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Casey Anthony – Never Ending Story

08/05/2011 11 comments

Well, everybody is in an uproar again over the case that won’t disappear!

Today’s emergency hearing in front of Judge Belvin Perry centers on whether Casey has or hasn’t served her one year probation stemming from the check fraud conviction.

In July 2010, Judge Stan Strickland ordered, “The Defendant is to report to Probation upon release.”  It is quite clear what Judge Strickland’s intent was, however it somehow got lost in the translation to the written order and Corrections officials interpreted Strickland’s order as meaning that Anthony should serve her probation while still in jail.  She was released from probation on January 24.

Depending which TH you listen to, the opinions vary greatly.  I personally believe she should serve her probation as any other convicted felon has to.

I also believe all sides are on shaky ground here.  Judge Strickland’s amended order comes pretty late in the game and after he recused himself.  The defense admits knowing what Strickland intended, but kept quiet till now.  Their claim it would be unsafe for Casey to return to Orlando is so much smoke and mirrors to keep the publicity machine stoked.  Regardless, she is no different from any other convicted felon.  Judge Perry, whatever his decision, faces some wrath either way.   He lets her go, he’s too soft, he makes her do probation, he’s just vindictive.

Holy cow, Baez is doing the hearing!  Mason and Fryer are also present as are Linda Burdick and Frank George.

Ms. Susan Finnegan, Florida Department of Corrections Probation Department.  She testifies they made visits to jail, did an intake and monthly residence verifications and believed Casey was serving her probation while in jail awaiting trial.

Finnegan admits she made the decision not to toll the probation, or delay probation.

She says if Casey begins probation now, she is concerned about the media coverage.  She believes they might have to take extra security measures and probation officers safety may also be jeopardized.

Frank George asks what is the purpose of probation?  To protect the public, for restitution, also to assist them back into a law-abiding lifestyle.

A normal condition of probation is for the individual to report in person every 30 days?  Correct.

The words ‘upon release’ have specific meaning?  Correct.

The words ‘upon release’ are not so confusing that the department wouldn’t be able to administer reporting?  Correct.

Is it the department’s position that Ms. Anthony has completed probation?  As of my review in January, yes.

It all boils down to a major FUBAR!

Judge Perry asks about tolling and whether she contacted Judge Strickland for his opinion?  No sir.

Fryer gets up and argues Judge Strickland was previously disqualified (uh, that was for the murder case!) and Anthony has served her probation.  She also indicates possible double jeopardy.  And the new order amended by Judge Strickland is illegal.

Judge Perry states it is a legal morass and he needs to determine if the court has jurisdiction to correct a scrivener’s error.  He also says Anthony was erroneously placed on probation.

Frank George says because Anthony was imprisoned she really wasn’t under probational supervision.  Oral orders take precedence over written ones.  Casey served 30 months, not 36 months.

Judge Perry asked when the State learned of the probation issue.  George says when Judge Strickland amended the order.  His office never received any paperwork stating probation began and ended.  The State takes no position on administrative probation.

Judge Perry reserves ruling so he can do additional research.  As with this entire case, what a mess!


Casey Anthony – Day 2, Verdict Watch

07/05/2011 1 comment

August 2005 ~ June 2008

Casey is brought in just prior to 8:30 and security seems to have beefed-up as there are at least 5 deputies around her.

Casey is highly agitated and speaking animatedly to Dot Sims.

Word from the courtroom is the jurors never even looked at Casey when Judge Perry brought them in.  They don’t appear to be as worn out as they did yesterday and look well-rested.

As is usual in trials, everybody is speculating on when a verdict will be reached.  Lots of chatter that 3 jurors appear dressed-up today.  One is wearing a business suit, one is wearing a tie and another is wearing a blazer!

Judge Perry quickly released the jury to deliberate and so the day begins as folks exit the courtroom.  Interestingly, Jose Baez didn’t show up until 8:42, after the courtroom was locked!

Court Spokesperson, Karen Levy informs the media if a murder 1 or felony murder verdict comes through, it will be 48 hours before the penalty phase begins.  The jurors will be sequestered at their hotel and the alternates will remain with them through the penalty phase.

If Casey is found guilty of only lesser charges, sentencing would happen fairly quickly, within a day or so and/or up to a week.

Casey is being held somewhere in the courthouse and has no access to books or magazines.  A female deputy is guarding her.

What I find truly interesting, encouraging, and touching is that while the world is waiting for the verdict, the public and media focus is shifting again back to Caylee!  The sweet-faced, trusting little baby-girl who met such a tragic end!

Verdict in will be read 2:15pm!!!!!!!

Casey Anthony – Verdict Watch Begins

07/04/2011 36 comments

August 2005 ~ June 2008

What a long and torturous day we had, yesterday.  The benefit was storms caused my feed to go wonky and I missed 99% of Cheney Mason!

