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Eric Preimesberger’s Brother-In-Law Gets 25 Years

07/20/2012 2 comments

In May, a Washoe County jury convicted Timothy Wayne Morgan of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon for the bludgeoning of Eric Preimesberger.

Today, District Judge Patrick Flanagan sentenced Morgan to a 25-year prison term for the 2010 baseball bat attack which killed his brother-in-law.

Morgan maintains his  innocence.

After telling investigators several wild stories about drug dealers and gangs, Morgan eventually claimed self defense.  Morgan claims he was trying to protect his sister, Kristi Preimesberger, from Eric’s violent rage when he grabbed a baseball bat and bashed his head in, crushing his skull and breaking several bones in his face.

In addition to the 25 year sentence, Judge Flanagan sentenced Morgan to a consecutive term of 3 1/2 to 16 years in for a deadly weapon enhancement. Morgan could be eligible for parole after serving at least 13.5 years.

Eric’s mother, Kay Wilson told the judge she knew Morgan as a ‘kind and gentle soul’ known as a peacemaker.  She told the judge she loved Morgan and wanted his sentence to be time already served or that he be placed on house arrest.  Wilson also says she doesn’t believe the right person was convicted for her son’s murder.

Kristi Preimesberger was not charged, but many wonder what her true role in the murder was and why Morgan was willing to take the fall for his sister.

A search on this site for – Preimesberger – will bring up all the previous stories on Eric’s tragic death.



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Timothy Morgan Found Guilty Of Murder

05/07/2012 3 comments

After listening to closing arguments this morning, it only took jurors a short time to come back with a finding of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon in the April 2010 killing of Eric Preimesberger.

Prosecutors said because Morgan and his sister were not in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm, Morgan’s ever-changing story claiming he acted in self-defense did not fit.

Michael Becker, Morgan’s attorney, said Morgan was a peaceful, spiritual man who witnessed Eric and Kristi in an argument.  Morgan wasn’t used to violence in the home when he grabbed a baseball bat and bashed in Eric’s skull.  Eric was then dragged into the laundry room where he died of his wounds.

Kristi, his wife and Morgan’s sister, and Morgan cleaned up the blood and moved the body multiple times prior to disposing it.  Both Kristi and Morgan repeatedly lied to police about Eric’s disappearance.

Kristi was not charged in the murder or coverup due to an insane “sibling law” in Nevada which only allows for only one sibling to be charged!

How insane is that????  If there’s a law that needs to be immediately changed, this is it!

It must be a shallow victory for Eric’s family because many believe Kristi played a major role in Eric’s demise and she was allowed to walk free.  Many also question why Morgan offered himself up as the ‘sacrificial lamb’ for the benefit of his sister to walk away scot-free!

Just sad, all the way around!




Timothy Morgan Murder Trial – Day Four – Wow!

05/03/2012 5 comments

Thursday – May 3

Pretty much as expected, the prosecution finished their Case in Chief.

We know now, Kristi and Morgan placed Eric’s lifeless body in Morgan’s rental car where it stayed for several days while they moved  it to multiple parking lots. Morgan and Kristi purchased a commercial freezer to store the body, but that broke when they were moving it into a storage unit. They proceeded to buy salt and fertilizer from Walmart, and Morgan transferred the bagged body into the freezer.  Kristi then went on the run and moved to Oregon.

She still (WHY?) has not charged in the case and now lives in Southern California.

What came as a surprise and shock to most of us who have followed and prayed for justice for Eric Preimesberger, shortly before 10 a.m, the defense rested without calling a single witness or presenting any evidence!

Adding insult to injury, Eric’s mom, Kay, was on the witness list and was kept cooling her heels in a hallway and excluded from the proceedings against the accused murderer of her son, Eric.

The defense either didn’t feel they had a case because of Morgan’s ever-changing lies during numerous interrogations or they are strongly relying on that Kristi Preimesberger and Timothy Morgan were totally believable to the jury.

An unsettling day came to a quick end and closing arguments will begin on Monday morning.




Timothy Morgan Murder Trial – Day 3

05/03/2012 Comments off

Wednesday – May 2

For months after his arrest in the murder of Eric Preimesberger, Timothy Morgan told investigators that Eric had just walked away from his family and that he was unaware of any foul play.

Prosecutors presented a video tape of Morgan’s confession to the jury yesterday.  On the tape, Morgan is heard saying that it was all an accident and that he killed Eric in self-defense.

Morgan claims he and Eric got into a fight and Eric became belligerent and violent.  He also added Eric was abusive to his sister, Kristi.

During the police interview, Morgan repeatedly asked what the self-defense laws were in Nevada and asked “What’s going to happen to me?”

What was interesting is, Morgan claims it was Kristi who made him cover up Eric’s death because she was concerned police would think she’d done it because Preimesberger was abusive.

This was just one of many versions Morgan told investigators.  He told several versions that death was attributable to a drug gang!

Have to wonder what the jury is thinking after hearing from Kristi and watching Morgan’s taped ‘confession’.




