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Earl Bradley – Monster Pedophile Sentenced

08/26/2011 10 comments

Sussex County Superior Judge William Carpenter Jr. didn’t mince words in sentencing Earl Bradley.  Bradley was given given 14 life sentences without parole as well 165 years for multiple counts of assault and continuous sexual exploitation of a child.  Bradley showed no reaction at the sentencing.

Bradley was indicted on 471 counts of raping or sexually abusing 103 children and of videoing the rapes and abuse.  He was arrested in December 2009.

Bradley waived his right to a jury trial and opted for a bench trial where Carpenter issued the guilty verdict after a one-day trial.

Bradley’s public defenders plan to appeal the judge’s decision allowing the videos as evidence. They contend the videos were improperly seized by investigators acting outside the scope of their search warrant.

For more information see, Earl Bradley – Waiting On A Verdict (Caution, Graphic and Disturbing details)

Earl Bradley – Guilty

06/23/2011 4 comments

The former Lewes pediatrician, accused of molesting scores of children, was found guilty by Judge William Carpenter Jr.

Bradley could face life in prison for each of the 14 rape charges against him. He also is charged with several counts of assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

Judge Carpenter found the 58-year-old Bradley guilty of all 24 counts, including 14 counts of rape. He will be sentenced Aug. 26.

Daily Journal

Earl Bradley – Waiting On A Verdict

06/08/2011 4 comments

Caution – Graphic and disturbing details

Bradley after 2009 arrest

The bench trial of one of the most heinous child molesters was over quickly.

About 50 spectators sat in the courtroom as Earl Bradley was led in wearing a gray prison jumpsuit and white sneakers.  Many spectators wept quietly, others held hands.

The proceeding lasted some 3 hours with only two police officers testifying for the prosecution.  The defense offered no case.

At the beginning of the trial, by agreement, the 470 counts were consolidated into 24 counts alleging rape, assault and sexual exploitation.

A stipulation was also read in which Bradley agreed he raped or assaulted 86 children and videotaped the attacks over an 11-year period.

State Police computer forensics expert Det. Scott Garland and others uncovered 13 hours, 35 minutes and 6 seconds of videotape of alleged sex crimes against 86 victims.

“The rapes were violent, they were brutal,” Garland testified. “… The violence we were seeing was significant, and beyond anything I had ever witnessed. Nothing had prepared me for it.”

Garland explained how some videos showed Bradley with his hands wrapped tightly around the heads of young children, violently forcing them to perform oral sex on him. When Bradley was finished with such assaults, he would pick up the young victims by the head and throw them several feet through the air onto a couch.  Sometimes Bradley would perform “rescue breathing” and chest rubs on the semi-conscious victims.

Garland described a child is dying in front of him. He says the girl was choking and slapping Bradley’s leg pleading for him to stop, when she went limp.

The child’s face was gray; her fingernails blue. Bradley then gives her mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate her. When she wakes up, he says, “Let’s go get a popsicle!”

Bradley was emotionless during the testimony and at the end of proceedings, told Judge Carpenter he did not wish to testify in his own defense.

The tapes were not played in open court.

Judge William Carpenter Jr. will review the testimony and videotape evidence and then notify lawyers when he has reached a verdict.

Castration by a rusty hacksaw, prior to death, is the verdict I reached!


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Earl Bradley Molestation Trial Begins Tomorrow

06/06/2011 Comments off

Former Lewes pediatrician, Earl Bradley will be in court tomorrow for the start of his bench trial. Bradley was arrested in December 2009 for sexually abusing more than 100 children, some as young as three-months old.

The trial was postponed last week after Judge William C. Carpenter’s father passed away.

The trial may likely be concluded in two days, as there will only be testimony from police officers and none from patients or defense witnesses.

The graphic videos showing Bradley raping and abusing young girls will be admitted into evidence and will likely be reviewed by Judge William C. Carpenter Jr., but not played in open court.

Meanwhile, media outlets have complained the judge has preserved the original gag order.

Initial concerns of finding an impartial jury vanished when Bradley waived his right to a jury trial.  With jury selection no longer an issue, the media is questioning the continued imposition of the gag order.