Today, Linda should do her normal, logical presentation and tie everything up nicely for the jury who will, for the first time, have the freedom to discuss the case.  And boy, do the have a lot to talk about!

Casey looking rather pensive today.

8:30 Judge Perry takes the bench.  Final jury instructions have been given to both sides for review.  Baez objects to the court allowing the split up of the final argument.  Judge says this is rebuttal and rebuttal only.

Jeff begins with the science and tells the jury it is up to them to decide what to believe or not to believe.  All the anthropologists and pathologists agree there is no trauma to the bones.  They all agree the skull and mandible were found in anatomical position.  The mandible was only held in place by the tape!  However, Dr. Spitz claimed someone came along and picked up the skull and mandible and taped it together and placed it back in the woods!

Dr. Spitz also claimed the hair draped over the skull was placed there by the medical examiner’s personnel!

The brain dust that Spitz claimed he could see did not exist.

Jeff moves on to entomology.  Haskell has been in the field for over 30 years whereas Huntington has been in practice for 3 years.  You have to decide who is more credible.  They both agree the body was placed in the swampy woods in June or July.

They only disagree about the car trunk and Huntington admitted he never dealt with a body in a trunk in real life.

The chloroform needs to be looked at in terms of perspective.  Wise and Vass saw shockingly high levels of chloroform and they have spent years testing environmental samples.

Dr. Rickenbach from the FBI also tested the air sample and the tire cover and found chloroform.  The tire cover was sent in a box, not in a sealed container and he said he was surprised that he even found chloroform.

Don’t forget, the Anthony’s aired out the car for hours.  Chloroform is volatile and evaporates.  There is no evidence as to why the chloroform was there.

The odor of decomposition, the defense attacked Dr. Vass for developing a device that can be used to identify decomp.  Dr. Vass is an unapologetic science geek!  He has a scientific curiosity and shouldn’t be discounted for that!

The garbage bag contained no food except for a small remnant of cheese.  Even Dr. Furton admitted the smell could not have caused the odor in the trunk.

There was no DNA of the duct tape.  Everyone agrees heat and moisture destroys DNA so of course there was no DNA.

The hair band testimony showed that only occurs with death, it can’t be reproduced.

Why would George, after finding a drowned child, place duct tape over her face?  Why would you make an innocent accident look like a murder?

The defense wants you to believe George called the police about the gas cans to somehow implicate his daughter in this crime.  Then George used the very same tape to post pictures of his missing granddaughter.  It’s absurd.

The accidental drowning has been refuted by the evidence in this case.

Remember counsel said in opening statements to follow the tape.  First it was George then it was Roy Kronk they connected to the tape.

Jeff shows photos of the crime scene and says only Mother Nature staged the scene.  The leaf litter is 3-4 inches deep.  The crime scene is as it appears due to nature, animals and decomposition.  It is not staged!

Jeff is speaking to 1st degree murder which can be premeditated or felony.  Mason objects for misstating law.  Jeff is reading directly from the jury instructions!

Duct tape or chloroform, Jeff makes a very strong case for 1st degree murder.

Jeff ends by saying what a good father and grandfather George was and reads from George’s suicide note pointing out, this is a man in pain and it was wrong of the defense to denigrate him for that!


Baez has an issue with the computer searches.  He says there was false testimony and some of the information was incorrect.  Judge Perry says he doesn’t know what correct or incorrect and file a motion and they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Linda thanks the jury for their sacrifice.

Linda says what she told them in openings she meant and the evidence backs that up.

Mr. Baez said he was afraid you would make decisions based on emotions.  We didn’t ask that.  Linda’s biggest fear is that common sense will be lost in all of the rhetoric of the case.

Look at the evidence as a whole, look at the big picture.

Linda calls Casey the most documented liar and pointed to everybody, accusing others of lying.

Pop Tart keeps objecting!

Mr. Baez suggested those 31 days mean nothing.

Mr. Baez accused Yuri Melich, Mr. Forgey, Dr. Vass, Mr. Bloise of lying.

Whether live or dead, LE, the FBI, Texas Equusearch, volunteers were searching for a kidnapped little girl.  It was a lie, she was already dead.

Casey said to her mother when she picked her up she wanted another day.  She told her brother she needed more time.

That first night, July 15, 2008 nobody from OCSO thought Caylee was dead.  Casey was asking them for their help in finding her!

These are statements that show a consciousness of guilt on Ms. Anthony’s part.

Casey told investigators she was conducting her own investigation.  Really?

As they backtracked they find out everything she was saying was a lie.

Response to guilt is predictable.   Guilty people lie, they run, they divert attention from themselves and act like nothing is wrong.   That’s what she was doing those 31 days.

She ran from her family because they would be the ones to ask her questions!  Friends are easy to placate with stories.