Timothy Morgan Murder Trial Continues

05/02/2012 1 comment

Tuesday, May 1


For a second time, Kristi Preimesberger took the stand.  She admitted to repeatedly lying to LE and she took awhile before telling police she witnessed Morgan murder Eric Preimesberger.

I know that Kristi ultimately assisted LE in their efforts to locate and arrest Morgan, but I strongly believe she was cut way too sweet a deal!  Her cooperation pretty much got her a ‘get out of jail, free’ card! 

What about the fact she witnessed a murder and never reported it?  What about she helped hide Eric’s battered body prior to his death and never sought medical attention for him and still never contacted authorities when he died?  How about the fact she went on the lam with Morgan?  What about the fact she and Morgan hide out in a hotel with a significant stash of dope while dragging along Eric’s beloved children, Ivy, 6 and Damion, 22-months?

Eric and kids

Do I, and a gazillion other folks believe Kristi?  There remain too many questions in many minds – was it really Kristi who wielded the baseball bat?  Was Morgan the one who helped clean up?  Why is Morgan willing to take the rap for his sociopath sister?


Another witness, James Wyrick, testified he helped Morgan move a freezer that smelled of decay to a wooded area near Frenchman’s Reservoir. Wyrick said Morgan, who is a ‘spiritual advisor’, told him the freezer contained items that were connected to bad ‘entities.’

Morgan, a ‘spiritual advisor’???




Day One Testimony Heard In Timothy Morgan Murder Trial

05/01/2012 1 comment

Timothy Morgan

Timothy Morgan is charged with first-degree murder, in the April 21, 2010, death of Eric Preimesberger.

On the opening day of the trial, the jury heard from Kristi Preimesberger – Eric’s wife and Morgan’s sister.  She said she and her husband had a rocky relationship often plagued with domestic violence and sudden bursts of anger from her husband.

Reportedly, Morgan came to Reno to help his sister and her husband move to Oregon where they had planned to operate a business together.  Kristi claims because she and Eric had been fighting she needed her brother’s help to move because she wasn’t sure her husband was going to follow through with the move.

Kristi testified that the fight began on their anniversary, April 20, 2010.  She didn’t feel well enough

Kristi Preimesberger

to go out to celebrate and claims Eric got mad and left.  Eric returned the next night and the fight continued with Kristi claiming Eric pushed her and threatened to “kick my ass.”  It was at this point, Morgan emerged from hiding in a closet and confronted Eric.  Now why would Morgan have been hiding in a closet to begin with? 

Kristi testified after the scuffle between Eric and Morgan began to subside, Eric was seated on the couch and Morgan reportedly went into the kitchen to wash a hand that got injured during the confrontation.  She claims she turned around just in time to see her brother hit Eric a fatal blow.  “I saw him hit him in the head with a baseball bat.”  DDA Derek Dreiling said Morgan then swung at the front of Preimesberger’s face, shattering his orbital bones and breaking his jaw.

Eric Preimesberger

Kristi said she and Morgan moved her husband’s body into a rental vehicle parked in their garage and later bought a commercial freezer which would serve as his coffin.  Neither Kristi or Morgan ever called police.

Kristi’s testimony continues today.

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Timothy Morgan Confession To Be Used As Evidence


Timothy Morgan Confession To Be Used As Evidence

02/25/2012 3 comments

Eric Preimesberger

Washoe District Judge Patrick Flanagan has ruled Timothy Morgan’s confession to police will be allowed as evidence in the trial for the murder of Eric Preimesberger.

Timothy Morgan claims he beat Eric to death with a baseball bat in an act of self-defense.  Eric Preimesberger was killed in April 2010.

Defense attorneys had argued that Morgan’s admission to police of previous arrests for drug dealing in Nebraska and Minnesota would be highly prejudicial, while prosecutors claimed the web of fantastical lies he told police, should be heard by the jury because it shows the self-defense theory lacks credibility.

Timothy Morgan

Morgan told numerous versions of what happened to his brother-in-law, including his drug source, “El Fuego”, wanted to kill him and Eric, to a vanload of masked kidnappers grabbed Preimesberger off the street, finally settling on the self-defense claim.

Now, the self-defense claim is really interesting because, according to Deputy District Attorney Derek Dreiling, Morgan only floated that story after he asked police what Nevada law is on self-defense claims.

Morgan, at the time, didn’t know police had already found Preimesberger’s body dumped in a freezer that was buried near Frenchman’s Reservoir in Plumas County, Calif.

Judge Flanagan also ruled jail phone calls Morgan made while incarcerated in Minnesota on drug charges – after the killing – may be used as evidence at the trial. DDA Dreiling said Morgan told his father that he lied to police by telling them mafia members were trying to kill them.

The eyewitness to the fatal baseball bat attack was Morgan’s sister, Kristi Preimesberger;


Kristi was also Eric’s wife. It was Kristi who helped lure Morgan into police custody. She told police she saw her brother kill her husband, and then helped him move the body into the Reno couple’s vehicle.  While she has not been charged in the case, she gave an earlier videotaped deposition to what she witnessed.

Kristi has her own criminal past, which will likely come out at the April 30 trial.