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Haut de la Garenne Surprise

02/04/2011 1 comment

It is pretty stunning, but I am doubtful it will force any positive movement in the Haut de la Garenne debacle.

After the Council of Ministers made their announcement not to hold the Committee of Inquiry into the historical abuse investigation that was promised in 2008, Senator Francis Le Gresley has called for a debate on the issue!

Saying Jersey needs an independent inquiry and while acknowledging it would prove expensive, he suggests the £6.5m in the ‘criminal offenses confiscation fund’ would be an appropriate use of that money.

Le Gresley admonished the Council, “it was completely wrong” that politicians were not given the chance to debate the report that decided there should be no inquiry.  He added the important issue has dominated the headlines for the past three years and should be discussed in the House.

“A committee of inquiry was promised by the Council of Ministers once all the prosecution had been completed,” he said.

Former deputy police chief Lenny Harper has spoken out about Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur’s announcement saying that by not conducting an inquiry, Jersey would forever lose the opportunity to expose the ‘full extent of the brutalities’ inflicted at Haut de la Garenne.

In a letter to the editor of Jersey Evening Post, (JEP or the Rag as it is known on the island) Harper said, Such a committee would have seen the trickle of truth turn into a torrent and the full extent of the brutalities inflicted on the victims as well as the lengths gone to in attempts to cover it up would have been exposed for the world to see.’ 

As I mentioned, I doubt the puppet masters will suddenly agree to the inquiry, but I have to applaud Senator Le Gresley for having the guts to stand up to the Ministers and I am in total agreement with Lenny Harper!  Brava gentlemen!

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Haut de la Garenne – No Final Chapter to be Written

02/02/2011 5 comments

Haut de la Garenne - House of Horror

It has been announced that the Jersey Council of Ministers have broken their 2008 promise to hold an inquiry into the historic child abuse scandal!  They have now changed their minds, saying it would achieve nothing and would cost millions.

The news has angered those both outside and inside the States.

Noting the ministers didn’t have the decency to consult them, the Jersey Care Leavers’ Association (JCLA), who represent victims of abuse on the island, say they are ‘dismayed’ at the decision, and said it was “the final straw” for them.

Read JCLA’s scathing response at Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Blog.

This decision just caps a long string of sad and painful insults to many.

I began watching the horror unfold several years ago.  Jersey, a tiny Channel Island, had become the focus of a major child abuse scandal.  While the investigation involved several children’s homes, the scandal will ever remain synonymous with the infamous Haut de la Garenne home.

Over 160 people came forward and told horrific stories of beatings, rapes and torture that occurred at the Haut de la Garenne home in St Martin in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Witnesses told frightening stories of being drugged and abused at drunken parties organized by the staff and to which people from outside the home had been invited.

Stuart Syvret was a senator for 17 years and helped initiate the child abuse investigation. Syvret has been an outspoken critic of alleged conflicts of interest between business and political interests among the States of Jersey’s members.  While he has made many enemies in the political arena, he has won the praise and admiration of many for championing the rights of the abused.

As the months unfolded we began to see the depths of corruption, collusion, lying and criminal activity by the government in Jersey.

It should be remembered that the media in Jersey is basically in the pocket of the government and pretty much tows the company line.  Their lies as well as glaring omissions of the truth have helped to create apathy on the island.

After watching many cases being dismissed, the libel and slander by the government against Chief Investigator Lenny Harper, the illegal firing Chief Officer Graham Power, the illegal invasion of Stuart Syvret’s home and his subsequent illegal jailing I have to wonder why the very same puppet masters still hold the reigns of government.

Why hasn’t the populace risen up and slashed those strings that bind them?  I befriended several folks from Jersey over the years and because the media in Jersey is so dismal, I often asked them what the general public thinks about all this.  Sadly, besides apathy, there is a great deal of fear – fear of reprisal.  On such a tiny island, everyone knows everyone.  Fear of you or a family member losing a job in this economy seems to be in the front of everyone’s minds.