The lies got bigger, they got better, they involved more people.  Mr. Baez calls them imaginary friends, they weren’t imaginary friends, they were lies to get Casey out of a jam.

Baez, may we approach?  No.

When the remains were found the lies changed.  Maybe Caylee died because of an accident.

Was this an accident?  The defendant’s own mother first brought up the drowning.

Casey’s lies and behavior are inconsistent with an accidental death.

If this was an accident in the pool Caylee would have been floating in a pool, not floating in a swamp!

The way these remains were found shows complete indifference to the child, how the person who disposed of her really felt about her.

Linda plays the phone call Casey made to the house from jail.  The jury has to be reeling about the blatant lies!

Her focus on that call and the 31 days proceeding was Tony Lazzaro.  She’s not grieving.

Casey had access to all of it.  The duct tape, the blanket, the laundry bag, the shorts, the car.

The bag of trash was a decoy.  The car was backed into the spot next to the garbage as a decoy.

The ‘Big trouble comes in small packages’ shirt was kept in the car, in a diaper bag.

Ask yourself a simple question, whose life was better without Caylee?

Linda puts up these photos and says…

There’s your answer —->

Wowser, what a powerful ending!

Baez asks the court to declare a mistrial based on two statement made by the State in closing arguments.

Motion denied.

The jury will be instructed in 10 minutes.  No one may leave the room, move around or talk during instructions or they will be removed.

Instructions take just under an hour.  Jury sent to the jury room at 12:10pm.  And so, this afternoon the jury will begin deliberating Casey’s fate!

The alternates will be separated and given additional instructions.

It’s been a long time coming!

Casey Anthony – The Final Words And Then Some

07/03/2011 16 comments

August 2005 ~ June 2008

It’s hard to believe we have finally reached this point, closing arguments!  While the good Judge has given specific instructions as to what can and cannot be said, I’ve little doubt Baez will follow instructions, he can’t help himself!

8:30, Judge Perry begins by reviewing jury instructions.  Seems the State and defense had some agreement for aggravated manslaughter, but didn’t write an instruction which really ticked Judge Perry off.  He will discuss it with them at lunch time after they write something up.

Sexual molestation may not be brought up by the defense because no facts of evidence were brought in.  The State may not address the issue unless the defense opens the door.

Each side will have 4 hours for closing. 

9:15 the jury is brought in.  Judge Perry reads a statement regarding Dr. Rodriguez’s sudden departure.

Jeff Aston thanks the jury for their sacrifice.  He speaks about what it means to be a parent and the expectations and responsibilities that go with it.

He goes to great lengths to point out her incredible capacity to lie and how well it worked for her, but Caylee was becoming verbal and at some point she could have blown Casey’s cover.

Jeff takes the jury through every day and every lie.  He says Casey is extremely bright and nimble in changing her stories to suit her audience.

As much as we’ve learned over the years it is really quite amazing what Casey was able to pull off until the car tripped her up!

It is just incredibly sad to realize how easy it was for Casey to do away with her own daughter!

Love ’em or hate ’em, this has to be very difficult for George and Cindy to sit through.

Baez has twice tried to object and has been overruled!

Jeff shows pictures of the remains, the Pooh blanket, the laundry bag, Caylee’s shorts and the letters from her little shirt.

He graphically describes the 3 pieces of tape that were placed over Caylee’s face and asks as Dr. G did, what other reason could there be to place duct tape on a live child!

Casey made an attempt at fake crying, but mostly her anger shows through.

The many angry faces of Casey.

Jeff finished in under two hours, strong without overdoing the emotional aspects and Judge Perry calls a recess.

Baez starts by thanking the jury. 

He begins with there is no dispute that Caylee is gone, but how she died will never be answered.

He reminds the jury the State has the burden of proof and the defense doesn’t have to prove anything.

Good thing because he didn’t deliver squat from his opening!

He claims Jeff Aston only opened by showing the Caylee video to use the emotions of the jury and it’s disrespectful to her memory to ‘parade’ her around!

Good grief!

He claims the State tried to portray Casey as a slut and a party girl.

He says there was absolutely no evidence of child abuse, Casey was a loving mother.

He tells the jury they heard stuff no other jury has heard…hair banding, air samples, cadaver dog training because the State had to up the ante as they didn’t have proof of anything.

Baez says the car proves nothing and just prolonged the trial.

How cute, Baez has a big poster boards where he is places little magnetic pictures!

He claims George knew the Pontic had been at the Amscot for three days and just let it be towed!

He tells the jury Forgey lied to them when he said his dog checked two cars!

Yuri, Hosey, Eberline…none of them did anything about the smell in the car so that creates reasonable doubt!

Casey and the shovel means nothing, she wasn’t sweaty when she returned it!  She took it to break the lock on the shed to get the gas cans, lol!

This is so much bogus bull pucky, I don’t know how the jury hasn’t burst out in raucous  laughter!

