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Joran van der Sloot Sentenced

01/13/2012 8 comments

van der Sloot will spend the next 28 years languishing in a Peruvian prison for the May 30, 2010, brutal beating and death of Stephany Flores.

As he was sentenced, van der Sloot look shaky and began sweating profusely!  It was pretty satisfying to see him so uncomfortable and undone.

We’ll see how smug and cocky he is if he survives and is then extradited to face charges in the U.S.

This is not a person who should be loose in civilized society!

Sadly, in other news, Natalee Holloway was legally declared dead yesterday.

2012 Begins With Hearings, Pleas And Trials Scheduled

01/05/2012 1 comment

It may have seemed relatively quiet, but 2012 is likely to be a very busy year in the courts.  Just a few of the items I’m keeping an eye on:

Adam and Elisa Baker

Parents of the pretty little Australian girl who was brutally dismembered after her death in September 2010 are both in court today.

Elisa Baker is currently serving an 18-year sentence after a plea deal in the murder case was reached.

Today, she will be in Federal Court with another plea deal on the seven drug related charges.  If convicted on all charges she faced 115 years in prison and a fine of $4.2 million.  It will be interesting to see what the plea deal consists of.

Meanwhile, Adam Baker has his own legal woes.  He faces 2 felony charges – one count of identity theft and one count of obtaining property by false pretense.

Today, the details of the plea bargain his attorney and the Catawba County District Attorney’s Office have worked out will be revealed.

It is believed Baker will not serve any jail time and may return to his native Australia as early as next week.

Dr. William Petit

Judge Jon Blue will sentence Joshua Komisarjevsky on January 27 for his part in the 2007 Petit family murders.  Komisarjevsky was sentenced to death by the jury in early December and will join his accomplice Steven Hayes on death row.  I look forward to reading Judge Blue’s sentencing remarks.

On a brighter note, it has been confirmed that Dr. Petit became engaged to photographer Christine Paluf over the weekend.  No wedding date has been set.

I wish Dr. Petit happiness and hope this marriage helps him heal and move forward.

Joran van der Sloot

If all goes as planned – this is Peru after all – Joran van der Sloot will stand trial on Friday for the murder and robbery of Stephany Flores.

van der Sloot was charged last year with “qualified murder” and simple robbery, crimes which carry sentences of 28 years and 2 years.

van der Sloot’s attorney now states his client will plead guilty to the robbery – 2 years – and “simple” homicide – 6-20 years.  It is possible if van der Sloot pulls this off, he could serve as little as 2 years on the murder due to Peru’s 3 for 1 prisoner benefit!

Confused?  Don’t blame me blame the Peruvian legal system; I don’t claim to understand at all!

For a better understanding of the legal wrangling, watch the CNN video!

Whatever the number of years he serves in Peru, van der Sloot still faces extradition to the US on federal fraud and extortion charges!

Jodi Arias

In what may be the most anticipated murder trial of 2012, jury selection in the Jodi Arias murder trial has just been slated for October 17.  Arias is charged with the 2008 murder of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

After friends hadn’t heard from Travis despite numerous phone calls, emails and text messages, they entered his home and found his decomposing body in the shower.  He had been shot in the head, stabbed 27 times, his throat slit from ear to ear and the cause of death was determined to be a stab wound directly to the heart.

Nancy Grace Blog Video

This case has already been a rollercoaster ride from day one and the waiting of family and friends for justice must be unbearable.

Arias first told police that she wasn’t even in Arizona, but when her DNA and her palm print were confirmed at the scene, she quickly changed her story to it was a home invasion by a man and woman.  After Travis was shot, she claims the gunman put the gun to her head, but it misfired.  So, like any person scared out of their wits, she reached down and grabbed her purse off the floor and fled and drove for hours.  Nope, she never called police or reported to anyone what had happened!

Next, Arias had letters allegedly written by Travis that purportedly showed he was abusive and in which he admitted to being a pedophile, electronically sent to the prosecutors.  They were rejected as evidence after both the prosecution and defense determined they were forged.

Then, Arias informed the judge she wanted her attorneys tossed and she would represent herself even though she has no legal background and only completed school through eleventh grade!   The judge kept the attorneys on as advisors for Arias.

Next ploy by Arias is that she had to kill Alexander in self-defense.  She claims he grew enraged when she dropped his new camera and attacked her.

Finally, on December 23, Arias’ death penalty qualified public defender, Victoria Washington, withdrew from the case. Jennifer Willmott, a death penalty-qualified defense attorney has until October 17 to get up to speed with this topsy-turvy case.

Oh, and Travis Alexander’s camera and bed sheets were run through the wash.  Police were able to recover two sets of photos from the memory card – one set are provocative photos of Alexander as well as nude photos of Arias, the other set shows a bleeding and dying Travis Alexander on the bathroom floor!

With all the evidence, seems to me, self-defense will be a pretty hard sell – seeing Arias on the stand trying to explain self-defense will be jaw dropping, I’m sure!

Stay tuned!


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Petit Family Murder Trial To Begin and Joran van der Sloot Charges

09/18/2011 4 comments

Petit Murders…

Joshua Komisarjevsky’s trial starts Monday in New Haven Superior Court.  He faces a possible death sentence if convicted. His co-defendant, Steven Hayes, was sentenced to death last year.

In July 2007, the pair broke into the home in Cheshire, CT, beat Dr. William Petit with a baseball bat and tied up his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and daughters, 11-year-old Michaela and 17-year-old Hayley,

Jennifer Hawke-Petit was raped and strangled, her daughters had pillowcases placed over their heads, were tied to their beds and died of smoke inhalation after the house was doused with gas and set ablaze.