For the victims, Stuart, Lenny, Graham, and others who placed themselves in harms way, you have the care and support of many and the fight wasn’t in vain!

Stuart Syvret Jailed

11/18/2010 8 comments

For those of you who know me, I am a huge fan of former Senator Stuart Syvret and have been writing about him for several years.   I became acquainted with Stuart when the news of horrific child abuse at care home, Haut de la Garenne, broke.

The Haut de la Garenne scandal began a long, torturous odyssey of lies and cover-ups by the Jersey establishment.  Lenny Harper, the lead investigator retired and after leaving the island, was summarily trashed by the government as incompetent and having misled the public about the investigation.  Then, the corrupt establishment illegally suspended Chief of Police, Graham Power, and was found to have destroyed government documents and was accused of spreading provable lies!

As the tangled web of deceit and corruption came to light, Stuart began a mission to expose those in power.  His blog, Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Blog, was one of the only outlets where the people of Jersey could find the truth about what their politicians and JEP – Jersey Evening Post, commonly referred to as the The Rag – were up to.  Note: The Rag is Jersey’s only newspaper and blatantly publishes only what the government wants published!

Long story short, eventually, Stuart was illegally arrested and held in a cell for seven hours while his home was tossed.   He was charged with Data Protection Laws violations for some of his blog entries and was forced to make the bold decision to go into exile in the UK.  He did so with strong belief the kangaroo court system would not allow him a fair trial.  He was right!

Fast forward – After being denied access to records involved in his case and not being able to introduce much of his evidence and call many of the witnesses he felt were necessary for his defense, Syvret has been jailed for ten weeks after being found guilty of breaking the data protection law and being in contempt of court.

He was also fined £4,200 and ordered to pay legal costs of £10,000.

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, with whom Stuart stayed while in exile, tabled a Commons motion claiming Mr. Syvret was the victim of “political persecution”.

He, Liberal Democrat Bob Russell and former Conservative minister Peter Bottomley, said Syvret has been jailed for “criticising the Jersey establishment for its failures to enforce the rule of law”.

They say the sentence “is an attempt to frighten others away from raising concerns about the failings of the justice system in Jersey”.

Hemming went on to say, “”One of your problems in Jersey is you do not have judicial review on the Attorney General.

“Which means you cannot challenge the failings of the prosecutary apparatus to prosecute people who have committed real offences and not nonsense offences.

“He needs to highlight this and I understand all of that and I am not surprised that he wasn’t going to compromise.”

I know Stuart has suffered enormously for the past three years in trying to right a terribly wrong form of government and did so willing at great personal cost!

He’s a man of morals and is willing to –

“walk into hell for a heavenly cause”. (Man of La Mancha” “The Impossible Dream”)

We need more heroes!



Haut de la Garenne Assault Charges

05/11/2010 Comments off

Scottish couple Morag Jordan and her husband Anthony denied a total of 49 charges of assault on children at Haut de la Garenne in the Royal Court in Jersey.

Morag has been charged with 35 counts, while her husband has been charged with 14 counts of assault.

Haut de la Garenne

They remain free on conditional bail that restricts them to remain at their home address in Scotland.

The couple has been charged with allegations of pushing children’s faces into urine, dragging by the hair and hitting with a metal ladle.

12 people – six men and six women – have come forward about the alleged abuse that took place in the period of 1970 and 1984.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for June 17.  No trial date has been set.


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Haut de la Garenne – Sifting Through Lies

04/24/2010 5 comments

It has been over two years of following the story and close to two hundred articles that I have written about the scandal known as Haut de la Garenne in the Channel Island of Jersey (see Trials and Tribulations) and the ensuing fall-out.

For all the horror that occurred there – over 100 victims have come forward – what quickly unraveled was the government cover-up of the abuse at Haut de la Garenne and elsewhere in Jersey.