Police intentionally dried out the garbage to frame Casey.

OMG!  Baez says there was fingerprint dust on the Velveeta box so police wanted you to know, ‘who cut the cheese’!!!!  Again proves what a momo he is!

12:02 lunch is called.

Baez thinks he is such a great orator but doesn’t think well on his feet…he drifts like so much flotsam…all over the place.

Finally Judge Perry takes the bench at 2:07!

Baez is complaining Mr. Ashton’s facial expressions are a problem.  Judge says he didn’t see it.

Baez back on the car and a make-believe stain in the trunk.  It was 10 years old and had stains long before this occurred.

Well, stain or no stain Mr. Baez?

The State wants you to fill in the blanks with your emotions and anger!

There is a lack of evidence so they want you guessing!

This is not search for the truth, it’s about winning!

Shaw and Lowe only did the environmental study after we deposed them!

The State threw everything against the wall to see what sticks.  One day it’s chloroform, one day it’s duct tape.

Baez beating the crap out of Vass not being a chemist and selling sniffer machines!

Stenger made up all the crap about computer searches…this is fraud…

Objection, sustained!

Baez calls Stenger’s work bogus and mentions perjury!

Baez is at his sleaziest.

We all knew in 2009 that Cindy Anthony testified about searching for chloroform.  The State spent their entire rebuttal on proving Cindy is a liar.

The State has nothing, but fantasy.

The nonsense stops here with you when you raised your hands and swore to serve.

Baez has referred to the State’s evidence as outrageous multiple times.

Boy, Jose truly thinks he is Atticus Finch!

Ah, now he is attacking Dr. G and her autopsy and her attempt to make the evidence fit!

OMG!  Baez just called Dr. Warren, “Mr. Fantasyland”!!!  He was up there being an advocate, not a scientist.

Dr. G is a big shot and took over the case because of her relationship with the media.

Spitz is more qualified to render opinion because he was called in to the JFK and Martin Luther King murders!

Casey has issues and they were there long before Caylee was born.

Casey and her non-soggy kleenex!    ——————>

Can you imagine Cindy’s guilt over leaving the pool ladder up?

Police didn’t want to consider there was something wrong with Casey…they only thought murder.

The State wants to give you the who without the where and the why!

There were no child locks, Caylee could open the glass door and get out to the pool!

Kill me, I can’t take much more of the shit and I’m sure the jury feels the same!

George Anthony lied about the gas can.  He lies when it is convenient for him.  He lied in his deposition with Mr. Ashton.

Baez has rambled on-and-on about Casey being a crazy liar, coming from a family of liars, but we still don’t have anything to do death Caylee’s death.

Holy shit!  Baez just, at the top of his lungs, screamed George lied on the stand…Jeff loudly voiced objection and the Judge called everyone to the bench!

Doesn’t matter what he says, Baez can’t pin the disposal of Caylee’s body on George…doesn’t work!

Judge Perry wisely calls a break to let the attorneys cool down.

I love Jeff Ashton, but he has been pushing the envelope by laughing through Baez’s closing.  I luv him but he is sophomoric at times!

Judge Perry viewed the video of Jeff’s reactions while Baez was speaking.  He sends both parties out to view for themselves.

Mr. Baez’s remarks and Jeff’s antics, both, have royally pissed off Judge Perry and he says this has been going on throughout and he shouldn’t have to watch them.  He also says 1993 Court orders on decorum that he signed obviously don’t mean a hill of beans to them!

Jeff says he doesn’t need to see the video, he trusts the Judge’s decision.  Mason of course has to be contrary and wants to view it.

Ashton says he was smiling behind his hand to hide it from the jury and he apologizes.  Baez says Ashton should not be held in contempt, it’s been emotional for 3 years.  He also apologizes to the court.  Baez would have had the same charges leveled at him so he isn’t being noble!

Judge Perry says he will accept that for the time being.  If it happens again, that attorney will be excluded and things will be quite, quite uncomfortable.

Judge Perry says the jury will not be given instructions until tomorrow because the charges aren’t complete and he shouldn’t have taken them at their word and called them in yesterday like he wanted.

Baez continues there was no murder in this case, there is no evidence, but George has lied about everything.

George cares about George, not about his wife, not about his daughter, not about his family.

Holy shit, Baez says George bought the gun to make sure Casey went back to jail!

The State was walking around with blinders and trying to put square pegs in round holes.

Kronk is a liar and only wanted money.  If Det. Cain was so rude to him, why didn’t he just grab the bag and take it down the street to all the media trucks and say, ‘here it is, give me the reward money.’

I’m really waiting for that proverbial bolt of lighting to come down and zap Baez!

5:15 Judges calls a break.  Mason comes next to do law 101 and we still have Linda….accccckkkkk

Mason goes through the charges and how the law is applied to them.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Casey was only 22, my shoes are that old!

