with some lame explanation.

    I believe the jurors are just as frustrated with her as we are. My 15 year old argues less. And that is saying alot!

  43. kristin
    02/26/2013 at 3:10 pm

    I too am glued to the TV today begrudgingly so! She is a real piece of work today. I hope her shenanigans translate to the jury as she just trying to avoid answering the questions. JM has already made the solid point that JA is a liar who lies under all circumstances and accuses others of being liars. I also felt that JM hit home to point that JA KNEW sex acts were frowned upon in the Mormon church wayyyyy back when she said Travis had a conversation of a sexual nature w a married woman. This makes her argument that Travis, her spiritual advisor, was

  44. PK
    02/26/2013 at 3:11 pm

    In Session defense attorney observers have been stating this morning that Martinez needs to adopt a less is more stance going forward. I agree because if the jury does not know by now that JA is a sociopath and chronic liar who is virtually incapable of responding positively to any kind of rehabilitation a prison sentence might afford her and that the death penalty is the only cure for what ails her, no additional lengthy and drawn out back and forth between Martinez and JA will make any difference one way or another.

  45. kristin
    02/26/2013 at 3:12 pm

    I too am glued to the TV today begrudgingly so! She is a real piece of work today. I hope her shenanigans translate to the jury as she just trying to avoid answering the questions. JM has already made the solid point that JA is a liar who lies under all circumstances and accuses others of being liars. I also felt that JM hit home the point that JA KNEW sex acts were frowned upon in the Mormon church wayyyyy back when she said Travis had a conversation of a sexual nature w a married woman. This makes her argument that Travis, her spiritual advisor, misled her into believing certain sex acts were OK. JA is a real piece of work. She is a worthless manipulator.

  46. Laine
    02/26/2013 at 3:28 pm

    I agree observer. He’s doing a great job of showing her pattern of confronting previous boyfriends when she didn’t like their behaviour. She is trying to assert she is being honest and he is showing that she continuously has been deceptive in different aspects of her life. Funny how all these years later she remembered the name of the married woman on myspace…all three names….her memory is truly selective. She didn’t waste the opportunity to get it out there and show the hypocrosy of “They weren’t following mormon teachings” Since when was she??? Shows her contempt, and superiority of I am above it all therefore it’s ok for me…

  47. janetlynn
    02/26/2013 at 3:31 pm

    Jane Velez-Mitchell makes me crazy. Sorry. He referred to himself as “the prosecutor” because he is representing the State. He is doing a job.

    In Canada, the prosecution is the Crown. You will never, ever hear them refer to themselves in the first person during any Court proceedings, they represent the Crown.

    Juan Martinez personally is not trying to convict JA, he is doing his job for the State.

  48. Lisa M
    02/26/2013 at 4:33 pm

    GM5020 I am also concerned about Martinez sparring with her too much and seeming to badger her at times. But I thought it was smart of him to mentionhow Flores was very calm and yet she lied to him, but then of course she and Nurmi tried to say it was her memory that fails with stress and not her truthfulness. Oh boy! They’re really splitting hairs. At one point she actually said, “I didn’t say I always will, I said I will always.” Wow! I think its interesting that she cant stop herself from sparring with and talking back to him. But I have to say, she’s very good at evasion and confusing the issue. I think shes done some very stupid things, like give TV interviews that can be used against her, but she’s quick and shes interjecting testimony too, which is concerning. Still JM is doing a good job of pointing out how she doesnt take responsibility for her behavior. I also think acting like her own attorney, making objections, could work against her. She’s having a hard time maintaining the weak victim act.

  49. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 4:53 pm

    I really hope that if Travis’ grandmother is still alive that she is not listening to this!!!

  50. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 5:01 pm

    Wow, Nurmi is being incredibly quiet this afternoon! Wonder what he’s thinking????

  51. Observer
    02/26/2013 at 5:11 pm

    Either the judge or Nurmi told Jodi to just answer the questons during the lunch break because she was compliant and cooperative, so much that she seemed to be playing the role of the submissive people pleaser she claimed she was with Travis.

