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Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Fifty-Two


Well, today should be interesting.  Nurmi filed two more motions yesterday – to include the lesser charge of manslaughter (yes, we’ve be there and done this before) and he wants to bring another psych doc for surrebuttal (yes, this late in the game)!  Guess we have to see how the judge rules.  I now hear the motions are gone!

All this in-chambers bullshittery just has to stop! Court starts at 10:27!

Jury in at 10:28.

Jacob Medford is called.  He worked for PPL and met Travis at meetings and became close friends.  He identifies Jodi.

He met Jodi at a training session for PPL.

March 2007 he attended a meeting where he saw Travis and Jodi and they were affectionate with each other.

Juan attempts to enter a video taken by Medford and Nurmi asks to approach.  Video admitted.

It’s the video where Jodi was laying in Travis’ lap.  It’s where he describes how he had a gun held to his head.

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 1.36.33 PMJodi into fake crying!

Everyone saw them as an affectionate couple.

Nurmi up…

You were a good friend of Travis?  Yes.

You knew he was a Mormon?  Yes.

When was the last time you saw them together?  Later in 2007.

Did you know they were having a sexual relationship?  No.

Witness released.

State calls Amanda Webb, works for Wal-Mart In Salinas!  She does investigation of credit card theft and such.

She describes the method of returning an item with a receipt.  They are sent to customer service.  The bar code is scanned to pull up the transaction.  The skew number is on the item and the receipt.

Webb says the receipt isn’t marked so she says it wasn’t returned.  The customer would also have to sign a sheet saying they received the refund.

Jodi is very busy with her stubby pencil.

Juan goes through each register that was running that day.  The gas can was $12.  On one register there was a return of $9.

BINGO!  Jodi never returned the gas can as she claimed in her testiphony!

OMG!  Nurmi has no questions!

Jury question…

In the system is there a way to refund cash with a dummy skew or no skew at all?  You can’t just return something for cash without a skew number.

State calls Chelsea Young.  Works for Tesoro…where Jodi bought all the gas.  She is a manager for the IT department.

All transactions inside and outside the gas stations is generated locally and the transactions are backed-up at corporate.

2 of the receipts were paid for by credit card at the pump.  For fraud purposes, the system forces the customer to go inside and pay at the cashier for a 3rd card swipe at the pump.

Bingo!  Jodi gets slammed again on her testiphony!

Nurmi on cross…

You cannot pay cash at the pump.

This is fun because it’s so bad for Jodi!  I’m smelling bacon again!

State calls Deanna Reid

Nurmi asks to approach…grrrrr.

Deanna and Travis dated on and off for 7 years.  She is the one that Jodi said Travis told her was crazy!

OMG…all feeds dropped….

They met in 1998 through friends.  They began dating in 2000.

She left for Costa Rica for a year and a half in June 2000.

She returned in November 2001.

2001 got back together again and they began dating again in the beginning of 2002.  They were exclusive. From 2001-4 dated exclusively in California.

They had arguments, like any normal couple.  He never cursed at her or called her names.

First, Travis moved to Mesa (his house).  She worked for a company that moved to Phoenix and she moved to help with the transition.

They broke up toward the end of 2005.

Jodi won’t even look at her!

They broke up because she was ready for marriage and Travis wasn’t at that time.

He never yelled, cursed, or got physical with her.

Despite the breakup, they remained good friends.

Deanna believes Travis was a virgin.

She never saw any photographs of little boys or girls at Travis’ house.

Deanna has Travis’ dog, Napoleon.

Travis never acted inappropriately toward her.

Juan has no further questions.

Lunch called at 11:56.

Court resumes, late as usual, at 1:41 can’t we ever start on freakin time????  And guess what???? Freakin Nurmi asks to approach!!!!

Jodi has the teeny-weeny pencil thing going big time!  And having a bad bang day thing going too!

Deanna back on the stand at 1:50.