OMG, Shut up you old fool!  I don’t imagine the jury is taking this too well, he’s going over the same shit Baez did!

6:15 Break time!

Pretty sure the jury has shut down mentally at this point!  I know I have!

Linda needs to hit hard and hit fast to keep the jury focused, it’s late, they’re tired and hungry!

6:37 Perry tells the jury we are close to the end, but it will be a long day tomorrow! So, Linda gets a fresh jury tomorrow…sweet!

6:39, we’re done!

Casey Anthony – Desperate People Do Desperate Things

07/01/2011 19 comments

August 2005 ~ June 2008

After a terribly frustrating, uneventful morning, we are finally getting down to business as court resumes at 1:35!

Judge Perry looks none too happy!

Chief Compliance Officer and Custodian of Records from Gentiva, John Camperlengo is called. 

Electronic records are maintained in Kansas so they are maintained on central standard time.  Emails received and deleted are retrievable and backed-up.  They are really careful because of HIPPA regulations.  They can identify specific workstations and unique user ID’s.  Clinical management entries are dated and time-stamped.

Records are stipulated to as accurate business records by both sides.

Linda Burdick shows composite records to the witness that he identifies as emails for the Cindy Anthony account.

Records are published for the court.

Cindy was at work on 3/17 at 8:02 EST. The system designations show Cindy was at her work station and logged out a bit after 5pm.

The system auto logs out if you walk away for 5 hours, but stays on as long as you are working.

The system shows on March 21 Cindy logged in just after 8am and logged out just after 5pm.

Bend over and kiss your butt goodbye Cindy, you’re buns be buttered now toots! 

BTW, Cindy has been keeping her head low and hiding behind the person in the seat in front of her!

3/17/08 and 3/21/08 Cindy was NOT at home doing computer searches as she lied claimed she was!

Cross by Baez

Were you contacted in 2009 to provided this information?  No.

Witness excused!


I will be so happy never to type that word again!

Deborah Polisano called.  Cindy’s boss at Gentiva.

If a salaried employee had to run to the pharmacy or pick something up, could they?  Yes.

Employees logged on to the system in order to perform their duties.

If the workstation wasn’t used for 15 minutes, it would close and you would have to log back in.

Computers could be used by others, but only if they logged on under their own username and ID.

Cindy could not log in from a laptop or from home – no off-site log in.


Dr. Bruce Goldberger called. Toxicologist.   He took samples from Caylee’s remains to analyze.

Left femur, marrow from the femur, strands of hair, cranial washes with saline…

Baez calls a sidebar…

The washes of the cranial cavity showed no decompositional matter.

Another sidebar by Baez…

All of this points to just how bogus Baez’s objections were this morning and I hope Judge Perry adds this infraction to his list of sanction items!

You collected bone marrow?  I did.

The cranial wash you did was crude?  Yes, but it is what it is.

Instead of opening the cranium?  Yes.

Witness excused.

Dr. Michael Warren called.  Forensic anthropologist.

Is there any protocol that would recommended opening a skull a skeletal case?  No.  There is no compelling reason to open the skull because it can be adequately examine the skull.

Using a dental mirror and a flashlight you could easily examine the interior of a skull.

A child’s skull is extremely fragile and sawing the skull open could create unnecessary damage.

Baez on cross…

You did the Quicktime video?  Powerpoint.

You are not a medical doctor?  No.

You are a forensic pathologist?  No.

Baez loses big time on objections by Ashton.

Ahhh crap, Baez again wants to approach…

Perry calls a recess and Linda says she has 3 more witnesses that will take less than an hour.

I believe we will hear from Osborne and Stenger again to show what Casey was doing on the computer in March 2008 and Yuri is also in the hall.

This is making me incredibly sad for what happened to Caylee,  for some reason today…Caylee and all the other lives that have been damaged and ruined forever by Casey!

Kevin Stenger is next up.  OCSO computer guy.

We are introducing the deleted internet history from March and of course Baez has an issue because he wants to review it…WTF has he done for 3 years?

Judge Perry says accepted…Baez asks to approach.

Swear to God I am going to court to choke the shit out of Baez!

He keyword searched on neck, chlorophyll, hand sanitizers and Gentiva.

None of those terms were searched!

   <———-    OHHHH, Cindy finally looked up!

Linda has the computer hooked-up to do the searches live for the jury monitors.  This is up-close and personal, in-yo-face!

So to me, this is so in-depth and detailed, this is not just going toward impeachment…it goes to nailing her ass for perjury!  Stay tuned for that news flash, lol!

Baez had diddley.

Witness is excused.

Sandra Osborne called.

She searched for chlorophyll, hand sanitizers and bamboo.  Bamboo turned up, furniture, tiki bars, lamps…. nada for anything else.


You never know what has been deleted from a hard drive?  You never know what has been overwritten.