    In the morning, Martinez got so frustrated because he couldn’t get a straight answer out of her. After lunch, a cooperative people pleasing Jodi appeared and answered all of his questions “yes” or “no” until he confronted her on the lies that she felt like a prostitute and then she got a little snarky.

    She loves being on TV but she hates being on the hot seat. I think she thinks this is her own little reality show and expects to sign autographs at the end of the day.

  52. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 5:47 pm

    What a load of crap! I get migraines and she did not exhibit one single symptom unless she consumed something during the break that triggered one.

  53. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 5:54 pm

    It seems to me that the def is trying to curtail the prosecution’s line of questioning. Maybe this is why Squirmy Wurmi was so quiet this afternoon. As to keeping court to only 4:30 at the latest, gimme a break. They are not even on a full day’s schedule as it is. All this does is draw out the inconvenience of the jury.

    As for the lunches, you mean to tell me that it took almost 2 months to realize that JA wasn’t getting fed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This doesn’t pass the smell test. For that matter, imo, it highly suspicious.

  54. Laine
    02/26/2013 at 6:08 pm

    I mean seriously??? Does she think this is the Jodi show! I have a migrane…I want lunch supplied because after 2 months I just noticed I haven’t had any….and I want to finish early cos court is interfering with my social life in Jail! My new gf could be cheating on me and there is no emails or phones for me to check and see!!!! Pffffftttt!!!

  55. Laine
    02/26/2013 at 6:12 pm

    MMD :It seems to me that the def is trying to curtail the prosecution’s line of questioning. Maybe this is why Squirmy Wurmi was so quiet this afternoon. As to keeping court to only 4:30 at the latest, gimme a break. They are not even on a full day’s schedule as it is. All this does is draw out the inconvenience of the jury.
    As for the lunches, you mean to tell me that it took almost 2 months to realize that JA wasn’t getting fed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This doesn’t pass the smell test. For that matter, imo, it highly suspicious.

    Great minds!! MMD Lol

  56. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 6:25 pm

    Laine – FYI donchais has put up a new post for today’s session. You have to click on the bottom where you sign in so that you will get an email confirmation of the new post and new comments. You will get an email to confirm which posts you want to receive update notices on.

    I cheated and did a copy and paste of my last 2 comments onto the next post.

  57. MMD
    02/26/2013 at 6:27 pm

    Laine – never mind. I was thinking that you were Linda New York who just discovered the site. Sorry about that!!

  58. Laine
    02/26/2013 at 6:35 pm

    MMD :Laine – never mind. I was thinking that you were Linda New York who just discovered the site. Sorry about that!!

    Don’t be sorry, I am new…I have only been on here a few days so thanks! it does help 🙂

  59. jad
    02/26/2013 at 11:20 pm

    MMD @ 9:47 A.M. [# 30] & Observer @ 10:10 A.M. [# 31]

    I have to agree with you in the feelings of resentment and frustration — especially when hearing about the manner that Jodi Arias continued to disrespect the family after she brutally murdered a loved one that was one of their own. He seemed like a lovable, goofy guy, although quite intelligent, motivated, and good hearted. We have someone like him in our extended family. He would give the shirt off his back, not just to someone he knew, but to anyone he saw that needed that shirt more than he thought he did.

    What she did was worse than show poor taste and bad judgment. She was exercising her power and control when she chose to send those flowers to Travis’ caregiver, the woman who loved him and raised him. She understood what the connection was to his grandmother, and she deliberately sent those flowers — not out of love or as an act of contrition, but because of her psychopathic nature.

    Thus, the death penalty is the only logical solution to conclude this case.

  60. Nancy Pennington
    02/27/2013 at 9:50 am

    Laine..did you mean that JA wouldn’t be able to “accidentally ” back space and see the text or emails of her new girlfriend. LOL. Just saying.

  61. Laine
    02/27/2013 at 11:36 am

    Nancy Pennington :Laine..did you mean that JA wouldn’t be able to “accidentally ” back space and see the text or emails of her new girlfriend. LOL. Just saying.

    Exactly! LOL 🙂

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