Gawd help us, Nurmi up…

Jury in at 1:51…

You met Travis in 1998?  Yes.

How old were you? 20.

Were you born in the Mormon Church?  I grew up in the church.

The grandparents and his parent were members of the church.

How did this relationship develop into dating?  We would go out in groups sometimes and just with each other.

When you began dating that was a few months before your leaving for your mission in Costa Rica?  Yes.

Did you discuss marriage?  Yes, but I was leaving at that time.

Did he propose to you?  No.

While on your mission, your contact was only through letters?  Yes.

You said Travis wrote to you about wanting to see other women?  Yes.  I didn’t expect him to wait for me at that time.

Jodi is smirking!

You came back in 2002?  2001.

You know a person named Linda Ballard?  He was dating her at that time.

They began dating in 2002 after she believed Travis and Linda broke up and she moved out of state.

Aww crap…Nurmi asks to approach again…

You broke up in 2004 because you wanted to get married?  Yes.

You talked about it before?  Yes.

Willmott and Jodi are spending a ton of time whispering and scribbling together!

Did you and Mr. Alexander have a sexual relationship?  Yes, we were in love and that’s what happens when people are in love.

That was inconsistent with the teachings of your church?  It was our private position.  People make mistakes and we went to the bishop about it.

They both lost their temple recommend.

The law of chastity would prohibit oral, anal or penile, vaginal sex?  Yes.

Did you break that law more than one time?  Several times, for about a year.

Nurmi is such a pig!!!

They both went to their respective bishops separately.

After that, did you break the law of chastity again?  No.

Did Travis ever ask you to write letters to male friends saying you couldn’t see them anymore?  No.

Did he ever ask you to wear a French maid outfit?  No.

Did he ejaculate on your face?  No.

Did he ever call you a slut, a three-hole wonder?  No.

I am so freakin disgusted!  Nurmi gets off on this shite!

Travis’ family is suffering so terribly through this discussion about Travis’ mom and dad.  No, they weren’t saints and they drug addicts, but the kids still have deep feelings for their parents! Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 5.34.07 PM

You have a teacher’s degree?  Yes.

Did Mr. Alexander berate you for it?  No, he was very supportive.

Are you aware Mr. Alexander berated Ms. Andrews for pursuing being a teacher?  No, I do not.

Thankfully Nurmi sits down.

Juan just shredded Nurmi’s cross about Travis being a monster and sexual predator.

Deanna knows nothing about Travis’s sexual relationship with Jodi.

Juror question for Deanna…

Is the Law of Chastity known in your Church?  Widely known. They teach lessons on it.

The jury is getting this!


Taking a picture of a penis, vagina, and anus…would that violate the law of chastity?  Yes.


State calls Michael Melendez…Mesa Police Department.  He searched Travis’ hard drive.

There weren’t tons of photos of woman’s breasts.

No adult sites…no weird software found.  No pedophilia sites found.


We are talking about a laptop? Yes.

There was more than one computer found?  Yes.

The laptop was registered to Deanna Reid?  Yes.

The computer was used as 4am to watch videos?  I don’t recall saying that.

Jodi did and, that could have been Jodi hacking…not Travis!!! And we will never know.

Jodi did and Nurmi and Wilmott desperately digging for exhibits!

3:55…jury sent to break…

BTW, Jodi was giving stink eye toward the jury for several minutes!

Court back at 3:16.

Jury in at 3:17…

Nurmi asks if he took the proper steps to copy the hard drive?  Yes.

The laptop was last used at June 4, at 4:54pm!

Nurmi done…

Two juror questions…

The  pictures left on the camera, how many were there?  I believe about 90.

Jury sent out for 10 minutes…counsel in chambers…

Cool! Jury knows Jodi deleted individual pics… wow, Arias is way dumber than she thought she was!!!

Yup late as always…back at 3:56…

OMG! Evening session called and jury told to return at 1:30 tomorrow!


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