Witness excused.

3 stipulations are entered as evidence.

Yuri Melich, final rebuttal witness is called!

He identifies the home phone records from the Anthony phone.

George’s cell phone records.

Cindy’s cell records.

No call between Cindy and George the week of June 16, 2008.

Baez claims George had multiple cell phones.

Did Krystal Holloway tell you he had multiple phones?

Objections all over the friggin place and Baez is shut down!

Rebuttal over, Judge Perry calls a sidebar…

Recess called…

Jury released at 4:47 and will return Sunday for closings!

Mason asks for a mistrial, no surprise!  Denied!

Motion to reserve ruling on Finney’s last motion.

Motion for acquittal on counts 1, 2, and 3.  Denied.

Desperate, desperate, desperate…..

Yippee!  Day off tomorrow, see ya Sunday at 8:30…coffee, tea, danish and donuts will be served!

Casey Anthony – Hurry Up And Wait

07/01/2011 5 comments

August 2005 ~ June 2008

Well, today will be all about Cindy trying to wiggle her way out from under her lies about the chloroform searches on the family computer.  As the searches were done in March, she can hardly say it was a stressful, emotional time and she wasn’t thinking clearly because of her meds! 

Seriously, what was she thinking?  I mean, we all know she’s trying to save her daughter’s sorry butt and not too bright when it comes to computers, but did she really believe nobody would check her work records, something so easily verifiable?  Regardless, it will be interesting to hear her version today.

Maybe she can help Baez write his closing statement!  After all, the both have expertise in whoppers!

Baez starts by complaining about the Gentiva records again and wants the Judge to reconsider.  Sims did depose the Gentiva folks and asked to speak to the State’s computer people at 5:15pm and they were not made available – Osborne and Stenger.  Baez lists all the witnesses waiting outside and takes issue that all may have new, additional opinions and this will be an issue all day!  Pretty much, Baez wants to block all rebuttal and claims the State is guilty of ambushing the defense!

Judge Perry says he will give Baez the morning to depose the witnesses, but they will work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday..!

Both sides asked yesterday to have Saturday off to prepare their closings! 

Judge recesses and tells Baez there are ‘real’ problems and ‘imaginary’ problems and he had better not find out these are imaginary problems!  He reminds them we have a sequestered jury. He says to inform the jury they are in recess indefinitely and lets both sides know they will be working late tonight.

Jeff suggests they utilize 2 rooms for depositions and Judge Perry says, ‘I don’t care what y’all do!’

9: 15 am

A very frustrated and unhappy Judge leaves the bench.

Jury, subject to call.

Baez has screwed around for years and now wants to stall the inevitable by playing games.  This makes the 3rd time the defense has halted proceedings!

This just bites!

I’ll be back when court resumes!

Casey Anthony – Last One Out, Close The Door!

06/30/2011 19 comments
August 2005 ~ June 2008

After a parade witnesses, some taking the stand 3 to 4 times, the defense will rest today! The lingering question is, will Casey take the stand?

Many were left scratching their heads yesterday over Dr. Sally Karioth’s testimony.  The question seemed to be, what was the point?  I do think she and Jane Bock might enjoy a nice cup of tea and some butter cookies.

I’ve no doubt the State will offer a meticulously crafted, well-honed rebuttal, but in truth, they don’t have to work all that hard!  The defense provided a whole lot of assistance in helping to make their case!   

All the Anthony’s are present this morning and Lippman is sitting behind the prosecutors table.

Judge Perry takes the bench at 8:52.  Dot has a scheduling question on behalf of Finnell so they saunter off to the bench.

Baez complaining the State just gave him Cindy’s work records and he claims it’s a discovery violation and they may have to ask for a continuance so they can subpoena additional records and possibly take some depositions.

Judge Perry says you knew in advance what Mrs. Anthony would answer when you asked her the questions you did.  You can take depositions after 5pm today.

Nice try Baez, you lose for opening that door and not thinking the State would walk through it!

Krystal Holloway is called.

Are you known by any other name?  Yes, River Cruz.  My father called me River and my mother’s maiden name is Cruz.

Anybody else remember she told everybody she had been in trouble in the past and she changed her name when she moved to Orlando for a ‘new start’?

Do you know George Anthony?  Yes.

How?  I met him at a tent when his granddaughter was missing.

When did you meet him?  In 2008.

Did you have a relationship?  Yes.

An intimate relationship?  Yes.

Did he ever come to your house?  Yes.

How many times?  About 12.

Did you ever loan Mr. Anthony money?

Objection, relevance.



Did you have a conversation with George Anthony about what happened to his granddaughter?  Yes, he said it was an accident that snowballed out of control and he had tears in his eyes.

This was before the remains were found?  Yes, around Thanksgiving.

When did your relationship end with Mr. Anthony?  Around the 4th birthday balloon release.