We have witnessed the tarnishing of the reputation of Lenny Harper and his superb group of investigators.  We watched in disbelief the illegal suspension of Graham Power as Police Chief.  We saw the unlawful detention and tossing of Stuart Syvret’s home.  All of these events came about because of LIES!

Back in March 2008, the public saw the first photos of the ‘secret’ cellars at Haut de la Garenne.  Many victims reported being abused in those cellars.  Imagine my surprise – actually nothing about this story surprises me anymore – at the latest entry at Voice for Children.

For crying out loud, only a few days ago the Home Affairs Minister was forced to address a LIE by Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup!  Reproduced below is Deputy Hill’s email regarding the cellars.  I highly suggest a visit to Voice for Children for the full article and video of the cellars.  Pay attention to the comments section – Lenny Harper made several damning comments!

Bath in Haut de la Garenne cellar

E-mail from Deputy Hill to all States Members and Media.

Dear Colleagues,

You will recall that on Tuesday (20th April 2010) I asked the Home Affairs Minister (Senator Ian Le Marquand) what the depth was of the deepest void/cellar at Haut de la Garenne and how many allegations of abuse in that area had been received. The reason for the question was because it had been claimed by the Acting Chief Police Officer that there were no cellars but only voids. This could imply that no abuse could have taken place under the floor boards and those claiming to have been abused were misguided. Also the States Police should not have wasted any time investigating the allegations.

It seems almost unbelievable that the police and forensic experts would have spent thousands of pounds and countless man hours investigating large areas under Haut de la Garenne unless there was sufficient evidence in the first place, yet all that time and expense can be dismissed by an officer whose claim has never been questioned. According to the Home Affairs Minister it now appears that some of the voids could be almost 5 feet deep and 30 former residents have made allegations of abuse in the voids.

As mentioned in the States on Tuesday I visited HDLG last week and measured and photographed the underfloor areas. It is correct to state there are some areas which are around 3 feet deep, however as one moves further down the building the areas do get much deeper and as the Home Affairs Minister stated on Tuesday some are at least 1.4 metres deep. As one can see from this link

that one (void?) is around 7 feet deep.

If some of the areas under HDLG are as deep as 7 feet and 30 victims have alleged that they were abused down there, it would be interesting to know how the claim that there are no cellars but only voids under HDLG was so readily accepted by the former Chief Minister and Home Affairs Minister who apparently visited the under floor areas and also witnessed investigatory work being under taken. They of course along with the Acting Police Chief all played a part in the suspension of Graham Power.

One should also note that over £3.7 million pounds has spent on the historic abuse investigation since the retirement of Mr Harper, plus near on a million pounds to cover the suspension of Mr Power yet no one at the Chief Minister’s Department or at Home Affairs seems to be concerned.

Haut de la Garenne – Slow Justice

03/28/2010 4 comments

A Scottish husband and wife, Morag and Anthony Jordan, have been charged with 46 counts of common assault on children.  The husband and wife team worked at Haut de la Garenne from 1970 to 1984.

11 people have filed complaints against the Jordans all of whom were under the age of 16 at the time of the alleged assaults.

Morag Jordan is accused of 32 assaults against 11 children.  One charge includes pushing a young child’s face into urine.

Anthony Jordan is accused of 14 assaults against three children aged eight to 13.

Both of the Jordans are in their sixties and have been released on bail until an arraignment is scheduled.  Conditions for bail include: they must stay at their home in Scotland, check in with police once a week, and they were required to turn over their passports to authorities.

The Jordans were released on bail by the magistrates court because the court decided they did not have the power to handle the case and referred it to the Jersey Royal Court.  A date for the indictment has not been set.

The magistrates court decided to move the case due to the number of charges, not the nature of the charges.

There is still a great deal mistrust and skepticism about the charging of those involved in the years of abuse at Haut de la Garenne and elsewhere in Jersey.  Many believe the few who have been charged are merely token scapegoats offered to the victims and those who perpetrated the most heinous offenses are still being protected.


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