Komisarjevsky is also accused of sexually assaulting Michaela Petit.

As he did at Hayes’ trial, Dr. William Petit, the sole survivor, is expected to testify.

At the Hayes trial, distraught jurors were shown autopsy pictures of the victims, photos of the girls’ charred beds, rope, ripped clothing and ransacked rooms that were so gruesome, the state took the unusual step of offering jurors counseling after some complained of nightmares.

van der Sloot Charges…

More than a year after the brutal death of Stephany Flores, Peruvian officials formally charged Joran van der Sloot with murder and theft charges on September 1.

Prosecutors are seeking a 30-year sentence as well as restitution to the family in the amount of $73,000.

van der Sloot’s attorneys argue 30 years is too stiff a sentence because it was an isolated incident.

During the first hearing following the charges, the Public Prosecutor was ordered to reconsider the charges after the Flores family lawyer complained the charges should not be ‘murder followed by robbery’ but ‘robbery followed by murder’.  Charged correctly, it would carry a life sentence.

The trial is not expected to begin until next year, however van der Sloot will have been held for the maximum 18 months allowed under Peruvian law.  In December, he could be released from prison to await trial.  The Public Prosecutor can request an extension of his detention.



Meridien Record Journal

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Joran van der Sloot Defense Theory Can’t Work!

03/25/2011 4 comments

On Sunday, May 30, 2010 the bloodied, beaten body of Stephany Flores was found in Joran van der Sloot’s hotel room.

The two were seen by a hotel employee entering the hotel around 5 a.m. and approximately four hours later, van der Sloot left alone.

So, let’s back-up a bit.  If you recall, in his confession, he told police that he became enraged when Stephany used his laptop without permission and discovered he was involved in the Natalee Holloway case…so he broke her neck.  Well, actually there was a savage beating that went along with the broken neck!

Moving forward, we know attorney Altez plans to argue temporary insanity and will use the “violent emotion” defense in the case.  The “violent emotion” plea is typically used in Peru for crimes of passion where a spouse, for example, is surprised in the act of adultery.  van der Sloot claims he became enraged and killed Flores because she learned of his relation to Holloway by looking in his laptop.  So, Altez says the maximum sentence should be 3-5 years, not the 30 years prosecutors want.   See full story here.

Well guess what?  Ain’t gonna fly!

The forensic examination of van der Sloot’s laptop reveals the Holloway files were accessed much earlier in the day than the time of Flores’ death.  The pages were actually viewed on Saturday, May 29, between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – so much for your “crime of passion” defense!

Dang, those pesky computer and cell phones will do you in, every time!

Next fabrication, Joran?


Joran van der Sloot – Insane, Or Sly Like A Fox?

03/08/2011 7 comments

He’s been cooling his heels in a rat infested cell in Peru’s Castro Castro prison since June 2010 having been accused in the May 30 killing of Stephany Flores.

Because of the viciousness of the crime, prosecutors are looking for a 30 year sentence.

Maximo Altez, van der Sloot’s attorney says he should only be sentenced to 3-5 years!

van der Sloot’s lawyer says his client will plead guilty to killing the young woman he met gambling.  Altez will argue temporary insanity and will use the “violent emotion” defense in the case.  The “violent emotion” plea is typically used in Peru for crimes of passion where a spouse, for example, is surprised in the act of adultery.  van der Sloot claims he became enraged and killed Flores because she learned of his relation to Holloway by looking in his laptop.

Should the Judge believe Altez and opt for the lighter sentence, van der Sloot could be released in twenty months!

Stephany’s family is outraged at this defense and said the plea is outrageous!

van der Sloot remains the key suspect in the 2005 disappearance Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba.

Should van der Sloot receive the lighter sentence, he still has severe legal problems in the U.S.  If you recall, he faces charges for defrauding Beth Holloway.

He is charged in Alabama with extortion and wire fraud which combined could carry a 50 year sentence!  You can read my original story here.

By the way, just my personal opinion, yep, van der Sloot is insane and not of the temporary kind!  Just sayin!


Radio Netherlands

Washington Post


van der Sloot Attacks Guard In Miguel Castro Castro Prison

10/02/2010 1 comment

Did he go berserk?  Was he ‘nutting-up’ as Nancy Grace asserts?  Or, was he just trying to make a run for it?

According to numerous reports, on September 15 after Natalee Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty, was able to enter the prison with Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries, Joran van der Sloot went berserk and attacked a guard. In an attempt to escape, he was able to run through one prison entryway and before running through a second one, was tackled and brought down by a guard.

van der Sloot, 23, is in Peru’s Castro Castro Prison, accused of murdering Stefany Flores in May.

Rumors abound that van der Sloot has been bribing guards, buying designer clothes and having gourmet meals brought in with the $50,000 he was allegedly paid for his interviews published in De Telegraaf.

After Beth Twitty arrived in the prison to confront van der Sloot regarding the whereabouts of her daughter, Joran realized how easy it was for anyone to get to him!

Just days after Twitty’s visit, a prison guard refused to take a bribe and told van der Sloot he was required to eat the same food as the other inmates. van der Sloot, who already believes someone in the prison was trying to poison his food became enraged saying, “People here want to kill me!”

Thinking the guard was one of the conspirators trying to kill him, van der Sloot flew into a fury, yelling at the guard and threw a punch at him and then began running, in a bid to escape.

Inmates prepare the meals at the prison and officials have had concerns about the food, providing van der Sloot with meals prepared for the guards.

Shortly after being returned to his cell, van der Sloot was moved to solitary confinement for a 24-hour period.

A source at the prison said, “All the cockiness has been drained from him now… Joran now realizes that he can’t buy everyone.”



Nancy Grace Video

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