When the Anthony’s had the memorial were you still in the relationship?  Yes.

Baez shows her a photo of a text message…

After the relationship ended, did you go to the media before being contacted by the police.  No, I did not.

When did the police contact you?  2 years and a half later.

The police showed her several text messages.  She turned over letters that George wrote to her as well as her phone.

Krystal identifies the photo and is received into evidence.

Baez has her read the message…need you in my life…December 16.

Is there a guard gate at your apartment complex?  Yes.

Did you have to instruct the guard not to allow Mr. Anthony to enter?  Yes.

Did the media begin to harass you?


When the police first asked about the affair did you deny it? Yes.

Why?  I thought he would get in trouble and I was embarrassed.

Were you in a relationship?  Yes.

While you were involved with Mr. Anthony?  Yes.

When did you tell them the truth?  Behind the texts.

When you were confronted with them?  Yes.

Did you sell your story to a tabloid?  No.

Did you give an interview?  Yes, he gave me the chance to sell my story in full.

Do you have a twin sister?  Yes.

Are you here testifying truthfully?  Yes.

Ashton on cross…

At the time you inserted yourself in the Anthony’s lives they were already celebrities?  I don’t think they were celebrities.

You sought them out, they didn’t come searching for you?  Yes.

How much did the National Enquirer pay you?  $4,000.

The National Enquirer was the one place that you say would tell your story in a fair an accurate way?  He told it that way.

Now, that’s pretty damn funny!

The story is much sexier if you’re having an affair with George Anthony?  That not true.

You stated George sent you letters?  Yes.

Ashton wants to introduce a letter into evidence and Baez objects.


In this letter did he say he tried to leave messages with your daughter and your husband?  I’m not married.

Did Mr. Anthony know you were in a relationship?  Yes.

Did the letter say he and his wife had a special relationship with you? Yes.

Did he sign one of the letters from he and his wife?  Yes.

On February 17, 2010 you gave a sworn statement to police?  Yes.

You were asked if you were in a romantic relationship with George and you told police no, and then affirmed no.

When did you change the story?  After my sister went to the media.

After your family went to the media?  No.

You said your sister, isn’t she family?  Yes.

When did the Enquirer contact you?  I don’t know.

When did the change occurs in the story?  After I spoke with the police.

Did you tell LE he said I really believe it was an accident and it went wrong and she tried to cover it up?

He has her read her statement.

Did he tell you he was present when the accident occurred?  No.

He never said Casey said it?  No.

Did he tell you he threw Casey against the wall, choked her….

Objection, sidebar…

Well, her 15 minutes is turning out to be costly!



The statement about Mr. Anthony believing it was an accident, do you remember that?

That statement was taken out of context?  Yes.

This statement was made while he making a media appearances looking for his granddaughter?  Correct.

He told you his granddaughter was dead?  Yes.

Why did you go to the Enquire?  Because I was told the media would edit my story and he let me tell the whole story.


Again Jeff has her read from her statement…

Baez objects…

Sidebar again!

This is nothing but a whole lot of stupid and doesn’t prove squat!

George made clear to you he had no first-hand knowledge of what happened to his granddaughter?  Correct.

You told police he knew it was an accident that snowballed out of control?  Correct.


You said, he didn’t say he knew?  Yes.

Baez thinks he DID know…semantics!



OMG, enough already!

Judge Perry lets the jury go for special break.

There seems to be some issue about two different reports!

Baez says he withdraws the question and Jeff wants an instruction for the jury they can use the testimony for impeachment only.  Baez objects.

Judge Perry crafts an instruction.

Holloway excused and Judge Perry reads the instruction.

Dominic Casey called…as is a sidebar!

Baez shows Casey a map and an email that he identifies.  He says the map indicates where he searched.

Entered into evidence.

Cross by George…

The areas you marked aren’t exact are they?  No, they’re general.


This is the only place you searched for a deceased Caylee?  Yes.

Witness excused.

Stipulation offered on a video.  It’s the video with the Henkel tape.

Defense calls George Anthony.

Did you see the video?  Yes.

Did you see the duct tape?  Yes.

Was that your duct tape?  Could have been anyone’s.

George says he doesn’t know the location of the video, they had several command centers.

Did anyone else bring Henkel duct tape to the command center?  I have no idea.

Did you come from Ohio?  Yes.

That’s where Henkel duct tape is made?  I have no idea.

When you were in Ohio, you had a dog named Mandy?

Objection, relevance.


Did there come a time when the dog had to be put to sleep?  Yes.

Did  you pick up the dog from the vet?  Yes.

Was the dog in a blanket?  Yes.

And put in a trash bag?  I guess.

Wrapped in duct tape?  You’re going back 30 years.

Was Casey born yet?  No.

What about the dog named Beau?

Was Beau buried in a plastic bag wrapped with duct tape?  Probably.

