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Monster Pedophile, Earl Bradley’s Attorneys File Challenge

07/13/2010 3 comments

~ Earl Bradley

My heart lurched because the headline read:

Defense challenges key evidence – Lawyers say illegal search led to discovery of damaging files

State police spent two days searching Dr. Earl Bradley’s office complex and recovered video recordings of Bradley abusing or raping some of his young patients.

Bradley pleaded not guilty to 471 felony counts back in March of this year. He is charged with raping or abusing more than 100 children over 10 years.

Now his defense attorneys have claimed in court all evidence seized from his office building and two outbuildings last December should be thrown out because the building in which video recordings were found was not covered by the search warrant.

Attorneys Stephanie Tsantes, Dean Johnson and Robert Goff say the executed search warrant only covered the office building and a “white” outbuilding.  The damning videos were found in a “checkerboard building”, not included in the search warrant.

Bradley’s only hope to avoid being found guilty is getting those highly incriminating videos thrown out and kept away from the jury.

The challenge also alleges the police illegally searched Bradley’s computers, there was no authorization to open video files and the search and seizure of paper and computer files was only for materials relating to eight specific patients.

It was the video found in the “checkerboard building” that provided the cause for a new search warrant and expansion of the investigation.

Thomas J. Reed, a professor at Widener University School of Law said he knew of no defects in the warrant and believes police were thorough in their documentation.  He expressed doubt as to the defense being able to win the motion and the evidence will make its way to a jury.

“So it doesn’t appear there will be any issue of guilt or innocence if you are going to show pictures of the accused committing the acts with young children. There’s little hope of showing a jury it was an accident or a mistake or misinterpretation of a standard exam.”

The Attorney General’s office has to respond to the motion before Superior Court Judge William Carpenter will rule on it.

Bradley’s trial is scheduled for February 2011 and by that time it’s a pretty good bet the defense will have reverted back to the insanity theory.

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Earl Bradley, Monster Pedophile – Trial Date Set

04/28/2010 5 comments

Earl Bradley

Having followed numerous trials, I was a bit surprised that jury selection and a trial date have been set for Lewes pediatrician Earl Bradley.  Bradley has been charged with rape or sexual abuse of 103 children.

A case review was scheduled for May 17, but Dean Johnson, public defender, said the hearing was unlikely to take place.  It had been set to see whether the state would offer a plea deal — a prospect he said was highly unlikely.

The case has now been assigned to New Castle County Superior Court Judge William C. Carpenter Jr. who will oversee proceedings, though it remains in Sussex County Superior Court. The trial date includes only the charges brought in the first indictment, not the second indictment, filed April 19.

Jury selection is slated to begin February 14, 2011 and the trial is on the court docket to begin February 21.

Bradley pleaded not guilty last month to the charges in the first indictment.  He faces another arraignment for 58 additional counts for the rape or abuse of another 24 girls.  Prosecutors filed those charges a little over a week ago.

The second indictment will track separately from the first and prosecutors say it’s possible Bradley may face two trials.

Bradley videotaped many of the assaults and his private attorney admitted that it would be difficult to refute that evidence. Attorney Eugene Maurer Jr. said he was planning a mental-health defense, however that was prior to the AG freezing Bradley’s assets.  Bradley is now represented by the public defender’s office.

Legal experts say Bradley has three options: plead not guilty and force a long and painful trial, admit to all charges or mount a mental-illness defense.

If found guilty, Bradley likely will spend the rest of his life in near solitary confinement.  If declared mentally ill, he would be sent to Delaware Psychiatric Center, which would offer much more freedom of movement.  Even if eventually judged ‘stable’, Bradley would never be a free man.   If released from the mental hospital, he would immediately be transferred to prison.

Bradley is currently being held on $4.71 million bail.

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Bradley Pleads Not Guilty

03/27/2010 Comments off

On Wednesday, Earl Bradley pleaded not guilty to 471 felony counts in the alleged child abuse of the young patients in his Delaware medical practice.

Bradley appeared at the 2-minute hearing with Public Defenders, Dean Johnson and Stephanie Tsantes and court observers say Bradley was unshaven, his hair was matted and stringy and it appears he has lost significant weight since his December arrest.

The state was represented by attorneys Paula Ryan and Stacy Cohee and Attorney General Beau Biden.

Judge Henley Graves set a new bond at $3.7 million and a case review has been set for Monday, May 17.

Bradley’s license in New Jersey was suspended this week although the Board of Medical Examiners determined Bradley never practiced in New Jersey.

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Earl Bradley – Worst Pedophile

03/22/2010 4 comments

~Earl Bradley

He has already been dubbed one of the worst pedophiles in US history and he may also soon be penniless.  Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden’s office has filed court papers seeking to freeze Earl Bradley’s assets.

Defense attorneys Gene Maurer and Paul Kania said they intended to pursue a mental health defense and that “expert” witnesses would cost exorbitant dollars.  If Biden is successful in freezing Bradley’s assets they will walk away from the case forcing the state – taxpayers – to shoulder the burden of the costly defense.

Maurer notified Superior Court President Judge James T. Vaughn Jr. of his decision last week. “No assets are available for his defense, and that’s that.”

Maurer also said that Bradley’s ex-wife and four children could not afford the costly defense and that Bradley’s parents are deceased.

Public Defender J. Brendan O’Neill said he was informed by Superior Court that Maurer and Kania were no longer working for Bradley.  O’Neill said that unless other private counsel step in, his office will be representing him.

Bradley’s March 24 arraignment will likely be delayed as state defenders begin interviewing Bradley and coming up to speed on the evidence.

Bradley is accused of abusing 102 young girls and one young boy.  Much of the abuse was captured on film.

It is believed that more charges will be filed after investigators finish interviewing parents and patients.  It has not been determined if Pennsylvania or New Jersey will also be bringing charges.

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