Start of Earl B. Bradley sex abuse trial delayed

Wisdom of Bradley gag order questioned by experts

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Earl Bradley Bench Trial To Commence

05/10/2011 Comments off

In a brief hearing yesterday, accused child molester Earl Bradley, answered questions before Judge William Carpenter as to his desire for a bench trial rather than a jury trial.  Bradley answered yes,  he had sufficient opportunity to discuss the matter with his attorneys.

Bradley’s defense team has abandoned a possible defense of guilty-but-mentally-ill which could have placed him in a mental institution rather than prison.

Due to massive publicity, the trial was to be moved from Sussex to New Castle County.  Now that jurors are not be needed, Carpenter may decide to move the case back to Sussex County.

Court observers reported that Bradley looked thinner, but still had long hair and dark rimmed glasses.

The bench trial is to commence June 1.


Judge, not jury, will determine fate of Delaware pediatrician charged with sexual abuse

Former pediatrician Bradley waives right to jury trial in child sex abuse case

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Earl Bradley – No Jury Trial?

05/07/2011 4 comments

This Monday, Earl Bradley, charged with sexually abusing more than 100 children in his pediatric practice, is expected to appear in New Castle County Court to waive his right to a jury trial.

See the original story here.

Citing a gag order, neither the prosecution or defense would comment, but the mother of one of the victims indicated she was told by the prosecution that Bradley intends to ask for a bench trial.

Bradley will appear Monday and be questioned by Judge Carpenter to determineif his decision for a bench trial is, “knowing and voluntary.”

A bench trial would be speedier than a jury trial as it would eliminate the daunting task of trying to seat an unbiased jury.

Several stipulations are also under discussion, particularly not showing the videos made by Bradley molesting children in open court should the decision be made that a June 1 jury trial will proceed.
Some lawyers have expressed doubt that Bradley will actually waive his right.
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Ammended Indictment of Earl Bradley

12/08/2010 1 comment

A new indictment of pediatrician Earl Bradley has been handed down by a Sussex County grand jury.

The original, February 22, indictment contained 471 charges of sexual abuse against Bradley involving 103 children.

The new indictment involves no new alleged victims or new alleged incidents but was issued because a number of the alleged victims in the previous indictment were listed under several different Jane Doe numbers. Further investigation shows they have since been identified as being the same victim in multiple incidents.  Charges involving these alleged victims have been consolidated under one Jane Doe number for each victim.

Four additional charges of continuous sexual abuse of a child, pertaining to multiple incidents of alleged abuse of victims previously identified are included in the new indictment.

Bradley, whose trial is scheduled for February 14, 2011, continues to be held at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center.

Cape Gazette


Monster Pedophile, Earl Bradley’s Attorneys File Challenge

07/13/2010 3 comments

~ Earl Bradley

My heart lurched because the headline read:

Defense challenges key evidence – Lawyers say illegal search led to discovery of damaging files

State police spent two days searching Dr. Earl Bradley’s office complex and recovered video recordings of Bradley abusing or raping some of his young patients.

Bradley pleaded not guilty to 471 felony counts back in March of this year. He is charged with raping or abusing more than 100 children over 10 years.

Now his defense attorneys have claimed in court all evidence seized from his office building and two outbuildings last December should be thrown out because the building in which video recordings were found was not covered by the search warrant.

Attorneys Stephanie Tsantes, Dean Johnson and Robert Goff say the executed search warrant only covered the office building and a “white” outbuilding.  The damning videos were found in a “checkerboard building”, not included in the search warrant.

Bradley’s only hope to avoid being found guilty is getting those highly incriminating videos thrown out and kept away from the jury.

The challenge also alleges the police illegally searched Bradley’s computers, there was no authorization to open video files and the search and seizure of paper and computer files was only for materials relating to eight specific patients.

It was the video found in the “checkerboard building” that provided the cause for a new search warrant and expansion of the investigation.

Thomas J. Reed, a professor at Widener University School of Law said he knew of no defects in the warrant and believes police were thorough in their documentation.  He expressed doubt as to the defense being able to win the motion and the evidence will make its way to a jury.

“So it doesn’t appear there will be any issue of guilt or innocence if you are going to show pictures of the accused committing the acts with young children. There’s little hope of showing a jury it was an accident or a mistake or misinterpretation of a standard exam.”

The Attorney General’s office has to respond to the motion before Superior Court Judge William Carpenter will rule on it.

Bradley’s trial is scheduled for February 2011 and by that time it’s a pretty good bet the defense will have reverted back to the insanity theory.

Delaware Online