How old was Casey?  Maybe 4-5.

Baez goes through a bunch of cats and dogs.

When you found out Caylee was found wrapped in blankets and bags, did you tell LE, in the past three years, that was how you used to bury your pets?

Objection…yup, sidebar!

No further questions

Ashton on redirect…

Have you ever taken a dead pet and thrown them in a swamp?  No.


Cindy Anthony called.

Did you have a dog named Mandy in Ohio?  Yes.

Was Casey alive when she passed?  Yes, a toddler.

Mandy was buried wrapped in a blanket in black plastic with tape.

Duct tape?  No.

Lord, we go through all the family pets again!

Well, we know where Casey got the idea.

Linda on cross…

You did not euthanize your own pets with chloroform?  No.

Did you put duct tape on any of the animal’s faces?  No.

Burying you pets this way was a tradition in your family your kids were aware of?  Yes.

By a senior in high school, Casey was aware of the way you buried the animals?  Yes.


Lee Anthony called.

How old were you when Mandy passed away?  3-4.

When is the first time you remember your family having to bury a pet?  When Cinnamon died, he buried her.  She was in a black plastic bag with duct tape.

He wasn’t present for any other burial except for his grandmother’s dog.  Black plastic and tape.



11:30 Judge calls lunch!

I’m confused!  Unless Casey is insisting on taking the stand and they need extra time to try to convince her otherwise, they should have just rested!

Mason wants to take up Cindy’s employment records.  Judge Perry says to finish and they will take up arguments.

Baez asks for sidebar…

Baez has no more witnesses and Casey will not testify!

A stipulation is read for the defense to offer into evidence the business records for Henkel tape!

Baez announces the defense rests.  The jury is asked to step out while court business is taken up.

The State will rebut and says it will take less than a day.

Mason takes issue with the Gentiva employment records for Cindy to impeach her testimony about doing the computer searches on chloroform.  They reject this new testimony as a discovery violation because they knew from 2-year old testimony of Cindy that she would say she would admit to the chloroform searches.

Linda has a one page document that shows login and logout information.  Report of received and sent emails on the days in question.

To be blunt, Cindy is in deep shit!

Mason claims trial by ambush and the information is prejudicial.

Judge Perry doesn’t seem to be buying the defense argument.

Baez asks what if Mrs. Anthony gets on the stand and claims the 5th?

Judge Perry says they will deal with that if it happens, but that would cause all of her testimony to be thrown out.

Baez says it’s too late in the game and he doesn’t want the jury left with the idea the defense offered untruthful testimony!

Judge Perry rules this is not a discovery violation!

How much time does the defense need to review the records and be able to intelligently cross the witness?
Dottie says she doesn’t know how much time she would need!

The Gentiva computer guy needs to return to Atlanta for a doctor appointment.  Perry wants to know if the appointment can be changed or if the appointment is at 7:45 can he catch an early flight back to Orlando.

Ashton says he’ll find out.

Court at ease…

Cindy made a hasty retreat from the courtroom with Lippman!

Those of you who believe Baez had NO idea Cindy would lie, press your true buzzer now!

Baez and Cindy may have helped seal Casey’s fate!

Argument is now about allowing the jury to smell the can with the decomp air sample.

Lots of case-law being tossed back and forth…

Judge Perry says no way on the decomp odor can if the jury requests it!

Jury being brought back and sure as hell, sidebar called…

For rebuttal, State calls Alina Burroughs.  OCSO CSI.

She was responsible for photographing items in the Anthony home.  She identifies the photos of clothing items found in a wooden box in Caylee’s bedroom.

Received in evidence.

Burroughs is excused.

Dominic Casey drawings entered into evidence.

Ask that Joe Jordan TES documents be entered…

Baez objects, yup, you got it, side freakin bar!

Evidence, modified, entered.

George’s suicide note is entered and published to the jury.

State has nothing more to offer today.

Judge Perry tells the jury he believes they will be given the case Saturday afternoon!

He releases the jury for the day at 3:32pm.

There is a photograph and some gentleman that will be brought in, court at ease at the moment.

Matthew Bartlett, 28 years old.  He identifies himself in the photo raising his middle finger to Jeff Ashton while court was in session.

Judge Perry shows him the court sign which prohibits gestures and expressions.

He agrees the court officer also verbalized the rules as they entered.

Judge Perry asks why he shouldn’t be held in contempt?

He said he’s sorry, it was stupid and he doesn’t even know why he did it!

What did he do to deserve the middle thing?  It was a stupid thing.

Was the jury present when you did that?  Yes sir.

Judge Perry tells him he could have jeopardized the entire case.

Judge Perry finds him guilty of direct criminal contempt, 6 days in jail, $400 fine and $223 court fees.

A public defender is appointed for him to appeal, he is cuffed and led out.

3:50pm Judge Perry calls it a day!